A Change of Hands: Reconciled

By Mesi published March 12, 2019

Zach escapes reprimand. Brendan and Jake explore their new relationship with an uninvited guest

Zach’s mind stopped. He couldn’t process his own actions, more or less understand why he was doing them when he had no desire to do so. Saint and the rookie’s actions made even less sense. As soon as he had shucked his disheveled uniform button up shirt, Saint had ripped off his own across his barrel chest. He was mesmerized, looking at Saint’s meaty chest. They were always pleasantly plump, wide and square with little nipples that hung at an angle. Even as the Chief put on weight, his chest remained his best feature. But now, faintly glowing pink runes encircled his nipples as he tugged on them roughly.

“C’mon Davis. Put your money where your mouth is!” Chief Saint reached across the desk, grabbing Zach by his face and pulling him across roughly. Zach didn’t resist and eagerly latched onto the nipple presented to him. He rested his hands on the desk, positioning his knees to keep him stable and conveniently presenting his ass to Hernandez, who had already dug out his own cock. As Zach was busy nursing Saint’s meaty nipple, he felt his pants being tugged down and his underwear following suit. “Things are gonna change, Davis.” Hernandez grabbed his ass, kneading it roughly. Zach moaned around the nipple, eyes rolling into the back of his head.

“Damn, Hernandez. Are ya sure you were the one blowing this bitch? He’s so eager.” Saint ripped Zach off of one nipple and quickly latched him to the other as Hernandez positioned behind him. Licking his lips, the latino spread Zach’s firm bubble apart and dove in. Zach squirmed and writhed, the rookie’s goatee rubbing against his cheeks sending intense jolts of pleasure through his being. Despite this, he felt the nipple he was nibbling on engorge and swell in his mouth, becoming big and meaty. He leaned back, admiring the wide areola before being pulled into a rough kiss. Saint’s moustache tickled his lips as he forced his tongue down his throat. Meanwhile, Hernandez had successfully pushed his tongue through Zach’s outer ring, wetting his hole. “Well, I’ll admit, he’s got a good dick. But a better ass.”

Zach didn’t bother to respond, melting into Saint’s strong kiss. Suddenly, the Chief pulled away, looking down at Zach with hungry eyes. “A good dick? I’ll be the judge of that.” Saint stood up, giving Zach a great view of his bulge straining in his khakis. “You can eat him out later, Hernandez. Davis back on your feet.” Zach whimpered as Hernandez backed up, depriving him of the bristly goatee against his cheeks. He didn’t get a chance to whine for long, as Saint pulled him off the desk before unceremoniously sweeping it clear of its usual clutter. With a huff, Chief Saint chucked his khakis, apparently he was freeballing today, and clambered up on the desk presenting his wide ass. “Get on with it, Davis. Show me how good that cock of yours is and maybe I’ll overlook your behavior. This time.

Zach’s cock pulsed and a fragment of himself grabbed hold of his body. He always thought Saint was a sexy as fuck daddy but was always way too uptight and couldn’t let go enough to ever be any fun. There was a brief time, early in his career when Saint was just a Detective, that he thought he could bed the man but he made it clear that he didn’t lean that way. Multiple times. Maybe that was why he was such a hard ass. Eagerly, he stepped forward, lining his dick up against his meaty, wide ass and enjoying the view of his pain-in-the-ass Chief practically begging for his cock. It helped that his wide, powerful gut, newly engorged nipples and dinner plate pecks made Saint nearly perfect daddy bottom in Zach’s mind. But as he pushed against his hole, his dick betrayed him and started to soften. “No…” He squeaked.

“Aww, look. He’s got performance anxiety.” Hernandez teased, suckling on Davis broad, muscled shoulders. “Or” the latino lined up and shoved his cock straight up Zach’s ass without a hint of resistance. Zach’s cock shot back up and capitalizing on his refound sexual prowess shoved forward into Saint. The trio moaned in unison and slowly, Zach started to push in and out, slowly, working both his cock and Hernandez. “Ya, you cocky bitch. Work your ass. This is down payment on all the shit you’ve put me through.” Zach could only grunt as Hernandez continued to suckle and kiss his back, his hole sparking in pleasure more so than his cock. He was only dimly aware that that was all backwards but he couldn’t focus on that fact.

Saint, for his efforts, was in heaven. “Damn, Davis. You do have a good dick.” The burly chief was working his large nipples as his gut shook back and forth from Zach’s rough fucking. “His ass is better, Chief.” The young latino continued his ministrations, digging his cock deep into Zach as he eagerly ground back against him, his cock riding into Saint. The trio writhed in conjoined pleasure, panting and moaning till Saint twisted both his nipples roughly. “Fuck Davis, don’t stop!” Hernandez started to jackhammer into Zach, who in turn rammed into Saint. Unleashing a howl of pleasure, Saint’s stout cock burst while he worked his nipples. Hernandez grunted, filling Zach with warmth and filling him which pushed him over the edge and filled Saint’s ass.

Slowly, the trio started to untangle themselves. Saint relaxed, letting his legs dangle off his desk, too beat to get up immediately. Hernandez swatted Zach’s ass as he started pulling his uniform back on. “That was great, Davis. Great first payment.” Zach mouth worked but no words escaped his lips. “Davis, go home. For now, your off the hook. But if I hear one peep from Hernandez about your misconduct, you’ll be back here in this office and I won’t be as gentle as Hernandez. Now, get out.” The Chief rolled off the desk and started, slowly, putting his uniform back on. Hernandez shoved Zach’s crumpled clothes. Numbly, he redressed, flinching as Hernandez left before he had fully pulled his clothes back on. He caught a glimpse of a small crowd peeking through the door and his cheeks colored red. Hastily, he rushed out of the office ignoring the jeers of his fellow officers.

He sat in his cruiser in the parking lot, processing what just happened. He got off. With the rookie in his ass. And Chief moaning on his dick. And he saw it, Saint’s nipples changed. That didn’t make any sense. None of this made any sense. Everything started when he pulled over that DILF yesterday morning. “I gotta go figure what the fuck he did to me.” He threw the cruiser into drive, rushing out of the lot and onto the busy street, flipping on his sirens.

Brendan grunted as a load squirted onto his stomach, coating him in a layer of sticky hair. Jake followed shortly, his spurt hitting his chin and neck. Brendan chuckled, tossing a towel at his son as he patted himself clean, as it were. “I remember when I could shoot like that just from jacking off.” Brendan smiled as he wiped himself down. The father and son sat on the front couch, nude, cocks softening as Brendan switched the tv over to the baseball game that was playing. They sat in silence, watching the game, comfortable to be in each others presence.

“Hey, Brendan…” Jake spoke. His father turned to him slightly. “Ya, Jake?” “I’m… glad you’re dating again. And if he makes you happy, then I’m happy for you.” Brendan’s heart melted and he pulled his son into a tight embrace. “Oh Jake, you have no idea how glad I am to hear you say that. I… I felt like I was betraying your mother’s memory. I-” Jake interrupted his father by tackling him into the armrest, holding him as if his life depended on it. “Brendan… Dad. I love you. And I love Mom. But… she’s gone. And you can’t beat yourself up over it. Just… don’t forget her. Ok?” Brendan fought back tears but couldn’t. They streamed down his face as he sobbed into his son’s shoulder. They stayed like this for some time, embracing as Brendan let out the stream of emotion he had been holding in for so long. His loneliness, isolation. The burden of being the sole provider and caretaker and Jake’s increasing distance.

“Dad I’m sorry. I didn’t realize that you had put this all on yourself. I’ll be better. I’ll be more honest. I’ll-” Jake was interrupted by the ringing of the doorbell. Brendan wiped the tears from his eyes before standing up and pulling on his nearby robe. “I’ll get it Son. Just sit tight.” Brendan walked over to the door and pulled it open. He gasped. “Dad? Who is it?” Fashaad, who had been sitting in the corner observing for most of the afternoon chuckled underneath his breath.

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