Doctor Goodfeel Part 2: Top Up

By anonymous4ox published March 12, 2019

The assistant Andre learns to be a bit more assertive.

Top Up

I was really worried about Cha- I mean, Mr. Huston when he left to go to that clinic. He was usually so composed, and maybe a bit domineering. So to see him in a lessened position like that kinda shook me.

My worry was completely eased though when he called from the clinic. He sounded more relaxed then I had ever heard him, and I was glad to see he was prioritising his own health for once, even if it meant I’d have to tell the clients that they’d been canceled.

I’ve been kinda short all my life, a pretty stereotypical looking hispanic twink, so I’ve never been too confident taking charge with people. That’s probably why I’ve been drawn to assistant positions. I’m pretty sure my head must have looked like a tomato as I informed the clients, both pretty beefy businessmen in tight suits, and it didn’t help that I was attracted to them.

My relationship ended a few months ago and I’ve been getting Hornier ever since, because I don’t have the heart for hookups. I’ve even been thinking a bit about Mr. Huston, though obviously shoving those thoughts aside as much as possible.

By the time the clients left, glowering at me with smouldering looks, I decided I should follow up on Mr. Huston’s suggestion I visit the clinic sometime. If Doctor Gudfiel could get sir to de-stress, then I’m sure he could help me too.

I managed to find some free time on the Friday after work. Normally this’d be the day that Mr. Huston would send me back my work that week that needed correcting. But this time he apparently found nothing wrong, though I thought for sure I missed some calculations there.

When I reached the clinic I began to feel kinda nervous. I mean, clinics aren’t spas, you don’t just go there when you’re a bit stressed. Then again in the call Mr. Huston said that the Doctor would be happy with any patient, and he’d been mentioning it every once in a while ever since his visit.

After a second uncomfortably standing there I spotted the nurse beckoning me in. He had a look as if he knew I’d been coming.

“Are you Andre?”

“Oh um, yes, how di-”

“Your boss told us he’d recommended us to you, come right this way and the Doctor will be happy to take a look at you.” As I entered the office I wasn’t prepared for the man I’d meet. He was tall and broad and had a beard I couldn’t stop wanting to feel, which wrapped pink lips. Even better was when those opened, his voice oozing over me.

“Ah, we have been expecting you, please take a seat”

I did as he asked.

“Now” he brought out a clip board, “I’m just going to ask some basic questions I do with all my patients, and then we can get to any specific issues you are having, does that sound good?”

I nodded emphatically, anything this guy said would sound good.

As he went through his questions he reminded me to “relax” and “answer everything with complete honesty”. It was natural for me to enter a state where I just did as he said, and I let my mind wander to thinking about all the things I’d love for the Doctor to do to me. I barely noticed as his questions seemed to begin matching my hornieness and freely told him all about my sexual history, what I liked in bed, and how horny I was on a regular basis.

I found myself staring directly into his eyes as he said “mmhmm” slowly at each of my answers. Then when he was finally done and my eyes were drooping he told me how I was such a “good boy” answering all of those. I smiled, I was always happy to help, I thought as I drifted off.

When I woke up the Doctor was stroking my knee, I was welcoming to the attention, and began to feel even more like I needed some sex.

“So Andre, I think I’ve found what can help relieve you of some of your stress, and inappropriate arousal.”

I was really only able to focus on the word arousal but I nodded and gave a ditzy smile.

“What you really need to do is to free yourself up sexually, be more direct and not trouble yourself with finding a relationship.”

“Oh” I said. I instantly accepted that he was right, I mean, he was my doctor and knew what was best for my health.

“To achieve this, I recommend taking one of these a week, starting today” He held up a bottle which was labeled TOP UP. “This drug will help you achieve a heightened self confidence, sexually and otherwise, and the side effects are negligible, just a slight decrease in cognition.”

That side effect certainly sounded negligible to me, at least if Doctor Gudfiel said it was. I quickly put out of my mind what a decrease in cognition meant, and instead focused on the doctor as he got me a glass of water and emptied out a pill into my hand.

“Now you’ll need to come back here every second day in order for me to keep administering them, understand?”

“Yes sir” I said as I proceeded to take the maroon pill.

After I swallowed it I could instantly feel a surge of energy spreading from my midsection. I moaned as I felt like I was being filled up with a mix of arousal and adrenaline, and smiled back at Doctor Gudfiel as he took a step back and watched the effects.

I felt my muscles pulsing, though a moment ago I wouldn’t have been able to point out a single one they were now defined through my work shirt and pants. Also defined was my cock which felt as though it had become too big for my briefs. I began to buck as I felt it grow to double the size it had ever been.

“Oh oh ohh” the Doctor spoke softly as he held me by my shoulders. “Nurse we’ll need some assistance here!”.

The nurse came quickly and I suddenly was looking at him in a completely different light. He had a large round ass that was wrapped by his pants and thick lips that looked perfect for my engorged cock.

The nurse saw the way I looked at him and smirked, coming forward with a sexy sway in his hips and twisting round so I could take control of his ass.

I felt sexual attraction in a way I never had before as I ripped those tight pants down and began to unbutton my own. I didn’t know nor care what this nurse’s name was, in fact I almost forgot it was another human being I was about to fuck as the Doctor lubed him up for me and I positioned my cock. All I knew was that this was the hottest ass I’d ever seen and I was about to get to take it for my own.

I went in fast and deep, and the slut began to gasp as I went.

“Ugh, sir, they aren’t usually this changed the first time are they?”

“Yes it is interesting” The Doctor replied. “He seems to be especially affected by Top Up. Perhaps an inclination for dominance was always somewhere in there.” As he said this he ran a hand through the hair at the back of my head. I barely noticed his touch until he took hold of by newly defined jaw and I felt my stubble bristling.

He turned my head towards his and kissed me as I fucked his nurse. Though I had this complete need for dominance over the ass I was in, I knew to give in to the Doctor as his tongue slid inside my mouth. He then exited and allowed me to return my attention to the two globes of meat I was sliding through. The Doctor did begin speaking again though. Whispering in my ears all about the new changes I’d make in my life. I accepted each command easily, my brain feeling empty and needing of filling since I took the Top Up.

I also continued to grow even while inside the nurse, until I was muscled like someone who’s been working out for a few months.

When he finished he had crafted a whole new image of who I wanted to be for me. I wanted to be bigger, I wanted to be dominant, I didn’t want to have to think or worry too much. Finally he allowed me and his slutty assistant to cum and I stood there panting for a second before zipping up my pants.

“Feeling better Andre?”

“Yeah Doc, much better” I smiled and began to look forward to the next week

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