After college

By Gory de Vlad published March 14, 2019

Mark moved into apartment with new roommates and his life start slowly changing.

Hi, my name is Mark and this is story how easily life can change.

I am an easy going guy, or I was one. I was a total normal guy after my college years. You know, a random guy who finished his studies and was trying to find his own way through life.

I moved from college to a small apartment with one roomie, Mike. I didn’t know him well, but after few weeks of living together, everything settled perfectly. We got into a perfect household routine where he did lot of the chores and cooking, I just needed go shopping and wash dishes sometimes.

All that changed when he invited me to his gym to work out little bit. I agreed. I wanted to improve my looks for girls.

I am tall, but I’m not an athletic guy. Not fat, just tall and big. My new roommate called me ‘Mountain’ once. He said, that I needed to lift some weights and grow a beard, and that I would be exact like him.

Mike, on other side, was smaller and slimmer than me. He was the same age, but looked younger with his slim body and childish face. Lot of girls called him cute, but he never was interested in going on the hunt with me.

Going to the gym together was good way to spend our time on something useful. Mike really got into it. He wanted improve so badly that he started buying a lot of stuff. New clothes, supplements, even music files to get more from every workout.

And I got into it with him.

My progress was fast. Like really fast. I got my muscle pumped and body fat under control so that I looked bigger, like some hunk or bull, and it only took a month. I have to thank Mike for it. He cared about me. He always made me meals and shakes. He loans me his files too, so that I could listen some motivational music during my workouts and when I slept. I loved my new lifestyle.

But it had some side-effects. My libido increased so much. I was horny all the time. I went out almost every free night and fucked random girl. Sometimes two in one night, and I still didn’t feel satisfied.

It affected my behaviour too, I think. I got more aggressive at work. I got really easy to piss off when something didn’t go according to my plans. But my boss liked my new attitude and I got promoted. Only my old friends had a problem getting used to it.

Fuck them.

I got a lot of new friends in the gym. Nice big guys like me, and lot of newbies who needed my leadership and advice.

Only Mike worried me. He didn’t make any progress. He was still a slim boy, like some weakling. He swore to me that he did same things as I did, but he’s a hard gainer.

Day by day, I started to pay more attention to him. It wasn’t so hard because he was changing his clothing habits, just like me. I started preferring tighter clothes to show off my huge body. I wore suits to work, but at home I just needed boxer briefs and a tight white shirt. At night I started wearing leather clothes.

I fall in love with the motorcycle style. Leather jackets, boots, it makes me feel awesome and strong. People paid attention to me the moment I walked into the bar.

I loved it.

Mike, on other hand, started to wear more faggy clothes. Maybe I’d never noticed it before? He wore panties and really tight shorts and colourful crop shirts showing off his smooth slim stomach.

He showed off the best parts of his body. I caught my thoughts wandering to him during my downtime at home while he was cleaning our apartment. He was really cute, smooth and slim with such nice skin, just like some girl.

And his ass, that big round ass in tight shorts was hotter than any woman I’d ever seen. I’d never banged a guy, but in his case, oh mama, I wanted to fuck him all night! I got hard watching him on his knees washing floor.

I needed to get out and find some bitch to release.

It wasn’t even midnight when I came home. I’d fucked three different women, but I was still horny. I needed another fuck. I was jerking off thinking about how great it could be to have a fuck toy, so I wouldn’t have to spend time looking for sex. I wanted to have sex anytime I wanted.

I turned on the files I got from Mike and fell asleep with him on my mind. How he was such a good boy for taking care of all housework. How great he could take care about my needs too. That ass and cute face. I want to fuck it all.

I want make him my fuck toy.

Good fuck toy Mike.

But he was my roommate, a friend and another guy. Not the kind of person I should want to fuck.

My horniness increased every day and I kept getting pissed off from it. No matter how much I fucked, I still needed more. I got in fights with Mike.

It was Friday evening. I was heading in the bar. Again. But this time, he tried to stop me.

“We have to go shopping this evening, you promised!”

“Oh, c’mon Mike, I don’t have time for your silly shopping. I have more important thinks to do. Be a man and take cared of your shit by yourself.” I said, pulling my second boot on.

“But Mark, don’t be so… You promised!”

“I don’t CARE! It’s time for some bitches to know a real man.”

I put my jacket on. It was a new one, still smelling strongly of the leather shop. Its smelled so good.

I was almost out, when Mike caught my shoulders.

“Real men don’t break their promises.”

“No shit, boy.”

I turned around. Somethings in his words made me really angry. I looked at him, so small, so weak right under my gaze. I could break him in two, if I wanted to.

I closed the door behind me and pushed him back into our hall.

“What did you say, boy?”

“I just…”

“You wanted to say that I’m not a man?”

His back was pressed against the wall. He looked nervous and unsure. I saw it. He turned his eyes away. I took his head.

“Look at me, BOY!”

“I… I just…”

“Shut up! You freak. I just wanted to go get laid and after that you want me to come back and take you shopping. I don’t have time for both. Are you satisfied?”

He was struggling, looking for some escape route. He was so pathetic. I liked it.

I don’t know where it came from, but it that moment, I was so hard and horny and excited about him like never before.

I found it so pleasurable to see him struggling, to fear me and look up to me like some god. It made me feel so superior. So good. I needed him on his knees. I needed to show him his place.

“I’m sorry…”

“Too late, the damage is done boy.”

I grabbed his hair and pulled him through the hall and into my room.

“What… are…” he was whimpering.

“I want to fuck, I get to fuck.”

With those words I threw him on my bed. I saw fear and shock across his face. He tried to get up, but I laid on top of him. Kissed him. Passionately.

I felt no difference between kissing a man and a woman. But I felt a difference in everything else. In his muscled but smooth and soft body, when I tore apart his shirt. The hard dick when I touched and squeezed his crotch. His hot breath and hands over my body.

He was horny, he was passionate, and he liked what was I doing to him. I wasn’t gentle. I didn’t even try to satisfy his needs, and he liked it. So I got rougher.

I held his neck and choked him a little bit, bit his nipple, and I only heard pleasure coming from him. He wasn’t any little girl scared of a big man. Finally, I could fuck the way I always wanted.

I held him up in the air, he was so small and light. I put him down on his stomach. From behind, he was even hotter. I focused the big treasure he held in his tight shorts. That round big ass. So hot, I wanted to fuck it. I wanted to tear it apart.

I tried to pull his shorts down, but they were so tight and I was so hard that I just tore it, same as his shirt. I had never seen anything like his ass. Nice, round, big and so tempting.

It was like his ass was begging me to fuck it.

I realized that my clothes were bothering me. I was still fully dressed. Boots, pants, even a jacket. It was no time to get undressed, but thankfully I stopped wearing underwear weeks ago.

As I unbuttoned my pants, he tried to slow me down. “Lube, please,” he gasped.

I didn’t have any. I knew that gays used it for fucking, but… It came out of nowhere, just instinct, I spit on his hole. I licked it, playing with it like a pussy, and enjoyed his moaning. Then I put in a finger. It was so tight and warm.

I played with him like he was my toy.

I loved having him at my mercy.

“Please, fuck me, fuck me already MAN!”

“Oh, I will, boy.”

I pressed the head of my cock against his hole. I heard his moan. My dick slipped inside him easily.

I pressed harder, going deeper inside of him. My big chest on his naked back, my arm around his neck, and my dick slowly opening his ass. It was amazing. I went deeper and deeper in small moves.

He sounded like a bitch in heat and it made me even harder. I finally pushed it all the way in, heard his pain and pleasure, felt the heat from his body, his passion, his desire. I was in heaven.

It was like nothing I’d felt before, just his tight warm hole. His smooth, slim, but still nicely shaped muscular body. I was a fucking man and I loved it.

It made me feel like more of a man than ever before. I totally dominated him, made him into my bitch. My toy for a hard fuck.

And I fucked him hard.

Maybe I started slow, but soon I started pumping into him like a machine, a great sex god, an unstoppable muscle beast. Like an animal. I enjoyed it like never before.

Rough raw limitless sex.

I had no idea how long I fucked him until I came inside of him. It felt like all eternity, but it still wasn’t enough.

“I’m coming! I’m coming!” I shouted. It was a big long orgasm, like I’d never felt before. My full load of cum was pouring into the guy in front of me. I felt like god. I felt amazing.

Laying on him, hearing him panting, I stood up after a while to put my cock back in my pants. I hadn’t been that satisfied in a long time.

I looked back at him. He laid on the bed, still powerless to move, covered in sweat and my cum deep in his ass. He looked almost like a used towel. Like my toy. Not even a man, just a thing to be used. Not my roommate, my boy, my plaything.

I felt so great seeing him like that. I turned a man in a bitch. My bitch. All that horniness that I felt for so many days was gone. So that was what I needed. I needed to fuck men.

Fuck them, dominate them, own them. And I wanted to do it again. My dick was getting harder in my pants. Mike looked on me with desire, satisfaction and greed.

I just smiled.

“Get up boy, we’re going shopping.”

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