The Guardsman: Making of – part 3 – The first day of training

By the guardsman published August 29, 2016
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chapter 3 of the guardsman series, material is lead to their rest stations.

For your information: This is an updated, enhanced, reread and adjusted version of the story “Training a new Guardsman” (click here/) you can find on my personal website. As I’m currently pausing two other stories I’m working on, I’m updating this. As usually your emails and comments are highly apreciated.

They marched through the facility. At one point they came to a some ladders and climbed up two stories. Then they went into a long corridor. The walls were grey concrete, the floor was grey concrete, overhead were harsh lights. At an interval doors went off to the side. From time to time the group let by GUMS and an instructor stopped. Every time the door opend, the numbuers of five Guardsman was called out and then those stepped into these rooms. „Material with the numbers 8007-399-030, 031, 032, 033, 034, this is your family unit room, step in.“ The door opened and the lights in the room went on. In the middle of the room stood one Guardsman in his full rubber uniform, his beret was tucked into the utility belt. He opened his eyes as if he had been in a trance. “Welcome to your family unit. This one is C-0500-878-605 your big brother. As your big brother this one will guide you through the induction process. There are many new and disturbing things you will experience. But the process is dooable, it will help you achieve your goal to become Guardsman. Whatever you may think, being a Guardsman and part of our large brotherhood has many positive effects. For the training period this guardsman will be your big brother, you can call this guardsman Six-Zero-Five.” Six-Zero-Five stood at parade rest in the chamber The room was simple in its decor. It had one tripple bunk bed with rubber linens and rubber pillows, some strange looking device with a hole next to a wash basin, 6 lockers, a metal table with metal chairs and a large screen on the wall above the door. The walls were grey concrete, the floor was grey industrial flooring. The only decoration was a flag and a Guard logo that adorned the wall. “Two of you will share the same rest station. Your tags are already written on them. Your profile from testing has made sure that Guardsman who were compatible in all aspects were paired up together, in this family unit and as bunk mates. In this family unit this is A-8007-399-030 and A-8007-399-031, A-8007-399-032 and this guardsman, and A-8007-399-033 and A-8007-399-034. As for the lockers, there is one for each of you, also with your tag number on it, as well as one for this guardsman.”
“Rest station? And what‘s the thing next to the wash basin?” inquired A-8007-399-030. Six-Zero-Five clarified: “A rest station is the Guard’s term for a bed. Get use to Guard terminology quickly to avoid punishment. That thing next to the wash basin is the sanitary saddle. You insert your penis into the sheath and piss. There is also an enema tube that seals tightly and cleans your non liquid waste. No false modesty here, we are a family unit. There is also a water dispenser.” The big brother pointed his hand to a dildo shaped thing sticking out of the wall above the wash basin. Unlike civilian institutions there was no mirror above it. “Do you have the charging cradles for your ear pieces with you?” “Yes.” I’ll show you how to connect them to the power outlets on your bunks. When you sleep put your day earpiece into the charging station located on your side of your rest station and attach your night earpiece to your ear.”

"Why do you refer to yourself as this guardsman?“ This came from Zero-Three-Two, who up to now had seemed the most comfortable with this entire process . "As Guardsman it‘s part of the protocol to think about yourself not as an individual but as part of the Guard. It is easier to do this if you refer to yourself simply as ‘this Guardsman’. Or as we like to say: There is no I in the Guard!” "Understood, Big Brother.“ Zero-Three-Two responded with assurance and confidence.

Six-Zero-Five continued to give the material some information for which they had been longing. Sam, Zero-Three-Three, was now in his Guard family unit: Six-Zero-Five—his Big Brother, and five additional brothers—all new material like himself. This was all new, and extremely strange. They were to sleep together in the same room, share their private belongings, feelings and thoughts, should meditate together and pass their free time here, even though during induction they would not have so much free time. They would get along very well, because they had been selected for this family unit, based on their psychological profiles. True to the mantra: The guard is the mother, the Guardsman your brothers, GUMS is your father. “Here in the Guard we can concentrate on the really important parts of our job: for you that is becoming good Guardsmen. So cast aside the concern for everything else. Let GUMS take away the worry about what you do tomorrow, what you have to eat, to wear or where you sleep. Or what people you met or when you have to sheet. Let all this be the worry of GUMS you just obey and try to be the best at whatever is your task. Some say the Guard controls you - let us see it this way: true freedom is the freedom not worry. When your are a civilian you have to worry about food, clothing, company often people feel insecure or question what is there role. Here you know it. We are much freer than most civilians.” When Sam heart it, he felt good.

“Ok, now let me talk about the care of the rubber suit. Your rubber suit is the uniform you will wear the most time. In fact you will wear it whenever you are out of bed. The first thing in the morning is to put it on, the last thing at night is to take it off. When you are permitted to take it off, GUMS will inform your through the earpiece. It will also open the seals in your rubber suits. Now as you have two we will store them in the lockers. For the lockers have a look at mine.” Their Big Brother opened his metal locker. It was more or less empty. On one side there was a compartment for the Rubber suit, it seemed to be locked and had a green indicator light sining. Below it was a pair of boots, some gloves, a utility belt, baret, something that seemed to be a parade uniform and several bottles or instruments. The locker was devoid of any thing passing for personal items. “Where is your personal stuff?” “Well here is my pad. And in the safe are my more personal items.” 605 held his hand next to the safe and opened it. It contained some pictures. “This one just keeps some pictures of his birth family, no need for more… So now put your stuff into it.” 605 helped the material to put the stuff properly into the lockers. “Do it right, otherwise you will loose points at inspection and might get punished… Put your spare suit into the recharge unit, you have to put it into the unit every night so that the suit recharges.” “Why does a garment have to recharge?” “The so called rubber suit is not really made of rubber. It is an active nano-material that has several really great properties: It regulates your body heat and release sweat, it stops bullets and knives, the seals can only be closed and opened via GUMS, it can open strategic places for evacuation of waste, it’s also made to feel good and the lube is made to interact with your skin. There are over secret properties of the suit. To work properly the suit has to be one piece and have minimal seams or openings. It is also part of our ideology, so they all made to look the same, reduce individuality and they are purposefully made so that you can only put them on properly or take them off with another person.

There was an announcement over GUMS: “Material, prepare for night.”

Six-Zero-Five told them they had 10 more minutes: “You are required to take off the R-Class uniform, put it in your locker and take your night piss. Your underwear will stay on; no worries the sanitary saddle cleans you without any need to remove it. Then you are to lay down on the bunks. And put on the night earpiece. This one will make sure everyone has prepared for rest station properly.”

A-8007-399-030 was an Asian boy looking distinguishably young and you could see the shame in getting undressed in front of other people, but he reluctantly put away his suit. Already the lights were dimming. He stepped into bed with A-8007-399-031 and both covered themselves with the same and only bedsheets.

"They didn’t tell us about the bunk beds in the recruitment videos, did they?“ "Come on, we are all brothers here, and you knew the induction training would make us strong and hard“ "Still…“ Zero-Three-Zero looked down on his body, at his member in the confines and his eyes became watery. Zero-Three-One tried to give his new brother a long and gentle hug to comfort him and to show him that his feelings were okay. Then they arranged the pillow and sheet, so that both would be covered. “It should be comfy for both of us. Do you want to snuggle?” “Ahem.” Big Brother came around. “Big brother. I’m afraid all this is so new. Why can’t we have our own beds…” 030‘s voice trailed off. Six-Zero-Five stroked gently over Zero-Three-Zero‘s bald skull with his hand: “Don’t be afraid, we are all brothers here, and we have to live modestly as it is in our creed. We will guide you. Now rest. This Guardsman will help you put in the night earpiece.” Six-Zero-Five lifted it from its charging station by the bed and inserted it into Zero-Three-Zero‘s left ear. Then the day earpiece unlocked itself from the ear. 605 removed it and put it into the charging cradle.

Zero-Three-Zero heard a slight buzz. An already familiar voice started talking to him reinforcing the day‘s lessons: “love your R-Class uniform – obey the Guard and the masters – train – silence – discipline – structure – put in the earpiece all the time” GUMS recorded Zero-Three-Zero‘s brainwave activity, constantly monitoring and helping the training.

Zero-Three-Three and Three-Four lay down in their rest station; Zero-Three-Three close to the wall and Zero-Three-Four next to him. "Quite narrow this bunk.“ "Well the cavern is cold, so if we are close together we won’t freeze. It‘s like camping.“ Zero-Three-Four stroked over his bare dome. "Feels odd.“ "It suits you. Your head has the perfect form and it defines your checkbones nicely.“ "If you say so, but my skull and body still feel itchy from the shave.“ Zero-Three-Three stroked over Zero-Three-Four‘s head. "Yeah, your skin feels a little irritated. I had quite a forest on my chest, but with the R-Class-Uniform it is more comfortable to have it smooth.“ "I haven‘t had this little hair on my chest, since I was 15.“ "Can you come a little closer, the sheet is so small and the room feels really cold.“

Six-Zero-Five came to their bunk bed. "How are you feeling Zero-Three-Three?“ "Strange. This thing in my ass; I’m not sure if I can sleep with that.“ "No worries, you’ll get used to that quickly and besides, you don’t have to care about cleaning yourself after shitting anymore.“ "And you Zero-Three-Four?“ "Not really sure how I feel, but my brother is in the guard and he told me a little about induction training.“ "Have a night and plug in your earpiece.“ Both boys put in their earpiece and soon slept like giant babies. They looked a little bit like them too with their smooth domes.

It had already been nearly dark in the chamber when Six-Zero-Five went to his own rest station with A-8007-399-032. "Is it right this way?“ Zero-Three-Two inquired, as he lay down close to the wall. "Yes, you do it quite well, little brother.“ "How do you become a big brother, Six-Zero-Five?“ "This joined the guard four years ago. This was stationed primarily at Orly Airport then this applied. When GUMS finds a group and a partner that fits you, you become big brother.“ "And what do you do after training with us?“ "Well, this one guess our family unit will be deployed somewhere…, but now rest.“ Zero-Three-Two obediently put in his earpiece as did Six-Zero-Five– a smile crossed his face as a slight erection formed when he pulled up the rubbersheet and closed his eyes.

GUMS helped ease the concerns of the material throughout the night allowing them to drift off into a peaceful slumber. Throughout the night, it hummed gently into the ears of the material while continually starting the training, “service, silence, obedience, training, structure,…”.

Unfairly, what made in ceremony and procedure by GUMS and the instructors to feel going to bed for a full night of sleep was only a mere 45 minute nap. But since there were no clocks in their room, their watches had been collected and there was no window to see outside the cavern, the material had no way to know what time it actually was. Sam (Zero-Three-Three) woke from a slight buzzing. He heard GUMS say “And with this you will be awake and start refreshed into the day.” Sam laid half on top, half below Zero-Three-Four, who was just opening his eyes as well. For a moment both were staring at each other. Sam, looking at Zero-Three-Four’s tattooed number, the outline still a little bit red from the automated tattooing machine, that had stamped in their new designation, was feeling better than last night, but still a little uncomfortable.

“How did you sleep?” “Actually, quite well. I didn’t think the sheet would feel that nice on the skin.” GUMS spoke to them: “Material, you are awake, change your earpiece and then get up.” Sam removed the day earpiece from its charging cradle, put it into his hear. And then removed the night earpiece and put it into the charging cradle. A slight beep told him when his day earpiece was securely attached to his ear as its clamps fit tightly inside the ear. Both pushed back their rubber cover sheet on their bunk bed and stepped down the metal ladder. Their bunk was the second bunk from the floor; below them Zero-Three-Two and the big brother were already awake.

Big brother was already showing his companion how to build their rest station. “Before you leave, you are to build the rest station. To do this, smooth the top linen and fold the top over two palms wide. Then tuck all straight to the side, the pillow is to rest in the middle of it. The guard logo should be right in the middle – yeah Zero-Three-Two you are doing it right.”

Zero-Three-Four was trying to arrange their rest station the same way, when the big brother came around. “Did you plug in your day earpiece?” “Yes Six-Zero-Five.” “Good, this guardsman sees you are trying to build the rest station. Actually, it’s easier if your companion holds the pillow.” After all the rest stations had been arranged neatly—the guard logo in the middle of the sheets and tucked tightly into the frame, the pillow centered at the top—the family unit assembled around the sanitary saddle. The next lesson of the day was about to begin.

“Okay, Zero-Three-Zero place your penis in the opening and sit down into the saddle.” He did as he was told. “Now press the yellow clean button.” A red line came on and showed that the sanitary saddle was in operation. GUMS told Zero-Three-Zero not to move. Zero-Three-Zero felt a clamp enclosing his penis, another clamp fixed his feet and the dildo in his rear being pulled slightly as it locked into position. The pressure on his sheet hole was then reversed as he felt the dildo press deeper. The pressure eased slightly, but he continued to feel as if the dildo was expanding deeper within in body. Little did the Material know that a tube was winding its way up into Zero-Three-Zero’s bowels. Pressure started to build inside. Zero-Three-Zero was expanding as a warm fluid entered his bowels, slowly filling him. The pressure started to become too intense for him and was about to scream when GUMS told him to relax and he was given a slight endorphin rush. As the same time, the tube reversed pressure and sucked out the now liquefied solid waste. This relief caused him to start peeing as he felt the relief and shit flowing out of him. It was a strange feeling; a little painful but stimulating. The process on his bowels continued until the liquid filling his arse was as clean coming out as it was going in. His bladder and bowel were empty and Zero-Three-Zero felt good.

The button went yellow and GUMS announced: “Cleaning has finished, step away from the saddle.” Zero-Three-One looked at him disgusted. “How did it feel Zero-Three-Zero?” “Well at first it’s strange, but in a liberating and refreshing way, a little bit stimulating as well.” Zero-Three-Zero added that last comment with the slightest of smirks. Six-Zero-Five smiled. “So who is next?” Zero-Three-One responded: “I don’t think I can do this. Why can’t we go onto a normal toilet?” “That’s too expensive. Besides, this is faster, cleaner and you are in the guard now so stop asking why.” As to show his eagerness Zero-Three-Two stepped onto the saddle and smiled while the procedure was going on. “Actually I had to pee pretty badly.” Each member of the family unit took a turn with the sanitary saddle and experienced it the first time. From now on, this would be the way they would relieve themselves. “Oh, by the way” Six-Zero-Five chimed, “be prepared that this may be the only time of the day when you are able to relieve yourself.” The new family unit looked at one another with trepidation. “We are about to leave. If you walk around the cavern as a group, there is a special technique. Now if you fail on this, you will get punished from the instructors. After today, if you fail, WE get punished and we all get a share of the abuse and pain. So if one of you fails, we all suffer – including this guardsman.” Another wave of nervousness swept over the unit, as the endorphins from the first saddle use had worn off.

Big Brother told them to stand behind each other in a close line. Their noses were nearly touching the back of the head of the guy next in line. Their right hand would touch the belt of the underwear of the guardsman in front of them. For Sam it felt strange to be so close to other people, as he was stacked neatly between Zero-Three-Two and Zero-Three-Four. Sam’s hand was nearly touching Zero-Three-Two’s ass crack. Zero-Three-Four’s hand was touching the top of his ass crack causing Sam to clench his ass cheeks. In turn, his sphincter clenched harder on the dildo in his ass giving him a sense of fullness and pleasure. Knowing the strange combinations of emotions he was experience due to the breaking of personal space comfort levels, Sam positioned his hand further down, now touching Zero-Three-Two’s ass crack. “Now close the eyes. I will be the first one in line, guiding and steering you, so no need to watch or peek, just rely on your brothers.” Six-Zero-Five stepped to the front of the line. Zero-Three-Zero placed his hand on Big Brother’s underwear feeling the top of his butt crack. “As I command, left, move your left foot. As I command right, move your right foot.” The door to their family room opened and Big Brother started chanting, “Left, Right, left, right, …” They started marching slowly down the hall. They marched in line, lockstep; nude except for their underwear. Led by their big brother, they arrived at the cleaning stations.

At the entrance of the cleaning booths an instructor stood tall and commanding in his red trimmed R-Class-Uniform. The instructor nodded approvingly to Six-Zero-Five. He said only two words, “Remove underwear.” The new Material opened their eyes, heard how the seal in of their underwear went open and put it into the cleaning tray. “Okay the rest station couples step into the power showers, you got 60 seconds of water, 60 seconds for rinsing you clean with the soap, 60 seconds for water and then 60 seconds for drying you up, so no civy talk or anything stupid. Step into the booth” A-8007-399-033 and A-8007-399-034 stepped into their booths, water started spraying onto them. Then a beep and GUMS announced: “start rinsing each other”. Both took a drop of the soap from the dispenser and started to cover themselves. The instructor yelled form the outside: “not yourself, see that your buddy is covered!” They both did as they were told. “Never did that in the scouts” “Seems they emphasize hygiene a lot” “Still feels strange to soap in another guy” The instructor had heard them talking and yelled into the both: “You are not soaping in another guy, you are doing your brotherly duty and help a fellow guardsman keep his flesh in shape” The water started flowing again. Unknown to the material the soap contained a depilatory additive, that kept their bodies hair free.

They stepped out of the cleaning booths with all the other brothers and dried themselves.

“For a guardsman its important to keep up the proper look, so this is the shaver, apply the shaving cream to that part of your body that you want to keep spotless and clean and then stroke it over your partners body” Zero-three-two went to the knees and six-oh-five lubed his body and face with the cream, then took the shaver hanging from the wall and turned it on, going systematically over zero-three-twos head, removing any trace of hair. A bare skull was as much part of the Guard uniform as the rubber suits were, and of course the brain scans would work much better if the sensors connected to a clean skull. “We call this shining the dome, now do it your partners” The shavers were connected to wall sockets and after turning on small blades rotated and automatically shaved and sucked in the scraped hair follicles, leaving no trace of them. Six-oh-five came around to each couple and checked on them, when he was satisfied he led them outside to the the lockers. “Here you find new underwear put it on” “Do we really have to do this, six-oh-five?” “Yes and no more questions, if the instructors hear you you’d get punished, love your uniform” They helped each other to put the plugs properly into place and then locking the dicks into their confines. “Before you step into your R-Class-Uniform, lube yourself in with some oil, it helps with the skin irritation from being shaved as well.” Zero-three-four helped Zero-three-three (Sam) to powder, lube and step into the suit. Then closed the back zipper. Sam felt good to be back in rubber, first it felt niece to be a little bit warmer then it was such a niece feeling on the skin, it even got better when the oil interacted with the nano material of the suit. He had a look around at this brothers getting ready and helping them.

GUMS: “Proceed to feeding stations“ They aligned as they had been taught and where marched of to the feeding station. It still felt a little bit odd, but GUMS instructed them when to move and so the short walk to the feeding station, went without any problems. It was even a pleasant experience to be so close to his brothers. “Whats this?” Zero-three-four asked, looking at the six chrome dildo like things sticking out of the wall, two handles below them. “Your feeding station” “What?” “Your feeding station – its easy, just put the tubes into your mouth, touch the handles, GUMS will identify you and then pump the predefined amount of guard chow into you. Just gulp it down, doesn’t take long and has everything in it that makes you strong But it also helps us concentrate on our work. It removes distractions of the many things in your head. It allows you to focus on your work and follow commands. The formula is specially made to provide the male body with the full complement of vitamin supplements and nutrients. For Guardsman there is no need to eat solid food. Our formula is also designed to suppress certain mental functions. To be an guardsman one can’t have the distractions of one’s life. Distractions are bad. Just focus on your training.

“Thats disgusting” Zero-three-two erupted in pain, when one of the instructors zapped him with a pain stick from behind. “Stop such insubordinate talk, the first months of your lives your mothers feed you the same way. Just remember the Guard is the mother.” He was helped up to the feeding station by zero-thirty and both stepped close to the wall, placed their hands to the handles, as they were told. “Attention feeding starts“ The five started sucking and the nutritious paste arrived in their mouths. It tasted somehow after potatoes with carrots and chemical ingredient they they couldn’t identify. “You’re feeding finishes“ They withdrew their mouths took a napkin, cleaned the feeding stack and through the napkin away “Assemble” one of the instructors yelled and the family unit assembled around him. “Repeat me: We thank the Guard for this generous feeding and the care it provides for me” The material repeated.

“I have your morning medication for you material.” The instructor started dispensing the pills from a container, each individually labelled with the tag of the Guardsman. Each of the family unit, including the Big Brother, got its individual set of pills, some two, some three, some were white, some yellow. “Whats in the pills?” “Stuff that will help you become a better Guardsman – open mouths” They opened their mouth and the instructor put them into it. Sam thought it was strange that he was not permited to take the pills himself. But their Big Brother smirked when he got them and grinned happily when he swallowed his dose. “Swallow” “In future you are required to not take more then 20 minutes for the morning routine.” “But how should that work” “Well we will drill it into you, remember your wake time is to be used most effectively, having an indulged breakfast or any other meal is certainly not what is your purpose” Now they were ready for the day: showered, rubbered, fed, medicated. Waiting what the day would bring to them.

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