Hello Neighbor

By Landers published March 10, 2019

You see a handsome new neighbor, and get a lot of new ideas.

“Joey, time to wake up.” You whisper while rubbing his back. You move your hand down to his ass, fingering him a few times to get him ready for what’s next.

You remove your finger. “You’re so horny Joey.” You rub his back and Joey starts rubbing his dick rock hard dick as he regains consciousness. His body squirms from the pleasure of your touch. When you let go of his dick, Joey gets up to go to the bathroom, and when he gets back you tell him to get back into bed. You rub his chest and twist his nipples. Joey moans.

“Touch yourself.” You command. Lust burns in Joey as his hand slides into his underpants. “But don’t cum, I want you to savor this.”

It’s been a week since Joey touched himself, all because of your command. You made him suppress his urges, but now you let it all bubble up. He moans and licks his lips.

You keep rubbing his nipples and making him more aroused.

You whisper in Joey’s ear, and it comes out of his mouth as if you were speaking through him.

“Please. Whatever you are, please let me cum. I need it. It hurts.” His voice trails off in a whisper. “Please.” God, I love it when he begs. You think.

You make Joey even more horny, his dick is about to explode, but you order him not to. Joey’s hips thrust out of the bed and his back arches, A pained expression plastered on his face. “Ah, fuck.” Joey yells out.

“Stop!” I command, “but stay as horny as you are right now. I’m going to get you a special treat.” His body collapses, his dick throbbing, and his eyes fluttering.

While you were making Joey jerk off, you noticed his neighbor next door, a sexy, masculine looking man, moving boxes into his new home. You leave Joey’s house and head next door.

“Put down the box.” You command the man. Without knowing why, he puts down the box. Just like Joey, he doesn’t see or hear you, but he follows your commands.

You get a good look at the stud, an mad with dark brown hair and facial hair. He looks middle eastern, and his body seems fit. “Take off your shirt.” The man complies, taking off his shirt to reveal a hairless body sculpted by the gods with sun kissed skin glistening with some sweat. Beautiful pecks, 6-pack abs, and v-lines that lead perfectly to his dick. His arms have clearly defined muscles, but he doesn’t looked too muscular. His eyes are a beautiful brown and give off a sense of fatherly caring.

“You see that house next door, go inside and suck off the boy in there.”

The man looks at Joey’s house, confused as to why he wants to go there, but he follows your commands, feeling them as an instinct driving him.

He knocks on the open door. “Hello,” he calls out. “I’m MJ. Your neighbor.” He passes through the threshold and looks around for Joey. MJ, almost as if he could smell the hormones coursing through Joey’s body, walks straight to his room. His jaw drops as he sees Joey, with his eyes rolled back and his dick throbbing, begging for release. With every pulse, MJ feels a deep, primal need to suck it. To drink in all the tasty white milk.

But the thought also disgusts MJ. I’m straight, he thinks to himself on a semi-conscious level. I can’t really be thinking of sucking this kid’s dick. He’s not even awake

Sensing this, you command with more force. “Suck Joey’s dick. You need it. You feel it deep inside you. You can’t resist it.” The command forces MJ to walk towards Joey, his eyes fixated on the pulsing meat. He felt like his body was being forced to do this against his will, but despite that, MJ couldn’t bring himself to suck the boy. He just hovered there, his arms propping him up on the bed, his face inches away, breathing heavily as all the disgust and confusion fought against your command.

Well, you thought, if you want something done right. You slide your hand into the sexy, sweaty, masculine man’s back. The wind was knocked out of MJ’s lungs, and he was left gasping for breath as he felt some force invading his body and mind. You continue to slide into him, as if the warm body were a comfortable suit. Within seconds, you’re in complete control and MJ is forced to be a passenger in his own body.

Fear bubbles up in MJ’s body and mind, but you suppress it, replacing it with an overwhelming arousal as you make him take Joey’s rock-hard dick into MJ’s mouth, also overpowering his gag reflex. With your mind, you command Joey to move, and not to explode just yet as you force MJ to suck on him for dear life. Joey grabs the sheets and moans in sexual ecstasy, begging for release, as you command him to, but you deny his please as you continue to use this Adonis’s mouth. You fill MJ’s body with the sexual arousal of a dog lusting after a bitch in heat, his massive cock harder than Joey’s. Joey pants like the said bitch.

You take a break from sucking Joey and crawl on top of him. “You’re going to cum when I want,” you say through your meat suit’s deep, powerful voice. “Do you understand?” Joey nods, as you mentally tell him to.

“Yes, daddy,” you make Joey say as he tries to ketch his breath.

“Good boy.” You say through your puppet with an approving, fatherly tone. You get on the man’s knees and lift up Joey’s negs, exposing his taught, but malleable hole. You slide MJ’s dick in, amplifying the pleasure for both yourself and Joey. MJ’s body wanted to collapse from the pleasure, but you strengthen your control and vigorously thrust him into Joey’s ass, rocking MJ’s hips and lower back. Within just a few minutes you’ve filled this guy’s balls with so much cum and made his dick so hard it felt like everything was about to fall off. Not yet, you say inside MJ’s mind. With Joey’s mouth agate, you bend down and grab his head, ruffling MJ’s big, masculine hands through Joey’s hair, pulling him in for a passionate kiss, and letting the stolen tongue explore his mouth. You press the boy’s sweaty body towards your meat suit, Joey’s dick rubbing up against MJ’s sweat-lubed six pack abs. The smell of BO and sex fill the air as you rev up the intensity. Animalistic grunts escape MJ as the primal need to cum, to fill Joey with a volcano of hot cream, almost takes over.

Then, finally, you let MJ cum, loosening some of your control from his body as you escape with the cum through his dick into Joey. His eyes roll to the back of his head as an explosion of an orgasm almost forces his dick out of Joey’s ass. His back arches and body stiffens. The pleasure so overwhelming, he almost goes into shock. Joey, too, pops in-between himself and MJ, coating their bodies with massive amounts of cum. Both guys have their mouth open, the wind getting knocked out of them from the sudden slamming of pleasure against their senses. As the last of you leaves MJ’s dick, and you take over Joey’s body, MJ collapses on top of Joey’s body, exhausted and overwhelmed, his dick still buried in Joey’s ass.

The feeling of such a muscular man on Joey’s small frame made it hard to breath, but you’re able to adjust the two guys so you don’t have to worry about Joey suffocating under such a sexy man. You wrap Joey’s arms around your still unconscious new neighbor, thinking to yourself, this is going to be fun.

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