Password - Ursa Major

By tauro2 published March 9, 2019

A man discovers a note on his desk that helps bring out the bear in him.

I stood at the door, confused and more than a little afraid. I had no idea what was in my mind to come to a seedy alley in a bad part of town. Well, I knew the literal thing that had brought me here: the handwritten note that was now in my hands that somebody had put on my keyboard while I was away at lunch. I had come straight from work and still had my suit and tie on. I glanced down at the piece of paper, which gave no explanation of its purpose. It mostly just gave a time and place, and something else that made no sense. “6 pm tonight. Alleyway entrance to 1450 W. 23rd Street.” And now, here I stood at 6 pm at the alleyway entrance to 1450 W. 23rd Street. I knocked on the door, and almost immediately, a slot in the door opened, revealing two angry looking eyes.

“Password?” a gruff voice asked from the other side of the door. I looked back down at the paper that, following the time and place, stated “Password,” followed by two other words.

“Uhm,” I stammered. “Ursa Major?”

The slot closed and I could hear the click of locks followed by the door opening. The man on the other side looked like he could be a bouncer at a very exclusive nightclub: bald head, large muscles, tight black t-shirt. “Follow me,” he said without any explanation for what the hell was going on. We walked down a long, poorly lit hallway past about two dozen doors. I could hear noises coming from several of the rooms, but couldn’t make out what was going on.

We reached a door on the left side of the hallway and the man pulled out a key, unlocked the door, and motioned for me to enter. I walked into a room that looked like an old police interrogation room. There was a single table with two chairs and a lightbulb dangling from the ceiling, which provided the only light for the room. A large mirror took up an entire wall from floor to ceiling. I figured that it must have been a one-way mirror, allowing for people to see from one side to the next. But there were some things that did not seem to fit in with the aesthetic. There were drawers that lined the wall opposite the mirror and an old-style furnace in one corner of the room.

The man motioned for me to sit and I walked over to a chair. “Wait hear,” he said and closed the door behind him. I looked around the room, confused but also curious. I sat down and looked over every inch of the place, unable to figure out what was going on. I was also wondering what had prompted me to follow a card without any knowledge of what it was all about.

After about five minutes, the door opened and a man in a grey business suit entered. He looked to be in his mid-40s with dark hair. “Good evening, sir. Please, stay sitting. We have a lot to do tonight, and I want to make sure that we get to everything. Would you like something to drink?”

I stared at the man with a puzzled expression. “Uhm. I’m sorry. Who are you? What is this all about?”

The man stopped and lightly hit his forehead. “Stupid me. I’m sorry, I forgot that Mr. Nicholas doesn’t explain anything. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Robert White. I will be your transformation worker tonight.”

I still looked at him confused. “Excuse me for asking, but what is a transformation worker?”

Robert White sat down at the table opposite me, set a file folder down and smiled. “Of course, you wouldn’t know what any of this is about. Before I start, I just want to let you know how appreciative that I and everyone else here at this organization are that you decided to come in today.”

I gave a wry, fake smile and asked “And what organization would this be?”

Mr. White just smiled and said “Oh, I can’t actually say. To be honest, Robert White isn’t even my real name. We’re actually not allowed to give them out. But let’s get into what this is all about.”

I perked up. “Sure, I’m all ears.”

“Right, well, my purpose here is to turn you into a bear.” I stared at the man with my mouth agape. He just sat there like this was a fairly normal thing for a person to say. “Well, not a bear exactly. More like a bear-man; a werebear, if you will.” I just continued staring at him, baffled by this sudden turn in the conversation. “You’ll have all of the outward appearances of a bear, you know, the fur, the claws, all of that, but you can talk and walk upright and you’ll have the same basic human intelligence that you’ve always had. It’s really going to be quite the experience. By the way, what’s your name?”

I started to answer, but briefly couldn’t remember. What was my name? Then I remembered as if it came out of nowhere. “Uh, Hank. Yeah, Hank.” How could I forget something like that?

I finally felt the need to call this place out. “So, uh, where are the hidden cameras, and what website is all of this being sent to so that I can check it out later and have a good laugh?”

“Oh, we have cameras here, but they’re mostly for records purposes. We don’t broadcast anything.”

Once again, I was dumbfounded. “Huh. So, you’re going to turn me into a werebear. And what, this is for tonight?”

“No, it’s quite permanent. You’ll be resettled as soon as the process is over.”

I felt like humoring him some more, just for the absurdity of it. “And what about my family? I have a girlfriend. If I turn into a bear and am sent off somewhere, what will they think?”

Mr. White just waved such concerns away. “Oh, I’m sure they’ll be fine. Your girlfriend will find someone else. ”

I finally felt that I had had enough. “Okay, I am going to leave. You can enjoy whatever this sick joke is, but I want no part of it. Now let me out.”

Mr. White just shrugged. “Fine. We don’t lock the doors, so you can leave whenever you want. But I would encourage you to stay to experience what this is all about.” I got up and walked to the door and opened it. Indeed, the door was unlocked, but I looked back. The room was strangely fascinating. “You know what. Why don’t I just leave you here, give you some time to look everything over? Maybe you’ll change your mind after some time.” He walked past me and left the room. I closed the door and gazed upon everything in the room. It was actually larger than I realized when I first walked in.

I walked over to the nearest set of drawers and opened the top one. It was full of flannel shirts of various colors. I pulled a red one out and was surprised by how big it was. It had to be XXL at least. I held it out in front of me and looked in the mirror and laughed at how comically oversized it looked compared to me. I folded it back up and stuck it back in the drawer. The next drawer was full of undershirts, but each was a different style. There was a crew style and V-neck t-shirt. Another was a tank top that looked similarly large as the flannel that I had looked at. The odor coming from it suggested that it hadn’t of been properly cleaned after the last guy used it. The third drawer had various denim jeans, including a pair of coveralls and some torn up pants.

I quickly forgot my annoyance with Mr. White, or whoever the hell he was. Looking through all of this stuff was weirdly interesting. I moved over to the next set of drawers. The top one had a box of a dozen doughnuts. My stomach gurgled and I felt my mouth water. I picked up one of the glazed doughnuts; it was still warm. I brought it to my nose and inhaled the sweet odor. I took a bite and almost moaned with pleasure. This had to have been the best doughnut that I had eaten in my entire life. It was like I had never eaten a doughnut before. I quickly downed the rest of it and stood there satisfied. The warmth in my belly seemed to radiate out to my limbs. I let out a loud belch, but I was still hungry. I grabbed a second, and then a third, and before long I had wolfed down the whole box. I patted my belly, not entirely satisfied. I could have definitely gone for some more. But as luck would have it, the second drawer had another box. I ate them all. Man, that was good. I let out a long, pronounced belch and finally felt fully satisfied.

I started scratching my belly and looked down quizzically. My shirt had become untucked. How’d that happen? I looked in the mirror and was surprised to see my belly sticking out. And it was a lot bigger, now hanging over my belt. Not only that, it was a lot hairier too. A treasure trail led down my stomach straight towards my crotch. I tried to pull my shirt down, but my stomach was too big. I couldn’t believe it. I had never been thin, but I looked downright fat. My hand rubbed my belly and I felt a jolt running through my spine. “What the fuck was that?!” Still, I felt the desire to explore further and turned to the third set of drawers. The top shelf had a magazine, but I couldn’t tell what it was. I brought it into the light, to see what it was. There was a shirtless, hairy, muscular man on the cover wearing a leather cap and tight black rubber pants. It was a gay porn magazine. I flipped through and caught sights of men in various states of undress. Some of the pages were stuck together and I tossed the magazine into the corner with disgust. However, a new smell hit my nose. I turned back to the drawers and looked in the third one under where the donuts had been. A large, hot pepperoni pizza was inside. My eyes glazed over and I lifted the box out. I pulled a slice and chowed down. It was absolutely delicious. I quickly inhaled the rest and patted my belly.

Another urge hit me. I remembered the magazine that I had thrown away earlier. I walked to the corner and picked it back up. It really wasn’t that bad. I flipped through the pages and noted several instances of two men in fairly interesting positions. Maybe I could convince my girlfriend to get involved in some of these (or one of my more openminded buddies). I turned to a truly awe inspiring picture: a fat, hairy guy wearing a leather hat, a harness and a cock ring was pleasuring himself. I quickly turned through the pages, all the while undoing my belt and unzipping my pants to access my cock. Some of the pages had to be torn to separate them, but I didn’t care. With each passing page, he was getting more into it, and so was I. I spit in my hand and started jerking myself. Finally, the last page of the sequence showed him squirting all over his hairy chest with a look of ecstasy on his face.

I came in my pants, the cum soaking through the fabric and running down the pant leg. Each squirt sent a jolt of pleasure through me; really, it was a lot more intense than I typically experienced. When it finally died down, I stood there panting. I suddenly realized with embarrassment what I had just done. I looked down; thankfully, the black fabric hid most of the evidence. I tried to zip the pants back up, but the zipper wouldn’t budge; surely, my semen covered fingers didn’t help. I figured that I could just belt the pants closed, but when I tried that, the belt buckle snapped in two. My pants dropped comically around my ankles. Unlike the slacks, my gray boxer briefs showed wet staining for all of the world to see.

Mr. White walked in. “Well, I’d say we’re making good progress. There’s something we still need to do to make this permanent. Evidently, you’ve never had a tattoo, is that correct?” I just gaped at him and shook my head, somewhat embarrassed that he was here with the mess I had just made. “Just wanted to make sure you had never gotten one removed. Now, take the rest of your clothes off.” I undid my tie and took off the rest of my clothes and piled them to the side of the room. Now completely nude, I saw that I was pretty fat; not quite obese, but certainly overweight. My body hair had increased dramatically. My chest and stomach were covered, and I could feel it heavily on my back. I had worked to keep my pubic hair down, but now I had a full, unkempt bush framing my package. Also, looking in the mirror, I could see that I now had a full beard; I had just shaved that morning. Mr. White scooped up my clothes and walked over towards the furnace. When he opened the furnace door and seemed to be about to throw the clothes in, I spoke up.

“Whoa, what are you doing?”

Mr. White looked at me quizzically. “I was just about to destroy these clothes. You don’t need them anymore. We’ll provide you with new clothes when the process is over.”

“I, well, I just want them for the future,” I said lamely.

Mr. White shrugged and placed them back to the side of the room. “Suit yourself. We can discuss the issue more later. Now come with me, we have one more thing to do.” He took me down a long hallway and into a brightly lit room. There was a single chair with counters along the wall and equipment that I had never seen before. “Sit down.” I complied and felt the cold vinyl against my bare skin. Mr. White pulled out a sheet of paper with a large bear paw design on it. He applied some sort of liquid to my right shoulder and then placed the design over it. After a few moments, he pulled the paper back, leaving a stencil on it. “Okay, easy. This is going to hurt for a bit, but it won’t be too bad.” He then produced a tattoo needle and gun and began putting the pieces together. I sat there tensely, wondering what the hell I was doing.

I heard the distinctive buzz of the tattoo gun and he brought it close to my arm. “No,” I stammered. Mr. White didn’t stop. “No,” I repeated. He finally eased off. “Is everything okay?” he asked. “No!” I shouted. I sprang from the chair and ran through the door into the hallway. I had to get out of there. Still quite nude, I looked around the hallway, desperate for the exit. When I spotted the familiar door with the eye slot, I dashed for it, right past Mr. Nicholas. I got out and slammed the door behind me.

I bent over in the alleyway, breathing hard and feeling my heartbeat jackhammering in my chest. I had gotten out; I had escaped. I smiled in relief. And then I saw that my clothes were back on, and they weren’t torn or dirty. I felt my face and was relieved to feel nothing more than a typical five o’clock shadow. My stomach was back to its normal size. It was like I had never gone in there at all. I walked back out towards the street with a huge feeling of relief. The street sure was busy; the traffic was packed and people were crowding the sidewalk. I walked among them, feeling a little stifled, but still happy to be out of that dreadful building.

But quickly, I started feeling overwhelmed. And then, I realized something. The street wasn’t really busy. The sidewalks weren’t really crowded. It was just that everything that was going on seemed so overwhelming. I started breathing hard, feeling like a panic attack was about to hit. I bent over and a couple stopped to check on me. The woman asked if they should call an ambulance. I stood up and huffed, feeling anxiety. I bolted as fast as I could back towards the alley. In my rush, I ran across a street and was almost hit by a car. The driver honked and cussed at me, but I didn’t care.

I got to the door and started banging on it. The slot opened up and a familiar pair of eyes appeared. “Password?”

“Ursa Major!” I shouted. “Ursa Major!” The door opened and I sprinted down the hallway back to the room. Mr. White was in there standing, and he looked at me, surprised at my sudden appearance. “Give me the fucking tattoo. I want it now.”

He smiled, apparently pleased to see me. “Well, well, well. Look who came back.” And then he just stared at me with a big grin on his face. I started feeling impatient. Why wasn’t he taking me to the tattoo room? “You say you want a tattoo?” I nodded eagerly. “Well,” he said, leaving a long pause afterwards, “you ran off once. I have to make sure that you won’t run off again. You need to do something to show me that you’re committed now.”

I looked at him confused. What could I do to prove that I wanted to go through with this? Then an idea popped into my head. My heart beat at the prospect of doing this. I untied my tie and threw it off to the side. Then, I undressed, first my jacket, then my belt and pants, followed by my dress shirt. I kicked my shoes off and slid my socks off. Now, I was in nothing but my undershirt and boxer briefs. I pulled the undershirt off and was fairly disappointed in my largely hairless chest. And then, the moment of truth. I pulled my underpants down, giving the world a full view of Big Jim and the twins. Then, I laid the clothes out carefully on top of each other on the ground, as if to leave them out in the morning for work.

I looked at them, seeing my life over the past seven years. Then, I took in a large breath, feeling nervous at what I was about to do, but also a little excited. I straddled the clothes, squatted down, and laid a massive turd on the clean, spotless suit. It landed right on the pants crotch while I simultaneously pissed all over the shirt and jacket. I made sure to soak every last square inch of the shirt. When it was over, I grabbed the tie and used it to wipe out my ass crack and then tossed it on the pile. I stood up, feeling very satisfied with myself. Then I bundled up the clothes, carried them over to the furnace door and stuck them in. A loud hissing sound came from the furnace and I turned around and stared intently at Mr. White. “Now give me my fucking tattoo,” I said with an intensity that would have scared me previously.

He smiled and said, “You know, for a good solid minute, I actually thought that you were gone for good.” Suddenly, my stomach expanded, and hair sprouted from all of the public and private areas of my body that it had appeared from before. I ran one hand over my returned full beard and the other through my sweaty pubic bush. I sniffed the sweat and my cock sprang up in appreciation. “Oh fuck yeah,” I said in a deep, husky voice. Once again, I followed him to the tattoo room, jerking myself the whole time, leaving a trail of pre-cum in my wake. Mr. White sat me down in the chair and applied the bear paw stencil to my right shoulder.

The tattoo gun buzzed to life and he brought it to my shoulder. I winced when I felt the needle sting my skin. I knew that tattoos hurt, but it was something else to feel in real life. It was actually bad enough to cut my libido down. I just sat there, occasionally looking over the pattern as it took shape. Before long, he was done, and he gave the tattoo one last pat down.

I looked down at the tattoo, still stinging from the needle. I walked over to the mirror and admired myself in it. “Do you like it?” Mr. White asked.

“Fuck yeah, I do,” I replied. Suddenly, the tattoo felt really warm. I held my hand over it and could feel heat radiating from it. Then, the heat spread out through my chest and into my limbs. I braced myself against a wall and looked at my arms. They were already pretty hairy from the transformation that I had gone through previously, but I could see thick, brown hairs pushing through my skin. I held my hands up to my face and my palms had gotten thicker. Before my eyes, thick black pads formed on my hands that looked just like paw pads. A pain came from my right thumb, followed by its fingernail falling off. A sharp, thick claw emerged from where the nail had been. One by one, each finger went through the same process, giving me a full set of claws on each hand. The feeling of hairs poking through my skin passed onto my shoulders and back, then down my ass and onto my legs. Then, another feeling hit me: my muscles started feeling sore. I looked behind me at the mirror. My back muscles were expanding, giving me the look of a routine weightlifter. The expansion moved to my biceps and triceps, and then my forearms. I held my arms in front of me, not used to seeing such large muscles.

Pain erupted from my feet. Their shape was changing, giving a longer and wider look. As with my hands, the nails fell off to be replaced by claws, though these were larger and sharper. I could feel the friction between the concrete floor and my feet increase as the paw pads grew. I turned around and saw my body in the mirror. My pecs expanded along with an increase in my quad muscles. My gut was still pretty big, but I could feel an increase in muscle in my abs. Now, the hair growth was really starting to increase. The body hair became full blown fur, expanding from the center of my chest outwards. It quickly spread all over my body, except for my head.

I felt a small pain just above my ass. I looked back and saw a roughly three-inch long tail emerge. I flicked it, showing that I could move it at will. Then I grimaced at what was happening to my balls. I held them and could feel them increase in size within their furry scrotum. They had to be the size of tennis balls at least. Then I whined when I felt my penis change. Looking down, I could see my cock expanding in size and a new foreskin growing to surround it. The penis head turned a deep black to contrast with the dark brown shaft. It was then that I noticed that my pubic hair was different from the rest of my fur, having a darker color while still being curly.

Finally, the changes came to my head. My mouth and nose began to lengthen into a snout. Now, I could see that my nose had turned black and wet. Smells started invading, revealing a world that I had never experienced before. I could smell the disinfectant and inks from the tattoo stall and the body smells from Mr. White and myself. My beard spread across my face, turning into true fur. Looking in the mirror, I opened my mouth and saw a set of newly sharp teeth. I stuck my tongue out and was surprised to see just how long it had gotten. It was almost over. The final things that I remember changing were my ears, which turned round and moved to the top of my head. I breathed deeply, shocked by what had just happened. Only my eyes seemed to have been completely unchanged; they pierced back with their light hazel appearance. I had to admit that I was happy with the change, but I was somewhat disappointed that the tattoo was hidden under the fur. However, when I looked at the spot, a black bear paw pattern appeared on the brown fur.

Mr. White spoke. “Now, let’s get you some proper clothes. You can’t meet your new friends in the nude, now can we?” He took me back to the original room and he opened the original set of drawers, combing through the available clothes, seeming to debate with himself which would be best. Finally, he seemed to settle. He handed me a pair of dark blue jeans, a tight tank top, and a red flannel shirt. I put them on and looked at myself in the mirror in the dim light. I got a little hard looking at myself. I growled and gave a smirk. Actually, I looked pretty good.

“Now there’s only one more thing to do. Enjoy your new life,” Mr. White told me. He led me to a door on the opposite side of the room and opened it. The other side was brightly lit; I could hear birds chirping. Apparently, this was somewhere outside. It didn’t really make sense. It was nighttime here. I looked at Mr. White with a confused expression and he just smiled back.

I walked through the door and was shocked to find myself in some sort of forest. It was a hilly area and most of the trees were evergreens of some sort. There was a large cabin uphill of me with stairs leading to a wide front porch. The door closed behind me and I turned around and saw that I had just left some sort of shed. I opened the door, but instead of the interrogation room, it was a shed interior with various farming implements. I walked up to the cabin and stood at the base of the stairs, feeling uncertain about what was going on. “Um, hello?” I muttered. “Is anybody here?” Suddenly, I realized that I might not be able to explain myself if somebody was home. I could hear a couple of voices muttering within the cabin.

“Damn it. Someone’s here. Get ready.”

“Shit! Where are my pants?”

“Right here, just hurry!”

I could hear shuffling inside and then two anthropomorphic bear men stepped through the front door. One was a large polar bear man who looked like a huge wall of muscle wearing a pair of dingy coveralls. The guy was huge; he had to be a good six and a half feet tall at least. His muscles popped everywhere, with a very impressive set of delts, biceps and triceps. The hair on top of his head and his eyebrows was jet black, which contrasted sharply with his white fur. He also had a distinctive black bear paw pattern in the fur on his right pec. The other was a stout, thick brown bear wearing camo pants. His gut stuck out pretty far, but looked to be as much muscle as fat. As far as I could tell, he only seemed to be about 5 feet, 4 inches tall, but I bet he could handle a fight pretty well. I could see the black bear paw pattern on his left bicep.

The polar bear man walked to the edge of the porch and spread his arms wide. “Welcome,” he said dramatically. His voice was deep and friendly. “My name is Zeke, and …”

“And I’m Bubba,” the brown bear proudly stated, apparently not realizing his interruption. Despite his smaller stature, he had a deeper, booming voice.

Zeke looked down at Bubba, slightly annoyed. “Yeah, thanks for that Bubba. Anyway,” turning back to me cheerfully, “you must have lots of questions.”

I raised my arm and tried to scratch the back of my neck nonchalantly. “Uh, yeah, this is kind of a, well, adjustment for me. Can you, uh, tell me what the fuck is going on?”

Zeke and Bubba walked down to me and, without warning, Zeke gave me a big bear hug, both literal and figurative. I felt the wind get knocked out of me and I gasped for air. Zeke let go and Bubba came in for his own hug, this one much more manageable. They both beamed at me, while I just stared at them in awkward confusion.

Finally, Zeke spoke. “I’m sorry, it’s just, well, we haven’t seen anybody else in about six months. The last bear to come here flew the nest, so to speak.” I still didn’t know what he was talking about. “Okay, let’s start from the beginning. This is a new world for you. It was a new world for all of us when we first came here. This is going to sound crazy, but you’re not on Earth anymore. I don’t know if it’s alternate dimensions, or another planet, or a fantasy world or what, but whatever it is, there was nobody else here before us. There are animals here, similar to what we all had back home. But there are no people, not counting us and the other guys who have come through here. Time works differently here, so I can’t really say how long it’s been since we started.

“Every few years, we get sent a new set of recruits. All bears of various shapes and species. They come here and live with us for a while. We have, well,” he gave a fiendish grin, “a lot of fun. And then after a few years, they go off to explore and settle the land. Usually, there will be about three or four of them going off together. They’ll come back to visit for a while, but then it’s back to where they’ve settled. Which is why we’ve been so lonely recently. You being here means there are probably going to be a couple more in the next few weeks.”

I still didn’t completely understand. “Okay, but why are they sending us here in the first place?”

Bubba chimed in. “Actually, we haven’t really figured that out. They just send them here. It’s almost like it’s some sort of species introduction program or something. But there’s no way to contact them from here, so we just roll with it.”

Zeke continued. “I’m happy to serve as the welcoming committee for the time being. Maybe one day I’ll find my own land with a couple other bears,” he grinned at me, “but for now, I’m happy right here. Bubba on the other hand, hasn’t really shown any ambition for anything greater.”

Bubba folded his arms over his chest. “I’ll leave when I’m good and ready, and not a moment sooner.”

Zeke smiled down at him and then continued. “Anyway, we’ve got everything that we need here. The cabin and the shed were already here, along with all of the tools and equipment. We have a large garden for most of our vegetables. There are some good berry patches in the hills to the east. Also, during the spawning season, we can fish down at the river. There are so many, we can’t possibly catch them all. It’s actually kind of fun standing in the river to catch them in your mouth. And we can hunt pretty well if we want something more substantial. That’s come in handy during some of the more brutal winters.”

Bubba started in. “It’s a lot of hard work here, but it isn’t all bad. We’ve got each other. Oh, and we started a barley and hops field a few winters ago, so we’ve got some beer brewing too.”

“And it’s actually pretty good,” Zeke said. “Anyway, we can talk more about the place later. Right now, we need to introduce ourselves properly. This is a big transition. All of us remember what it was like, but there was one thing that helped us adjust more than anything else. Shit, I forgot one important thing. We didn’t get your name.”

“Uh,” I stammered. “My name is Hank.”

“Well, Hank,” and he swiftly moved and wrapped his arms around me, our faces only a couple of inches from each other, “I am going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before. Welcome.” He then moved in and pressed his lips against mine. His tongue worked into my mouth and I instinctively joined in with the kiss. Our tongues moved from side to side, with me occasionally reaching back into his throat. My loins stirred, and Bubba helpfully undid my fly and let my jeans fall to the ground, exposing my cock and balls to the world. Our kiss became more intense, and I almost had to fight to stay upright. Zeke’s claws started raking down my back and I grabbed his ass. Zeke pulled back and started unsnapping the buttons on his coveralls. They fell to the ground, and I could see that his muscles weren’t the only things that were big. His ab and leg muscles were impressive, but his package really drew my eyes. His balls were like two oranges hanging between his legs and his cock was as thick as a beer can.

He got behind me and led me to a bench. Bubba grabbed my flannel shirt and took it off, leaving me in nothing but the tank top. “Now, I think that you need to fully experience our hospitality.” He bent me down, and I saw his tool fully erect. Really, it wasn’t very long, but its girth seemed to more than make up for it. “Now, brace yourself. This is really going to hurt.” I gritted my teeth and closed my eyes, but they popped wide open when he actually entered me. “Don’t worry. You’ll get used to it.” I certainly hoped that I would. He moved himself deeper inside and I could feel his cock rubbing against my prostate. My dick quickly stood to full attention. “Bubba, we need to welcome him properly.” Bubba grinned and untied his camo pants loop, making them fall to the ground. Now completely nude, he bent down and started kissing me. I was really starting to get into this.

Zeke began thrusting in and out. He was strong enough that I had to brace myself against the bench. Bubba stood up and put his cock right in front of my face. It had to be a good eight inches long, not nearly as thick as Zeke’s but still impressive. A bead of precum formed at the end and I held out my tongue to get a taste. He moved in and I wrapped my mouth around the shaft. I couldn’t believe how good cock could taste. ”Oh fuck, you’ve got me so horny,” Bubba said through a lolling tongue. “I don’t think I’m going to last long.” Fine by me, as the increasing stream of pre from him had me going pretty good too.

Zeke’s thrusts were starting to accelerate as my tongue wrapped itself around Bubba’s tool. Bubba started to groan and gave one large thrust. The taste of creamy, salty spunk entered my mouth. He gave several additional thrusts into my throat and I wasn’t able to keep up. Cum completely filled my mouth, dripping from my lips. Bubba pulled out, then crawled under me. He lifted my tank top to suck one of my nips and tweak the other. I moaned; I couldn’t even begin to think of anything but all of the pleasure I was feeling.

“You feeling good?” Zeke asked.

“A’yeah,” I groaned out, barely able to speak.

Bubba’s snout moved south and began nuzzling my bush while he kept tweaking my nipple. “You’re a stinky little fucker, ain’t ya?” His tongue emerged to lick my shaft. Zeke was moving faster; I could tell he was close. Bubba took in my cock all of the way. His mouth was like heaven. My tongue hung out and a glob of drool landed on Bubba’s head. Zeke started pumping fast, followed by one large thrust. I could feel him filling me, and he gave several rapid humps. That triggered me, and I started filling Bubba’s mouth. It was the most intense orgasm of my life. Zeke roared and I roared in response. I’m sure Bubba would have, but, you know, his mouth was kind of occupied. When I finished, Bubba pulled away, semen dripping from his snout. He pulled me into a kiss and I could taste my own cum on his breath. Zeke pulled out with a loud pop. We did some after sex cuddling, followed by them leading me into the cabin to start my new life.

Zeke had been right about the arrivals. Over the next couple months, three new residents came to stay: two bears and an otter. According to Bubba, the otter was a first for that species. We, of course, welcomed them in the usual way. All of us learned the skills needed to survive: planting, harvesting, hunting, fishing, building. We had instruments too, and I got pretty good at playing the banjo. I became a pretty good farmer, all in all: plowing, spreading seed. Um, in the agricultural sense, I should say. (And in the dirty sense, too.)

After three years, Zeke and I, and a black bear named Floyd who had arrived a year after me, set off to start our own farm. We even got a few bee hives going, providing honey and protein from the larvae. The stings are worth it. The first year was the worst; it’s possible we wouldn’t have made the winter if not for some neighbors helping out. As always, Bubba stayed behind, but he’s visited us a couple of times. The otter became the new welcoming committee. Last I heard, arrivals have picked up, with more of a variety of species: bears of course, a few more otters, a badger, and a boar, even. Now, at this moment, I’m lying under the stars, about to fall asleep after some passionate love making with my two companions on this warm, summer night. I breath in deep, remembering everything that’s happened over the last few years, and close my eyes. Zeke is curled up next to me, while Floyd has his arms wrapped around my chest. And I fall asleep, smiling.

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