Genie Troubles (ncmc wiki 2007-03-13)

By Good Boy and NCMC readers
published March 13, 2007

Randy’s stepdad finds a genie that grants his wishes.

NOTE: This is a copyrighted group-created derivative work based on an earlier story. The opinions, intent and morals expressed in this new work are not necessarily those of the original author and they can in no way be held responsible for this new derivative.

Wanna hear the story of how my life turned to crap?

The first day of the weirdness started off pretty simply. Just me, my bowl of cereal, and my stepson Randy’s wonderful ass. Randy was there, too. I remember because he yelled at me.

“Bill! Stop staring at me, you old pervert!”

He shouldn’t have yelled at me, I didn’t even have a good view. He’d always worn tight pants and t-shirts that showed off his backside when I married his mother six months ago, but since then he’d started covering up more. Today his tracksuit paints hung on him so loosely I had to look really close to get the feel of how shapely his buttocks were were. Obviously, he wore those loose clothes just to get me to look harder.

“You know you like teasing me, hot stuff!”

Randy rolled his eyes and went back to rumaging through the fridge. I took another glance at his ass. Even in the trackpants it was obvious that he had more muscled body than a seventeen year old had a right to be. Especially since his butt was so tight and bubbled otherwise. He still wore fairly tight jeans when getting ready to go out, and they provided another of the few thrills in my life.

“Bill,” he said without even looking up from his cereal, “if you don’t stop staring, I’ll tell my Mom.”

“Oh, you know you wouldn’t do that. Sally would never believe you, she’s not that bright!”

“You’re the stupid one,” shot back Randy.

And that was when Sally walked in.

“Randy! Don’t call your stepfather stupid!” I gave Randy a little smile to rub it in. “He hears that enough from the interviewers who keep not offering him jobs.” My smile fell as Randy flipped me the bird, which his mom saw and ignored.

I looked over at Sally. It was amazing that such a flat woman could produce such a well-endowed son. The scrubs that she wore for her nursing job weren’t very flattering, either.

“Hey Mom?” Randy flashed an overly sweet puppy dog look. “Can you give me a ride home from Tim’s house tonight? Pleeeaaase, pretty please?”

Sally frowned down at Randy’s adorable face. “Are you two going to study or play computer games?”

Randy shrugged. “I wouldn’t mind playing computer games, but Tim never wants to. So studying, I guess.”

“OK, fine,” said Sally. “And what are you doing today, Bill?”

“I’ve got another job interview!”

“Great,” she said sarcastically, “just try not to get too drunk at your ‘interview.’”

After breakfast I went straight to the bar. I didn’t like Sally’s little “too drunk” comment, so I went to another bar after the first one cut me off. It’s my unemployment check, I could do what I wanted with it, right?

By the time the last bar kicked me out, it had gotten late. I felt pretty good, so I whistled a tune as I stumbled home. I don’t remember which tune, something about a boatload of amazons, I think. I was so mellow I didn’t even mind when I had to duck into an alley to puke.

That’s where I saw the lamp.

It looked exactly like those magic lamps you see in cartoons. It was just sitting in the middle of the alley, gleaming. “Hey!” I yelled out to the empty alley, “that’s, uh, that’s my lamp! I’m glad I did found it, I did I am!” I swiped that thing fast. I couldn’t fit it in my pocket, but I didn’t mind carrying the thing the whole way home.

When I got to my house, all the lights were off. That meant the others were asleep already, so I needed to sneak in. I did pretty well; I made it to the living room before knocking over a lamp. I saw the light come on under my bedroom door, so I dove into the guest bedroom and waited. My wife’s a huge nag, but if you just avoid her at the right times, life is pretty easy. I had a major giggle fit right then, but I held it back cause I heard her stomping around the living room.

Once everything quieted down, I remembered the lamp I was holding. I rubbed it immediately. I don’t know if it was faith in those old cartoons I used to watch or the boatload of beer I’d had that day, but I wasn’t surprised at all when the Genie popped out of the bottle. Big, green, and wearing more jewelry than I’d bought my wife in our entire marriage. He looked all sorts of nutty.

“Greetings!” he said.

“Oh, hi. How’s you doing? So what’s the deal, three wishes?”

“Hmmm.” The Genie stroked his beard. “You can have more than that, if you like.”

That just about floored me. “Woo! That’s incredible! I can just wish for everything I ever wanted right now!” I made up a little dance.

“Well,” interrupted the Genie, “Not right now. Just one wish per night. I have my limits.”

I shrugged. “No problem, you can’t do it all at once, I can deal with your limitations. Hmmm, what do I want most? I guess I’d really like a piece of my stepson, Randy. He’s so fucking hot, he’s the only reason I’m still glad I married his mother.”

The Genie smiled. “So, you want to do something with the boy in the next room?”

I smiled back, then frowned and shook my head. “Noooo, that won’t work. I can’t. His mom would kill me. Hell, he’s not even eighteen for another couple of weeks, is that even legal?” Then I fell down.

Hitting the floor banged a little sense into me, though. I looked back up at the Genie and smiled. “Hey, I know! I want you to fix it so that it’s perfectly OK for me to fuck that stepson of mine, OK?”

The Genie smiled back at me. He didn’t seem bothered by me being sprawled on the floor. Maybe he thought that was normal for people. “When you awake, your wish will be granted.”

“Thasss awesome,” I said, and passed out.

The next morning I woke up in a pretty good mood. I sat up on the floor and felt the carpet pattern in the side of my face. I laughed a little at how deep the imprint was and tried to rub it out.

That’s when I noticed that I didn’t have any stubble. I always have stubble in the morning. And I always get a huge hangover after a night of drinking, so why did I feel so good now?

Then I looked around the room. There were posters on the wall that hadn’t ever been there before. Some were of bands, some of comic book heroes. It looked like a kid’s room. It actually looked a lot like my room when I was a teenager, just with more modern stuff. When did all this crap get in the guest room?

Then I remembered the Genie.

I ran out of the room and into the bathroom. As soon as I saw myself in the mirror I knew I was some kind of screwed. I looked seventeen instead of forty four.

“Hey Billy, hurry up!” yelled Randy through the bathroom door. “You’re supposed to be ready by now, I need the bathroom!”

I looked back at the mirror, but looked away again when I saw the pimples. I couldn’t stand looking at myself like that. It’d been 25 years since I’d had pimples! I was done with that crap!

Randy banged on the door. “Billy! Billy, get out here or I’m telling your dad!”

My Dad? I had no idea what he was talking about. he pounded on the door again, so I decided to remind him who was boss.

I yanked open the door and came face to chest with Randy. I’d forgotten that I didn’t hit my growth spurt until I was 18.

“Come on, move!” he put a hand on my forehead and shoved me out of the way.

As Randy entered the bathroom he grabbed a brush and went to work on his hair. My cock immediately hardened. I couldn’t believe how hot he looked. He was wearing a t-shirt and shorts that he slept in, ragged, but he still looked great in them. I knew I was the one who’d gotten smaller, but all the right stuff looked a little bigger on him than before, making my cock bigger than it had been in awhile. I remembered my first day of high school, long ago, and the ridiculously hard boner I’d gotten when I first saw the senior footballers. Now Randy was the hot older guy.

Randy turned and saw me looking. he made a little face and said “Disgusting!” as he closed the bathroom door. I smiled. It felt weird to smile right then, but I liked that even with all this crazy change, he still got off on me taking a peek.

I walked into the kitchen and stopped short. I had no idea who the guy at the table was. He looked like a loser in his bathrobe full of holes. He hadn’t even shaved yet, and it didn’t look good on him. Patchy.

He looked over at me. “Morning, Billy.”

“Uh, morning…”

He looked back at his newspaper and I recognized him. This was the loser that my wife had dated before me. I almost laughed as I thought about how much she’d complained about the guy when we started dating.

Then Sally walked in. “Billy, get dressed. Just because you have the week off from school doesn’t mean you can loaf around all day in your pajamas.”

That’s when I felt really shitty. She wasn’t my wife now, she was my mom. My stomach started flipping around like a fish on the beach.

She must have seen the face I made. “Don’t try the sick game!” said ‘Mom’ as he walked over to me. “I’ve known you for three years, and you’ve only been ‘sick’ when you wanted something! Well I don’t have time today, I have to get to the hospital for a second shift while your worthless father pretends to look for a job again.”

She’d only known me three years? I looked over at ‘Dad’ as he shrugged at me. She saw the motion and started yelling at him. The stupid loser raised his hands in front of his face like she might hit him.

Then I figured it out. She wasn’t my Mom. She was my stepmom. Which meant that Randy…

I smiled at ‘Mom’ and ran back out into the hallway. Randy opened the door and walked out. I gave his a quick wink.

He flipped his finger at me with a sneer.

“Nice hand,” I said, “You don’t have to show it off, I know you want to rub it all over me, stepbro.”

Randy rolled his eyes, but didn’t even slow down as he walked into his room. “Whatever, Limpy the faggy dwarf.”

I walked back to my room and picked the lamp up off the floor. I felt kinda giddy right then, but still pretty freaked. I wanted to make the next wish, but I really wanted to know what the fuck had gone wrong with this one. I stared at the lamp for 10 minutes, not sure if something else would go wrong if I rubbed it again. Finally I gave it a little stroke.

Nothing happened. I rubbed it again, thinking that maybe I’d done it wrong. I rubbed three times, then I rubbed the bottom of it, then I rubbed just the lid, but nothing worked. I rubbed for ten minutes with nothing coming out before I gave up.

I stopped when I remembered that the Genie had said I’d get one wish a day. Was there some kind of time limit? No big deal, I could put up with this crap for a day. It was actually kind of fun looking at Randy from a different angle, and I got a kick out of seeing the wife give some loser a hard time instead of me.

I walked out into the hallway right as a blur with a brown hair bounced by. I turned and saw that it was Tim, Randy’s friend. he didn’t even acknowledge me, he just trotted right into Randy’s room. Too bad, I always liked it when he came over. he wasn’t as built as Randy, but he always had this dimpled smile that makes you want to put a cock between his lips. Not only was he cute, but he was really touchy. Not ‘touchy’ like emotional, I mean he was always hugging Randy or rubbing up against him. I’d thought about that plenty of times when the wife was in no mood to touch me.

Then I noticed that Tim had left the door open a crack. I tiptoed up to it and thanked God for small miracles. I looked through and listened.

“Your brother is such a… a… I don’t know, ‘tard’ is way too mean to the real tards.”

“Ugh,” said Randy, “don’t call him that. His little perverted stares are sick enough without trying to think of him as ‘my brother.’”

I pushed the door open a tiny bit and saw that Randy was leafing through a magazine absentmindedly. It was probably one of those porno magazines that talks about “how to get a blowjob” on every page.

“I can’t stand how he stares at me all the time,” said Randy, though I knew he was lying. “It doesn’t even help much when I wear these stupid sweatshirts. It’s too hot for this anyway.” I almost cried a little when he started pulling his sweatshirt off. he had another shirt on underneath, but it was a tight white t-shirt, and it showed off every inch of his awesome chest and arms.

Tim leaned over until his shoulder was up against Randy’s. “So he just stares at you? Do you think you ever accidentally, um, send him any signals?”

Randy snorted, but didn’t look up from his magazine. “Signals? God, no. But he thinks I do. He takes everything I do as a sign. He’s such a little fag.” He arched his back as he said this, stretching out his chest and flexing his biceps and answering several of my prayers.

“Hey son, you see anything good?” I spun around when I heard my “Dad” behind me. He had a stupid grin on his face.

“Billy, you faggot!!” shrieked Randy. I didn’t even have time to turn around, the door slammed shut behind me almost instantly.

Dad looked sad now. I was glad and I told him so. “Great, you messed it up. Loser.” He didn’t say a word as I stomped back to my room.

The two boys barely left Randy’s room all day. I snuck a couple more peeks when they made kitchen runs, but mainly I just stayed in my room and stared at the lamp, rubbing it regularly. It took forever, but right after midnight the rubbing caused smoke to pour out and the Genie appeared again.

“Well,” he said, “how did the first wish go?”

“It stunk!” I tried not to yell so nobody would come looking for me, but it still came out a little loud. “What the hell did you turn me into a kid for?”

The Genie looked confused. “You said sex with your stepson might be illegal because he was so young, then you asked me to make it OK to sleep with him. The laws vary from state to state, so I made you the same age just to be sure. I even made it so that you still lived here, but weren’t his father in any way!” The Genie grinned the dumbest smile ever.

“Fine,” I said. “I guess I wasn’t clear. Don’t ever make wishes drunk, Genie, it won’t work out for you.” I thought about what I wanted to do next. “OK, let’s fix this. I wish I was his stepdad again, and that Randy is crazy hot for his big, manly stepdad!”

The Genie raised his eyebrows. “That may not be the best—”

“Look,” I cut him off, “that’s my wish. Just do it the best way you can, all right!”

The stupid Genie nodded and disappeared. I collapsed in my bed, exhausted after a long day of dealing with my ramped up teenage hormones.

When I woke up the next day, the first thing I did was grab my face. Still pimples, no stubble.


“Billy!” My ‘Mom’ must have been in the hallway. “You better be hurt if you’re yelling curse words in my house!”

“Uh, yeah,” I yelled back. “I dropped the, um, alarm clock on my foot. Don’t come in, I’m not decent.”

I’m not sure why she laughed so hard when I said that.

I looked around the room for some clothes and found something on the floor that looked OK. Then I noticed the floor was different. Bigger. I looked around. My room was bigger than yesterday. The posters on the wall were the same, but I had a bigger closet and a personal bathroom that I hadn’t had before, and the furniture looked nicer, too.

I dressed as quickly as I could and ran out into the hallway. I almost fell down the stairs in front of my room. There were stairs now! The house had grown a second story overnight! What did a bigger house have to do with making Randy want me?!

I looked around the house for a minute and found the kitchen. Randy and my “parents” sat at a huge kitchen table, drinking OJ.

Then I looked at ‘Dad.’ It was the same guy as before, but I just barely recognized him. He looked taller, and a hell of a lot more muscular. He even had light stubble that made him look like one of those studs in the shaving cream commercials. He was hot. Damn hot. And he was sitting at our kitchen table!

I almost bit my lip when I saw how Randy acted. He kept stealing little glances at the big guy. Every once in awhile he caught his eye and smiled. He just looked away, embarrassed.

“You want anything to eat?” my ‘Mom’ asked me.

“Uh, yeah.” I couldn’t get over her offering to make me breakfast, she hadn’t done that in a long time. “How about pancakes?”

“You had to pick something hard, didn’t you?”

At least she had the decency to complain a little so I’d know I hadn’t completely entered the twilight zone. She turned around and started making the pancakes, though.

Then I turned to the bastard sitting in my chair. He looked back at me. “Sit down, Billy, join us. I got Dr. Peterson to cover my hospital shifts for the rest of the week, so we need to plan all the fun we’re going to have on my time off!”

What a twat, although he was damn hot in an older man kind of way.

“Maybe we could go clothes shopping,” said ‘Mom’. “Randy needs some nice clothes, I’ve decided those baggy jeans he wears are too ghetto for college next semester.”

The muscled jerk smiled at the woman like he thought it was the best idea in the world. “Yeah! How’s that sound, Randy?”

“No!” he said, “What I have is fine.”

“Come on,” he insisted, “You can’t tell me you don’t like new clothes? Oh, I get it, you don’t want to go shopping with your parents.” He pulled out his wallet. “Here, take my credit card and have fun. You can even take Tim and he can get a few things, just for fun.”

Randy shook his head bashfully, not even looking at his stepdad in the eye. “I like my clothes. I …” he turned and saw me looking at his body again. “I like being covered up,” he sneered.

They let it drop and a few minutes later Randy forgot about me. He was too wrapped up in Mr. Perfect to notice me looking at his today. He just kept staring at him like a moron, but Randy glanced away every time he looked at him. The best part was that the stupid beefcake didn’t even seem to get that this hot teenaged stud wanted to jump him. But that meant he wasn’t as wrapped up in Randy as he was in him.

“Billy!” he yelled, “Stop staring at your brother!”

“Hey, it’s no big deal, he’s not really my—”

He pointed out the kitchen door. “To your room for the rest of the day!” Then he stood up. He was much bigger than he’d looked sitting down. “NOW!”

I got up and stomped up the stairs to my room, trying to figure out what to do next.

At midnight the Genie popped out again.

“What’s wrong with you?!” I hissed at him. “Why didn’t you grant my wish?”

The Genie looked at me apologetically. “I tried to tell you last night, part of your wish was against the rules.”

“Rules? What rules?”

The big green Genie floated around the room. “You can’t undo what you’ve already done with a previous wish, not immediately. So I couldn’t grant the first part of your wish, where you asked to be the stepfather again.”

I buried my head in my hands, trying hard not to scream at the moronic Genie. “So how does that turn into all this other stuff?”

“Well,” said the Genie, “the second part of your wish was for Randy to be ‘crazy hot for his big, manly stepdad.’ So I looked inside his mind for all his strongest fantasies and desires and remade his new stepfather to fit. Part of that was him being incredibly successful, so naturally a few other things changed as well.”

I looked out the window at our giant lawn and the huge garage with a car for everyone except me. I wasn’t old enough to drive yet. “Yeah, stuff changed, but not the right stuff. Look, are there any other rules?”

The Genie smiled again. “No, just the two. One wish per day for the person who rubs the lamp and no undoing past wishes until some time has passed.”

I took a couple of deep breathes. I knew I could think of something useful, I just needed to calm down. What would be a good wish? I thought about some of the things that had happened at the table this morning. Sally had tried to get Randy to wear cuter clothes. At least my ‘Mom’ got one thing right. Randy had acted like a conservative prude for … at that point I didn’t even know what my name to call my ‘Dad.’ Anyway, Randy could barely look at the guy, which was cute, but kinda lame.

A smile hit me so hard the corners of my mouth hurt. “Genie, I want you to make Randy start behaving like a huge flirt. I mean, he is already in that subtle, pretending-not-to-be-a-slut way. But I want him to start acting like a massively outgoing flirt, not just in what he does, but in how he dresses. Does that break any of the rules?”

The genie smiled and said, “No, that is a perfectly fine wish! That will actually require very little change to the guy.”

“I knew it!” I stabbed a finger toward the genie. “He is a gay slut inside, isn’t he?!”

“Well,” said the genie, “not exactly. I mainly need to add some confidence and pride to his personality. He seems to have had those things beaten down in the last few years, but I can easily give him an abundance of them. Of course, I’ll have to work at making him gay,” He smiled reassuringly and disappeared in another cloud of smoke.

I went to bed, but it took me awhile to drift off. Fantasies about the new Randy kept me in too good a mood to sleep.

The next day I woke up a little late. By the time I got downstairs, ‘Dad’ was the only one in the house.

“Where is everyone?”

He looked at me sternly, like a prison warden who doesn’t know the inmate is smarter than he is. “Are you going to behave today?”

I couldn’t wait until I figured out how to reverse the situation. I’d never gone after a younger guy before, but I planned to start after I was the overly muscled doctor and he was the stepson. Until then, I had to put up with this new prick. “Yes, I’ll behave.”

He smiled. “OK. Your Mom went on a walk with her friend, Mrs. Fenton. Randy decided to take me up on my offer of a credit card binge at the Mall with Tim. I even let him borrow my porsche because I thought he deserved something special after how you’ve been acting lately.”

I nodded, then went to the living room to wait. I hated that I’d missed the new, flirtier Randy, but he’d be home soon.

TV kept me occupied as I waited, but not by much. Hours went by. How long does a shopping trip take? I kept fantasizing about the tight outfits he might come home in. A few times I thought I’d have to go upstairs and jack off to relieve the pressure, but I didn’t want to miss his getting home. Besides, I knew I’d figure out how to fuck Randy soon, so I’d been holding off on satisfying myself.

At almost ten that night, he finally came in. I couldn’t believe it, he had dressed even better than I’d imagined. his tight denim cutoffs were so short I was sure I could get a good look at his rosebud if I caught him leaning over the right way. Even better, his tight white sleeves singlet displayed all his muscles in chiseled perfection.

Tim walked in behind him, laughing. They both carried several bags adorned with expensive sports labels. I’m sure Tim wore something great too, but I couldn’t stop looking at Randy.

‘Dad’ walked in. “Wow. Um, that’s really nice Randy.”

“Thank you!” Randy grinned. He pushed his chest out and quickly flexed a bicep to show off. It was an amazing show. Not that the big moron was smart enough to appreciate it."

“You know, when your Mom suggested some nicer clothes, I don’t think this is what he meant.”

Randy dropped his bags and hugged him. Tightly. I swear his hand slipped so that he rubbed the man’s back. “Thanks Dad for the clothes. I really wanted something cool. I feel like I’ve been hiding and these clothes looked sooo hot. Thank you so much for letting me get them!”

With all that attention, he didn’t even flinch, he just pulled Randy off. “All right, all right. You guys keep things quiet, OK? Your Mom will be home soon, she and Mrs. Fenton decided to make a day of their trip to the park.” He walked off without even noticing Randy tilting his head and grinning at him.

Once he was gone, the two guys burst out laughing. Luckily they didn’t notice me on the living room couch, watching their conversation in the hallway.

“Wow,” said Tim, “You are so outgoing today! I’ve never seen you act like that with your stepdad!”

Randy shrugged merrily. “He needs some attention. It’s not like Mom ever touches him.”

Tim looked as confused as I felt. “Why not?”

Randy leaned in close, I had to strain to hear them. “Do you really think that Mom spent all day “in the park” with Mrs. Fenton?” Tim’s mouth fell open. “Yeah, David’s too sweet and devoted to notice. God, I wish someone was so devoted to me.”

“Wow,” said Tim. He grabbed Randy’s arm. Usually Randy ignored that kind of touch from Tim, but this time he put an arm around the other guy’s waist and pulled him close.

“Yeah, it’s true,” said Randy. “Before she lucked out and snagged David, Mom dated a bunch of losers to keep her parents from figuring out that she’s a lesbian. Isn’t it pathetic that she didn’t just tell them?”

“Yeah,” said Tim forlornly as the two guys held each other. "That’s… that’s really pathetic.

I realized why Tim always hugged up against Randy. Randy was just as oblivious as his new stepdad. Tim had practically worshiped Randy before, and the new, flirtier version obviously drove him crazy. My ‘stepbro’ might not get what was going on with Tim, but I loved the idea of hot Tim getting on his knees for Randy’s throbbing cock. It made me moan a little.

Maybe I moaned more than a little, because the boys turned and saw me in the living room. I couldn’t help smiling, now it was my turn to get some flirting from Randy!

“Ug,” said Randy, “you’d better go, Tim, before this little turd ruins my mood.” They quickly hugged, then Tim left while Randy flipped me the bird and carried his bags upstairs.

I stared at the empty stairway. “What the hell?”

That night I drove myself to frustration. Why did Randy flirt with everyone but me?! Why did every wish turn out wrong?! I needed that damn genie to tell me what was going on.

Midnight finally came, but a knock interrupted me before I grabbed the lamp. I opened the door and smiled at Randy.

“Time to talk, dweeb.” Randy pushed me backwards and walked in. “I’m sick of you staring at me all the time.”

I rubbed my chest where he’d shoved me. “You know you like it!”

“No,” said Randy nastily, “I don’t. I don’t mind a little attention from everyone else in the world. There are plenty of guys out there who can appreciate me without being perverts about it. But you need to stop.”

Then he wandered over to my dresser and picked up the lamp. “What’s this?”

“That’s mine!” I reached for the lamp, but without looking at me he reached back and pushed me away again, knocking me to the ground. It pissed me off that I was so much smaller than his that he could do that. It also turned me on a little.

Randy didn’t even bother looking at me. He started stroking the lamp absentmindedly with the tips of his fingers. “I can’t believe what a pain in the ass you are. You’ve got to stop staring at me all the time.” he set the lamp down and started walking out of the room, not noticing the bits of green smoke coming out of the lamp. “I wish you’d just do what you’re told.”

I ran to the door and shut it as the smoke thickened. The genie came out and said, “That’s an easy enough wish to grant.”

“Wish?” I said, “I didn’t make a wish!”

The Genie shrugged. “No, but he made the wish for the day. It is a little odd that he didn’t see me. I’ve never granted a wish for someone who didn’t know I exist before.”

“Wait! ‘Wish for the day?!’” The genie was screwing me again! “So I don’t get a wish at all because of something stupid like his rubbing it randomly? It’s my lamp!”

“No,” said the genie as he disappeared, “It’s my lamp.”

The next day I stayed in my bed until noon. I didn’t want to deal with the world, and I was too afraid of Randy’s wish. He’d said I should stop looking at him, then made that wish about doing what I was told. I’d go nuts if I could never peak at his incredible body again.

I left my room at about three o’clock, deciding that I might as well find out what was going to happen. I wandered around the house, looking for Randy. I found him in the game room, practicing pool by himself.

I could still look at him, and the view made me rock hard instantly. He had on a pair of tight white unides. I’d dreamed about this guy in a white undies, and now he had on a pair so tight I could make out his balls as he leaned over for a pool shot.

When he straightened up I saw that he was wearing a sweatshirt again. But not a baggy one like before. This one was sleeveless, and tighter, showing off every bit of his buff chest and arms. There was something written on the front of the blue sweatshirt, but I was too focused on the overall picture to read it.

Randy saw me as I looked him over. I flashed my best smile and asked, “Want someone to play with?”

“Go jump in a lake.”

Immediately my body jerked around and walked off without a thought from me. When I got out the front door I started running down the street. I tried to stop, but my body just pushed forward, completely out of my control. After I’d been running forever and my sides threatened to burst open, I realized where I was going.

I turned down the road leading to Montgomery Lake. My legs wouldn’t stop, but I could still control my arms. I tried to get my clothes off as I ran along the dock, but I barely had one arm out of my shirt as I leaped into the lake.

I swam back to the shore and dragged myself out. The front of my chest was red from my belly flop. I rang my shirt out and put the wet thing on, then fell on the ground, still exhausted from the long run.

By the time I walked home it was almost five o’clock. I stepped into the house and saw Sally. Unfortunately, she saw me, too.

“Where have you been all day!” she shook a dust mop at me. “I’m trying to get this house straightened up and you just disappear. Go clean your room!”

Again I felt the jerk on my body, as if puppet strings yanked me up the stairs. I put away my clothes, wiped up the dust, made my bed, and did everything else that could possibly qualify as cleaning my room. By the time I was done, I felt so tired I would have sworn I’d been beaten up.

I sat in my room a little longer, afraid to leave.

“Billy!” called ‘Dad’ from downstairs, “dinner’s ready. Come on down.”

I automatically jumped up and ran down to the table. ‘Dad’ and Randy sat across from each other. Sally wasn’t there.

“Your Mom’s out tonight,” said the stupid beefcake. “Mrs. Fenton picked her up and the two of them went to some kind of women’s club event.” Randy held his face, trying not to laugh, but he didn’t notice.

Nobody talked much over dinner. The moron read a newspaper as he ate. Randy stared at him dreamily, flexing his muscles and smiling devilishly whenever the man looked up at Randy. He was too stupid to notice, he just grinned back like the perfect father. I noticed, and I loved the show he put on. That tight blue vest begged me to reach over and pull it up, exposing all his bare skin. Just like the other day, Randy was too wrapped up in his muscle bound stepdad to notice me looking at him. Again, the man paid more attention to me than the hot slut he had across the table.

“Billy!” he yelled.

“Yeah, I know, go to my room.” I got up and left, but I stopped outside the door and hid.

“I’m so sorry,” he told Randy. “Since my first wife died, I haven’t known what to do with him. I’d only known him for a year when I became his only family.” I guess the genie had filled his head with a whole sappy history of how he became my Dad.

“Oooh,” said Randy with a ton of syrup in his voice, “that’s so sad. You’re so sweet. You’re just… really, really great… Dad.”

I could actually hear him smile through that stupid chiseled chin as he said, "You don’t have to call me ‘Dad’, Randy. It feels silly for you to call me ‘Dad’ when I’m technically closer to your age than to your Mom’s. Just call me David.

I almost gagged on Randy’s giggling. “OK… David.”

I decided to risk a peek and poked my head around the doorway.

“David,” said Randy, “Do you think you could get Billy to, you know?”

He flashed an obnoxiously handsome smile. “Stop staring at you all the time?”

Randy’s face snarled up. “Ugh! And he acts like I want him to stare!” Randy grabbed the top of his shorts with both hands and tugged theatrically. “It’s like he thinks I’m gonna rip my pants off and let him give him a blow-”

Randy tugged too hard and his shorts dropped below his underpants. It didn’t reveal everything, but you could easily see the top of his dick. Randy stared at his stepdad’s face for a moment, frozen, then looked away. As soon as his eyes were turned Randy pulled his pants up frantically and said, “Oh my God!”

“Don’t worry,” said the idiot reassuringly, “I didn’t see anything.”

In a slightly dejected voice Randy said, “Not even a little?”

Then he turned away in mock shyness. Unfortunately, he turned towards the kitchen door. “You little pervert!” he screamed at me crazily. “God, go away! Just go away and jerk off for eight hours straight! You know that’s all you really want to do, you pathetic jerk-off!”

‘Dad’ looked shocked. “Randy!” He said something else after that, something about calming down, but I was too far away to hear by then. My body had started up the stairs on its own.

As I closed the door to my room I tried convincing myself that he hadn’t told me to do anything. He’d just been angry, it wasn’t a real command, right? My body didn’t obey at all as I compulsively pulled my pants down. Then I started jerking off. Suddenly I didn’t feel like arguing anymore, the relief felt so great.

I fantasized about Randy. I fantasized about Randy and Tim. I even fantasized about my stepdad. It felt incredible to finally jerk off again.

But it only felt that good for the first hour. I couldn’t cum, I couldn’t get any release at all and I knew I wouldn’t until I finished jerking off. After another hour I started getting sore. Then the fantasies started to repeat on me and weren’t as enjoyable. I silently begged to cum as my mind wandered to places I didn’t want it to go.

I started thinking about David fucking the Tim and Randy instead of me fucking them. My fantasies got depressing as his perfect muscled body screwed all the guys in every possible position. I hated him more than ever and wanted to bash his head in with a shovel, but instead of actually thinking about doing that, I kept thinking, “I’ll wait until he’s done fucking Randy. No need to interrupt the show.”

By the time midnight came around, my frustration had me in knots. I jerked off with one hand while rubbing the lamp with the other. The smoke came out and the genie appeared. He actually looked sorry for me when he saw what I was doing.

“Are you…” I could barely get the words out, I was so winded. “Are you trying to fuck me over on these wishes?”

“No!” said the Genie reassuringly. “Just work out a good wish and things will get better. And soon you will be able to reverse your first wish!”

I had a hard time concentrating on what he was saying. In my head I was fucking Randy doggy-style, with his vest pushed up over his neck and his boxers pushed to the side. I continued jerking off as I pushed myself to keep talking.

“I can reverse my wish? I can become his stepfather again? I thought you said I couldn’t do that?”

The genie smiled wide. “You can’t use a wish to reverse another wish immediately, but after five days you can. Tomorrow is five days from when you made your first wish.”

“That’s great,” I said, “but I’ve still got to figure out something for tonight.” In my head Randy was dancing like at a club. “Something that won’t fuck up again.” Now Randy and Tim both danced in my head. “OK, let’s just try something simple. Just a little fun. I just want to see Randy naked and doing lots of naughty stuff.”

The Genie smiled wide. He faded away as he said, “You will enjoy this one, I promise.”

I thought about what the genie said as I jerked off. Reversing my first wish was going to be great. I started thinking about myself as the stepfather again, but this time I was big and muscular like my replacement. I thought about what it would be like when Randy threw himself at me like he’d been doing with the perfect doctor stepdad lately.

But I wouldn’t get rid of the loser. I’d switch places with him. He’d be the annoying brother Randy hated. I’d make him watch me fuck Randy while he jerked off for hours in frustration. I played that out in my fantasy, loving the sight of him crying as Randy told me how great I was.

Knowing that I’d be in control again by tomorrow night made me bolder and bolder in my fantasy. I imagined turning Randy into a college wrestler and making the uniform ride up his ass. I imagined turning Randy into a gay stripper for a week, then a sailor. Then I came up with a fantasy I really liked: turning him into a poor, bluecollar worker who would give blowjob as I passed his construction site on my way to work every morning.

I made up my mind to do all of these things after tomorrow night, but I knew I’d always turn him back into my teenage stepson. There was no reason I couldn’t keep him in high school forever, serving my cock with his incredible body.

Finally I came. I came so hard I heard angels sing. I fell asleep knowing that tomorrow night would make everything the way it should be.

When I woke up I bolted to a sitting position so fast it would have wrenched my back in my old body. I remembered the wish I’d made last night and panicked. I had asked to see Randy naked and naughty, but that wasn’t specific. I meant I wanted a video of his dancing that I could watch all the time, but what if the genie misunderstood again?

I looked around the room and didn’t see a tape anywhere. The fact that the room looked exactly like it had yesterday suddenly comforted me a little. I felt relieved that at least it hadn’t changed drastically today. Then I noticed something unusual about my wall.

I hopped out of bed and took a closer look at the wall. It had a small hole in it. Then I remembered that this was the wall between my room and Randy’s. I almost smacked my head against the wall as I dove for the hole.

There he stood. Gorgeous. He had a little pink tank top on already, but nothing from his belly button down. I might have moaned a little bit at the sight of his perfect seventeen year old dick. He turned around too quickly for a good look, but I didn’t mind when I saw that bubble butt. It curved so nicely, going from his v-shaped waist to his very well rounded cheeks. He put on some white undies, but they still showed off that great ass.

I groaned again out of frustration when he pulled on a pair of jeans. They were great, really tight. Normally I’d love to see it on him, but my cock felt like busting and I didn’t want the show to end.

This wish had gone much better than the rest.

Someone knocked on the door. Randy walked out of view of my peep-hole for a second. Then he and Tim walked back into view and plopped down on the bed.

“I really don’t want to go back to school tomorrow,” said Tim.

Sweet! I couldn’t believe how well I could hear them. It was muffled a bit, but I could understand them just fine.

“Any particular reason?” asked Randy, “or just school blues in general?”

Tim tapped his fingers against his own chest, and tugged at the edge of his t-shirt. “It’s just… I’ve got several classes with Lauren.”

Randy poked him in the shoulder playfully. “And?”

“And… I have a date with her tomorrow night, so I’m nervous.”

Randy smiled and laid back on the bed. “What’s to be nervous about? You’re gorgeous, he’ll love you!”

Tim blushed. “I’ve never kissed a girl before.” he looked back at Randy wistfully as my ‘brother’ raised a surprised eyebrow. “I really don’t want to suck at it. I mean, maybe I do want to? I don’t know, are you supposed to suck, or use your tongue, or anything like that?”

Randy leaned forward again and put a hand on Tim’s leg. I wanted so bad for him to start stroking that leg. “It’s not so hard. You’ll figure it out super fast!”

Tim scooted a little closer and put his hand on Randy’s leg. “But, if I had some practice first, that would help so much. Could you please… help me practice?”

Randy smiled, and I hung my mouth open as he said, “Sure.” I couldn’t believe how lucky I was as Randy leaned in and gave Tim a little peck on the lips. Then they both leaned in closer and gave each other a long, lingering kiss.

Randy put his arm around his friend’s waist, causing him to moan a little.

Tim pulled back. “Randy, I’m sorry. I lied. I don’t have a date with Lauren. I just really like you. I’ve always wanted to do that, but I never had the nerve. Then I woke up this morning and I just had to. I don’t know what happened, I just had to get a kiss from you today.”

I almost came when Randy smiled at him and winked. “Yeah, I kinda figured. You know, I love cock too, and I’ve been kinda curious about yours.” Tim smiled, and they started kissing again, but deeper.

Tim put his arms around Randy and kissed his neck. I wanted to run into their room and jump between them, but I knew that if Randy didn’t kick my ass, ‘Dad’ would.

Randy’s hand brushed against Tim’s groin, and they both laughed. I pushed against the wall, trying to get a better view. Then Tim reached down and pushed a hand down Randy’s underpants. Randy moaned a little, and I almost messed my pajama pants right then.

I kept watching them kiss and fondle each other tentatively. After a few hours I officially declared it the best day ever.

Tim left late that afternoon. Randy told him that he didn’t want to move too fast, but he might be open to more “practice” some time. I decided that once I got a few essential wishes taken care of, I’d help Tim out and make Randy fuck him. And me too. No point in having them play together if I couldn’t join the game.

Later, Randy decided to try on all the clothes he’d bought the other day. My peephole gave me the best fashion show ever as he tried on tight outfit after tight outfit. It was like he was going to a gay club. I finally understood why shopping had taken him all day, he’d bought enough clothes to open his own store. I especially liked the fishnet shirt he had. He tried that with a pair of leather pants with the ass cheeks cut out.

He didn’t just have shirts and pants. The hour he spent on underwear made it very hard not to pull out my cock and jerk off again. I hadn’t all day because I knew that tonight’s wish would let me actually fuck him tomorrow, and I wanted to wait for the real thing.

Eventually Randy put on some a tight black t-shirt and dark blue jeans. A knock sounded on Randy’s door. He came back into view a moment later with ‘Dad.’ They stood at the foot of his bed and Randy stared lovingly at the big, muscley idiot.

“So,” said Randy, “did you and Mom do anything fun today, David?”

David smiled down at him. “Well, it should have been fun. We walked along the lake and had a picnic, just like we’d planned. But I couldn’t enjoy it because I kept thinking about something else.”

Randy’s voice cracked a little. “Oh? Uh, what was that?”

David took a step towards him, almost brushing up against him. “Something I never thought about before today. Something that seems so obvious now.” He slowly put his large arms around Randy and kissed his trembling lips. He kissed Randy again softly and the young man melted in his arms, then he kissed him back as hard as he could.

Randy pulled back, but just barely. “Are you sure?”

David nodded with all the confidence in existence. “I can’t believe how beautiful you are. I can’t lose you.”

Randy’s eyes teared up a little as he smiled. He looked back at him and said, “We have all night. Your Mom decided to stay at Mrs. Fenton’s.” Randy laughed and dove into another kiss. Then he started kissing his neck, then his chest, and finally his stomach.

I couldn’t believe it as he got on his knees. Randy looked up at him and smiled. His smile looked almost goofy, but I wanted to put my cock in his mouth so bad that I almost rooted for this asshole to do it for me. Sure, he’d stolen my life, but I needed someone to fuck this man right then. I didn’t like that he was getting Randy first, but it didn’t matter. Soon I’d have the chance to pay him back.

Randy pulled off his bra. I gasped a little. His chest looked better then ever. His lungs were heavy in anticpation and his abs were rippling in the soft light.

“Wow,” said David. “You look amazing. You look even better than I expected!” I silently agreed, and I couldn’t wait until my wish tonight that would put Randy on his knees in front of me instead of David.

Randy looked straight ahead at David’s crotch. “I have to see this.” he hastily jerked the older man’s pants down. Then he slowly pulled the pair of boxers down. David’s huge cock popped out and Randy looked at it like a religious artifact. “Oh my God, it’s gorgeous!” Then he looked up at him and bashfully said, “May I please suck it?”

The arrogant asshole looked down at Randy and said, “Yes, you may.”

Randy dove onto the dick, burying it in his mouth. David looked as surprised by the slut’s eagerness as I felt. His head moved back and forth quickly, eagerly trying to cover as much of the cock as possible with every stroke.

David gently laid his hand on his head and said, “Wow, you’ve done this before, haven’t you!”

Randy didn’t take the large cock completely out of his mouth, but he pulled it out enough so he could understand him. “Yeah, my last boyfriend, my only boyfriend actually, he taught me how. Is that OK?”

David smiled like a son of a bitch. “That’s wonderful, stud. This feels incredible!”

Randy kept lightly stroking the cock with his tongue as he smiled. “You’re just so hot! I really wanted to suck your cock!”

He rocked his head back. “I can’t believe I never noticed how incredibly hot you are. Whatever made me wake up sane this morning, I’m grateful.”

Moans from Randy interrupted him. That’s when I noticed his hand moving inside of his underpants. Randy was jerking himself off as he plunged the cock deep into his mouth! The rhythm of his hand matched the motion of his head, pleasuring both of them at the same time.

David pulled his shirt off, revealing his disgustingly perfect chest. He let Randy work on his cock for a few more minutes. As he pulled out and started sucking his balls, he looked down at Randy’s hand jerking himself off.

“Would you like a little help with that?”

Randy looked almost hurt as he stroked his cock with his other hand and looked up. “You don’t want me to finish?”

David reached down and pulled Randy to his feet easily. “Oh, I’ll get to the finish, I’m just going to take you with me.” Randy giggled as he picked him up and stepped out of his pants. He carried him to the side of the bed and set his down gently.

“Fuck him,” I whispered to myself, “Come on, just fuck him already, he wants cock so bad!”

David climbed into bed with Randy and kissed him on the neck. As he ran his tongue over Randy’s chest, Randy started moaning and I pulled my cock out. This was way too good, I had to enjoy it myself.

The big man pulled back a little and slowly pulled Randy’s underpants down off of his legs. After he tossed them aside, he leaned in close to Randy’s ass. “Randy? Is this your first time?”

“Yes,” said Randy, “but it’s OK, I’ve got a condom, and I turned 18 a month ago!”

Both of us looked confused at that last bit. “Really?” said David. “I thought your birthday wasn’t for a couple more weeks?”

“Ugh,” said Randy as he rolled his eyes. “You got that from Billy didn’t you? He can’t keep my birthday straight, no matter how many times I tell him. Don’t worry, you can do anything you want, I’m totally legal!”

David smiled a sickeningly sweet smile. “Are you sure you want to? We don’t have to rush this.”

Randy leaned forward and smiled, wrapping his tiny arms around his thick neck. “If you don’t stick it in me right now, I’ll throw you to the floor and rape you. Understand?”

David pushed his back down and climbed on top. I stroked my dick faster as he entered Randy, but then I forced myself to slow down so I could last through this.

They kissed for a few moments, but had to stop when their humping got too fast. He propped himself up with his arms so he could look down on him. “Oh yeah, make love to me,” yelled Randy.

The right word was ‘fuck’ but I didn’t want to interrupt them for corrections. I had trouble keeping from blowing my load as he grabbed Randy’s hips and thrust harder. Randy started moaning loudly. I could tell he was faking it, no man has ever moaned that loud during sex.

Finally, they both finished. They cried out so loud the people in the next house must have heard. Then I came, and I came really hard, crying out almost as loud as they had.

Unfortunately, they both stopped moaning before I did. They looked at the wall and I jerked back from the hole. But I could still hear them.

“What the…” said Randy. “Wait, what’s that spot in the wallpaper. Is that…? Oh my God!”

I heard a rumbling like thunder and ran for my bedroom door. I locked it right before the handle shook.

“Billy!” screamed David. “I know what you’re doing in there!!!”

I looked at my watch. There were a couple more minutes until midnight. I grabbed the lamp and rubbed furiously, trying to get the Genie to come out early.

“Damn it, Billy, I have a key to this door! You better not make me go get it!” A moment later the house shook with David’s giant steps down the stairs. A looked at my watch again. One more minute.

I ran into my bathroom with the lamp, shut the door and locked it. I needed to get away from the bedroom door so I couldn’t hear him if he actually ordered me to open it. The rumbling went up the stairs as I rubbed the lamp furiously and the Genie finally flowed out.

Before the green weirdo even said a word I gave it to him. “You set me up!”

The Genie just looked at me like a startled goldfish. “Pardon?”

“You messed up every wish on purpose! You’re like in those movies, you say you’ll give me any wish, but you twist the wishes to hurt me!”

The Genie actually looked sad. “I wouldn’t do that.”

“Oh yeah?! Then you better not fuck up this next wish!”

David yelled through the bathroom door. “Who are you talking to in there?! I’m going to knock this door down and I don’t care if it lands on top of you!”

I glared up at the Genie. “I’ve been planning this wish all day. It’s so exact, so precise, that you can’t possible turn it against me. You’ll have to give me exactly what I want, no matter how stupid you are!”

“No, I won’t have to do anything.”

That startled me. “What? I thought you had to give me what I wished for?”

The Genie looked at me menacingly. “I don’t have to do anything at all! Granting wishes is what I do for fun! And I’ve done best I can, but you mess it up and then blame me for it every time!”

At that point the Genie’s skin changed from green to red.

“And I have had enough of you!”

That’s when he turned me into a pair of Randy’s underpant.

At least I’m his favorite pair, a white pair, plain except for a small love heart on the rear. That used to mean he always wore me when he was going to have sex, but it’s been a few years. Now it just means that he’s kept me even though I’m torn and worn out. He only wears me on laundry night.

A least part of me gets pushed up against his fat cock sometimes. I’m willing to call that sex.

The End

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