By berlinstud
published March 3, 2007

Friends Revenges a Wrong

WARNING ! The following story is a work of fiction and does not portray real life; no copyright infringement is intended.
The story contains sex between adult males. If you are under the legal age in your community, state or country, or if it is illegal where you live, do not read further.
Some of the characters in this story may or may not engage in unprotected sex. copyright © 2007 berlinstud


by berlinstud


“I said….just leave me ALONE !!!”

At that, our favorite school bully Tony Paster stomped up to me, pushed out his arms and hands to my upper chest and shoved hard, sending me to the ground….even harder. Not only did I get a mouthful of grass, but my glasses went sailing onto the sidewalk. They didn’t break, but the whole episode was pretty humiliating – great way to end a Monday afternoon.

Tony towered over me as students began gathering around us sensing a fight. “Yeah, loser… who’s gonna make me.”

“I AM.” Everyone turned around to see Dennis, my best pal, standing behind Tony already poised in a fighting stance. Dennis Popejoy was the high school football quarterback/captain, most popular dude on campus and all around handsome good guy. Dennis, a natural born leader just stepped into the roll of guardian, trying to protect me from guys like Tony. I appreciated not getting beat up, but it was embarrassing and didn’t help my bruised self image any.

The two of them faced each other fists drawn. Everyone knew the two despised each other, but they always managed to avoid real conflict. Neither one knew absolutely who would win a real fight. Tony had street smarts and raw aggression while Dennis had technique and real smarts. Tony just smirked while they both circled each other. “C’mon pretty boy” cooed Tony as he gestured with his hands for Dennis to make the first move. Dennis just smiled, knowing (like everyone else knew) that he had taken the punk down years ago and probably could do the same now….maybe. Just as it seemed somebody would move, a loud far-off shout cracked the silence around the gathered crowd. “HEY, WHAT’S GOING ON THERE. HEY, BREAK IT UP.” It was Mr. Baxter the school vice-principal. Tony and Dennis split up and as Tony started to move away toward his car, I quickly picked myself up and tried to clean up as much as possible. Just as I seemed to recover myself, Tony passed by and seemingly stretched his leg to step on my glasses which were still laid out on the sidewalk. CRACK ! Tony stopped to look down at what he had done, then looked up at me with a chagrined look as his fingers pressed against his lips and said “Oops” with a slight giggle. Then he sneered at me, jabbed his finger at my chest and growled at me “Later.” With that he and his two punk minions, Bert and Tiger, jumped into Tony’s car and took off…. tires burning.

As Mr. Baxter plowed his way through the crowd, I leaned down, picked up the two pieces and just stood there holding them in my hands. Mr. Baxter looked at them, at me and then at the car speeding away from school. “Well, at least only the bridge is broken, not the glass. They can be repaired until you get new frames.” At that he put his hand on my shoulder and then left. Dennis came up to me and said “I’m sorry. Let’s go get something to drink.”

Dennis got behind the wheel of his convertible sports car and I sat myself down in the passenger seat not saying a word. Dennis mumbled under his breath "That SOB is gonna get it one of these days. Just don’t let him get to you………….Steve……… ?

“I’m okay, let’s just get outta here.”

We sat down at a booth and while we were waiting for our soft drinks to come I worked at repairing the bridge with some tape borrowed from the waitress. Trying to be the good friend, Dennis said "Hey, why don’t you come with us tonight…….. we’re going to the movies?

Repairs made, I looked up and asked “Who’s going?”

"Oh, just me, Ginny, Nancy………..and Travis. "

“oh,” I said. “Thanks, but I really need to get to the library tonight for the paper that’s due next week.”

“Steve…………… really should come with us. I don’t know why you don’t like Travis.”

“Dennis, you KNOW that Travis doesn’t like ME. He’s always calling me ‘Loser’ and he doesn’t like to be around me or me with you guys.” Dennis knew I was right, but interjected “well, but I want you to come and I know that Ginny would like you to come as well!”

“Thanks again, but I think I’ll just do the library thing tonight and get it done; it’s gonna be a long night of studying.” At that we left some money for the drinks and Dennis took me back to my house. “Steve, if you want to talk, I’ll be up till about midnight, okay?” I nodded, waved and went into the house.

I went inside and up to my bedroom, sat down and just started thinking. From my top desk drawer I took out a strange golf ball size iridescent glass-like object, probably the most valuable thing I owned. It was exotic looking, almost incandescent…… was magic. I fingered it like it was a weapon to throw and I knew. It’s coming and I’m going to have to use it; for my own protection I’m just going to have to use it. It was a scary thought and I put it back into the drawer.

Dennis was my best friend, buddies since we were little. We had grown up next door neighbors until a couple years ago when his parents bought a bigger house three blocks away. As pals we did things together, like sports and games, but he grew up to be the school jock and I just pretty much stayed where I was……a short awkward nerdy type. I really wasn’t a nerd, but since I couldn’t really compete at most jock sports, I was always one of the last ones picked for teams…..thank God I usually wasn’t THE last. And me, I’m Steve Connors……. I just did my best and worked at my studies. A straight A student, I was great at table tennis, badminton, volleyball, shuffleboard and the like, but those didn’t count. It didn’t help that while we were all 18 and seniors I looked 16-17 and had that geeky-nerdy look, not bad looking……. just average. I volunteered for committees and joined all the clubs that would have me, student council member and so on. I wasn’t a threat to anyone and seemed to be liked by most everyone, but I was still considered a nerd, geek, wuss, whatever……..thanks to guys like Tony and Travis.

I just about worshipped Dennis and I desperately tried to be like him. He was the jock everybody liked, the good guy. He was a reasonably good student, just not nearly as good as me. He was class president (three times), student body president, lettered three years for football and track. He was very modest and never boasted about himself or his accomplishments. He was tall, good looking and very popular with those charismatic deep-set bedroom eyes and winning smile. He had perfect hair, perfect eyes, perfect bod, perfect clothes, perfect teeth, perfect……..well, you get the point. And although he was not a cowboy (or had ever even ridden a horse that I knew of), he liked to wear cowboy boots – no other cowboy stuff – just the boots…..and man did he look cool in them, especially if he was also wearing his varsity jacket. I was gay, but never let on to him (or anybody else) about my private secret….. not that there ever was occasion to act out my private desires. I had never really dated, but everybody assumed that I was just shy, nerdy and undesirable. As much as I would like to have been his boyfriend, for some reason I never lusted for him. Guess ’cause he was too close. I cherished our friendship and felt very lucky that he would even be seen with me. I knew I could count on him.

Ginny was Dennis’ girlfriend. She was also my very best friend and confidante since childhood. She had been the other next door neighbor until her family, too, moved to a bigger house four blocks away. She and I could and did talk about everything, anything….. well, just about anything. She was smart, sweet and very caring. Nancy was Ginny’s best girlfriend. They were cheerleaders and did all the girly stuff together; they had been best girlfriends for years. Unfortunately, she was also Travis’ girlfriend, but I liked Nancy and we got along as friends.

Travis was something else. Although he didn’t care for me and thought of me as a nothing, I, on the other hand, did lust for him. He was the leader of the swim team; he was gorgeous, he was a hunk, he was a stud….yeah, I think that covers it. He had nothing but quiet contempt for queers, nerds, wusses, geeks, guys who wore glasses, short people, weirdos, punks, etc. – anybody who wasn’t a GUY or JOCK or STUD or COOL. To him I was a fifth wheel, somebody to be tolerated, but not included in the IN group. Whenever Dennis would invite me as part of the group, Travis would give Dennis that look, grit his teeth and say “d-e-n-n-i-s !?!” Dennis would just give the look back and say “can it Travis” and continue on with the invite. I’d usually go along if it was to the movies or some larger group gathering; but if it was just hanging out in the car or just the ‘five’ of us I’d decline giving some lame excuse. I didn’t want to be there when the necking and groping started…..that kind of humiliation I didn’t need.

Tony was the in-house bully and worked at playing the role. He wore the requisite white tee shirt, worn Levis, tight black leather motorcycle jacket, tall black motorcycle engineer boots, wide black leather belt with chain trucker wallet, leather wrist band and the cool dark sunglasses – a 50’s punk look. He had a full head of billowy thick black hair, swept up and back down his neck. He was about Dennis’ height and build except that his physique was leaner and tighter - with muscle. He worked at his physique like he worked on his car - a souped-up Camaro or whatever it was – it was lean, tight, finely tuned, spicy, HOT and bad ass looking……..punk looking, but the old meaning, not new goth meaning. He wasn’t good at much, but with cars and engines…..he was one of the best, a real artist. He relished his openly talked-about reputation as a great pussy fucker - whoever and wherever. I had no way of knowing for sure, but the rumor was that he had screwed just about all the girls at school at least once in the last six years. I never did anything to Tony (I always tried to avoid him), but he seemed to like picking on me, probably just for being Dennis’ friend. For all that I despised him, I found him incredibly erotic, sensual and sexual…. much like watching a black panther pouncing on prey…….forbidden fruit and dangerous. I desperately wanted to be like Dennis, but I secretly wanted to BE Tony. I wanted to be Dennis’ boyfriend, but I wanted Travis to be my boyfriend. Man, was I screwed up !!!

I had my regular private jacking-off session before dinner, ate and then gathered my junk including my glass object for insurance and set off on my bike to the library for some heavy studying. I was top of the list for the student Jackson Scholarship which was awarded to the senior with the top academics and involved with other student activities. I had been a straight A student for four years, involved with as many student/school activities and events as I could and even got into some lesser sports in which I could actually compete – not that any that the jocks would accept as REAL sport – but at least I tried. My family was not well off or influential where it counted, so the scholarship would be immensely helpful and then I could get away from this town and people and get into a place where I could shine….at least intellectually. It would be awarded along with the other awards at Friday’s assembly and I didn’t have much doubt that I would be picked and that got me through school. It meant EVERYTHING to me.

I spent hours at the library and I would have spent more time but they closed at 9:30 pm. I piled all my stuff onto the bike and set out on Baker Road. It was the road around the edge of town and even though it was a bit longer route, without much traffic it was much faster than through the middle of town. I was about halfway home when a car roared down the road behind me. Before I could react it sped right up against the bike pushing me to the side where it went out of control and dumped me head first onto the ground. It was Tony and his two minions. One of them leaned out the window, shouted something while throwing a finger and then continued into the dark. I was sprawled on the roadside, bruised but not dead. My clothes looked like crap. My bike front wheel was twisted and now useless for riding. “Bastards” I mumbled as I picked up the bike, loaded everything back on and started walking the rest of the way home. About 15 minutes later I could hear a car approaching, but ahead of me. As it fast approached, I could tell from the sound that it was Tony’s car again. “Oh Hell” I whispered to myself and quickly hugged the brush on the side of the road, hoping he would just race by and I wouldn’t be spotted. No such luck. About 200 yards along the car braked, spun around and then with the motor revving, the car skidded up behind me.

With the headlights still on but the engine turned off, Tony (always in full getup) got out of the car and slowly walked toward me. This time he was alone. “Well, well….if it ain’t the Loser. Having problems ?” I didn’t say anything. “Seems like we got some unfinished business.” I still didn’t say anything and at least the busted bicycle was between me and him. We just stared at each other for a few seconds. As he started toward me with his right fist clenched I panicked and blurted out " WAIT A MINUTE…… STOP……… I"LL MAKE A DEAL ! " He stopped about 3 feet from me and said “Like what ?” My mind raced as I thought as fast as I could………no, I’ve only got about 6 bucks on me. " DEAL…what kind of deal could I do……what……WHAT ?" I slowly reached into my coat pocket and held my most prized possession in my hand. “What’s that ?” he asked. “It’s the most valuable thing I own and it’s worth a lot of money. I’ll give it to you……if you’ll just leave me alone.” Tony stared at it, then me, then it again and smiled a crooked devious smile. I knew exactly what he was thinking. He’d just take the thing and beat me up anyway. He cracked a smarmy grin and said “yeah, sure…..we got a deal….give it to me.” As I slowly held out my hand, the punk reached out and enveloped the glass object in his gloved hand. I was going to be safe; it was going to be good.


Ping……………ping. The pebbles struck the glass window, not enough to break or scratch it, but just enough noise to be heard. Ping…ping. Finally Dennis came to the window and opened it. I quietly shouted “Dennis, it’s me, Steve.” In the moonlit night Dennis squinted to see who was there. “Steve, is that you?” “Yeah, it’s me” I quietly shouted back “I gotta talk to you.” Dennis did a half-wave and said “I’ll be right down.” There was an out-of-the-way patio next to his garage. It’s where we met most of the time to talk privately, since it was out of ear and eye shot from the main house. I backed away from the house into the patio and sat on a bench barely visible in the shadows. After a few minutes Dennis showed up. “Steve……where are you; what’s up?… don’t sound right.” From deep in the shadows I responded " I’m here. Something’s happened, we gotta talk." Still trying to see into the darkness and fearing the worst, Dennis panicked “Happened, what happened, Steve….you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m okay, but something’s happened.” With that I stood up and walked forward into the moonlight toward Dennis. When the moonlight fully illuminated me Dennis stepped back shocked and cursing " YOU BASTARD !!!!" He immediately lunged forward with his fists clenched. I pulled back far enough to miss the first punch. “Dennis, STOP! it’s me….Steve.” Dennis tried again and missed. I tried again….“Dennis, don’t hit me, IT’S ME…..STEVE.”

Dennis stopped his attack, stood back in a daze. "Steve!?!?…….is that you? What the……What the hell is going on????

I knew it was a shock to him…..A REAL SHOCK! In his eyes, standing before him was Tony Paster…..leather motorcycle jacket and all. “Dennis, it’s me, Steve. Now just sit down and I’ll explain everything….I’ve got a lot to tell you.” Not taking his eyes off me, Dennis sat down, but not next to me…….a few feet away.

I proceeded to tell him of my encounter with Tony out on Baker Road. I explained that I had bribed him with this “thing” I had and that with this “object” I could alter reality and so I switched bodies with Tony. I now possessed his body, his car, his clothes…..whatever I wanted, but inside I was still Steve. I didn’t tell him every detail about the “thing” or show it to him or that up until tonight I had been terrified to use it since I wasn’t sure of all its powers.

Dennis just sat there, trying to take everything I had said in, trying to understand……to understand that his best friend now looked like his worst enemy.

Finally, after explaining everything over and over again, I smiled and said "Dennis, this could be really great….for me, for everyone. Tony’s no longer a threat; he’ll never be a bully again and I don’t have to be afraid of him….of anybody again.

Dennis kept staring at me. Finally he looked at me more deeply and said “Steve, how can you do this. You’ll never get away with it. Everyone is going to know.”

I stood up, quiety took a few steps away from him and then turned around. "Dennis, nobody else knows…..or will ever know. Only you and me know…..nobody else. I changed reality………for everybody. To everyone else I am this….I have always looked this way. " I didn’t change you ’cause you’re my best friend…….you’re the only one, except me, that knows. We’ve always told each other everything…..we’ve always helped each other. I wanted you to know and be happy for me. I’ll be happy with this and I know you will be, too….once you’ve just gotten used to it.

Dennis and I talked for another half hour. It was hard to believe….accept… what had happened, what I had done, what I had become. I explained as best I could (without revealing certain things) the new reality. I tried to explain, at least from my perspective, how better life would be for all of us. I wasn’t Tony Paster……. I just looked like him, at least from Dennis’ perspective. After all this he was still in shock, but at least he tentatively accepted what now was. We agreed to talk more later, but it was getting late and we still had school tomorrow. We shook hands and he headed back to the house while I left the yard and headed to my new car. I revved the engine, slipped on my new leather driving gloves, peeled out and headed back to my house.


After parking my car, I bounded up to my room for some late night revelations and voyeurism. I’d never felt so tense and I was shaking, breathing hard and heavily. As soon as I was in my room, I locked the door, peeled off the gloves and stepped in front of the full length mirror that covered the door to the bathroom……the first time actually seeing my new self. The reflected sight was incredibly electric…..the most erotic image I had ever laid eyes on. I was staring at Tony Paster. I was Tony Paster. Tony Paster’s body was now MY body. I looked up and down, at every square centimeter. I passed my hand over MY black leather motorcycle jacket, over the shiny slick surface, over the metal zippers and snaps, over the shiny metal belt buckle. When I rubbed my fingers over the black leather, it rippled and squeaked; the sound sending shivers through my body….I could feel goose bumps all over. It was tight and tapered over my new muscled torso. My eyes wandered the mirror and then focused on my face….my Tony Paster face. I intently watched every muscle as I smiled, frowned, puckered my lips, stuck my tongue out, raised my eyebrows………my eyes……I wasn’t wearing glasses any more. I raised my hands and touched the long pointed thick sideburns that adorned MY face. I now felt aroused; felt the bulge growing in my groin and I placed my hand over my crotch. I was big, VERY big and getting bigger. I wasn’t used to this, but I liked it….I liked it VERY MUCH. I closed my eyes and firmly rubbed, rubbed harder and then rubbed AND squeezed.

Now I was gasping for air. As I opened my eyes I caught the reflection of my tall shiny black leather engineer motorcycle boots. I pointedly looked down at them and marveled at how actually big they were……size 11; I had only been a size 8 before. The leather toe moved as I wiggled my toes. I couldn’t stand it any longer. I quickly sat on the bed, grabbed one boot and, with some effort, pulled it off and raised the shaft to my face. It must have seemed like some weird erotic gesture as I inserted my face into the orifice and sucked in the boot stink over and over again. I was now high on the odor of leather, boot polish, foot smells and ripe socks . Socks ??? I set the boot down, peeled the sock off my foot and put it, too, up to my nose and took in the smell of Tony Paster….MY smell.

After my high on this aphrodisiac I pulled off my other boot and sock, stood up and began to take off my jacket. I unzipped and unbuckled it when I thought of the closet…my closet with “my” clothes inside. I went to the closet door, slid it open and found two other motorcycle jackets, three other pairs of engineer boots along with the rest of his clothes, now my clothes. Now I could barely move for the engorged member in my pants trying to break free. I quickly took off the heavy leather jacket, shirt and, with some labor, my skin tight jeans. I was topped with a white wife beater and a rank smelling jock strap that was stretched because of the cock trying to stick straight out. Once they had been taken off, I held Tony Paster’s penis in my hand. It was wickedly erotic and dangerous looking. Uncut and big, it was beautiful with the long pointed foreskin still covering the cock head. As I pumped more blood into it, the foreskin began to peel back and the bulbous purple head finally revealed itself. It was now slimy, covered in slick precum and it was beginning to throb and twitch furiously. It thrust itself out at least 9-9 1/2 inches, maybe more. I quickly began to pump the sex organ and in only a few seconds I arched my back and ejaculated rope after rope of white sticky sperm all over the mirror surface. I came at least nine times and man juice was still coming from the piss slit. I slowed the pumping action and reluctantly milked it dry. I touched the gooey piss slit with my finger, scooped up some cum, introduced it to my mouth and sucked it in, savoring the sticky salty taste. I wondered if Tony had ever done this before. I grabbed the cock shaft again and noticed that it was still oozing jism and a long thin string of it dribbled from the piss slit like one long ribbon icicle, extending all the way down to the floor where it was beginning to puddle. I cupped Tony’s ball sac, finding it heavy and pendulous and began fondling the big lumps encased inside. I rubbed the ball sac that felt prickly from the black crotch hairs that covered the rough skin. With this kind of equipment, no wonder he was such a pussy fucker. I chuckled as I wondered how many pussies had been fucked, how many cherries had been broken and how many babies had been made with this dick; but alas, no more.

Now sexually relieved, my hands wandered over my six-pack abs, thin black treasure trail, large sensitive nipples and aureoles, hard tight pecs and bubble butt, bulging biceps and muscled legs. It was hard, very hard, to stop touching myself, probing, investigating, searching out; but I had to clean up me and this mess and get to bed. Tomorrow at school would be a most interesting day. I cleaned up my sex on the mirror and floor, took a shower, put my clothes away and got to bed. I slept a deep sleep and from the evidence on the sheets the next morning, had a fantastic wet dream.


I loved burning rubber barreling down the road in my new car. I roared into the student parking area, fish-tailed the car and skidded into my (Tony’s) usual parking spot. I got out, peeled off my driving gloves, tossed them into the car, locked up and headed for my locker and first class. I was relieved to see that no one noticed anything different about me….why should they? I was now what I changed myself to be. As I got the requisite books from my locker, Ginny came up behind me and said “Hi” in her usual perky way. “Hey, there” I replied.

“How did the library go last night. Sorry you didn’t go the the movies with us.”

“Yeah, well that would have been nice, but I really needed to get my research done for Monday’s paper….otherwise a pretty dull night. Say, where’s Dennis?” It was so weird looking down at her rather than straight into her eyes.

“He’s over with the coach talking about the game Thursday night. You free for lunch again?”

“Yeah, I’ll be there like always. Hey, nice dress….new?”

“Nice, huh. Yeah, got it at the mall over the weekend. Thanks for noticing. Well, I’d better get to class; see you at noon.” With that she smiled, turned and sauntered down the hall toward her classroom.

I needed to get to class too, but first I needed to take a leak. I popped into the restroom, stood at the urinal and fished out my cock and let go. I stared down at my new big dick and chuckled; I just loved handling it. Finished, I washed my hands at the sink all the while staring into the mirror at my Tony Paster face and my leather-jacketed torso. So far, so good. No one’s called me names or pushed, kicked, shoved, tripped or even touched me in an unfriendly way……..definitely not my usual school day beginning. Well, I changed all that. Now, they know that “I” would beat the hell out of them, if they even considered it. That kinda crap would never happen to me again.

My 11:00 class finished 15 minutes early and as I was walking down the hallway toward the school restaurant, Tiger, one of Tony’s minions came up to me, pulled me over to the side and whispered “Now ??” I looked at my watch and said “Sure, I got a little time, why not.” He cracked a big smile and we nonchalantly walked over to the far corner restroom that was almost always empty since it was more out-of-the-way than the others. We both entered into a stall and he immediately was on his knees nervously unbuttoning my Levis. When I changed everything I not only made Tony gay, but his two minions as well. They were still Tony’s friends, but secretly paid me to fuck them or let them give me blow jobs. I thought it was only fair after what they collectively put me through. Tiger did his job well and after getting a copious amount of my “Tony” cum he was sucking back to the cock head, not wanting to miss one single drop of my man juice. Once I was buttoned up again, he handed me a $5 bill and panicked “Remember…..nobody knows about this, right ?” I pocketed the 5 and said “Just our little secret.” Both Tiger and Bert instinctively knew that if they EVER let on this was happening, they could get hurt. Course, in their own minds, it was their idea and fear of being discovered, not mine. They didn’t even know about each other.

As I was entering the restaurant, Tony Paster in my old body stopped me. “Saturday still on ?” I smiled and patted him on the shoulder and said “Sure, like usual.” Tony nodded and replied as he walked off “and remember you still owe me for last time.” In this new reality, Tony was a friend, though not particularly close. He, too, was secretly gay and still a wizard mechanic with the cars and engines. He was my master mechanic and got to work on my car every other Saturday morning and for payment, all he asked for was that I let him suck my dick. Fair compensation I thought. The bully was gone. This new life was seeming pretty good for me. No one bullied me, I looked cool, I had great friends, the Jackson scholarship was all but mine……..yes everything seemed to be so……..“normal.”

Lunch with Ginny was a pleasure as usual. Nancy joined us and we talked and talked and talked. I liked them both. They seemed to genuinely like me as I was and now am. They weren’t judgemental about what I was or what I looked like. I asked about Dennis again and Ginny said he was lunching with the coach. I was beginning to think he was avoiding me. The rest of the day went fine as did the next day, Wednesday. I was now totally into being the new me and I liked it. I was still the straight A student but everyone respected me…..or maybe they just feared the new me……whatever. I was never a threat and I liked this leather look. I got a hard-on just knowing I was wearing Tony’s clothes. Wearing his boots particularly turned me on and I was constantly looking down at them and watching how the boot leather at the toes rippled when I wiggled my toes. I also loved the feel of wearing the black leather jacket and I never took if off, even in class.

I found out after Tuesday’s lunch that Travis still didn’t like me or want me around, but it wasn’t because I was a nerdy loser, but now I “looked like a thug.” He and his opinion didn’t bother me any more. Dennis and I had a few more short talks quietly between classes and I could tell that all this still bothered him greatly. He still couldn’t get used to “me” and he tended to stay at arm’s length, never buddy-buddy touching like we used to. That bothered me a little, but I realized that I had to give him time to get comfortable with “me.”


I roared into school on Thursday morning and just as I got to my locker Ginny came up to me with a worried look on her face and asked “Are you okay?”

I turned to face her and replied “Hi, sure, I’m fine.” I caught that look on her face. “Yeah, I’m fine, why shouldn’t I be? Ginny, why shouldn’t I be…..what’s up…..what’s wrong?”

“Well, I just thought you’d be upset, you know, real down.”

“Upset, why should I be upset……..Ginny, what is wrong. Why would I be upset !” Now, I WAS getting upset.

“Didn’t Dennis tell you? Don’t you know? I thought you guys talked to each other about everything.”

Now I WAS upset. “Ginny, just tell me what’s up. What was Dennis going to tell me.”

"Gee, Steve…..I’m really sorry, I really am. Yesterday afternoon the school notified Dennis that HE was going to be awarded the Jackson Scholarship on Friday at the assembly. Steve, I’m really sorry. I thought Dennis would have told you. "

What she just said hit me like a Mack truck. I was stunned, paralyzed… emotion or reaction at all. I managed to keep my composure and feigned a small labored smile. “Don’t worry. Dennis knows how much that scholarship means to me. He’ll just refuse it, that’s all. He’s already going to be offered six athletic scholarships. That’s why he didn’t tell me. Don’t worry about it. He’s so busy with the State Championship game tonight, he just hasn’t caught up with me yet to tell me.” I just looked down at her with those soulful but pretty eyes. She looked back up at me and then just grabbed me and hugged me for all she could. I hugged back and then pulled away just enough to then kiss her on the cheek. I whispered “Thank you Ginny. I love you. You’re such a good friend.”

“GET YOUR GOD DAMN FILTHY HANDS OFF MY GIRL !!!!!” Ginny and I turned around to see Dennis standing there, beet-red face, ready to fight.

Ginny let me go and started toward Dennis. “Dennis, WHAT ARE YOU DOING….what are you saying? Steve and I were just talking………he was just hugging me, Steve and I always hug each other.”

“I don’t care what you always do!” I don’t want HIM near you." Dennis was boiling mad and shoved me away from them.

Ginny was dumbfounded. "Dennis, what’s gotten into you. Steve is your best friend. "

I started to say something, but Ginny stopped me and told me to move on….“Go to class. I’ll take care of this…….GO!!” I turned and went on my way trying to figure out what just happened. I forgot myself just how upset I was about the scholarship news.

Ginny was now getting mad. "Dennis Popejoy. Just what the hell was that all about? What’s gotten into you?

Dennis was still mad and standing there flailing his arms until he just froze with his arms tightly crossed over his chest and biting his lips. “Ginny, THAT’S NOT……. you just don’t know. Things just aren’t what they look like. I can’t tell you…..but I don’t want you near him any more!”

Ginny just froze there with an incredulous look on her face. “WHAT ?!?!? YOU don’t want me to do WHAT!?!?”

“I can’t tell you. You just don’t know about all this. Please, just do as I ask!”

"Dennis Popejoy. Steve is my friend and I don’t know what you think things look like or don’t look like, BUT I will see and talk to him whenever I feel like it! Steve is also your best friend and I don’t know what this is all about. You’re mad at him for some reason or other, but I’ll tell you this. You find him and apologize. You talk all this out and make friends with him again…………….OR ELSE !

“Or else ??” Dennis began to panic.

“Or else……. we are through !!”

“Through ?? But………”

“No buts. You set things right or that’s it.” With that Ginny spun around and marched off leaving Dennis stunned, but angrier than before.

Just before sixth period Dennis found me. “Steve, sorry I pushed you…..I shouldn’t have gotten so mad. We really gotta talk. How ’bout we meet at the ‘hole’ right after school. We gotta be quick ’cause I have to get to the field to suit up for tonight’s game…..okay?”

I just shrugged and said “okay, I’ll see you there.”


The ‘hole’ was a secret meeting place Dennis and I had accidently discovered years ago off of Baker Road that we used when we just wanted to talk really privately. I don’t think anyone else ever found it. It was a small clearing among the rocky hills with an entrance that was impossible to know unless you just knew of it. I knew that Dennis still was not at ease with my new reality, but I didn’t think he was THAT angry with me.

I had been waiting there for about ten minutes sitting atop my souped-up car with my booted foot propped up on the front bumper when Dennis drove up in his convertible sports car. Dennis jumped out of his car and sheepishly walked up to me always trying to avoid looking directly at me.

I waited a few minutes for him to say something, but when he didn’t, I just started in. “Okay, Dennis what’s with you today?………jumping on me that way!”

Dennis fumbled a bit with his cowboy boot kicking the ground and then just blurted out. “Steve, I’m sorry about today……..OKAY !!! I just lost it when I saw you…..“Tony”….. hugging and kissing Ginny. I just went ballistic. Steve, I just can’t deal with all this…..with you…..with you being this way…..with you looking like Tony. I JUST CAN’T. I can’t handle all this anymore, I just can’t.”

“Dennis, what’s wrong with all this. Everything is going great. No more Tony the bully, no more problems, no more enemy. I’m feeling just fantastic. I’m finally being on my own, I’m not afraid anymore. Everything is just fine. I’m still Steve, your best friend….nothing about that has changed.”

’FINE ???? FINE???? Nooooooo…..everything is NOT FINE. And no, you’re not Steve, at least not the same Steve I knew. To me you’re Tony Paster. When you say something, I don’t hear Steve my friend…..I HEAR TONY. When I see you, I don’t see Steve….I SEE TONY. When you were hugging and kissing Ginny, all I saw was Tony hugging and kissing…..that bastard, Tony. To me, you’re Tony…..NOT STEVE. Travis says your nothing but some WHITE TRASH THUG!!! (long frigid silence) Oh God, I just wish you would have zapped me too, so I wouldn’t know any differently. Steve, we’ve always been friends and I have to tell you that all this is wrong. You have to believe me. Have I ever lied to you, cheated you…… done anything behind your back? Haven’t we always been straight with each other?

There were several seconds of quiet nothing and I just stared down at the ground. White trash thug? Like needles shoved under my skin, I was hurt…..really hurt. “Is this where you tell me about being awarded the Jackson Scholarship?”

Dennis’ head snapped around and looked at me with an astonished chagrined look. “You know about that?”

“That’s what Ginny and I were talking about this morning when you jumped me.” Dennis didn’t say anything. "You’re going to refuse it aren’t you? You know how MUCH it means to me! Aren’t you??

Dennis was flustered and refused to look at me directly. “I’m sorry Steve. My father insists that I accept it. He wants the prestige that goes with it. He wants me to be a lawyer or something….not just a jock student. Besides, that’s different from all this other stuff. Steve, you keep saying that you want to be like me. Well then, BE like me….. I sure as hell wouldn’t do something like this….this black magic or curse or whatever. Just change everything back. I just can’t deal with it anymore. Just change back and give me this thing or whatever it is and I’ll hide it somewhere where it’ll never be found again. NO….just give it to me and I’ll smash it to bits so it won’t ever hurt anyone again. Steve…..let’s just go back and be friends again. I just can’t deal with the way you look now……..and won’t. Either put everything back……….or………..we’re through.”

More hurt….deep, deep hurt. “Go back? Go back to being a nerd, a nobody……a nobody that gets pushed around. Now, I guess I won’t even be able to go to a good college. You’ll be the golden boy, as usual….popular, good looking, stud jock star, a prestigious university, getting a degree that will get you just about anywhere. You’ll leave here with everything while I get to stagnate in this town with just about nothing. You’re my best friend….just about my only friend and I just can’t bear to lose even that. What choice do I have? (Long, long pause) But, you’re probably right….I should be more like you and just be myself….be the best self I can be.”

I unzipped the pocket of my leather jacket, reached in and pulled out the iridescent object, stared at it for a few seconds and showed it to Dennis. “You win” I quietly mumbled.

“That’s it?……that little thing…..that’s it?” Then Dennis went to his car trunk and returned with a hammer. “Don’t worry Steve, everything will be all right. You’re not a nerd or a nobody. You’ve got a fantastic mind and you’ll do just great….just wait and see. I just want us to be best friends again. Just change everything back and then I’ll just destroy this thing.” I stretched out my arm with the object in the palm of my hand so he could really see it and Dennis reached out and took hold of the object. Everything was going to be okay…..everything was going to work out for the best.


Friday morning the souped-up car roared into the parking area like always and skidded into the usual parking spot. The leather jacketed punk got out, looked around as he peeled off his driving gloves, tossed them into the car, locked it and stomped his way into the main school building. Most of the students were already in the assembly hall just waiting for the awards ceremony to start. The game last night had been a rousing triumph and the handsome quarterback was, again, the star. Although it wasn’t official yet, he was going to be voted the most valuable player in all sports for this school year. One more accolade among all the other awards to be bestowed on him today. He was seated on the stage with all the other sports jocks that were usually arrayed on the stage for things like this. They all dressed in shirt and tie and wearing their varsity jackets. The quarterback star was dressed the same except he was wearing his favorite dress cowboy boots, gray ostrich skin with black stitched tops. Everyone else that was getting an award would be called up to the stage. Ginny and Nancy sat in the front row right side and tried to catch the star’s eye. Finally, he saw Ginny waving, smiled and waved back. He was feeling much better today. He had worked out the problem with his best friend and now everything was back to normal……everyone was friends again.

Ginny stood up and looked around the hall for her other good friend. She saw the nerdy-looking student attired in an ill-fitting sports coat and tie walk in and sit a couple of rows closer from the back, shortly followed by the leather-jacketed punk who sat in the very last row as he always did. She wildly waved trying to catch her friend’s attention until at last he saw her and waved back. The awards ceremony began and over the next hour all the awards were given out including several that went to the jock star. He accepted them with due grace and modesty, a trait that fit him well and endeared him to the students and faculty alike. He always gave more credit to his team mates and teachers than boast of his own accomplishments. He always said that the teachers inspired him to do well and he just tried to do his best for the school.

Forty-five minutes passed and at last the award that everyone was waiting for, the Jackson Scholarship, was to be announced. The principal began with the litany of accomplishments, accolades and reasons why the award was being given the deserving person. He stated that he had never been so proud to give a student this award than to the student he would now announce……… "and this scholarship is awarded to….. (he paused just long enough for the effect)…….to our quarterback and academic hero……..STEVE CONNORS.

The entire assembly jumped up and cheered. The jock star just stared down at the floor and his beautiful gray ostrich boots, then stood up and approached the podium and the principal handed him the certificate. He blushed a bit and then humbly spoke only a few short sentences thanking everyone for this honor and the ceremony was finished. Ginny and Nancy were waiting for him when he stepped down from the stage and each hugged and kissed him.

Ginny just beamed. “Oh, Steve, we’re so proud of you……everyone is. You’ve done such a fantastic job at school!” The handsome jock hugged Ginny and kissed her on the cheek. “Thanks to great friends like you and Nancy.” Steve then hugged and kissed Nancy the same way. The leather-jacketed punk then appeared and extended his hand to Steve and smiled. “Congrats, Steve….you really deserved it all.” Steve stared at him with his bedroom blue eyes, smiled his perfect smile and then grabbed the extended hand saying “Thanks Dennis.” Then he dropped the hand, grabbed his best friend and gave him a tight bear hug whispering “Thanks a lot Dennis, it really means a lot to me.” Dennis whispered back “The ‘hole’ in one hour” and pulled back and hugged and kissed Ginny and Nancy before waving and exiting the room.

From behind, another person put his hand on the school celebrity. It was Travis, who had also gotten a few awards himself today and was just returning from his locker after changing out of his varsity jacket, tie and dress shoes. “So, now’s our star player doing?” The gorgeous swimmer jock was standing there as “cool” as could be dressed in his usual tight black leather motorcycle jacket, Levis and tall black leather motorcycle boots. "Well, we’ve got off till lunch, what’ll we do?

"WE’RE GOING SHOPPING !! shouted Ginny and Nancy in unison

“Dennis and I are going to do some talking” said Steve. Steve saw that suspicious look from Travis and continued…."We’re just going to do some old buddy talking; why don’t you make all the arrangements for dinner while we have some time off….you, me, Ginny and Nancy……tonight 6:30, you pick the restaurant…….WE NEED TO CELEBRATE !! With that Steve waved to everyone and headed out to his convertible sports car for a short stop at home and then onto his meeting with Dennis. After buckling up, he reached into his varsity jacket and pulled out the little iridescent glass that had so changed all their lives in the last week. He felt great……everything was good, really, really good. He looked at his image in the rear view mirror and smiled.


After checking in at home, he left the glass object in his desk drawer, jumped back into his car and headed to “the hole,” their secret meeting place. He entered the hidden entrance and drove back into the clearing, turned off the motor and sat there, staring at himself in the mirror again while rubbing his crotch. He was almost fifteen minutes early, so he had a few minutes to reflect on his new life. Yes, he had changed everything – reality itself – again. He had switched bodies with Dennis. He not only looked like Dennis, but had also taken for himself Dennis’ winning charismatic personality, his clothes, his stature and (enhanced) skills as athletic star as well as his position as most popular student and all-around good guy. He still kept his own intelligence, but in most other ways he WAS DENNIS. Last night it was he, as the new golden boy quarterback, that had led his team to the spectacular win and he reveled in that accomplishment. It gave him an incredible rush. At that thought he ran his hands over the leather sleeves of his varsity jacket and then over the varsity letter and pins that covered it. This was now his, his past, his memories, his life. He then wiggled his toes and big size 11 feet in his new boots as he again grabbed his crotch. They were beautiful and he now owned six other pairs along with the rest of Dennis’ stuff.

Of course, Dennis now had Tony Paster’s old body as well as his leather punk image, but now he was the good bad kid; more or less a loner and not a real threat to anyone, although he could be if pushed. Dennis was now the mechanical genius when it came to cars and engines. He was now also gay, a bottom and a budding leatherman. Tony still has Steve’s original body, was still gay and still a very good mechanic, although not as great as he originally was…..that honor now was Dennis’. He wasn’t interested in much else……cars and engines were now his life. Ginny and Nancy were still Steve’s best friends, but were now lesbian lovers and deeply and loyally in love with each other, as they would always be. Travis was now Steve’s loyal boyfriend and lover. Steve also liked the idea of the pretty swimmer jock now playing the white trash leather punk role with definite fetish streaks for leather, boots and motorcycles. It seemed only fair after what Travis had earlier thought of Steve. Travis showed off his new expertise as a great cock sucker last night when the two of them went off for some after-the-game celebrating and Travis certainly proved his mettle as a worthy bottom. Dennis had originally planned to celebrate by sleeping with Ginny for the first time in their relationship. Steve had other plans and shot several loads of his new Dennis cum for the first time into Travis’ mouth and ass. The whole scene was a real turn on for Steve, actually more of a turn on than when he was in Tony’s body. Now it would be Dennis’ turn and at that thought he heard Dennis’ car driving into the open space. Steve got out of his car and walked over to a large flat stone slab and sat down.

The leather-jacketed looking thug that was now Dennis Popejoy got out of his car and slowly walked over and quietly stood in front of Steve, shoving his leather-gloved hands in his two front pants pockets, staring down at the ground. Steve couldn’t help but look over his new creation. His best friend Dennis now possessed the body and much of the personality of his former worst enemy, Tony Paster. Dennis actually looked so dangerously cool and sexy in his new body. He kept staring at his shiny black leather jacket and the tight ripples it made as he moved and then at the bulge in his crotch under his skin-tight Levis.

“I’m leaving” Dennis suddenly said. Before I could respond, he continued. “I have an interview tomorrow with a pro racing guy and if I can show him I can do the kind of work they want, I can join their crew as an apprentice mechanic and eventually be a part of the master crew. They’ve pretty much already said yes.”

I finally interjected “but what about school ?…… you’ve only got a few months more to finish and graduate.”

’Steve, you know I’m not a genius or a jock like you. I’ve really never been interested in much of anything except cars and engines. It’s what I’m good at, it’s what I love to do, it’s what I want to do. My ole man is really ticked off at me. He wants me to be a lawyer or something, but that ain’t gonna happen. But THIS may be my big chance and I’m not going to pass it up. If they accept me then I head out early next week for their training school. I really think I can do it….I KNOW I can do it if I just get the chance. "

There was a brief pause of silence and then I smiled and put my hand on his arm, squeezed and answered…"Dennis, I think you should finish school, but I certainly understand your wanting to grab this opportunity. I know how much you love this kind of thing (I should, I created it for him) and I know for a certainty that you would be great at it and after some experience, you’ll be the best….you will eventually be the top mechanic in the racing scene. It’s your passion…your life. It’s your decision, but whatever you decide I’ll accept it and support you 100%. Steve stood up and hugged Dennis as completely, manly and lovingly as he could. Dennis hugged back and whispered “Thanks, Steve……that means everything to me. You’re my best and only really close friend of mine. You know me better than anyone and I knew you’d understand.” That was true.

Dennis backed off and wanted to say something else. He looked down at the ground and kicked his heavy boot into the ground a few times and finally got up enough courage to look into Steve’s handsome face and beautiful deep set blue eyes and quietly probed…..“You know Steve, we’ve been best friends since we were little and……….way back when, we got to know each other as more than just friends and…….. since then we’ve never………really sort of been with each other again like that and……..I was wondering, maybe………since I’m going away and………”

Internally I was chuckling to myself. Here was Dennis Popejoy, one time stud jock and now quasi gay thug who could viciously beat the crap out of just about anyone around without much thinking, hemming and hawing like a school kid. I calmly took Dennis’ head in my hands and planted as erotic a kiss on his lips as lovingly and deeply as I could, pulled back for a moment, smiled and said “Lets” and kissed him again. Dennis willingly reciprocated. Ironically though, although I knew I was kissing Dennis, it SEEMED like I was kissing Tony which made this scene ever hotter. I could feel Dennis’ heartbeat accelerating and he was beginning to grind his crotch into mine.

Dennis was beginning to pant. “Thanks buddy” was all he said as he quickly began to unbutton his pants. When his pants dropped down, he pulled off his big black motorcycle boots, threw off his pants and dirty jockstrap and then pulled his boots on again. He stood in front of me, cock in hand, breathing heavily and had an eerie intense look in his eyes as he asked “Can I fuck your boots first ?” I smiled and sat back down on the flat rock again and extended my right foot. He knelt down in front of the boot, lowered his head and began rubbing his face on the boot vamp, slowly at first and then pushed up my pant leg and did the same with the tall stove pipe boot shaft. He moved his head back down and began licking the toe, instep and then the rest of the boot. I could feel his heavy tongue as it passed over the bumpy ostrich skin covering my toes and foot. He licked clean the entire boot, raised it up a bit and started back again on the sole and heel. It didn’t seem to matter that there was crud on them and ground in; after a few minutes they were smooth and clean again. Finished with one, he did the same to the other. After the second he looked back up at me, smiled and then proceeded to insert the boot toe into his mouth, slowly tonguing it and giving it a blow job. While doing this he began pulling at his long foreskin with his still gloved hand. At one point he had stretched his mouth wide enough to enclose fully the front half of the boot in his mouth which he aggressively caressed with his lips and tongue. One boot done, he did the same to the other. Oral play done, he then crouched down over the boot and slowly began to rock back and forth rubbing his big uncut prick on the boot vamp and up the shaft. There was pre-cum covering his big purple cock head and he was leaving a trail of it on my boot as the slow humping speeded up to a piston-like motion. As he accelerated, he reached up and began to unbutton my Levis. My new big stud dick sprang up as it was released from my low cut white briefs. He cupped my large sac in his gloved hand and began fondling the heavy lumps as his mouth slipped over my prick and he began tickling the fleshy head and piss slit with his tongue. He then went for it and deep throated the whole thing and sucked and sucked it like a real pro.

I was panting hard and lost in the whole scene as he fondled my sac more aggressively and rubbed his new thug cock harder and harder on the beautiful polished ostrich skin boot. He released my dick from his mouth when I began to moan loudly, knowing I was about ready and grabbed the throbbing tool in his hand and began pumping and jacking it off faster and faster. When I arched my back and began thrusting my hips upward he began licking the head with his tongue until at last I grabbed and pulled his head of thick black hair and screamed "OOOOOHHHHHHHH GGGGOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDD !!! The first two huge ropes of white sticky thick cum shot from my pulsating penis into his waiting mouth which he devoured instantly. After that he backed off and aimed the gushing goo gun at the front of his black leather jacket and let the sticky man juice splatter and dribble on the shiny black leather surface. Even after the aggressive ejaculations stopped, my new jock dick continued oozing Dennis sperm and he lovingly licked it from my cockhead. As he tenderly cleaned the head he began to smear the copious amount of the now viscous milky spunk that was dribbling down the front all over the jacket surface, making sure that it was smeared onto the zippers, metal buckle and jacket sleeves. I opened my eyes again as he finished with my cock and noticed that his now slimy leather jacket glistened with my cum.

I smiled and he smiled. He looked up at me and thanked me, but then pleaded " Steve, fuck me…….please. " As exhausted as I was, the offer was a shot of adrenalin for me and I just smiled back. Taken as a yes, Dennis immediately stood up, turned around and bent over while grabbing and spreading his tight butt cheeks for me. My dick was already hard again and I got up, aimed my quivering sex muscle and pressed it against the steaming black hole and guided it past the moist rim and down the tight tube. He groaned and moaned in ecstasy as the sphincter walls snapped around my cockhead. He grunted at the assault as I rammed back and forth, but I was aware that I really didn’t have to…..he hunched his man pussy back against my thrust. It was then that I noticed that he was really doubled over having taken his own cock into his mouth and was sucking himself off and doing it in rhythm to my screwing. Just as I erupted over and over again into his butt hole, he, too, was shooting his own new DNA down his throat. After many thrusts I collapsed onto his back and could just see that he had filled his mouth with Tony sperm and was drooling it onto his motorcycle boots. Each glob of his punk jiz splattered onto the polished leather and as it trickled down the sides, he reached down to smear and rub it over the entire boot surfaces with his gloved hands. As he finished his kinky ritual I could feel his pulsing sphincter muscles squeezing my cock shaft tighter and tighter, but after a few more seconds I straightened up, braced my hands against his ass and slid out of his drenched canal with a loud “pop.” He was sucking and licking his gloved fingers clean as he turned around to face me. Finished, he was blushing somewhat as he looked into my eyes and shyly said “That was fantastic….. thanks.” I stepped forward and gently kissed him and whispered “Don’t worry, you’ll do just fine. You’re going to succeed.” and added in my own thoughts “…..and you’re going to make some leather daddy very proud.”

We pulled apart and just stared at each other for a few minutes. Dennis finally broke the stare, pulled on and buttoned his pants and buckled his heavy black leather belt.

’Well," I said, “guess it’s almost lunchtime and I’d better get back to meet Travis and the gals.”

“Yeah” Dennis added, “it’s just about noon and you don’t want to be late.”

"Dennis……you’ll call me about tomorrow and the interview?

“Oh, yeah……I want you to know what’s going on and I’ll give you a call as soon as I know.”

“Dennis………things don’t always work out the way we plan, but I want you to know that whatever happens and wherever we wind up……you and I will always be best friends… matter what.”

“Yeah, I know. I sorta always thought that you and I would wind up together, but didn’t work out that way, huh. I’ve always been on the outs with most everybody, but you always stood by me and never judged me….. you are and always will be with me.” For all of his solitary thugness, Dennis was getting edgy and to the point of breaking down. “You better get going…..they’ll be waiting for you.”

I turned and started for my car. “You coming?”

“No, I think I’ll just stay here for a few more minutes”

I started up the car and waved as I headed out. I knew what he wanted. He was savoring our orgy as he licked clean our sex from his leather jacket, boots and gloves. I remade and reprogrammed him perfectly. I really would miss him, but now I had Travis and my new life and he would have his. We would both succeed and prosper and over the years we would still be in touch and remain best friends. That’s life.

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