The ORG Hotel 2

By Hypnothrill published March 4, 2019

A group of young businessmen get a special rate at a very special hotel. But they’re about to discover the hidden costs…

{Thanks to everyone who wrote positive feedback on the first part of this story. You really encouraged me to keep working on this until I reached the conclusion. Please let me know in the comments section what parts you liked!}.

The ORG Hotel 2

Around 6:30 in the morning, there was another knock on the door of Room 417. “Cleaning!” called out a Croatian-accented voice. Hearing no response, Andrej the cleaner used his keycard and let himself in. On one of the beds, he saw two fit naked men in their early 20s, one hairy-chested and beefy and the other smooth-chested and slim. They were covered in sweat and lube and dried cum, which had also stained the bedspread. Andrej was not surprised.

“Wake up,” he told them, “Wake up now you lazy boys. Wake up and tell me who you serve.”

“We belong to the Org,” said Charlie, suddenly opening his eyes and sitting up, his erection growing again as he spoke the magic words. A few seconds later, Joe’s voice echoed him: “We belong to the Org.”

“Very good,” Andrej said approvingly, then scowled as he gestured toward the cum-stained bedding. “I see you are dirty boys. I am cleaner. You will help me clean.”

Joe and Charlie just nodded, but looked puzzled as Andrej began taking off his white cleaner’s uniform. “Such dirty boys,” he repeated, “I must get naked so my nice clean uniform do not get dirty also.”

When Andrej removed his shirt and revealed the tattoo on his right pec—the Org symbol of a circle inside a star inside a circle—Joe and Charlie couldn’t stop staring at it. Joe even reached out and traced the outline of the tattoo on Andrej’s smooth, muscular chest, feeling a shiver of arousal as he ran his finger over the symbol that was now branded on his brain.

Andrej’s mouth curled into a smile, though this dead-eyed distant stare remained the same. “You like tattoo? I give you same tattoo.” He reached into his cleaner’s trolley and pulled out a basket of tattooing equipment, hidden underneath a stack of bath towels. “But first we must clean. Throw dirty bed clothes in here,” he said, pointing to a laundry bag on his trolley.

Joe and Charlie rushed to follow his orders, then gasped as they turned back around to find that Andrej had removed his pants and underwear and now stood totally naked, like them. But unlike them, he had a huge cock swinging between his legs. It was only half-hard now, and it was already 10 inches.

“You like my large penis?” Andrej said, more as a statement of fact than a question. “You will have one too, now you belong to the Org. You have appointment in Augmentation Chamber this afternoon. You will leave with regulation-length penis, 12 inch erect. You will seduce many men with foot-long penis. You will recruit many men for the Org.”

Charlie’s 7-inch cock and Joe’s thick 6-incher grew to their full lengths imagining the many men they would seduce and recruit for the Org. They couldn’t wait to start right away. There was just one thing standing in their way.

“Our friends Tim and Colin,” said Charlie, as he slowly recalled his old, unimportant life. “They are expecting us to visit a trade show with them today. They will grow suspicious when we do not attend. Unless they have now joined the Org too,” he added hopefully.

“They stay here at hotel?” Andrej asked, “What room?”

“424,” Charlie recalled, and Andrej quickly consulted a clipboard pinned to his cleaner’s trolley.

“No, 424 has not been processed yet. But do not worry. Your friends will not escape joining the Org. We have other techniques for recruiting them. Now, into the shower. We must get you dirty boys clean.”

Charlie and Joe followed Andrej into the shower, following his instructions as he showed them how to scrub off all the sweat and lube and dried cum that was caked on their bodies. Then Andrej lathered them up and, with careful swipes of the razor, began shaving off all the unsightly hair that was covering up their dicks and muscles. He started on Charlie first, kneeling down to shave the young CEO’s balls smooth, then remove even the tidy triangle of brown pubes above Charlie’s dick. Afterwards, Charlie stared down at his hard-on, marveling at how it already looked so much bigger; he could only imagine how much larger it would look after his augmentation.

Then it was on to Joe, who required much more work, with his untrimmed bush, furry arse, and thick mat of chest hair. But Andrej shaved him patiently, with the mindless professionalism that only comes from being a good drone. Charlie could see how hard Andrej was working to mold them in the perfect image of the Org, so when Andrej got up off his knees and began shaving Joe’s furry chest, Charlie knelt down and took Andrej’s enhanced 12-incher down his throat. Charlie was getting so much better at deep-throating; with a bit more practice, he’d soon be an expert like Aiden or Andrej or all the other Org members.

Once Andrej had finished shaving them, there was just enough time for Charlie and Joe to receive their Org tattoos—a circle inside a star inside a circle on their right pecs, just like Andrej’s. Of course, afterwards, when Charlie and then Joe looked at themselves in the mirror and saw the Org’s symbol emblazoned permanently on their bodies, a sign of their permanent subjection, they spontaneously blew their hot loads all over the surface of the mirror.

Poor Andrej was again left behind to clean up their mess, as Charlie and Joe quickly got dressed in the PUMP! Jockstraps in the bottom drawer, then put on their normal business suits and hurried down to the lobby to meet their coworkers and former friends.

There was something wrong with Charlie and Joe. Tim could tell that much.

He’d known both of them for years—they’d all gone to Uni together—and they’d always maintained a friendly, joking banter, even when they were taking the piss out of each other. There was none of that now. Charlie and Joe were acting like virtual strangers, not laughing or even smiling when Tim tried to tease them about standing him and Colin up last night. In fact, they were reticent to answer any questions at all about what they’d gotten up to last night.

Tim had his suspicions, though. Probably the two of them had gone on a rager, through all the pubs and clubs in London, and now they were both nursing wicked hangovers. That would explain why they seemed so out of it, so disinterested in actually talking to vendors at the trade show.

Tim couldn’t help be irritated at Charlie most of all. He was the one who’d made them all spend their time and limited money to come down here to London for this trade show, and now he was acting like he was bored and couldn’t wait to leave. Tim was the one who kept having to talk to prospective vendors, because Charlie would just stand there, staring off into space, compulsively rubbing at this sore spot on his chest. (Actually, Joe kept doing the same thing. What was up with that? Were they bruised? Did they get into some sort of fight?).

The whole morning, Charlie only perked up once, when they were talking to this campy product rep—an older guy, at least twice their age—who was clearly flirting with them. And then all of a sudden Charlie got a big smile on his face and started flirting back. He even handed the old gay guy his business card and wrote something on it. What did that say? Was that his room number?

Around 1:00, Tim noticed that Charlie and Joe kept checking the time on their phones; maybe they were getting impatient to eat lunch.

“So what do you say, lads?” Tim spoke up, “Grab a quick bite to eat, then head back to the trade show?”

“Erm…my head is pounding… I need to get back to the hotel and sleep it off,” said Joe in a flat and frankly unconvincing voice.

“He had a hard night last night,” whispered Charlie to Colin and Tim, “I should go with him back to the hotel and make sure he gets back alright.” His speech sounded equally rehearsed, devoid of real feeling.

Tim could barely believe what he was hearing. “You’re leaving the trade show already? But we’ve been here for less than four hours! And you were the one who wanted to come! What are Colin and I supposed to do? Just meet with all the vendors on our own?”

“Yes, that would be good. You should stay here and meet with vendors who might benefit our company,” replied Charlie, sounding as though he couldn’t care less about what happened to the company he’d poured every waking hour into for the past two years.

Tim didn’t know what to say, so he said nothing, just stewed with rage as Charlie and Joe walked out of the convention center and caught a cab back to the Org hotel. Just in time for their afternoon augmentation sessions. In the cab ride over, they were both rock hard, the outlines of their erections obscenely visible in their tailored suit trousers, just thinking about the bigger cocks they were about to attain, that would finally mark them as full members of the Org, fully equipped to seduce and convert a multitude of men.

Colin and Tim didn’t get back to the hotel until around 5:00, and Colin decided to try out the hotel gym and see if he could get in a quick workout before dinner. The company’s leading tech geek, Colin had been physically sedentary overweight for most of his life, until the third year of Uni, when his friends convinced him to exercise with them. A new diet plan quickly followed, and within a year, Colin had shed 40 pounds (and began to get attention from girls who never would have given Fat Colin the time of day). Ever since, Colin had adhered to his workout and diet plan religiously, going to the gym five days a week.

Colin had never been to an all-male gym before, so he hadn’t really thought about what to expect. And the guys working out shirtless didn’t shock him. It was the guys working out in just their underwear that shocked him. Especially the ones who were wearing just jockstraps. And especially because the bulges in those jockstraps were just unreal, like they’d stuffed them with socks.

He did a double take when he realized that one of those guys in just a jockstrap—a neon pink jockstrap, no less—was his friend Joe. He hadn’t recognized him at first, not just because Joe was lying down on his back doing dumbbell flies, but also because Joe (the lad they’d once joked was “half-gorilla, half-bear”) was now completely smooth-chested. So many thoughts were running through Colin’s head at once: Why had Joe shaved off all his chest hair? When had he gotten that stupid tattoo on his pec? What was he doing working out in just a neon pink jockstrap? Why was he even wearing a neon pink jockstrap in the first place? Come to think of it, what was he even doing at the gym? Hadn’t he gone back to the hotel sick just a few hours earlier?

“You sure made a quick recovery,” Colin said sarcastically as he walked over to Joe. “I didn’t expect to see you here at the gym.”

“I must improve my physique so I can be in optimal condition,” Joe responded, as if he were merely stating the obvious. As he sat up, the pouch of his jockstrap shifted and Colin noticed something he hadn’t seen before: Joe’s jock was stuffed with what looked like an absolutely enormous dick. Colin thought back to the couple of times they’d played tennis together and he’d seen Joe naked in the showers afterwards. Back then, it had looked like Joe had a pretty average dick, about the same size as Colin’s own. What the fuck had happened? How did he get that monster?

Colin was beginning to feeling like he’d entered the Twilight Zone and was talking a well-hung, smooth-chested, Pod Person version of Joe rather than the real thing. He looked around the gym, at all the men who were mechanically going through their gym routines, acting like it was perfectly normal to work out in nothing but a jockstrap. And then he noticed something even more disturbing. They all had the same tattoo on their chests. The stupid circle inside a star inside a circle tattoo. Just like Joe now had on his chest.

What the hell was going on with it? Was this some sort of secret fraternity that Joe had joined? Was Charlie part of it too? Speaking of which…

“Where is Charlie, anyway?” Colin asked.

“Here he is now,” Joe replied, looking over Colin’s shoulder.

For a second, Colin was relieved. Charlie was at least dressed somewhat decently, in compression shorts and a tank-top. Then he looked more closely at saw the bulge snaking down the leg of Charlie’s silver compression shorts. If those things rode up by just an inch, he’d bet he would see the head of Charlie’s monstrous cock. And then Charlie pulled off his tank-top and Colin spotted the telltale tattoo on his chest.

Colin’s head was spinning. All he knew was he had to get out of here.

As he headed for the door, he heard Charlie’s voice: “Hello, Colin. Aren’t you going to stay and work out with us?”

“Erm… no… don’t feel up to a workout today.”

“That’s alright. I’m sure we’ll see you in the gym again soon,” Charlie said calmly but firmly.

“You’re back early,” Tim commented as he looked up from his phone. “Hey, you didn’t happen to see Charlie or Joe anywhere, did you? I keep texting them, but they won’t text me back.”

“I’m not surprised,” Colin grunted out wearily. “Those two… Well, I’ll tell you about it at dinner. There’s so much freaky shit going on with them, I don’t want to go into it all now. Let me take a quick shower, and then we can get out of this place and go to dinner.”

“Okay…” Tim said hesitantly, a touch of worry in his voice. “Where do you want to eat? I can text Joe and Charlie to let them know where we’re going.”

“Don’t bother,” Colin said firmly, slamming the bathroom door behind him.

Colin stripped off his gym clothes and headed for the shower, hoping that the warm water might wash some of his anxieties away.

He was more right than he knew. As soon as he turned on the water, there was a barely perceptible click as the bathroom door locked automatically, and then the lights in the bathroom started strobing, all sorts of colors and patterns, leaving Colin stunned, disoriented. And that was when the noises started coming out of the hidden speakers in the showerhead, a hypnotic throbbing hum, with soft murmuring voices underneath.

Colin stood paralyzed there under the streaming water, his brain overwhelmed by the onslaught of stimuli. Deep in his mind, he knew he needed to get out of here, to run away. But it was so hard to get away, so hard to even move a muscle. It was so much easier to just stand here under the warm water. Just stand here and listen to the voices. Listen to the voices and do what they commanded. Yes, that would be so much easier.

Colin’s tensed muscles relaxed and a dazed smile spread across his face as he stood there under the stream of warm water and listened to the voices.

Tim still had his nose in his phone when he heard the bathroom door open. “You call that a quick shower? You must have been in there for over half an hour. Anyway, where do you want to go eat?” He looked up to find Colin, still naked and dripping water, his towel dangling limply beside him, a distant look on his face. “Hey, Colin, are you alright?”

“I’m… fine…” Colin said, spreading his towel on his bed, then lying down on it and reaching for the TV remote. “I don’t want to go out tonight.”

“But you said…”

“I don’t want to go out,” Colin repeated, “I want to stay in the room and watch the television. This hotel has good programs.” He turned on the TV and began flipping through the channels.

“Listen, mate, it’s our last night in London! With all the money we spent to get here, we don’t want to waste a Saturday night in London watching telly in our hotel room.”

“You should take a shower,” Colin told him, “Then we can watch our programming on the television together and call for room service.”

“What’s gotten into you, mate?” Tim’s voice was a mix of anger and confusion. “Fine then! You can sit around watching the bloody telly all night. I’m going out and seeing the city.” He slammed the door behind him, not even noticing that Colin had switched the television to Channel 69 (or that he had one hand creeping towards his lap).

One great dinner (and several craft beers) later, and Tim was in a much better mood. As he walked tipsily down the hall of the Org hotel, he even thought that he might be willing to forgive Colin for being such a wanker and standing him up at dinner. But as soon as he took his keycard and opened the door to Room 424, he was in for a shock.

At first, he was overwhelmed by the flashing lights and the throbbing, humming noises that filled the room. And then he focused on Colin lying on the bed, staring up wide-eyed at the ceiling, mouthing along to words only he could hear. Colin lying on the bed totally naked and hard, with a fit young naked man between his legs giving him a blowjob.

Tim shut the door in shock and panic. What the fuck was going on? He didn’t know what to do, where to turn. Acting on blind instinct, he headed down the hall and knocked frantically on the door of Room 417.

“It’s Tim! Let me in! There’s something wrong with Colin!”

The door opened, and Tim found himself coming face to face with Charlie. Who was naked. And hard. With a footlong dick sticking out straight in front of him.

“Wha…?! What the fuck…?!” was all Tim could stammer out.

“Don’t worry, Tim,” Charlie said calmly, a placid smile plastered on his face. “This is all perfectly normal. What is happening to Colin is perfectly normal. My 12-inch regulation penis is perfectly normal. You’ll see.”

Behind Charlie, Tim could see a naked older man lying back on the bed—in an instant, he recognized the gay guy Charlie had been flirting with at the trade show—who was stroking his cock and mouthing along to some words as he stared glassy-eyed at the widescreen television. All of a sudden, Tim recognized how much danger he was in.

“I need to get out of here!” he yelled.

Charlie reached out and grabbed his arm in a vice-like grip. “We can’t let you do that, Tim. There’s no escape. So you should just relax and enjoy your submission to the Org.”

With adrenaline coursing through his veins, Tim managed to wrest his arm from Charlie’s steely grip. He was already halfway down the hall when Charlie pulled the “Alarm” button in the hallway. Suddenly, high-pitched screeching klaxons sounded, and the hall was filled with frantically flashing strobing lights. Tim was overwhelmed, his mind and body paralyzed by the sensory onslaught. He felt his legs give way as he lost consciousness.

When he awoke, Tim was lying naked on his bed in Room 424. Colin was standing over him, and he was naked as well. Tim took a moment to admire Colin’s newly augmented footlong penis and the tattoo on his chest: a circle inside a star inside a circle, a symbol of the Org that controlled them both.

“How do you feel?” Colin asked.

“I feel happy to serve the Org in any way it requires,” Tim replied.

“Good. The cleaner will come by in a few minutes to shave and tattoo you. You are booked for a session in the augmentation chamber at 2:00 PM. Afterwards, you will be expected to seduce at least one man tonight, bringing him back to the Org hotel for his programming and recruitment.”

“I understand. I will not fail the Org,” Tim responded, his 7-inch dick fully erect at the thought of serving his beloved Org.

“Very good,” said Colin, pulling out an electric blue jockstrap from the bottom dresser drawer then slipping it on. “I am heading to the gym now, so that my body can be in optimal condition for seducing men into the Org.”

What Colin said was so reasonable that Tim merely nodded in response, then admired the way the neon blue jockstrap framed Colin’s arse as he headed out the door.

“Why don’t both of you come back to our hotel for a nightcap?” Charlie said to the two older men at the gay bar. “I’d like to know you better,” he smiled, squeezing the bicep of the taller one. Then he spoke to the shorter one, “And my friend over here,” he gestured at Tim, who was standing behind him, “He’s a little shy so he hasn’t said much, but I know he’s keen on you.”

The two older gay businessmen readily agreed, and the four began the short walk back to the Org hotel. Not for the first time, Tim was impressed by Charlie’s smooth patter, the way he sold the men they seduced on the idea of coming back to the Org, the way he lulled them into a false sense of security. He realized now that they were truly better working as a team, working tirelessly to bring more of the city’s men into the Org’s clutches.

Still, a bit of Tim’s old competitive spirit still survived; it had just been harnessed into his higher purpose of serving the Org. He was keeping count of how many men he and Charlie had each recruited—the ones they’d snagged tonight would make 6 for him and 7 for Charlie—but also how many assets each man had to sign over to the Org. And by his estimation, there Tim was slightly ahead. The CFO in him was quite proud.

The Org had allowed him to retain some memories of his old job, which he would need to resume in a few days when they went back home. Now that the Org was opening a new hotel in Newcastle, Tim and Charlie would be able to use their network of friends and business contacts to ensnare more men into the Org’s web. Meanwhile, Colin had been assigned to work within the hotel itself; he had spent the past few days shadowing Aiden, learning the very best ways to service the hotel’s guests and make them submit to the Org’s control. Only Joe was staying in London; there was apparently a large market for lads with beefy bodies and Northern accents, and Joe had been very successful at pulling men from the street and luring them back to the Org hotel.

The four young entrepreneurs were so glad they had made this business trip to London. Working for the Org was so much better than working for themselves. And so much more rewarding!

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