Chapter 4 – Frank

By here4hairymen published March 3, 2019

A man with special powers builds a harem of hairy men

The bald, hairy older man had been sitting on the couch for a while, planning his next move. He was completely naked, his long cock erect from his thoughts. His tall, lean, athletic body looked like it could belong to a college athlete. The only thing that contradicted his body’s youthful appearance was the pelt of thick, long, wiry, silver hair that covered him from his neck to his ankles, front and back. Since the day four decades ago when he was transformed into the hairy man he had become, an acquired instinct compelled him to dress in a way that showed off as much of his fur as he could when he was in public, and in private to be naked, so his furry body was not unnecessarily hidden from view.

His mind wandered back to that fateful day when he had been involuntarily transformed, which, as always, triggered a steady flow of precum to begin.

It was the summer after his senior year in high school, and he was working as a lifeguard at a swimming pool for a condo association. After the first few days, he had gotten into the routine of opening the pool for the day and staying attentive as the tenants, primarily parents with their children, swam and relaxed by the pool. There was one tenant who stood out from the crowd though. He was a man in his late forties who always came to the pool alone, and kept to himself. He was in prime shape, with strong, defined, muscular arms, a flat stomach, muscular chest, and well-defined legs. And he was covered in hair. Black fur all over his body, with salt and pepper forming in his chest hair. It was impossible to resist stealing glances, studying the hair, and wondering what the man looked like naked.

Everything changed one Friday afternoon. Frank’s shift was almost over, so he started collecting his belongings and getting ready to close the pool. He scanned the pool deck to see who he would need to ask to leave. Only one person remained, the hairy man, but he was gathering his belongings, readying to leave as well.

But he didn’t walk toward the gate. Instead he walked over to Frank, wearing just his swimsuit.

“I see the way you look at me, boy,” the man said confidently.

Frank was instantly flustered, not at all prepared for this conversation. Sure, he looked at the guy once in a while, but it was more just studying what a man looks like with such a hairy body.

“Don’t worry boy, I won’t tell anyone, your secret is safe with me,” the man said, his eyes boring into Frank, taking control of his mind.

“In fact, I bet you would like to touch it, wouldn’t you? You’re very interested in my body hair.”

Frank realized that he really did want to see what it felt like.

“Why don’t you just touch my arm. No one will see, or think anything of it,” the man said with a tone and smile that seemed to dare Frank to do it.

Frank found his right arm raising up, almost involuntarily, moving toward the man.

He began running his hand through the thick hair, enjoying the sensation of the hair on his fingers.

“You like that, don’t you boy?” the man asked, not really expecting a response. The glazed over eyes, slightly open mouth, and erection in Frank’s swimsuit answered for him.

“Why don’t I show you a trick, boy? Hold your arms out in front of you, palms down.”

Frank reluctantly retracted his hand from stroking the mans hair and did as he was told.

The man paused, staring deep into Frank’s eyes. Frank saw the lust in the man’s eyes. He didn’t even need to look down to know the man had an erection, it was as if the heat and energy coming from it could be felt in the air.

The man loved moments like this.

He raised his right hand, and touched Frank’s left forearm.

Frank flinched as he felt a little shock.

The man slowly, and methodically started lightly touching Frank’s fingers, the back of his hand, and the length of the forearm, up to the elbow. As he went back and forth, there was a tingling feeling unlike anything Frank had ever felt.

Soon though the tingling gave way to an itchy feeling.

After a few minutes, the man switching the the right arm, repeating the process. Frank felt the same exact feelings wherever the man touched him.

After a few more minutes the man stopped.

“Look at your arms, boy.”

Frank broke the gaze, and looked down.

In the late afternoon sun Frank could see hundreds upon hundreds of little blond whiskers glistening all over his arms and hands. Everywhere the man had touched, he had a dense pattern of fine hairs.

How did this happen?

He turned to look at the man.

What had previously been a look of lust in the man’s eyes was now blended with power and control. His pupils were dilated, he was breathing a bit heavily, and, looking down at his body, his nipples were erect and sticking out a half-inch beyond his pelt of chest hair. The head of his penis had poked through the waist band of his swimsuit, and there was a drop of precum on the tip.

“You love your new body hair, don’t you boy. You want to be a good HAIRY POOL BOY, don’t you, boy? Why don’t you close your eyes a bit, and think about being a good HAIRY POOL BOY for me,” the man said in a soothing voice.

Frank would never forget what it was like when he came to.

He was lying on a bed, feeling a combination of confusion, peacefulness, and content. There was a pulsing feeling coming from his butt, and he felt sweaty, like he had been exercising. And there was a weird sensation where his back was contacting the sheets, almost like there was something between his skin and the sheets.

Then he opened his eyes and looked down.

His smooth, swimmer’s body was no more. He was covered, COVERED in hair. Long, curly, wiry, blond hair so thick that he couldn’t even see his tan skin beneath. He lifted both arms up and rotated them around, shocked at how hairy his forearms and hands had become. How could this have happened?

Then the older man from the pool walked into the bedroom, naked.

“Looking good, boy,” the man said, his long, soft cock beginning to inflate as his eyes ran over Frank’s body.

“You’re probably wondering how I did this to you,” the man said, dragging his big, hairy hand over Frank’s hairy chest.

“Throughout history there have always been a select few men who, through a course of events, acquire a special ability to make other man hairy. I’m obviously one of those men,” the man said with a smirk, as he grazed Frank’s hairy balls.

“But the power isn’t always the same. Sometimes the way we are able induce hair growth in men is the same way in which it was done to us, other times it’s different. In my case, as long as I’m aroused with excess testosterone flowing through me, wherever I touch a man will become hairy.”

“Look down at your body, boy. You can see I touched you everywhere while you were asleep.”

“Regardless of how the initial hair growth is triggered, what is always the case is that insemination accelerates the growth. The more semen shot deep into the butt, the faster the hair growth.”

“For example, HAIRY POOL BOY, had I only just induced hair growth all over you, right now you would have millions of blond whiskers all over your body, which would take weeks to months to full grow in. But I couldn’t wait that long…”

The older man started at Frank, letting him connect the dots. As Frank lay on the bed looking up at him, the older man’s nipples started to harden and emerge from his salt and pepper chest hair.

“You… you fucked me?” Frank asked, incredulously.

“That’s right, HAIRY POOL BOY. Your hole was nice and tight, but I got in, and filled you up,” the man said with a wink.

“But it wasn’t that easy. First I had to spend time getting control of your mind. Once you gave in to me, I began the process of triggering the initial hair growth, slowing touching your body all over. For the record, you ejaculated three times during that process,” the older man said. “Then I worked open your hole. It took a fair amount of time, using my tongue and fingers, but I got it open. Then once I got the first few inches of my dick in, you took it like a champ. Once you took the first load, those blond whiskers started thickening up right away.”

“First load?” Frank asked, almost afraid to find out what the response would be from the older man.

“There’s more to the story, HAIRY POOL BOY. I’ve been watching you for a long time. I suspected that you might be one of the rare men who can acquire the powers I have. And in instances like that, I like to tip the scales to make sure we bring that power out of you.”

“WE…?” Frank asked, growing more concerned, panic showing on his face.

“That’s right. Relax, you are a good HAIRY POOL BOY. There were two other men here. They are hairy gorillas like me, in fact, maybe even more hairy, if that’s possible. One man is the one who changed me. He’s in his seventies now, but still loves to breed a new convert and watch the fur grow. The other man is a good friend I met online. He’s a middle-aged, red-headed, powerful lumberjack type from Canada, who flew in just to breed you. I have to say, his sperm in particular really made your hair grow in fast.”

The older man’s face started to flush, and his breathing increased. His nipples were fully erect, as was his long, thick cock.

He knew he would barely make it through retelling the story before needing to mount again.

“You’ve got a lot of semen inside you, boy,” the older man said, “and it’s time to add some more. But first, let me show you how this works.”

The older man took his right hand, and traced it all over Frank’s face, up to his cheekbones, down and across his jawline, over his upper lip, and down his neck.

Frank felt the same tingling and then itchy sensations as he had on his arms back at the pool. He new there were new whiskers on his face.

“Open your legs, HAIRY POOL BOY.”

Frank’s legs opened up, and the older man climbed on top.

Despite its length and girth, the man’s penis slid right into Frank, in part because he was still stretched from several rounds of mountings, but also because there was so much sperm lubing the way.

Frank immediately started moaning as the older man’s penis ran across his prostrate and forced the sperm already inside him deeper up into him. He looked at his hairy legs that were up in the air, and couldn’t believe how manly they looked.

Meanwhile, the older man lay on top of him, grunting in his left ear with each thrust. His hairy body was rubbing against Frank’s new fur, adding to the stimulation Frank was experiencing.

Then the older man started thrusting more quickly. Frank knew he was about to be bred yet again.

“Here it comes HAIRY POOL BOY, mixing more of my sperm with sperm from other hairy men… FUCCCKKK, UUUUHHHHHH, FUCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK…”

Frank could feel his stomach swell a bit more with the huge load being pumped inside him.

The man finally climbed off Frank, taking Frank’s hand and guiding it to his face.

There was a full beard covering his entire face.

After that experience Frank was regularly fucked by the older man for the rest of the summer. During that time, the older man had set up a number of tests to figure out if Frank had gained the power to make other men hairy, and if so, how.

After a few trials, the power was confirmed. Any man who touched Frank’s body hair while he was in a state of arousal would become hairy.

Four decades later, he had used that power regularly, making hundreds upon hundreds of men hairy.

But his current target was different from the other men he had made hairy over the years. His intuition told him his current target a high probability of having the power to make men hairy brought out and developed.

And now with a new crop of hairy men in his harem, it was time to activate his plan.

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