Gym Bud(s)

By mcbaer published March 2, 2019

A young gym bunny wakes up with a strange voice ringing in his head, will he be able to figure out what happened to him?

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“Oh fuck… oh fuck… yes… it worked! It actually worked!”

God, what was this voice… where was it coming from? It was like he could hear it right inside his skull… it sounded kind of familiar…ugh… he couldn’t think… what was even going on… Dean saw his arms starting to move, rising up slightly as they began to flex. He had no idea why he was doing that, but it sure as hell felt good… Clutching his hands into tight fists, making every muscle in his body tense up to its limit as he groaned through his teeth. Something about that was such a turn on… it made him hard as fuck in no time. He loved seeing that massive package grow even more…

“Yeah… so big… so freaking huge…”

He just couldn’t stop staring at himself, bouncing those beefy pecs around, pushing out his muscular gut, doing everything he could to make himself look even larger. It was almost as if this was the first time he’d ever seen himself in the mirror…it was such a strange thought but… did he always look like this? Dean realized that somehow he wasn’t entirely sure… he saw this bristling beard and all the hair on this body, but didn’t he keep it shaved off for his girlfriend? No… why would he? He loved a man with a thick pelt of fur! What the hell… no, what was he talking about… he wasn’t… why did everything seem so jumbled up in his head. He was doing everything he could to make some sense out of it but this voice simply wouldn’t let him focus…

“Fuck yeah… look at this! One, huge, furry daddy bear! So fucking hot!”

Shit, why did he grab his cock just now?! What the hell was he doing? Dean tried to pull his hand away from it, but his grip only continued to tighten around it. Something was just forcing him to yank it up and down, until he just couldn’t control how horny he was starting to feel… seeing that furry, muscular giant in the mirror was such a turn on… Before he knew it, he was back to flexing and beating his meat as if nothing had ever happened.

“This fucking ballsack… can’t wait until we get to cum… I bet the load will be fucking massive!”

Fuck yeah, he couldn’t wait either! With such a colossal piece of meat between his legs, he was going to be dripping with cum when he blows! Dean had no clue why all of this seemed so hot to him, it was like these horny, perverted ideas were just suddenly appearing inside his head out of nowhere. He was already thinking about bending someone over, ramming his monster up their hole. He wanted to do it in front of a mirror so he could see himself as he gave them a hard plowing they deserved. Dean heard himself groan as thick precum started flowing down his shaft, he was picturing it inside his head, thrusting his hips forward, flexing his enormous biceps up in the air, he loved this, but… why was he doing this to another guy? Dean knew that he was straight, but for some reason he could remember fucking other men before… even getting fucked himself a few times…

“No… that won’t be happening anymore… not when we look like this… not when we have all those muscles… look at that chest… it’s so huge I can’t even see the amulet anymore!”

Dean felt another wave of arousal washing over him, it was so intense he simply couldn’t think anymore, suddenly jacking off seemed like the only thing that mattered… jacking off and staring at this perfect body he now had… he found himself forgetting about everything he’d been thinking about until now… but there was this one thing he just couldn’t get out of his head… the amulet. He remembered finding it at some antique shop… deciphering its inscription… discovering what it was… gradually becoming obsessed with its power. Except that wasn’t him… he’d only first seen it when that guy who befriended him at the gym tried to show it off. It split in half, into two identical necklaces, Martin kept on his neck, and when he put it on himself, something happened… oh god… he remembered it now… that moment when the amulets began to shine and something started pulling them towards each other… he tried to fight it and tear it off, but he couldn’t do it… he just wasn’t strong enough and when their chests connected, it was all over… It was like their bodies were fusing into one, single form… as if they were made out of some kind of liquid that combined together whenever they touched… Dean remembered screaming as he attempted to pull himself away but as his arm touched Martin’s, they both began fusing together, growing so much and covering with this thick hair, turning into this one, massive pile of muscles that he was flexing above his head right now. Dean couldn’t believe that this was really happening, he was terrified, but he also felt this incredible rush of excitement and arousal pouring inside of him. He tried to resist it, but it was becoming even stronger as more parts of their bodies connected together until eventually, he was loving all of this as much as Martin. He remembered growing hard, something made him thrust forward, allowing both of their cocks to fuse together and merge into this gargantuan fuckmeat he was now pulling and jerking at with everything he had. Oh fuck… he was so close, it was like he was relieving that very moment when their bodies finally melded into one, growing endlessly… he never wanted it to stop… they never wanted it to stop… no… that wasn’t true… fuck… Dean managed to tear his hands off his cock and grabbed the amulet instead. This time he was strong enough… he pulled it apart and tossed one half onto the bed in front of him, then waited… except nothing was happening… he wasn’t turning back normal… he didn’t understand…

“Oh yes… you’re right… we need more… we aren’t big enough yet… nowhere near big enough…”

Dean could feel it again… Martin’s obsessions filling his head… no… they weren’t just his obsessions anymore, they now belonged to them both… they were so strong… so absolutely overwhelming… he didn’t want to split from Martin anymore… no… he wanted to grow even bigger… find someone as huge as he was and make them join them… yes… that’s it… fuck yes… one of those powerlifters he used to watch at the gym… no… not just one… all of them… everyone he could find until together they became this one, truly enormous, colossal behemoth made out of pure muscle! Dean roared as his monstrous cock suddenly exploded without even being touched, unloading gallons of cum all over his gigantic arms, his massive pecs and beefy gut, completely drenching his huge beard and fur. He didn’t wait for it to end, just stood up, grabbed the amulet and headed for the door with his immense piece of meat still hard and dripping…

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