The ORG Hotel

By Hypnothrill published March 2, 2019

A group of young businessmen get a special rate at a very special hotel. But they’re about to discover the hidden costs…

{My last two Organization stories have gotten a muted response, but maybe this third one will be the charm. At least some of my readers who have been clamoring for more detailed sex scenes should like it. As always, please share your thoughts in the comments, especially if you want to encourage me to write more}.

The ORG Hotel

When Charlie had told them about his plan to attend the trade show in London, Tim was against it from the start. After all, they were still just a small start-up. In fact, at this point, they were more like a small group of mates from Uni than a proper start-up. And ever since Tim had been named CFO—he’d always been good at maths, and he’d always been the one who divvied up the bill when they went out to eat, so he seemed like the logical choice for CFO—he’d been extra cautious about how they were spending their limited seed money.

But of course, Charlie was the CEO, and Charlie was stubborn and persistent, always had been. So Charlie insisted that they go to the trade show, and that it wouldn’t cost them too much. They could save money by taking a National Express coach instead of the train, and then he’d found them a great deal on lodging: 2 double rooms for 2 nights at the ORG Hotel, this trendy new hotel for businessmen near the Shard, where the rooms only ran £50 a night. They could afford that, surely? Charlie showed them photos of the rooms on the ORG Hotel website: small, but nicely furnished.

So then of course Joe and Colin nodded and said it was a good idea—they always went along with Charlie’s ideas in the end, Tim thought with a bit of resentment—and so finally Tim had to relent as well.

They got there the evening before the trade show started. They didn’t have the opportunity to get down to London very often, so this would give them a chance to go out to a nice restaurant and maybe hit a couple of pubs before they had to get down to work the next day.

When they checked into the hotel, Tim noticed that the website wasn’t kidding when it described it as a hotel for businessmen. He couldn’t see a single woman there; all the guests he spotted in the lobby, all the staff at reception, even the cleaners all seemed to be men.

“Name?” asked the man working reception, a tanned blond with perfectly gelled hair and whitened teeth, who was wearing a suit and tie that looked at least one size two small for him.

“Charlie Wilder. We booked 2 double rooms at your special rate.”

“And you’re all under 25?” the blond man asked, looking them over, a strangely distant look in his sky blue eyes.

“Yeah, we are. Colin and I are 24, Tim’s 23, and Joe over here is the baby; he’s 22.”

The blond man at reception nodded approvingly, his blank expression never changing as he typed the information into his computer.

“Under 25? What’s that about?” Tim whispered to Charlie.

“Oh, that’s just the special they were running that helped us get such good rates. £50 rooms for Under-25s. Guess they’re trying to draw in a younger, hipper crowd.”

Meanwhile, Colin was looking around the lobby and noticed an odd pair walking towards the elevators: a middle-aged man in a suit and tie was closely accompanied by a young man in a tight tanktop and cutoff denim shorts, far too skimpy for this weather. Based on the leering looks that the older businessman was giving the young man, Colin could guess exactly what they were heading up to his room to do. Briefly, he wondered just what kind of place this was. What kind of hotel would allow gay hustlers to so brazenly operate out of its rooms?

He took another glance over at them and did a double-take: was that the head of the young man’s cock he could see dangling down below the fringe of the young man’s cutoffs? If so, that thing was huge! Before he could get a better look, the young hustler and his john got in the elevator and the doors closed behind them.

Meanwhile, the monotone reception clerk was telling the others about the amenities the gym offered: “Many of our guests enjoy the gym on the second floor. Your key cards will give you access to the gym. Also on the second floor is our men’s salon. We offer haircuts, shaves, waxing.”

“Waxing? I don’t think any of us are interested in that, mate!” joked Joe as he rubbed his furry chest, the tufts of hair visible even over the collar of his oxford shirt.

“You never know. Your mind might change,” the blond man at reception replied flatly. “Here you go,” he said as he handed them their keycards, “You’re in Room 417 and in Room 424, just down the hall. Please contact us if we can make your stay more enjoyable. We are here to serve.”

Joe and Charlie took Room 417, leaving Tim and Colin to share Room 424. They all agreed to take an hour to unpack and relax, then meet down in the lobby and head to dinner.

In Room 417, Charlie began to unpack his suitcase as Joe flopped down on his bed and reached for the remote to turn on the TV.

“This is a pretty sweet setup,” Joe said approvingly, looking around at the big flatscreen TV and brand new furnishings. “Good call, Charlie!” He looked over at his friend, who was transferring a pile of his neatly folded socks, undershirts, and underpants to the dresser drawer. “Why go to all the trouble, mate? Can’t you just live out of a suitcase for 2 days?” Joe smirked.

“It’s no trouble. It only takes 2 minutes, and it keeps things nice and t… Hey Joe, look at this!” Charlie said, pointing at the drawer he’d just opened, which was already full of clothes. He picked them up and held them up for Joe to look at: colorful string tank-tops, tight cutoff denim shorts, even tighter gym shorts, and even a few neon-colored jockstraps with the word “PUMP!” on the waistband. “The last guy staying here must have left this.”

“And he must have been gay,” Joe added, laughing as he stared at all the risqué, revealing clothing. No real man would wear that shit, he thought.

“I’ll have to stop by reception on the way out and tell them the last guest left some things behind,” Charlie said, folding the clothes back up and sticking them back in the bottom drawer.

“Uh-huh,” Joe nodded, already bored as he quickly scrolled through the television channels. “Hey, I wonder if they have any porn channels. I mean, this is a hotel for businessmen, right?”

Charlie just rolled his eyes. Joe was always the cheeky one in the group, always pushing the boundaries, especially when it came to sex talk. Charlie could tell that it sometimes made Colin and Tim uncomfortable—they were more conservative that way—but he didn’t mind. It was just a bit of harmless banter, really, just lads being lads.

“Oh shit, Charlie, look! I turned it to Channel 69, and look!” Charlie glanced over at the screen and saw a pretty young woman in just her knickers and bra, which she was slowly removing, revealing her beautiful C-cup breasts. “Holy shit…” Joe muttered, his mouth agape in awe.

Charlie looked transfixed on as the girl’s hands cupped her breasts and slowly circled the aureole, then pinched her perky nipples. Only the sound of Joe’s heavy breathing snapped Charlie out of his trance. Watching this was starting to turn him on, and he felt a little uncomfortable getting hard with his mate in the room. He glanced away from the screen and finished packing his clothes away in the top drawer.

When he looked back up at the screen, the girl had a sly smile on her face as she played with the waistband of her panties, slowly pulling them down to reveal her perfectly smooth pubic mound and pussy. Charlie almost got sucked back in—his breathing slowed as he stared at the girl’s perfect tight young pussy—but then he looked back over at Joe, who was literally drooling as he sat on his bed openmouthed, staring at the screen.

This was just getting too weird. Charlie wrenched his gaze away from the screen, grabbed his toiletries from his suitcase, and headed into the small bathroom to find a place for his toothbrush, toothpaste, and razor.

When he emerged a couple of minutes later, Charlie found that Joe was still staring openmouthed at the screen, but now he had his right hand down the front of his trousers.

“Oi! What are you doing, mate!?” Charlie shouted, but Joe didn’t respond. There was a strange humming noise coming from the TV that made it hard to hear, made it hard to think. He reached over for the remote on Joe’s bed to turn the TV set off, when suddenly Joe’s left arm reached out and grabbed his wrist in a vice-like grip.

“Watch with me, Charlie,” Joe said in a dreamy voice, never looking away from the screen, his right hand still shoved inside his trousers as he stroked himself through his Calvin Kleins. “We need to watch the screen. Watch the pretty pictures. They’re sooo beauuutifullll…”

Charlie looked over at the screen. The girl was now fingering her tight pussy, and every few seconds there were these bright flashes. Bright flashes that stunned him, that kept him from looking away, that kept him there staring at the pretty girl. Yes, maybe Joe was right. They needed to watch the screen, to keep staring at the pretty pictures that were sooo beauuutifullll…

The hand that was reaching for the remote went limp as Charlie slumped down on the bed beside Joe and kept staring at the screen. Staring as the flashes grew brighter and more frequent. Staring as the girl disappeared from the screen, to be replaced by a colorful spiral. Staring as a symbol emerged at the center of that colorful spiral: a circle inside a star inside a circle. Charlie and Joe sat side-by-side, staring openmouthed at the screen and stroking their now-rock hard dicks as that symbol—that circle inside a star inside a circle—became emblazoned upon their brains.

Forty minutes later, in the hotel lobby, Tim and Colin waited impatiently for their friends to come down for dinner. They texted Joe and Charlie, then called and got no response. Tim even went back upstairs and knocked on their door, but they didn’t answer. They were too lost to hear him now. Too lost in the flashing lights and symbol spiraling on the screen, sucking them in deeper and deeper into the world of the Org. They just had to keep staring at the screen, staring and stroking their hard cocks as the symbol told them what to do, how to think, who to be.

After the screen finally went blank, about an hour later, Joe was the first to stop staring and stroking. Slowly, his programming began to kick in, telling what he must do next, and he stood up, his hard cock still sticking straight out, a trail of precum dripping down from its tip. Then he turned to Charlie and said in a flat monotone, “I must call room service.”

“Yes. We must be serviced,” Charlie responded, his voice equally flat as he dropped his hands limply to the side and stared at his stiff twitching dick, which was sticking straight up from the fly of his trousers.

Joe pressed a red button on the hotel room phone, “This is Room 417. We have seen the video and are ready to be serviced.”

They didn’t have long to wait. A minute later, there was a knock on the door. Joe opened it, not even bothering to stuff his hard dick back into his trousers. The young man at the door looked unsurprised to see Joe’s erection. As soon as he walked into the room, he began unbuttoning the trousers of his own tight hotel uniform.

“My name is Aiden and my duty is to service you and induct you into the Org,” he said in an emotionless voice as he pulled down his trousers, revealing a jockstrap whose pouch was obscenely distended by the biggest dick Joe or Charlie had ever seen. “Are you ready to belong to the Org?” Aiden asked, his huge dick straining against the pouch of the jockstrap as the mere thought of inducting more men to serve his beloved Organization brought him to the heights of sexual arousal.

“Yes, Aiden. I am ready to serve the Org,” Joe responded, assuming the posture he somehow knew was right and keeping his hands behind his back and thrusting his hips forward so that he could display his steel-hard erection as he stared into Aiden’s blissfully blank blue eyes.

Beside him, however, Charlie’s cock was beginning to droop as he hesitated and contemplated his answer. He did want to belong to the Org, didn’t he? He’d always wanted that, hadn’t he? Total freedom from worry. Freedom from having to think for himself. The freedom to be a follower, rather than a leader. Wait, that wasn’t right… Didn’t he like being the leader?…. There was something wrong here, something he needed to remem…

Aiden was taking off his shirt now, revealing a toned swimmer’s build and a symbol tattooed on his right pec: a circle inside a star inside a circle. As soon as Charlie saw it, all his worries and doubts went away, and his programming was triggered.

“Yes. I am ready to serve the Org,” he said, his erection rising to full mast again as he stood next to Joe.

“Very good,” said Aiden, who slipped off the rest of his uniform and stood there now in just his obscenely tented white jockstrap. “Commencing Brain Drain and final programming now.” He walked over to the wall thermostat and flipped back a panel to reveal a keypad. After he quickly inputted a series of numbers, the room’s false ceiling retracted, revealing the real ceiling a few feet above it, a mirrored ceiling full of lights and screens and lasers and embedded speakers which now began playing a throbbing hypnotic beat as a soft male voice started whispering to them: the voice of the Org.

The room lights dimmed automatically as the colored lights began strobing and the screens began displaying words and symbols, instructions that would deepen the new recruits’ conditioning, that would render it permanent. Stunned by the barrage of lights and sounds, Joe and Charlie fell back on the bed, their hard-ons waving in the air as they stared up at the screens and lights on the ceiling, absorbing the Org’s instructions. Occasionally, they’d catch a glimpse of themselves in one of the mirrors on the ceiling, and it would only reinforce their programming, as they saw the blank-faced, permanently-erect loyal subject of the Org staring back at them.

Meanwhile, Aiden knelt down between their legs, alternating between deep throating Joe and Charlie. Aiden himself had only been inducted 4 months earlier, but by now he had serviced hundreds of men, and his expert mouth served to reinforce what was being drilled into Joe and Charlie’s minds: the connection between serving the Org and sexual pleasure.

After a while, Joe and Charlie began to receive programming on the sexual acts they would be expected to perform as loyal members of the Org. They kept staring up at the screens on the ceiling as Aiden pulled off their pants and underwear, then positioned them so that Joe could fuck Aiden’s tight young ass while Aiden sucked Charlie’s hard dick. After a while, they switched positions, with Joe getting blown and Charlie thrusting mechanically into Aiden’s warm hole, all the while craning his neck and staring so intently up at the words and images on the ceiling that he barely even noticed the boy who was riding his hard dick.

Finally, it was time for Aiden’s tip. And some of his shaft. Joe and Charlie couldn’t fit all of the boy’s 12 inch hard dick into their mouths, of course, but as they followed the directions on the screen, they learned how to relax their throats, so that they could take a little more each time. It was good training for the work they would soon being doing for the Org.

Then they took Aiden’s tip (and some of his shaft) from the other end, as the young man’s gigantic cock penetrated Joe and Charlie’s virgin asses. Fortunately, their programming didn’t require them to take the whole thing. It was not necessary. The men that Joe and Charlie would be seducing with their hot young asses would usually have normal-sized dicks. That is, until Joe and Charlie lured them into the Org hotel, fucked them senseless, and inducted them into the Org. Then they would leave the hotel with the foot-long regulation cocks every Org member was required to have.

Joe and Charlie knelt side-by-side now, their arses raised and their necks craned up to the ceiling so they could keep looking at the screens as Aiden took turns fucking them. As Aiden thrust into Joe’s hairy, meaty arse, well-toned by years of rugby, he looked up at the screens and saw that it was nearly time to complete the new initiates’ programming.

“You belong to the Org. Say it.” Aiden instructed as the head of his huge dick hit the pleasure button of Joe’s prostate.

“I belong to the Org!” Joe grunted, his dick so painfully hard now as he cried out his subjection. Aiden pulled out of his arse and immediately thrust his hard dick into Charlie’s hole.

“You belong to the Org. Say it.” Aiden told Charlie.

“I belong to the Org!” Charlie gasped out. Nothing had ever made his dick feel so good, so hard as saying those five little words.

Aiden pulled out of Charlie’s arse, then reached over to finger Joe and Charlie’s holes at once, triggering their prostates with his nimble digits. “Now say it together,” he commanded, “We belong to the Org.”

“We belong to the Org!” Joe and Charlie moaned in unison, feeing their balls tighten and the sperm begin churning as they said these magic words.


“We belong to the Org!” Joe and Charlie cried out again.

“Now cum!” Aiden ordered, and seconds later, Joe and Charlie’s hard cocks were shooting off like rockets, soaking the bedcovers in cum.

Once they shot their loads, Joe and Charlie’s eyes began to flutter as their drained brains emptied of anything but pure loyalty to the Org. “We belong to the Org… We belong to the Org… We belong to the Org” was all that kept running through their heads as they slipped into unconsciousness and their bodies slumped limp on the bed.

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