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By JR_Sagger published March 2, 2019

An arrogant jackass get knocked down off his high throne by a hired demon.

So I was finally able to sit down and write something pretty quickly today. Classes and work are taking up all my time, but it’s still nice to take the time now and then to write something for me, not for school. Hope you all enjoy this–it’s shockingly another straight, arrogant jerk transformed into a gay, submissive bottom twink. I’m keeping this series open to a community series to see if anyone will add to it. I think it would be fun for people to fill the next three chapters of the three other men to be knocked down a peg!

With a deafening roar the barbell slammed back onto its holder as James finished another set. The veins in his forehead looked dangerously close to tearing through his sweaty, red skin. He’d been at it for almost an hour now since he got back to his house after a short work day. James loved nothing more than an intense workout and he loved to grunt loud enough to catch the attention of every woman around, although there were none at the moment; now it was habit.

The 27 year old Adonis got up off his weight bench and flashed his reflection in the mirror his charming, crooked smile. This very smile was 95% effective to get any woman into bed with him. He’s lost count of his conquests years ago, still getting a woman into bed with him most nights of the week—more than one at a time on many occasions.

Standing at 6’4 and weighing in at 237 of solid muscle, he looked into his piercing, emerald eyes and ran a hand over his buzzcut, much shorter than the scruff on his chiseled jaw. Flexing both arms he would have ripped through the sleeves of his shirt, if he had one on that is. Every muscle on his body was extremely defined and adorned in dark, manly hair and tattoos. His smile never faltered as his shorts revealed a hefty imprint of his gargantuan dick, but he was used to that. There were few clothes he owned which could hide his 8” endowment while soft, 11” hard.

James grumbled when his doorbell rang from upstairs. Opening the door he saw a familiar face which instantly infuriated the stud. He grabbed the guy by his loose shirt and threw him against the foyer wall.

“What the hell do you want, shrimp?” James never learned how to be pleasant and was notorious for being a douche. Especially to gay men.

“I—I,” the small man stuttered nervously. He had been coming by James’ house once a week if not more for almost a year.

“Spit it out already, I don’t have all day to waste on a pathetic excuse like you, faggot,” James remarked in his deep, overly-masculine voice while subconsciously flexing his arms to get the man even squirmier.

“I was just hoping we could—we could,” the scrawny guy tried. James couldn’t help but chuckle at the high-pitched voice of the scrawny, gay kid.

He was almost a foot shorter than James and only weighed 138. The 21 year old was toned, but you could always see his ribcage. He was shy and liked to hide his baby blue eyes behind curly blonde locks of hair.

James knew where this was heading. The last time this kid, Mikey, came over he hadn’t scored with a woman the previous night. He was incredibly horny and in his drunken stupor had taken the kid’s ass, used and abused him as his bitch. After fucking the kid in numerous positions and having ripped off his clothes, James kicked him out onto the busy streets wearing nothing but his purple briefs, shut and locked the door. He was surprised that the kid would even come crawling back after enduring something so humiliating, especially seeing the kid had a tiny package to boot.

“It was a one-time thing, kid. Get over it. It ain’t gonna happen again. Got it shrimp?” James barred his teeth while spitting his venom hoping that Mikey would drop it. James had been sick to his stomach ever since he fucked a man.

“Come on, I know you loved it,” Mikey pleaded. The sunlight shining in from the windows surrounding the front door hit his blue eyes just right that they seemed to be glowing. James’ head hurt and he began feeling very lightheaded so he sat down on the bench in the foyer.

James did have to admit that it was kind of hot to completely dominate someone. Not once had a woman ever been able to endure how dominant James truly was, but this boy, Mikey, took it like a complete champ. James realized then that Mikey was right—James did love the encounter.

“So what if I did, it was only a one-time event,” James tried, averting his gaze from the twink.

“You know that’s not right—I come here every Sunday,” Mikey said as he sat down next to James and took off his shoes.

James scratched at his head as new memories settled into his fragile mind. Memories that were, as Mikey stated, of having dominated the twink every weekend since that first sexual encounter.

“Let’s get started then,” James said automatically, but inside he was screaming that something was wrong. No way in hell was he going to have another go at this boy. Despite his inner protests, he felt hands exploring his muscular chest as he was pushed down onto his back. The hands kneaded his muscles as Mikey started massaging the hunk.

James started to forget how horribly wrong this was as Mikey’s magic hands worked over his muscles. He was starting to slip into unconsciousness as Mikey started talking again, but his voice seemed a little different—almost diabolical.

“You look great, James. All that running and squats are paying off,” Mikey purred as he flipped James over with strength that James didn’t think he had. He began pawing at James’ bubble butt he was very proud of. “So sexy and toned.”

Toned? No, that’s not right. James was a muscled hunk, not a toned stud. Still—what he was saying did sound true. James could clearly remember all the hours he spent on cardio and what time he spent in the gym he would prefer squats and hack presses.

James tried to protest everything as he felt his shorts get torn off his body leaving him in nothing but his plaid boxers. It was a weird feeling, but it was like James was paralyzed—he couldn’t even speak his concerns as he felt his ass get molested by Mikey’s hands.

“Love your juicy little bubble,” Mikey said seductively as James felt teeth nibble at his jiggly cheeks. He then felt a tongue massage them and make his boxers soaking wet. “I love how you took my advice from a few weeks back and stopped wearing those unflattering boxers.”

James was extremely confused as he only owned boxers, what was Mikey talking about? He continued feeling Mikey pawing at his cheeks which were being hugged by his plaid boxer-briefs. James’ confusion evaporated instantly as he recalled tossing out all of his boxers in place of sexier boxer-briefs.

What James didn’t see from his position was the black mist emanating from Mikey which attached itself to James’ boxers and tightened them into boxer-briefs, also altering James’ memory so he wouldn’t freak out. The mist also wafted through James’ house to his bedroom and shrunk down every pair of boxers he owned to boxer-briefs.

He also didn’t see that as Mikey was kneading James’ muscles, they were shrinking into the body which Mikey was describing, James’ mind also altering to accommodate his new smaller, toned body. He was also oblivious to the fact that Mikey was buffing up having stole the muscle mass from the proud, cocky stud.

James was forced back onto his back and looked into the ocean blue eyes of the handsome guy sitting on his chest, trapping his arms at his waist.

He tried to move but found that he was a lot weaker than Mikey now for some odd reason.

“Such a handsome, young boy,” Mikey said as he leaned down. James felt his heart racing as Mikey’s lips were now less than inch from his own. Why was he nervous? James was straight as an arrow despite having dominated this guy on a weekly basis for the past few months. Was he turning gay?

Without time to think, James felt his mouth invaded by Mikey’s exploring tongue. He didn’t even want to protest—it felt heavenly. The makeout session lasted for who-knows how long before Mikey pulled it off.

“Such a good kisser too,” Mikey said in a voice that was several octaves deeper than his normal voice. Or—wasn’t that always how his voice sounded? Yes, that was it! James could clearly remember how he always envied Mikey for how masculine his voice sounded while his had never seemed to mature and was still very high-pitched and whiney.

Again, James didn’t realize that during the kiss Mikey had stolen James’ voice from him. How could he realize that the kid on top of him was a demon? It’s not like James was kind enough to stay in touch with any of his conquests—and one had had enough of James’ attitude and summoned Mikey into our plane for revenge. James needed to be knocked down a few pegs and Mikey was the demon for the job. He loved emasculating hunks and improving himself in the process.

“Th—thank you,” James said, giddy that he could at least speak again. Although he cringed hearing his own voice. Mikey was kind enough to leave memories of James’ true self competing with the invading memories of his modified self.

“Thank you what?” Mikey demanded.

“Thank you, sir?” James inquired, unsure how to respond. His stomach was in knots as he was always the dominant. Yet, somehow, it made sense for Mikey to be in charge. After all, James was the thin guy and Mikey was the muscled Adonis.

“Much better, shrimp,” Mikey laughed deeply. As he said that James’ toned body shrunk down further and he was now nothing more than a scrawny lad. James wouldn’t realize until much later, but he also lost several inches in height as Mikey said that, Mikey growing several inches. On top of that, James was now only 24 years old while Mikey was now 23 in his human form.

“Thank you, sir,” James said more confidently this time as his new persona was taking over. He quickly became erect hearing him call Mikey sir.

“You know, shrimp,” at that he lost more mass and height as well as another year, “you’re quite the cute twink, aint’cha, Jim?”

Jim couldn’t help but smile his famous smile, although it wouldn’t get him into bed with girls in his current state. As he did, Mike ran his fingers over Jim’s lips working more of his demonic magic on the twink. When he retracted his fingers, the scruff that Jim had had was now clean shaven and there were braces on his now slightly-crooked teeth.

“Yes, sir,” Jim replied now with a lisp and slightly higher-pitched voice.

Mike traced his hand down Jim’s frail chest and as he did all of his chest hair vanished as well as every tattoo that he had gotten when he was James. Mike’s hand continued south until it was cupping Jim’s enormous bulge. As he cupped it, Jim’s boxer-briefs shrunk down further to briefs and was no longer plaid. The darker colors brightened and became neon orange.

“Such a good boy,” Mike said deeply.

“Sir, when do I get to fuck you?” Jim asked quietly, squirming underneath the giant. Mike laughed demonically at that and it took well over a minute for him to calm down.

“You? A top? Don’t make me laugh. You couldn’t fuck anything with that little nub,” Mike said. As he did, Jim’s enormous 11” erection shrunk down to 4” and barely filled the pouch of his briefs.

“No, sir. I asked when I get to be fucked by you?” Jim asked again, not realizing the difference in his question. Inside he was still screaming about everything happening to him, but the new Jim was overpowering James so his willpower was significantly reduced.

“Now,” Mike said deeply unable to contain himself any longer. He got up, picked up the scrawny Jimmy and threw him up against the wall. Mike touched Jimmy’s briefs at his bubble butt and the fabric there vanished, his briefs turning into a jockstrap.

Mike unfastened his belt and let his jeans fall to the floor. He smiled watching his jockstrap turn into briefs, then boxer-briefs and further into the very boxers which James had worn when he arrived. He tugged at his small cock and set it free through the boxers just as his 4” erection grew to James’ former glorious 11”.

“Do you have a condom?” Jimmy asked, his voice muzzled as his face was pressed against the wall.

“Of course,” Mike said as he slid one on. Without any lube he plunged into the twink permanently turning him into the bottom he was born to be.

After several thrusts, the demon was not impressed. “Then again, you don’t like to play safe, do you, faggot?”

“No, that’s why we always bareback,” Jimmy replied as the condom vanished off Mike’s cock.

“That’s right. You like to be filled with the glorious cum of men. It’s the only time you feel like a real man, isn’t it?” Mike asked as he bottomed out in the twink.

“Yes, sir,” Jimmy moaned effeminately.

The thrusting continued until Mike was bored with their current position and threw Jimmy onto his knees taking him doggy-style. They must have tried every position imaginable before Mike was ready to release.

“Tell me what you want,” Mike begged the moaning 21 year-old twink.

“Cum in me,” he yelled, pinching Mike’s nipples through his fur.

“Your wish is my command,” Mike laughed evilly as he came in the twink. With that, Jimmy also erupted thus sealing the changes which Mike brought onto him.

“Thank you, sir,” Jimmy lisped after a long silence. He searched the foyer for his discarded clothing but didn’t have enough time to grab anything.

“Get the fuck out of my house,” Mike ordered, pushing the scrawny twink out of the front door in nothing but his rainbow jockstrap with the neon pink band embroidered with “BTM FAG”.

Mike laughed evilly at having fully taken James’s life including his house and job. James was now nothing and he’d never be able to recover from the changes, not that the horny, slutty twink would ever want to go back to his former glory anyway.

After a few weeks Mike heard his phone blowing up. He checked his phone and saw that he had several invitations from friends of the woman who had summoned him to take James down. She must have spread the word. Mike shred his clothes and hopped in the shower, smiling at the thought of the three other men he was being summoned to destroy.

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