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Kye's Store - Part 1 - Leo

By WhatAnInterestingSurprise published March 2, 2019

Kye owns a store of curiosities in a busy city. His wares can alter customers in a variety of peculiar ways.

Kye was the proud and esteemed owner of small store in the city. He had been running it for few months now, ever since a run in with a particularly kind-hearted genie and a well worded wish. While the store front had no name or advertising, the small shop with its unique supplies of clothing and beauty items had no difficulty attracting customers. It seemed that men which Kye would find attractive, found themselves compelled to explore the stores wares on the morning commute to work, afternoon jog, or journey home after a late night out.

Men of all kinds would wander into the store suddenly interested in the clothing racks hung with previously unheard-of brands such as PuckerUp underwear, and DT / TD caps. Littered around the store were small containers of various suncreams and DSLipbalm. Glittering bracelets and necklaces decorated with iconography of ram’s horns, seashells, and coloured gems. The cosy and somewhat cluttered interior of Kye’s store was stocked to the brim with an eclectic mix of items.

It was late afternoon, Kye was keeping himself busy reorganising the selection of grey baseball caps when the gentle tinkle of the doorbell brought his attention to the young man who had decided to enter the store. The boy looked in his very late teens or early twenties. For a city goer he was dressed rather casually, a simple pair of shorts and a t-shirt.

“Can I be of any help?” Kye politely questioned, as he continued to look the boy over. He wasn’t very muscular, but he definitely wasn’t chubby, and his face was one that Kye would say yes to if a date was offered.

“I’m just having a look thanks.” The boy replied, his face expressing mild confusion, this wasn’t unusual, many people questioned why they had entered the shop. It was now Kye’s job to nudge them further on their journey.

“Well feel free to have a look over at that shelf, I have a feeling that’s what you’re looking for.” He replied, vaguely gesturing to a messy yet organised collection of underwear. The customers were often easy to sway in the right direction.

Without much thought the young man followed Kye’s suggestion and made his way over to the pile of fabric. The underwear was an eclectic mix of briefs, boxers, boxer briefs, jockstraps, G-strings the last two were surprising. “-What’s your name love?” the sales attendants voice said from a few feet away. Startled out of a sort of trance the boy replied “Uh, Leo.”

“What a great name! I’m Kye, if you care.” Kye responded nonchalantly, walking over to Leo’s side. “You know, I think these would be perfect for you.” he continued, deftly pulling out a pair of bright yellow briefs. Leo seemed hesitant.

“You more of a boxer or boxer briefs guy?” Leo nodded his head, unsure of what to say to Kye’s very open demeanour. "Don’t worry about it, after you try these, I swear you’ll never go back. For some reason unknown to him Leo felt the compulsion to agree, “No harm in trying something new,” Kye continued, “the changing room is just there Leo.” He pushed the underwear into Leo’s hand and pointed to a small wooden door which didn’t quite touch the ceiling or floor.

Shuffling inside the small changing room, Leo removed his shoes and shorts, before picking up the pair of yellow briefs, the waistband read “ShowOffs”, the brand name meaning nothing to him Leo stepped into the briefs and pulled them on. A quick wave of dizziness swayed him as the waistband snapped onto his skin. Steadying himself on the mirror, Leo recovered and stepped back to look at the yellow garment.

They didn’t look all that bad, the material clung to his skin comfortably. Turning to the side, Leo examined how the briefs shaped his ass and bulge. As he gazed down at the yellow underwear, he felt a small bubble of pride expand inside him. They looked good, they pushed his crotch out slightly and lifted his ass nicely. He felt his confidence in Kye’s choice growing. Leo turned back to face the mirror lifting the hem of his t-shirt slightly so he could see the waistband meeting the base of his modest abs, the brand ShowOffs, proudly reading in reverse across the mirrors surface. Damn these underwear looked good, within moments Leo pulled his t-shirt off displaying his modestly toned chest. He rubbed his hands around his chest and made his way down to feel the yellow briefs, all the while not taking his eyes off his reflection. Holy fuck he looked good.

He couldn’t deny it, Leo gave a sly wink to his reflection and began to flex, amazed at how sexy he looked. He turned around and pulled down the waistband a bit so top of his ass crack was showing, “So fucking sexy.” He mumbled to himself, before turning to the front and tugged the waistband further so the base of his dick was just on display. “Fucking gorgeous.” He kept talking to his reflection, not wanting to look away.

“Hey Leo, I think these would also look great on you.” Kye’s voice said from the other side of the door, interrupting him mid pose, a small pink piece of fabric flew over the top of the door. Finally tearing his gaze away from the mirror, Leo held up the few strings of pink material. It was a G-string, in small writing across the waistband the brand PuckerUp was written. Only a few minutes earlier the idea of wearing a G-string would have concerned and disgusted Leo. Now he couldn’t think of anything better than being able to show off more of his sexy body.

Quickly dropping the yellow briefs to the floor, Leo made a show of putting on the skimpy pink garment. A sudden heat came over his ass, turning so he could see it in the mirror, Leo watched in disbelief as he could clearly see the subtle curve of his globes begin to swell. His altered mind was struggling to find any other thoughts than how fucking hot this was. He reached down to knead and fondle his growing ass, letting out heavy breaths. His cheeks continued to swell until the string disappeared into the now expansive cavern between his massive globes. The swelling came to a sudden stop causing his new bubble butt to jiggle slightly.

A different sensation began to arise, it felt as if the string of the underwear was inflating inside his crack. Curious he knelt down and pulled his ass apart to find an unexpected transformation. It was not the G-string which had inflated, his asshole now resembled a donut shape, it stuck out prominently. He gazed in disbelief, the magic of the store around him altering his rational emotions into lust and a lack of concern to the change. In a moment of clarity he understood the PuckerUp brand of underwear, his hole looked like a large set of puckered lips. Tentatively he reached out to feel the new addition, groaning out in pleasure as an orgasmic sensation erupted from his touch. A clear pre-like drool began to leak out and coat his finger as he continued to play with his asshole. Staring lustfully at the reflection of his gentle rubbing around the ring. “Rub that sexy hole,” he whispered to the reflection, “Yeah, finger that fat ass.”

“Have you tried them on yet? Feel free to show me how they look!” the shopkeepers voice called over the door.

Eager at the prospect of showing off his new assets Leo burst out of the changing room into the main store, one hand still playing with his bloated asshole. “Fucking hot right?” Leo said, turning around to Kye could see the full effects of his underwear choice. Leo’s hand was still rubbing against his hole, he let out a low moan as it gently puckered, coating his hand in more of the pre like substance.

“Wow they really work well on you! It’s like you’re a whole new person!” Kye announced, grinning. He caught sight of the swollen dripping lips between Leo’s asscheeks and was somewhat surprised. “So thats what the PuckerUps do…” he thought.

“You know, I think there’s some items which will match with that perfectly.” He said, marching over to the other side of the small shop. Picking up a tank top with an illustration of a dumbbell with 3 weights on either side. “Try this on.” He said throwing it over to the almost naked Leo. “You want me to cover up this sexy body?”

“Only for a moment! Just give it a try.” Kye replied. “Those ShowOffs were perhaps a tad too strong…” he murmured to himself.

Reluctantly Leo pulled on the tank top, completely oblivious to the muscles that exploded out over his body as he put it on. Kye smirked, his customers didn’t seem to notice his products effects outside the changing room. Bodybuilder sized arms and pecs threatened to burst out of the stretched material. The transformation turned Leo from lanky and toned to massive and shredded. His muscular thighs had grown to a size which looked like there would be a struggle to get the skimpy G-string off. Leo’s pillowy bubble butt looked out place on his heavily defined frame, Leo’s muscular arm was still wedged against his butthole, rubbing it with more vigour than before. The PuckerUp’s effect would likely become stronger and stronger the longer Leo wore them.

“Hmm, perhaps not, try this one.” Kye held out the same tank top, though this one had one weight each side of the dumbbell cartoon. Leo seemed to struggle for a moment as his hulking arms attempted to get the shirt over his head. Finally, he managed to free himself from the clothing, Kye couldn’t help but stare at Leo’s enormous chest and chiselled abs. Fighting the urge to pull out his phone and snap a picture Kye waited patiently for the muscleman to put on the next shirt.

Kye watched as Leo’s heavy frame reduce as he finished getting on the top. The dinner plate sized pecs shrunk down to a more reasonable side-plate size. His monster legs reduced down to a typical jock size, overall his musculature made Leo seem like he focused on the gym but didn’t live in one. His handsome face atop a boy-next-door body made Kye swoon slightly. Leo was certainly moving along in the right direction.

“Now let’s kick things into gear.” Kye thought to himself. “That looks amazing on you! How about we try out some caps,” he said aloud, lifting up a black cap with the letters DT sewn into the front.

As Kye saw the cap go down onto his head, he saw Leo’s dick rise. Almost immediately, the muscular boy reached down and began to roughly stroke it through the fabric, gushes of precum were already spurting through the material coating his hand. Grunting heavily. Leo looked Kye dead in the eye, “Are you going to suck it or not?” he quickly pulled out his average dick from the pink underwear. “Hey come back, I’ll let you fuck it instead!” Leo called over to the store owner who had removed the cap and wandered back to the hat stand, muttering under his breath.

“I always get the DickThink and ThinkDick caps wrong. Which genius designed them so similar?” Kye mumbled as he switched the DT for a black TD one.

Walking back over he noticed that drips of white cum were sliding down Leo’s rigid pole, as he approached the newly minted horndog waved his dick in Kye’s direction. “Come on man, I really to need to fuck something, you look like you want this dic-“ Kye slapped the new hat onto his head. His demeanour changed immediately, Leo’s erect cock stayed hard. But his expression became dazed. “Need dick…” he mumbled, a small trail of drool began to fall from his mouth. He leaned forward shoving his face aggressively into Kye’s crotch. “Oh, fucking dick…. So good.” He mumbled into the fabric. “Ugh get it out, need to taste,” he begun fiddling with the fly of Kye’s pants. Kye could feel himself getting hard, and Leo could feel it to. “Yes, give me your fat boner!”

Unable to resist any longer Kye quickly undid his pants and whipped his sizeable cock out in front of the desperate boy’s face. It bounced in the open air for a split second before Leo hungrily swallowed it to the hilt, the cocksucker’s moans of satisfaction pleasuring the dick lodged down his throat. Leo began to move his head up the down the veiny shaft, relishing the taste of the fat cock which he suddenly craved so strongly. The blowjob lasted for a long 15 minutes, by the end Leo’s head was moving at such a pace Kye was worried the cock-mad boy would injure himself. Reaching onto the front counter behind him, Kye picked up one of the mint creams next to the till and popped it into his mouth. As with most things in the store, its effect was near instant. Kye felt his orgasm approaching swiftly as his balls tightened up preparing to shoot a monster load down Leo’s throat. The feeling of imminent climax continued to build for what felt like an age, before finally, Kye felt the floodgates burst. Letting out a moan of pleasure, he watched as Leo’s cheeks ballooned outward from the deluge of cum flowing into his mouth. Eagerly the cock obsessed boy swallowed, allowing more of the cum he now craved so desperately.

The mint creams effect lasted for a considerably long time, as Kye neared the end of his orgasm, a loud twang followed by a loud moan from Leo echoed around the store. Looking down at the boy still eagerly swallowing his dick, he noticed that the pink PuckerUp G-string which had grown Leo’s ass had snapped off and fallen to the floor, the pink colour drained from its fabric. Kye guessed that it had now completed its transformation. The boy kneeling confirmed his suspicions when Leo’s eventually removed his mouth from the dick, and moaned out. “Oooh, my hole is so empty…. Please my hole needs dick! Holy fuck, I need dick sooOOh bad!” Leo cried, gently shuffling around on the floor until his ass was in line with Kye’s still gently dripping cock. “Well, the customer is always right!” Kye shrugged, before shoving it into the boys needy hole.

This was partially inspired by Abra Cadabra’s Jockhole Transformations series on Nifty. Feel free to add your own stories/chapters/ideas for items which Kye’s store should stock.

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