My First Guy

By Landers published March 2, 2019

A guy with mind control powers finds someone to play with

I was at the gym on the treadmill, walking as a moderate pace to I could look around. The guys there were all such perfect specimens it made it hard to pick just one. I only really got a grasp on my powers after years of practice and training on a much smaller scale (with animals and shallowly with people). I wanted someone I could have fun with. Someone strong, and masculine. Someone who oozed testosterone and confidence, who I could make act like a sex machine one moment and a gentleman the next. I’ve never actually formed a deep, mental link with someone before. The closest I got to forming any link was with my dog Rocko, and even then I only used that link to make him do some cool tricks and stop begging for food during dinner.

But I’ve gotten better over the years. The most impressive thing I’ve done was get a flock of birds to chase some kids away from my house one Halloween. I think I’m ready to at least try controlling a human at this point.

My thoughts were interrupted when I finally found the perfect person. An handsome African American man around 6 feet tall with light brown skin and a very short buzz-cut. He had a clean shave, a swimmer’s body, and his muscles were clearly defined. His short sleeve compression shirt left little to the imagination, showing off 6 pack abs that can cut glass. He wore black basketball shorts that just barely made the dick imprint on his pants visible. He had very kind eyes, and a million dollar smile with perfect teeth. He was flirting to the woman at the front desk, and it seemed like she was going along with it.

I immediately paused the treadmill so I could concentrate, and tune into his senses. I closed my eyes and focused.

“I probably should get started on my workout, but why don’t we exchange numbers. I’ll buy you a drink.” I heard the man say to the lady at the front desk, seeing her through his eyes, hearing his voice with his ears. His voice was deep, but about what I expected. He spoke with an articulate nature, like he was a professor in college. He also spoke with the confidence of a man who knew he was handsome and charming.

“Sure.” the lady said. She was clearly into him. She went to get some paper to write down her number-

“Hey.” a man said to me, touching me on the shoulder, and pulling me out of the guy’s mind. Dam-it. I didn’t even get to try taking control. I thought to myself. “Are you okay?” The guys said. He was a short, fat guy wearing a gray shirt, not someone I would be interested in.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” I said, getting off the treadmill. I was annoyed at the guy, but was too excited at finding my perfect man. I looked at him to see if he noticed my abrupt exit. Even though I was just a viewer, I imagine his mind felt something. He didn’t seem too effected. Just a slight confusion was on his face, like it new something was off, but he didn’t know what. I walked to the bathroom and closed one of the stalls so I could have some privacy, and so I could focus on the guy. I sat down on the edge of the toilet seat and concentrated, imagining the cord between my mind and his. Imagining the flow of energy from my consciousness to his unconscious. I don’t know how long it took, but when I finally felt the connection, the click happen, I knew it worked. The guy’s name was Vincent, but went by Vince. He lived alone in an apartment downtown. I got to explore around in his mind and learn a lot about him, but that’s not why I’m in here.

I put my mark in his mind, sealing our connection, and making sure the control is one-way before pulling back. When I woke up, I left the stall, washed my hands, and went to check on Vince.

He was lifting some weights, doing what looked like a normal routine. His shirt had some blotches on it from sweat. I wanted to try out my control, so I mentally commanded him to go home. Immediately after I did, he put the weights back where they belonged, picked up his stuff, and left the gym. I followed him, heading to my car so I could follow him home from a safe distance.

We got to his place pretty quickly. He only lived 10 minutes away, driving. He got out of the car, his keys in hand and went into his building complex, a large apartment building about 12 stories high. I quickly entered the building with him, without him noticing, and went to the elevator with him. When we were alone together, I introduced myself.

“Hi, I’m Ron.” I said.

“Vince.” responded, pushing the button marked PH. “What floor?” he asked.

“Oh, a-I’m headed to PH, too.” I said, nervously.

“Really?” he said skeptically, “I’ve never seen you here before.”

“Oh, I’m here to see a friend.” I lied. Then I made Vince stop asking questions. He shrugged and stood there, waiting to reach his floor. I took this time to make him feel aroused by me. I wanted his dick to be rock hard by the time he got to his door. Vince seemed a to get more and more uncomfortable as his dick grew in his pants, even adjusting himself at one point to make the bulge less noticeable, and he seemed to refuse to look at me. I could tell he felt confused and embarrassed. He is straight, or at least without my influence he is, but I kept at it. By the time we made it to the top floor Vince bolted out of the elevator and quickly walked to his place.

“Hold on.” I told him. He stopped, the keys in his door. Vince felt slightly afraid, but more confused as to why he was obeying me. When I finally caught up to him, I let him open the door, and made him let me enter. I wanted him to act like everything was normal. I knew I couldn’t make him truly believe that, but that was part of the fun. He put his keys down on the front counter. I closed the door behind me. He had a lovely apartment. The sunlight lit the room, giving it a natural glow. It was clean and organized, well designed and warm. "You have a lovely place. I said.

He didn’t respond. Instead, I had Vince come to me with lust in his eyes. I made him grab my hips, pulling me close to his body as he was forced to kiss me passionately, his tongue exploring the inside of my mouth as his hands moved from my hips to my ass, squeezing them firmly. I made sure he enjoyed the experience, or at least that he felt pleasure during it, making him feel waves or pleasure as he touched and kissed me. As I let him pull back, I gave him a little freedom.

“What are you doing to me?” he whispered, trying to ketch his breath.

“I’m just having fun.” I said with a smile on my face. “Don’t worry. I won’t hurt you too much. And who knows, maybe in time you’ll come to truly enjoy it.”

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