The Hot Tub Transfer

By orrinotica published March 2, 2019

Kyle admires a hot Middle Eastern guy in the hot tub, clueless to the fact he’s being turned into the stereotypical version of such.

The Hot Tub Transfer By: Orrinotica

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Yassir was relaxing in his gym’s Jacuzzi after a hard workout thinking about a variety of things:

“This water feels nice…”

“I feel good. My muscles feel good…”

“I could really throw my arms up…”

“…Behind my head…”

Indeed, Yassir was well-built. His muscle tone was defined and yet his middle-eastern genes afforded him an ever-so-slight layer of fat in his mid section. Yassir’s body hair was a classic thick, black variety that you couldn’t see through in the typical areas… pits and beard…

“Ah, not a care in the world!” He would think, stretching his arms behind his head now.

Kyle, perhaps the most typical type of gym goer, had just finished his ‘very minor’ workout in his mission to get bigger.

“30 minutes is enough, right?” Kyle assured himself on his walk to the locker room. “I’ll bet the Jacuzzi will feel great!”

Kyle was no stranger to the hot tub, it was actually part of his gym routine. “Maybe there’ll be a hot guy to flirt with this time…!”

Being single, Kyle loved to imagine what it would be like to hookup at the gym. “Fuck, it’ll never happen but maybe I’ll have some eye candy today…”

One view of the Jacuzzi area and Kyle was happy to say the least…

“Wow holy cow! This guy is hot!”

Kyle’s sight darted to the guy’s hairy pits on display. While Yassir had his eyes closed, Kyle took the opportunity to really check the guy out. “He’s an alpha for sure… middle eastern… I can’t even see through his pit hair!” …The movement of the water from Kyle entering the spa had Yassir stirring awake. Kyle quickly darted his eyes away but was a second too late in that regard… Yassir pretended to ignore the glance but was really triggered by it……

Yassir began thinking, closing his eyes once more. “That little white American was just perving on my pits wasn’t he?”

With his eyes closed, Yassir took one of his arms down and took to scratching his hairy armpit. After that he brushed his hand along his chest. Wet chest hair floated along where water level rested.

Kyle had already zoned in on Yassir’s scratching and wanted badly to hookup with the alpha dude. “I wonder if he’s gay?”

Alas Yassir opened his eyes fully, causing Kyle to again look the other way. The eye-tag went back and forth for several minutes, during which time Yassir plotted a certain kind of path forward…

“They are so insignificant, these puny white boys.”

Years of teachings from family stories told of great power within the middle eastern race. “My family spreads the middle eastern seed far. I am so proud.”

Back in the present, the reality of the situation was one of great sexual tension. Kyle began to think, “If I can just make eye contact with him I’ll know if he’s interested.”

Kyle knew nothing of the great power invested within Yassir. As the budding game of eye tag came to an end, Yassir signaled his transfer ability using the hot tub water as an agent… and it hit Kyle very hard.

“Woah, that’s a shiver.”

For Kyle it felt like a cold blast inside the otherwise hot water, truly unique.

“And now the itching?” Kyle quickly tended to his sudden chest itch. Whereas before there wasn’t much in the way of hair on him, now there existed a bunch of tiny hair follicles beginning to poke out at the micro level. They reared their ugly head as Kyle felt them break the skin. As he looked down to inspect his skin he indeed saw the hairs, many of them. What’s worse, the itching in his pits was overpowering all of his attention. He was forced to take a scratch to them, even as Yassir, the hot middle eastern man, began to glace over a bit more frequently.

Yassir let loose another round of middle eastern attributes through the water, including some rather specific mental commands…

“I am getting hairier…”

“I am getting darker, like a mixed ethnicity… brown…”

Kyle’s distaste over his growing hair situation was evident from his look of panic. He’d since stopped scratching out of fear of making a scene. Still, he felt many hairs within his pits, chest, and groin begin to inch out further. “If I get any hairier I’ll start to look like a middle eastern…” … “Wait, what?”

Yassir continued to send over more of his DNA through the water. He was sure to include some of the purest middle eastern traditions into the transformation… “I want that white boy to think like a hairy, proud man.”

Kyle’s gay mind took in the subliminal transfer and he started to manifest a daydream involving shower sex with Yassir. The thought was turning him on, but also humiliating him, causing him to turn bright red. Kyle instinctively looked at his skin and saw it to be much darker than normal. “I have a tan??”

More pressing for Kyle however, was the pumping of blood through his muscles that made them bloat up. At this point, Kyle looked like an even split between white and brown but his body was growing. The hair that sprouted up around the various parts of his body was much darker than prior.

“Oh god, I have to get out of here.”

Now abandoning his mission to play games with Yassir, Kyle made a ‘V’ line to the locker room shower area. The whole walk there he looked to see if people were watching him. In between bouts of paranoia, Kyle snuck in scratches to his chest and pits. “I wish I could scratch my crotch right now, ugh!”

A quick look downward revealed a changing figure. Hair was growing in everywhere. Inside the shower stall Kyle jumped out of the now tight swimsuit he’d been in. It tore as he took it off. “They’re out of towels too!” Kyle panicked, realizing he would have to walk nude like some of the other guys at the gym. Suddenly a thought appeared in his mind… “But my big brown dick is nothing to be ashamed of, let them see it.”

“These thoughts… how?” Kyle was confused, and now he felt nervous to have patrons of the gym walk by the shower stalls near him. The curtains were very thin and didn’t provide much privacy.

Kyle wasn’t ignorant to his changes, and his mind was changing. “I’m becoming middle eastern… I don’t want to be like this!” Kyle played with his new pit hair, fighting with it now in order to keep it contained within his pit. “It pops out… stop!!” The humiliation was still there but mixed in were thoughts of superiority. “I could show this shit off!”

A newer sound of footsteps approached now… It was Yassir picking the shower stall directly across from where Kyle was…

“Oh no, it’s him!” Kyle felt the blood rush to his enlarged cock, growing to a much larger 8-inches. A scratch at his growing bush provided little in the way of relief.

Kyle avoided looking over at Yassir, who didn’t fully close his curtain. Unfortunately, Kyle couldn’t control his feelings as his level of horniness shot up. The moment Kyle looked over, Yassir met his gaze directly. The rush of energy resulted in a quick throb of his hard dick, along with a surge of itching in the various areas of Kyle’s body. “Oh fuck!” Kyle grunted out in a deeper voice. His hands made their way down…

“I’m bout to bust a nut in the shower,” Kyle thought, part of him thought just how gross that would be.

His hands defied him as they began gently massaging up and down… “Big dick, I know you wanna blow…” Kyle started a dialogue with his own penis.

As Kyle kept himself occupied, Yassir had plans to finish up Kyle’s transformation. He watched through the curtain Kyle struggling to calm down. Instead of standing by idle, Yassir made a bold move to join a changing Kyle in his stall. He made the move..

Quickly, Yassir closed the curtain after jumping in with Kyle. The shower hardly covered them both. Kyle first jumped a bit, but his mouth was instantly covered by the invading Yassir. As Kyle’s physical body looked mostly foreign now, Yassir decided it was best to transfer over the last of his family’s mental programming.

Yassir placed his beefy hand over Kyle’s eyes. The motion subdued Kyle, leaving him standing powerless. Yassir sent over more of his subliminal programming…

“Shower after workout…”

“Horny in the shower…”

“Jerk off in the shower and think about myself.”

Meanwhile, Yassir took over the handling of Kyle’s dick, choosing to work it at a steady pace up and down, continuing the mental transfer…

“Show off muscle, show off large middle eastern dick.”

“It’s just about race, brown is superior, act it.”


Yassir removed his hand and Kyle slowly opened his eyes. Yassir observed Kyle to be in a trance-like state. Within seconds Yassir vacated the shower stall and hurried along. Kyle was left sporting a huge boner in a now hairy, fully middle eastern body. By the time Kyle came-to, pre was dripping from his cock and his hand was deep-in-pit scratching.


Kyle grabbed at his dick. “I’m- horny.” Upon jerking, Kyle could only muster enough imagination to think of a few things. “My hairy muscle body, oh fuck yea, I’m a god.”

Kyle grabbed the shower wall as he pumped his boner to the max. “Beat my meat, beat my meat,” he thought on repeat. He hadn’t noticed the shower curtain was open far more than normal. A smaller twink-like guy walked by Kyle and still he kept pumping. Kyle thought mean things about the pale passerby…

“The fuck is this white boy looking at?”

The cocky thoughts fed off each other and fueled Kyle’s sexual energy. “I’m bigger, browner, and I have this huge hairy cock… Oh fuck…”

“Oh, fuck I’m gunna cum…”

Like a geyser, Kyle blew a hefty load onto the shower wall. Multiple shots began dripping down the side of the wall as Kyle panted and caught his breath. He didn’t even bother washing anything off before sliding open the shower curtain in a hurry. His softening cock was still huge by comparison as he remembered there were no towels available. “Fuck it.”

Leaving some long black hairs on the floor behind him, Kyle strolled into the locker room with a walk that allowed his dick to swing more. A sudden urge to scratch at his pits had Kyle digging his hand up there as he passed a bunch of people. “Let them see my hairy pits,” Kyle suddenly remembered as normal.

Kyle gathered his belongings out of his locker just as the last bit of Kyle’s American side held on… “I- have- to fight th—I’m not white.” … ”No wait, that’s not right!”

Conflicting memories fought it out, however the strong middle eastern tendencies won out…

“But—my dick is godlike. …Show it off, fuck yea!”

Instead of quickly dressing, Kyle thought it would be cool to walk around naked. “Showoff my bush a little.”

In the end, Kyle stayed in the locker room for nearly fifteen minutes showing off his alpha nature. Just as he was leaving the locker room a final wave of energy seemed to shave off brain power straight out of Kyle’s head. He stopped to sit down in front of a TV showing sports. With his hands quickly being shoved down the waistband of his shorts, Kyle got lost in the recaps on TV, forever turning into a dumb and hairy middle eastern dude with a show-off problem at the gym.

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