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By rubbrsome published March 1, 2019

The detective and the others are ready to begin their final journey.


So many men. Each of them had a voice … all of them a separate identity. And Brett Janson knew each and every one of them. They were a part of him now.

If the detective could be compared to a drop of water. Then the male collective was a vast ocean. One would think it impossible to separate all the identities. That a man would become hopelessly lost among the horde. But the detective found it surprisingly easy to retain his own individuality, and at the same time, start “body-hopping” from man to man … seeing what they saw. Experiencing what they felt. Feeling what they ….

And that’s when Janson began to lose control.

Brett Janson was suddenly brought back to the present. He looked down and watched as he thrust his cock out of some unknown man’s ass. The naked man lay in a suspension sling, his legs spread apart and his ass lay bare. Janson didn’t know who the man was. His face was unknown, but the man didn’t seem to mind having his ass fucked. He stared intently at the detective, almost seeming to beg for his ass to be assaulted.

The detective didn’t disappoint. Because what he was feeling was pure lust. And he realized the hunger … more than that … it was starvation. It was the hunger for sex as he had never experienced it before. Every man, every mind that he was connected to were crying out for sexual release. The need to unload their cocks. The hunger suddenly crashed down on the detective’s shoulders, driving him in desperation to get his cock to unleash.

So he kept thrusting his cock in and out of the man’s ass. He watched as the man closed his eyes, relishing in his ass fucking. Janson eyes were white, and he quickly lost himself in his fucking. As the pleasure inside him grew, he began to smile broader and broader as he found himself readying himself to unload his balls.

It was sexual pleasure like no other. But not just his own. It was his sex along with each and every man that was part of the collective. He could feel his cock sliding back and forth inside the man’s ass. But there others … so many others. So many other guys that were doing what he was doing right now. And he combined his pleasure with there, melting it into one massive synergy.

He was in Bradley Milton, officer of the campus police. The extremely muscular officer was kneeling with his thighs spread apart. Between his legs was the head of an unconscious man. The officer didn’t know who the man was and he didn’t care. All he cared about was spreading his seed. And with cock in hand, he began to stroke. The pleasure was unreal. Better than anything that he had felt when he was human. If Officer Milton wasn’t part of the collective, he knew such pleasure would have broken him. But having joined with the SOURCE, he knew he had master over his senses. He could take it.

As the pleasure rose, he felt his seed begin to flow. To extend outward. Again, the pleasure waves began to heighten. The officer couldn’t stop himself from arching himself backwards. But he kept on pumping his cock. He couldn’t stop. Would never stop. And he felt his seed emerge, extending outward and begin to probe..

The officer kept his eyes closed as he stroked. He didn’t have to look. He maintained a connection to his seed. He felt what it felt. Its desire to implant itself in another … to bond with another host. It’s need for implantation was also Officer Milton’s need. The officer wanted nothing more than to join with others: to spread and to grow. So the officer kept stroking, encouraging it out of his cock, stretching itself outward until it sensed … something. Having sensed the unconscious host, the silver tendril began to spiral downward, lowering its body through the ear canal.

Officer Milton gasp when the connection was made. Quite literally from his balls to the other man’s brain. The first link was made. The two men made their first bond. Suddenly, the officer knew the unconscious man’s name. He was Cody Hawthorne. A massive smile broke out on the officer’s face as he probed the Cody’s mind. His seed was quickly penetrating the boy’s brain, bonding with the central nervous system. Finally, the seed sealed itself, bonding permanently to its new host.

A massive wave of pleasure ripped through the officer. Done. Another man ready to begin his journey. With the seed implanted, the officer flexed his internal muscle. He ordered his seed to detach from his ball-sack and fully implant itself into the host. And within seconds, he felt the worm-like creature slipping out of his cock and watched slide down into the man’s ear canal. The man was still unconscious, but was already responded to having been implanted. The officer watched as the man’s cock hardened and rose. The officer couldn’t help himself; he reached down with a free hand, and began to stroking the man’s cock as he continued to stroke his own.

But very quickly, it was time for Officer Milton to implant a new host. His ball-sack was already producing more seed. And the hunger for implantation never left him. His need for sex was never quenched. He let go of both his and the other man’s cock and stood up. Looking down, there were over a dozen unconscious men. All of them had recently been implanted with seeds. All of their cocks were hard. But the dozen were not enough. They needed more. A lot more. So the officer pulled up his black uniform bottom, and left the room to find himself another host.

The detective, momentarily, flashed back to his own body. He was still fucking; still thrusting himself in and out of the man’s ass. It felt wonderful. He was feeling his own pleasure, and at the same time, the pleasure that the officer had felt. He added the two experiences into one. Combining them, bringing him closer to climax. But he wanted more.

So he found Jeff Goodall. Like Janson, he was currently fucking some guy in a sling. Instinctively, the detective knew exactly where Goodall was. The man was standing at the sling just to his left, only a few feet away. Janson opened his eyes, still pumping his cock back and forth, looked to his left and saw the man whose mind he was occupying.

Mr. Goodall, sensing the detective in his mind and looked to his right. The men stared at each other, their minds connected, sharing the same sexual heights and experience. They never broke rhythm with their cock thrusts. In fact, they seemed to quickly sync up, becoming in tune with each other. And as their connection increased, the two men smiled broadly.

But then suddenly the two men gasped. They were nearing the moment of breaking. They could feel their balls ready to release. It would only take just one more push into the ass, and then … and then …

Standing directly behind both Janson and Goodall, two naked men monitored their progress. As the men neared the moment of cumming, their eyes suddenly blazed a bright blue. They connected directly to these men’s central nervous system, and essentially resetting their sexual climax.

The detective felt it immediately. He had just been about to cum. He had been there, ready to shoot his load. When it had suddenly vanished. His ability to cum was suddenly lost. And at the same time, the pleasure had remained. But the need to cum didn’t vanish. But just his ability to cum had evaporated. It was like climbing a hill. As you ascend to the top, the pleasure of reaching the summit rises up within you. But just as you reach the peak, you suddenly find that there’s more mountain to climb. That there’s another thousand feet ahead of you. The need to climb is still there … the pleasure of the climb is still there. But you just haven’t reached the summit and felt the climatic joy of it all.

This is what the detective felt. He craved the pleasure. He hungered for the release. And he suddenly knew that he had more fucking to do if he wanted to reach that summit. So he quickly found more men, connecting with their thoughts, in the hopes that their pleasure would help him climb his mountain of pleasure.

Jared Hill. Mike Colton. Everett Campbell. Three men. Standing in a line. Walking. Each of them stroking their cocks. They moved forward slowly, walking perfectly in step as wanked themselves. The men were in sync. From their steps to the stroking to their breathing. Even their moans seemed to be perfectly in tune with each other.

Sensing the men, the detective pulled his cock out of the stranger’s ass. He needed to do what they were doing. So he quickly seized his cock and began to stroke. He didn’t know where the other three men were, but they may have been standing right next to him. Even though he wasn’t physically in their presence, the quickly become in sync with them.

As the four stroked themselves, they neared the point in which they were going to unload. They were bringing each other to the breaking point. And Janson was coming along for the ride. But then it happened just like before. When the detective was at the moment of shooting his load, the man standing directly behind him reset his orgasm. The detective and the other three men found themselves denied their climax. It was just like before. He had climbed that mountain, another thousand feet of arduous ascent. And just as he crested that last peak, there was another fucking mountain to climb.

Again and again. Over and over. The detective altered between fucking and stroking. He body-hopped from man to man, quickly rising back to the point in which he was going to climax and only to find himself being reset … again … and again. The black man’s body was drenched in sweat, having been continuously fucking for nearly an hour without having gotten himself off.

Frustration. Anguish. Pain. Pleasure. Denial. Frustration. Anguish. Pain. Pleasure.




He continued to body-hop. Trying to find one man … just one man out of the horde that was getting off, and hoping that sensation of getting off would bring Janson along with him. Like piggy-backing on an orgasm.

There were millions. Millions of minds. Millions of men that were connected. It was like searching an ocean for that perfect drop. But the detective had help. As he connected with the other men, they too, were also searching. The detective realized that he wasn’t alone in his search. All of them … all of the men were also looking for release. All of them hungering to cum.

not here … maybe over there … try him .. no … maybe him … have we looked there …

And then the men found something. It was a sensation that they weren’t expecting.

what is this? who is he?

The men had found something different. That was the only way they could describe it. They simply didn’t understand what they had discovered. They had body-hopped into a man that was part of their collective, and yet at the same time, part of something else. Part of something larger and beyond their collective.

who … what are you

The voice spoke. It was bigger than any voice these men had heard within their collective.


we? the source?

The collection of men tried to understand. They should have understood. But even though this man was part of them, he was something else and far too big to be contained. He was beyond their understanding. He had somehow evolved. The collection of men suddenly felt as if children, and their sexual activity was suddenly too small and inadequate. They had found something bigger and larger. Something much grander and they HAD to be a part of it.

The men were like moths to the flame. Suddenly the group of men that had been desperately trying to cum seemed to pull out. The detective had already withdrawn his cock from the stranger’s ass and had been frantically jerking himself off. He pivoted on the spot and finally noticed that a naked man had been standing behind him. The unknown stranger’s eyes were blazing with a blue intensity, and his broad smile displayed his perfect teeth. The man nodded in approval as the detective began to shuffle past him. And as he began to walk forward the detective never stopped wanking his cock.

Janson didn’t know where he was going. But as he ambled forward, he fell in step with other men that had part of him when discovering the SOURCE. Even now, as each of them slowly ambled along, they could still feel the intense power emanating from the unknown group of men. They couldn’t connect with these men fully. They could only get a vague sense of who or what these men were. But Janson, along with the other men, knew that the answer of being able to cum lay with THE SOURCE.

The procession of naked men moved slowly. Janson had know idea where he stood in line. But as the men filed up and began to march, each and every one of them continued to jack themselves off. The majority of them were leaking massive amounts of precum. And they were following the wet trail of the men that had gone before them. The detective suddenly got a sense that they were like cattle being led for the slaughter. They were being herded forward, like animals penned and now moving through a chute. And like cattle, they had each received their tag. He felt his tag in his ear, and looking down, the other on his nipples. Their owner had come to claim them; they were no longer their own man, but now belonged to someone or something else. Somehow, he knew there was just one more tag to go. One more to receive and he would be transformed into something …… he couldn’t imagine.

The herd moved. The detective was vaguely aware of where he was going. He didn’t pay attention to his surroundings. But the procession of men moved into a stairwell, and began their descent into the University’s Science Building. Hundreds of men were lined up and moving slowly. Each of them naked, each of them of a single mind and purpose … to locate THE SOURCE. All of the men’s eyes were pure white orbs, giving the illusion that the blind were following the blind. And yet each of them were beginning to see more clearly. Seeing the power that lay ahead of them.

The long procession moved slowly down several corridors. And finally, the detective found himself entering what appeared to be a destroyed laboratory. If he had taken the time, he may have studied the charred blast surfaces of the walls. All the lab equipment had been destroyed. Every piece of material seemed to be thrown outward from the center of the large room. Several large electrical cables hung precariously from the ceiling. The large room was an absolute mess. But the men were flocking to it as if being called home. All of them being called to the thing that lay at the center of the decimated room.

The fracture.

A rip in the universe. A tear in the fabric of space/time. It was as if somebody had literally ripped a hole in space. A bright ribbon of light, several meters in length, tore through the air like a jagged piece of white cloth. The air in the room seemed to crackle with energy, and gravity seemed to be pulling the men slightly toward the anomaly. But even without the gravity, the men still would have been drawn towards the fracture. It was calling to them. Bringing them here to this moment. This was their destiny.

The line of marching men seemed to slow as they entered the destroyed lab. The march came to a stop. And something seemed to be understood before the line could proceed. Even the detective knew. Somehow, the information was passed along to him.

one at a time … next … wait … order .. every man has his turn

And suddenly the fracture began to sizzle. Waves of light began to emanate from the tear in space. And the detective understood that something was actually coming out of the fracture, before the next man could go into it. All of the men patiently waited for the thing to come into their world. And when the thing stepped out of the rift, each of the men marveled at what they saw.

It was a man. A perfect man. He was naked, his body young, seeming to have been rejuvenated. His silver nipples and cock-tip identified him as one of their own. The man’s eyes blazed with blue energy, and he walked silently forward, not paying any attention to the long line of men jacking themselves off. After the man appeared from the fracture, the man that was in line took his turn by stepping into the distortion field. There was a sizzle of energy, and a blinding flash of light. And instantly, the man had disappeared.

One by one, the men slowly entered the fracture. They took turns. A perfect man would step out of the fracture, and then one of the wanking men step into the fracture. All of the men that appeared out of the fracture were perfect. Their bodies appeared chiseled and extremely muscular. Their cocks hung like elephant trunks with the girth of beer cans. They seemed completely docile, walking with a purpose towards the exit. Only the men, who stood waiting to enter the fracture seemed less perfect. All of these men were breathing heavily, still trying to desperately force their cocks to cum.

Finally, it was the detective’s turn. In a second, a man would step out from the rift, and he would step into it. He stood, continuing to jack himself off and patiently waiting for the next perfect man to appear. Then he felt the ozone in the room begin to increase. There was an intense burst of light as electricity crackled. Then stepping out of the rift was a man that Brett Janson recognized. He shouldn’t have been able to recognize him because the man seemed altogether different.

The man that appeared was Royce Thorne, the father of Michael Thorne. But what the detective saw didn’t seem possible. The elderly man must’ve been in his late fifties. And yet the man that the detective now greeted couldn’t be older than his early-twenties. Where once was gray hair, was now thick wavy blonde. The fat and wrinkles had been replaced by pure muscle and smooth skin. Royce Thorne had been born again.

The detective stood in awe as he came face to face with the old man. And yet he was no longer old. The perfect specimen of Royce Thorne seemed to sense Janson’s thoughts, and turned to face him. The black man stared into the man’s blazing blue eyes, and a huge smile spread across the young man’s face. As the two men stared at each other, a connection seemed to bridge their thoughts. Janson wasn’t able to penetrate the young man’s brain, but Thorne was able to penetrate his. It was like a one-way street, in which only the younger Thorne could travel. And the detective suddenly felt a presence in his brain.




The young, perfect man reached down his gripped his massive cock. His member hung thickly, and his fingers could barely reach around his wide body. But the man stroked slowly, relishing in each inch as he slipped his finger along his massive shaft. As he stroked, he felt the enormous pleasure of his act, and passed it along to the minds of the men in line.

Janson, along with every man in line, responded immediately. They all groaned in pleasure. Their moans could not be contained. Each and every one of them felt as their legs began to buckle, and they could barely keep themselves standing. Each of them slowed down their wanking to match the speed of the perfected man. They stared at the SOURCE’s massive cock …. hunger … lusting for something as they have never lusted before. They watched, their eyes transfixed as a silver serpent emerged from the man’s pisshole, extending its body several inches out into the air. As the seed began to emerge, the perfected man seemed to know that the moment had passed. He wouldn’t encourage his seed out of his ballsack when there was no host for implantation. So he stopped his stroking and let his massive cock fall and hang majestically between his legs. The silver creature, sensing no host, quickly slipped back upward and into the cock’s pisshole.

All the men were still staring. All of them were stroking their own cocks. Each of their cocks stood out straight ahead, all off them dripping like leaky faucets. Other than the sizzling from the fracture, the room was so quiet that a person could actually hear the precum dripping onto the floor.







The detective didn’t need to be convinced. He was already sold. And best of all: he was next in line. With one hand still stroking his cock, the black man stepped forward and entered the hole in space. His body was instantly gone. Transported to a different place. A perfect place.

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