The Installation

By Scotty.The.Body -
published August 25, 2016

When the mechanics come over to install the new washer and dryer, Colin receives more than he bargained for.

The unexpected buzz of the apartment buzzer woke Colin from his deep sleep. He was working from home today to do some things around the house while the new washing machine and dryer his wife ordered was being installed. She had been pestering him for a new set since they had bought their spacious, 2-bedroom apartment four years ago, and finally, Colin relented and bought the nicest ones he could afford. He looked at his clock - 9:40 - the installation crew must be here early. He buzzed them into the building, and dragged himself out of bed.

About 5 minutes later, there was a loud knock on the door. Colin hadn’t even had his coffee yet and was still in his bathrobe when he opened the door. A noticeable tent had formed under his robe - morning wood - but he shrugged it off and let the installation crew in anyways. Colin opened the door, and was taken aback for a moment by the sight before him. He wasn’t a small guy himself - he went to gym religiously during his lunch, and at 6’0", looked more like someone who would play a hotshot lawyer in a movie than the accountant that he actually was. But the men who greeted him at the door were on a whole other level.

These two guys, they lifted 200 pound machines all day, every day and had the goods to show for it. Ben, the older of the two (in his mid-forties), had a salt-and-pepper beard, enormous pecs, and legs the size of tree trunks. The young buck that accompanied him, Jamie, was apprenticing with Ben to get his own mechanics licence. He was just 25, but had built up an impressive physique through playing high school football and weightlifting, and saw this line of work as an opportunity to use his best assets to make some cash. Even though they were both shorter than Colin, around 5’10", their obviously superior physiques had Colin on edge. He was used to being the big man in the room, and felt weirdly vulnerable standing next to the two workers.

“Come in guys. Washer and dryer go in the closet in the living room over there.” Colin groggily pointed in the general direction of the spot his wife picked out. “I’m gonna hop in the shower, let me know if you guys need anything.” The two men looked at each other, picked up their tools off the ground, and watched as Colin walked towards the bathroom.

Ben turned to his young student. “This guy’s perfect - I’ll show you what this job is really about.”

The two workers installed the machines easily within a half hour. Colin finished his shower up quickly, put on a plain white tank top and some patterned boxers, and set up camp in the living room. The best part of working from home was not having to wear his boring, conservative suit, choosing instead to focus on comfort. He watched his guests as they finished the installation, lifting the dryer on top of the washer, and got ready to sign the paperwork and get them out of there.

“Manufacturer recommends doing a test cycle right away, just to make sure everything’s hooked up correctly.” Ben said, slyly. He pulled a small bottle out of his back pocket. “This is some special detergent you’re supposed to use on the first run, it works well on whites.” He handed the bottle to Colin. Colin thought this was strange, but really, what did he know about appliances? He barely ever did his own laundry, and certainly never installed anything in his life. "We’ve actually got one more stop in this building today, so if something goes wrong with the first load, come find us in Suite 703.

“Right. Cool. Thanks guys.” Colin said, hurrying the men out of the apartment. He couldn’t wait to clean his clothes - he had actually run out of clean shirts yesterday, so this was perfect timing. The door closed, and Colin started gathering his whites. He got a small load of clothes together, and put the detergent in the machine. He decided at the last moment that he should throw in the tank he was wearing too, while he was at it. He set the washer, and went back to work, hoping to get something done before lunch.

After about 45 minutes, the washer dinged, and Colin obediently got up to move the clothes the dryer. He opened the washer, and immediately smelled the fresh scent of the detergent Ben had given him. It was intoxicating and made Colin feel a bit lightheaded. He put his clothes in the dryer and got back to work. He was thinking about how pleased he was with his new purchase, and more importantly, how pleased his wife would be with him for his gift.

Meanwhile, downstairs in Suite 703, Ben was preparing Jamie for their inevitable next meeting with Colin. The apartment was well-furnished and clean, but it didn’t belong to a customer. It was one of Ben’s properties that he’d acquired over the years and used for his side business. Jamie was familiar with Ben’s scheme, having once been a customer himself, but had yet to accompany Ben to another installation.

“Now, Jamie, these rich married bastards can sometimes be difficult. I always win them over in the end, but be prepared for some resistance at the beginning.”

“Resistance, sir?” Jamie asked, unsure what to expect.

“Yeah, you know, they come in a bit angry, the suds haven’t quite had enough time to hit them yet, simple shit. I don’t think our friend upstairs will be too difficult to handle. Still, be gentle at first, just in case.”

“Yes, sir! I can’t wait to get started!” Jamie’s enthusiasm was endearing to Ben, who smirked at his apprentice’s admiration for his craft. Ben grabbed the back of Jamie’s hair and made out with him, just long enough to get the young boy ready to roll.

“Now go get changed… the work day’s far from over yet.”

The dryer dinged, and Colin sprung up to get his clothes out. He opened the dryer door and was shocked - all of his clothes, which had been white coming out of the washer, had turned bright pink. “Goddamn it. What the fuck is this shit?” He angrily rifled through his t-shirts and socks, and it seemed like not a single one had been spared. “Those fuckers. I’m gonna make them pay for this.” He slipped on his newly-pink tank-top, put on some gym shorts and slippers, and left his apartment, hoping to catch the mechanics before they left the building.

On the ride down the elevator, Colin couldn’t help but notice how soft his just-washed tank was. It was more comfortable now than it had ever been before, and maybe it was just the mirror, but it looked like his arms filled it out even more than before. The feeling of the soft fabric on his nipples specifically had calmed him down, and now he was feeling a bit more conciliatory towards the installers. “Maybe this is temporary. Who knows.” He got off at the 7th floor and walked down the hallway, eager for some answers but feeling more contented every second.

A smile lit up on Jamie’s face when there was a knock on the door of Suite 703. He wanted to impress Ben, sure, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t be excited for his role in the installation. He straightened up his pink tank-top, which barely contained his enormous pecs, and hiked up his jock strap to make sure he was presenting his best self to Colin. He put his tool belt around his waist, which did even more to accentuate his flawless bulging ass. He took a deep breath and opened the door.

“Your machine turned my shit pink!” Colin said, harshly. But as soon as he realized Jamie was wearing a similar pink shirt, a calm washed over him and he stood dumbly at the door.

“Do you want to come in, big boy?” Jamie said, seductively pulling on the left shoulder strap of Colin’s tank while taking in the oblivious stud’s impressive body packed into a ridiculous outfit. “You can wait for Ben on the couch there, he’ll know what to do.”

“Uh, yeah. Sure. Ben’ll know what to do.” Colin echoed back to Jamie, who was walking towards the couch, ass on full display. Colin followed and sat down next Jamie.

“So… I hear you got those machines for your wife. Do you think she’ll like them?” Jamie said to Colin. He rested his hand on the customer’s thigh, inching ever closer to his slowly growing package.

“Uh, yeah. Maybe. Should get me some action, at least.” Colin said, half-consciously. He was certainly in a bit of a daze, the chemicals from the suds oozing from his clothes into the bloodstream.

“You know, you don’t have to drop three grand on appliances to get laid, not with your body.” Jamie said as he got on top of Colin, grinding his exposed bubble butt into the crotch of Colin’s shorts. “You know, I bet you could even make money with what you’ve got underneath there.” At this point, Jamie was opening moaning as he rubbed his ass all over the stupefied accountant.

“M…m…m…make money?” Colin stammered, still oblivious, his cock hardening because of the contact with Jamie’s smooth ass.

“Yeah, man. Like real money. You know how much people are paying to watch us right now?” Jamie motioned his head toward Ben and his camera, which must have been across from the pair the entire time. Ben was licking his lips and stroking his cock through a black jock strap while keeping the camera focused on the action. “A lot, that’s how much. And you’re not even trying yet. If you show more and do more, you get more money. And Mr. Ben gives you nice rewards. Do you want that?”

“Y…y…yes. Money. Rewards.” Colin said. Ben grinned and silently applauded Jamie, who expertly sealed the deal. He mouthed “Good boy” to Jamie, followed by a wink, and turned off the camera. “Okay, good job boys, let’s get ready for this afternoon’s shoot.” Jamie excited hopped off of Colin’s lap and smiled at the new recruit. “I can’t wait to work with you.”

“Okay, Colin. That was good but we’re going to do it again. You need to be more comfortable. Act natural. Ignore the camera and just talk to me like we were in a bar and I was asking you these questions. Okay?” Ben hadn’t been this excited about directing a shoot in a long time, and wanted to get it right. The market for subscribers was pretty saturated, so Colin really had to perform well if their site was going to be competitive.

“Yes, sir. Nice and casual. Conversation at a bar.” Colin responded. He gathered himself and harnessed his actor-like focus, ready to give the performance of his life.

“Okay. We’re gonna start filming now.” Ben said, turning on the camera. “Hey Colin, how’re you doing today?”

“Pretty good, man. I had the day off work, spent some time relaxing and hanging out with you guys.”

“Good stuff, good stuff. Now, you’re an accountant, right? And you’re married, to a woman, yeah?”

“Yeah, that’s true, but I’ve been thinking it’s time for a change. I need to have more fun, really embrace who I am.”

“And who is that, if I may ask?” Ben was nervous about this line. Colin had been a bit robotic in his response last time, and he really needed his new star to seem genuine and enthusiastic.

“Well…” Colin blushed and smiled embarrassingly, running his hands through his hair and grinning. “I’m a bit of a slut. I need a lot of cock to really be satisfied and happy.” Perfect, Ben thought. He was charming, genuine, and the audience would eat it up.

“Well, am I ever happy to hear that,” Ben said, excitedly, off camera. “Do you wanna know what we’ve got planned for you this week then?” Colin nodded excitedly, with a puppy-like enthusiasm. “Well, we’ve got the master bedroom set up to help a slut like you get the satisfaction you need. Ropes, toys, whips, leather… you name it, we’ve got it! And we’ve got a roster of superstar studs ready to come over and give you the cock you need!” Ben smiled at his new acquisition, causing Colin to feel butterflies in his stomach. “Excited, boy?”

“Yes, sir! I can’t wait to get started!” Ben honestly thought that Colin hadn’t been this happy and cheerful since childhood.

“Neither can I, boy. Neither can I.”

To be continued…

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