Fuck Me, I'm a Porn Star

By Derek Williams published February 28, 2019

Brad is granted a scholarship from an adult film company. He should have read the fine print.

When I graduated high school, I took a gap year. Then another. And then one more. I figure it’ll make me pretty damn popular in college – after all, I can buy beer.

I didn’t ever really expect to get back to school. For my gap year, I took a trip to Thailand and spent a lot of time rock climbing at Krabi. Backpacked around a little. Slept on the beach a couple times, and with more chicks than I bothered to count. They just can’t get enough of my round pecs and my killer biceps.

After I got back to the States, I got a job working in an oil change place. I’d always liked cars, even though I didn’t know too much about them, and the older guy who owned the place was pretty chill. That, plus girls always got interested when I said I was a mechanic. Sometimes when I hit the bar, I wear a plain white fitted tee with a couple of little oil stains on it. I never wore that shirt to work, but I figure a little showmanship doesn’t hurt. Blue collar turns ‘em into sluts.

Sometime just a little after my 21st birthday, this guy showed up at my gym. I only do three days - pecs, arms, and back - this one was pec day. He was watching me intently as I stepped through my routine.

So I waited outside the gym. Grabbed him by the collar and held him up against a brick wall. Asked that little fag exactly what he thought he was doing, looking at me like I was some kinda slab of meat.

The words that came out of his mouth surprised me.

“I work for a film producer that would like to give you a scholarship. Full ride, any school you can get into, tuition, books, housing, a generous allowance…”

I lowered him down so his feet were touching the ground again.

“I’m sorry, what?” I said.

“Can I buy you a drink? I think you’re going to want to hear our offer.”

I won’t bore you with the details. Hell, I barely read the paperwork myself. But I signed on the dotted line.

Three months later I was on-campus, setting up my single dorm room. I was going for the college experience here, but I was 21 goddamn years old. I wasn’t gonna have some kid straight out of high school as a roommate.

I mean, sure, we all had to share a bathroom and a group shower, but at least I had a door that locked and blinds that closed. No need for a sock on this door.

Besides, my contract said I needed to live on campus. More mixing with other students. More chance encounters. I couldn’t wait for my job to start.

About twenty minutes after I started unpacking my suitcases, there a knock at my door. It was a director from the film company, along with a camera man and a sound guy.

“Hey,” he said. “I’m Randy. Ready to get started? We’ll need a few minutes to setup.”

“Totally,” I said. I wasn’t too clear on exactly how this was going to happen, but for sure I wanted to get going. All these women weren’t gonna sleep with eachother!

I headed over to the mirror mounted above my desk. I was wearing these basketball shorts with my ‘mechanic’ T, the one with the oil stains. I wanted to make sure all these chicks knew they were fucking a working man, not some boy just out of high school. I brushed back my hair and popped a black trucker cap backwards onto my head. Chicks dug that.

“Man, you know, I hope the first chick likes to get rough. Nothin’ turns me on more than when a chick with a big rack climbs on top and just fuckin’ impales herself on my dick.”

“Yeah?” Randy asked. “I figured you as more of a top.”

“Nah bro,” I said. “I mean, I will most of the time, but there’s something so cool about seeing her big tits bounce while she rides my dick, y’know?”

Randy made a few non-committal comments back as I kept rambling on. Eventually, him and his crew were setup in the corner of the room, the door and the bed easily visible to the camera.

I was here to get a degree, and to make some adult films while I banged my way through campus. Imagine that - me, a porn star. Chicks were gonna be lining up to get at my dick and… my thoughts were cut short by another knock on my door. I answered, eagerly awaiting what was on the other side.

“Hi, I’m Jessica, I’m your floor leader!” said this blond chick, about my age. Big bouncy tits. And no shame with the booty shorts on Day 1.

“Hi,” I said, “I’m Brad. It’s great to meet you. Wanna come in here?”

Randy and his crew were quietly adjusting camera settings and taking a light level. Jessica didn’t even seem to notice they were there.

“I’m sorry Brad,” Jessica said. “There are so many new people to meet today, so I’ve only got a few minutes. I just wanted to make sure you know, I’m down in room 202, and you can come to me about anything. Whether it’s ‘where do I do laundry’ or ‘I just had a terrible day’, you can come to me!”

“Thanks Jessica,” I said. “Now…”

“I hope I’ll see you at the floor mixer!” she said, handing me a flyer. And then she was off, running down the hall to meet another incoming dorm dweller.

I glanced over at Randy. That was the perfect moment, and nothing.

“Don’t worry about it,” he said. “We’re actually going to start you off with someone else that got a scholarship too. We want to make sure it’s easy and comfortable your first time.”

“Bro,” I said. “This is anything but my first time…”

I was cut short by another knock on the door. Again, I opened it eagerly.

It wasn’t what I expected.

“Hi, I’m Cody,” said the muscled blonde man standing in my hall. He was wearing athletic shorts and a tight red tank top with the name of our college on it. “I’m the intramural frisbee captain for the old side dorms. Can I come inside for a minute?”

I realized that there was a deep backbeat, slowly rising in volume, carried through the air like it was natural.



I tried frantically to remember the details of my scholarship. It mentioned that I was signed up to do straight porn, right?

Cody stepped into the room. As he pushed the door closed with one tanned arm, he used the other to draw me close to him.

“Just go with it bro,” he said. Then he leaned in and kissed me full on the lips.

“What the actual fuck, bro?” I shot back. “I’m no fag.”

“GOOD!” said Randy. “NOW! Cody, take off your shirt.”

Cody reached across his body, grabbing each hem of the shirt with the opposite hand, then peeling it off his overpowered torso.

“NOW! Brad, reach forward with your hand and run your hand down Cody’s chest and abs.”

I almost did it too. I almost just followed his fucking instructions. Cody was watching my struggle with a zoned out look.

“Roll with it bro,” he said. “The more you resist the scene, the more they’ll change you. You signed, right bro? There’s no way to fight it anymore.”

“Brad, did you hear me?” Randy asked.

“I’m not gonna fuck a dude,” I said.

Randy gave a deep sigh. “Alright. Cut.”

The music stopped. The cameraman took a break. The sound guy lowered his boom mic.

“Brad, I’m looking at this scene, and there’s just something not right,” Randy said. “I was hoping that you’d be our new top, now that Cody is graduating at the end of the year, but clearly you’re not interested. We want to respect your wishes.”

Randy snapped his fingers.

“NOW Brad, you’ll be a gay bottom in our scenes.”

What the fuck. You couldn’t do that. Just change someones sexuality. Like, I knew a couple of gay dudes, and it’s not like it’s a choice or anything. That’s just the way they are.

“Bro, this is nuts,” I said, glancing back at Cody.

He looked different. I was instantly struck by how handsome he was. The way his curly blond hair spilled over his forehead. The easy zoned out grin on his face. And his body…. man, the way that his muscle burst forward made me want to reach out and run my hand down his chest and to his treasure trail.

I felt my nine inch rod hard in my boxer briefs. No, that was wrong. I could feel my underwear changing under my clothes. I felt my nine inch rod hard in my jockstrap. The back of my ass was exposed, pressing directly against the silky fabric of my baller shorts. And it felt… I don’t know how else to say it. It felt wrong. Empty. Giant.

I heard the camera start rolling again. But I didn’t care. I badly wanted Cody to stick his cock in me.

“NOW! Let’s take it from the top,” Randy joked.

Cody slipped his shirt back on, hiding that beautiful chest and those incredible abs. He stepped outside, and a second later, he was back, knocking at my door.

“Hi, I’m Cody,” he said. This time I was aware of a dozen details I’d never noticed before. Cody smelled like coconut oil. His tank was tight across his chest, highlighting his sexy muscle, showing his rock hard nipples clearly. Further down, it hung loose over a tight core. It might have been the sexiest goddamn thing I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot.

“I’m the intramural frisbee captain for the old side dorms,” Cody said, reciting his line again. “Can I come inside for a minute?”

Cody stepped into the room. As he pushed the door closed with one tanned arm, he used the other to draw me close to him. He pulled me into a deep kiss, which I returned without question. My cock was starting to throb painfully in my tight jock. I wanted this man to use me and abuse me.

“BETTER this time,” said Randy. “NOW Cody, take off your shirt.”

Cody peeled away that tank top, and I almost lost it. Before it had even hit the floor, I stepped close to him and touched the top of his left pec. I drew my hand down, over the mass of his chest, past those tantalizing nips, and along the deep furrow of his abs.

“Mmmmm…” I moaned softly.

“You want this, bro?” Cody asked, putting his hand on mine and guiding it down towards his heavy package.

I couldn’t take my hand off of the growing bulge tenting out of Cody’s shorts.

“NOW, drop those shorts and your thong at the same time,” Randy said to Cody.

Cody pulled down his athletic shorts, briefly exposing a shimmering lime green thong that trapped his dick. Without confinement, his cock sprang up, falling naturally into my hand. I instinctually made a fist around it, gave it a few light tugs, then lowered myself down onto my knees and began to suck.

“Mmmm….” I moaned again, licking up and down Cody’s thick shaft. I swirled my tongue just under his head, making him moan in response. Then I really got down to work. I wanted his tasty cock up my virgin ass so bad.

My ass had swelled to epic proportions, no longer a hard muscle, now a bubble of muscle and fat that was perfectly balanced for fucking and shaking. I was glad I was wearing ballers, no way that I would have gotten out of a pair of jeans without tearing them apart. Randy had decided that I needed a big, sensitive booty. And here it was.

But I didn’t mind. This was like something from a dream I never knew I had. Cody was on top of me, slipping his porn star cock into my newly minted ass, pounding away at my lubed up chute like a goddamn jackhammer. He was tearing me apart. It hurt so good. And all I could do was whimper like some little bitch.

First it felt intrusive. Maybe painful. Definitely inconceivable. But as he figured out his rhythm I started to fall in love with the sensation.

“Oooh, fuck me harder stud,” I said, my face mashed in the pillow.

“You want that bro? Take it. Take my fuck stick,” Cody growled in my ear. I prayed the sound guy was picking it all up.

Cody reached around. Sqeezed my muscle tits. Ripped open my favorite tee. Thrust in even harder.

“Faster,” I moaned, taking it all like a bitch. “Please….”

He stepped up the pace. Ran his hand down and grabbed my forgotten cock. Knocked my cap forward onto the bed.

I called out in ecstacy. I could feel him cumming inside me, a kind of pulsing feel that I’d never expected.

“NOW!” Randy called out.

And suddenly I was seeing fireworks.

My chest heaved. My thought seized up. The last thing I remember was screaming Cody’s name.

When I woke up, I was lying in a pool of drying cum, with more leaking out of my asshole. My regular sized, straight as fuck asshole. My ass had dropped back to a regular size, and my thoughts were back to normal. I knew how much I loved the ladies. So how the fuck had that just happened?

Randy was gone. So was the camera crew. And Cody had long since pulled his shorts back on and left.

All of a sudden my chest heaved and I broke down crying. My face was quickly streaked with tears. I was scared. I was horrified.

Oh my god. What had I gotten myself into?

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