A Real Jock, Chapter 3

By imperatenor - imperatenor@gmail.com
published August 25, 2016

Cody finds himself surprisingly horny, and ends up skipping obligations to meet up with Devon to work out. And, of course, he ends up acting even more like a bro.

The new day was heralded by a repeat of the day before. Cody was woken up by an oozing warmth seeping through his jockstrap. He jumped off the bed, swearing loudly.

“Hey, bro, what’s wrong?” came Devon’s voice from the kitchen. It took Cody’s sleep-bleary mind a few moments to process what was happening, and then he instantly scrambled to put his blankets back on the bed.

“Nothing,” Cody said as Devon entered the room. His voice cracked, so he cleared it. “Nothing,” he repeated. “Just had a bad dream, is all.”

For sure reason, Cody had this odd feeling that his voice sounded slightly different. Maybe he was coming down with something. Devon frowned. “Aw man, that fucking sucks. Here, I’ll make you breakfast to cheer you up, kay?”

“Sure,” Cody said, thrown slightly by the unexpected kindness. Before he could even think, he found himself saying “Thanks dude,” as if it was second nature.

“No worries,” Devon said with a wink before lumbering back out of the room, scratching idly at his crotch.

Cody slumped back onto the bed with a sigh. Fuck. He’d planned on doing laundry and getting Devon’s jockstrap cleaned this morning, but there was no way for him to duck out now without raising any questions. The most he could do was change from his sweaty, grimy sweatpants into something more presentable. He pulled off the offending fabric, screwing up his nose at the sight of the yellowed, stained jockstrap underneath. Some of his pubes had even gotten caught in the waistband.

Speaking of which… Cody pulled the jock away from his body. He wasn’t sure, but the hair surrounding his dick seemed thicker than before, darker. It probably should’ve made his dick look smaller in comparison, but in Cody’s case, the opposite was true. He idly stroked his shaft, watching it slowly swell up. Was it longer than he remembered? Was it thicker? He couldn’t tell.

“How do you want your eggs, bro?” Devon called from the kitchen. Cody startled so hard he nearly toppled over.

“Whatever you’re having,” he called back after he’d regained his breath. He couldn’t remember what he was thinking about, but that wasn’t important right now. The most important thing was to cover the incriminating jockstrap up so Devon wouldn’t see what a disgusting mess Cody had made of his clothes.

But Cody quickly ran into an unexpected problem. It was a real struggle to pull his usual pair of skinny jeans up over his thighs, and when he finally managed it, he quickly found out that he had to stick in his stomach as hard as he could just to get the jeans buttoned up properly. Cody, confused, rubbed his midsection, fingers stroking across his sparse treasure trail.

He’d worn those jeans only a few days ago, hadn’t he? He thought he might’ve, but he couldn’t remember. He was pretty sure that he’d worn them recently, though. Had he gained weight? Cody frowned down at his belly.

It wasn’t particularly large, but it did stick out slightly past his chest. Wait. His chest. His chest had always been pretty scrawny, but now it had some definition to it. His pecs had some more mass to them, displaying the beginnings of the signature square shape, while his ribs weren’t as bony as before, the barest hints of abs visible as his gaze roamed downwards across his body. Did working out really change your body that fast?

Cody shook his head as the familiar sound of sizzling came from the kitchen. He needed to focus on getting changed, then eating breakfast, then working out a way to clean the jockstrap and return it to Devon without arousing any suspicion.

He quickly peeled himself out of the jeans and breathed out a deep sigh of relief. His belly pooched out slightly, the barest hint of a slight curve to it. The sweatpants were much more comfortable to put on in comparison to the stifling pants. Cody found himself adjusting his junk absentmindedly as he left the room. He only remembered that the sweatpants reeked of sweat once he’d entered the kitchen.

On the table was a plate heaped with egg whites, spinach, and bacon, with two humongous glasses nearly overflowing with a viscous off-white mixture. “I’m just about finished bro,” Devon said when he noticed Cody. He shoved out another mass of bacon out of the pan and onto the table. “Dig in.”

Cody couldn’t help but groan a little when he took his first bite. He usually preferred to eat pretty light in the morning, going for oatmeal or cereal rather than heavier fare, but any objections were blown away by the crispy, savory bacon. “What’s the drink?” he said once he’d swallowed.

“Protein shake,” Devon said around a mouthful of food. Some of it sprayed out across the table. “Whoops, sorry dude. I just forget to close my mouth sometimes, haha.”

Devon seemed to have a near-bottomless appetite, shoveling more and more food into his mouth and washing it all down with deep gulps of protein shake. Cody thought he’d be outmatched fairly quickly, but, much to his surprise, he found himself managing to somewhat keep up.

A hesitant sip of the shake revealed that it wasn’t too bad. It had a slightly overpowering vanilla flavoring that was easily ignored if he took another bite of food, so Cody did. He soon found himself slurping down the last, frothy remnants of a mixture, an empty plate before him.

Thumping his chest, Devon released a rumbling belch of truly epic proportions. “Damn, bro, that fucking hit the spot.”

“Really did,” Cody agreed. “Thanks for doing this for me, I really appreciate it.”

Devon reached out to thump him on the arm. Maybe it was Cody’s imagination, but it seemed to hurt a little less. “Nah, man, it was great. We should do this again. You coming to gym today too?”

“Yeah, sure,” said Cody, happy that Devon was inviting him along. “I did some lifting yesterday, so maybe you could spot me too?”

“Sure thing bro. We’ll make a real jock out of you in no time. Yo, do you have class today?”

Cody blinked. “Yeah why do you- oh, shit!” he swore when he caught a glimpse of the time. “I gotta go. Talk to you later dude!”

“Seeya,” Devon called out as Cody raced out of the door.

Cody only realized that he’d forgotten his bag when he was a foot away from the lecture hall’s door. “Ah, fuck,” he cursed, hesitating for a moment before gearing up and making a beeline for the back. Em shot him a weird look as he entered the classroom. No wonder, considering Cody must’ve been ten minutes late.

He settled himself down in one of the seats, trying to pay attention to the lecture. Even though he usually enjoyed this class, Cody soon found his attention drifting. He wondered if he’d run into Steve again at the gym today. Maybe he’d introduce him to Devon. They seem like they’d get along.

A niggling discomfort around his groin slowly drew Cody out of his thoughts. He did a double take when he caught a glance of the clock. Nearly fifteen minutes had passed since he’d entered the hall, and yet he couldn’t remember anything at all. The persistent itch in his crotch distracted him from his surprise, though, and Cody found himself spreading his legs, surreptitiously shoving his hand down the front of his pants.

He was erect, which was a slight surprise, and worse, his underwear was completely soaked through. Cody’s mind raced, trying to think of why. Had he spilled some shake on himself in the morning?

Trying to cover his dick without seeming as though he was covering his dick, Cody shuffled back down to the exit as quickly as he could, ignoring Em’s worried glances. He made a beeline to the bathroom the moment the door closed behind him, breaking into a sprint to get there faster.

He barricaded himself in a stall the moment he was inside the men’s room. Cody shimmied out of his sweatpants, horrified to find a distinct wet patch forming on the patch of his jockstrap. Fuck. Had he pissed himself?

Practically ripping the jock off, Cody stopped short when confronted by his dick. His shaft was engorged, throbbing to the beat of his heart, flushed a violent pink. A clear globule of moisture leaked out of the slit even as Cody watched. It slowly made its way down his shaft before dripping into his soaked underwear, another droplet quickly welling up in its place.

It was pre, Cody realized with a start. His dick was leaking precome.

He tentatively wrapped his hand around the shaft - you needed to jack off to get rid of precome, right? - and found himself letting out an audible grunt as the resulting jolt of pleasure sparked through his system. He found himself furiously jerking his prick nearly without his consent, panting with need, droplets of clear pre splattering onto his jock, onto his sweatpants, onto the toilet seat.

The pleasure was nearly overwhelming, surging to an abrupt crescendo as Cody’s rigid cock stiffened and began spasming, spurt after spurt after spurt of come erupting from the shaft. He kept stroking himself through his orgasm, gasping and grunting, as his dick jerked and jerked and came and came and came, pulsing out yet another surge of sticky white jizz onto Cody’s hands and shirt.

And finally, it stopped, and Cody found himself bent over, gasping for air. He’d never come so fast or so hard before. It kinda scared him. Was it something he ate? Or was it something else?

Cody was sidetracked from his thoughts by the sensation of rapidly cooling come congealing on his skin. “Shit,” he murmured, surveying the mess he’d made. He didn’t remember what he was thinking about, but that wasn’t important. His first priority was cleaning up his puddles and puddles of splooge. He mopped up the jizz on the walls and on the toilet, but ended up having to leave the spurts on his skin alone since the cheap toilet paper got caught on his hairy thighs, disintegrating into small, sticky fragments that made more mess than they cleaned up. He couldn’t help but wonder, idly, if he was always that hairy.

With one final grunt, Cody pulled up his jockstrap and his pants in quick succession. The bathroom was empty, luckily enough for him. He thought he might die of embarrassment if anyone had seen him the way he looked in the mirror - red faced, panting, patches of sweat under his armpits and in the centre of his chest. It made his t shirt nearly see-through, exposing the beginnings of a thatch of dark chest hair, a defined line between his beginner’s pecs, the very top of his thin treasure trail. The cotton clung to his rounded shoulders, pulled tight around his solid biceps.

Cody frowned at his own reflection. He couldn’t help but feel as though he wasn’t supposed to look like that. How quickly was exercise supposed to work, anyway? Whatever. He shrugged, mopping his damp forehead before washing his hands.

Oh wait. He only had one lecture today, Cody realized. He was supposed to meet Em afterwards for coffee, but it didn’t really appeal, for some reason. Maybe he could go for a run instead.

Cody shook himself. What was he thinking? Em was his friend.

Em herself was waiting for him near the exit of the lecture hall. Her eyes flitted over Cody before settling on his face. “Is everything okay? You’re… you’re acting a little weird recently.”

“Yeah, everything-” Cody’s voice cracked on the word. He hurriedly cleared his throat. “Everything’s fine.” It came out deeper than he’d intended.

Em’s mouth pulled into a frown, but she didn’t comment. As they walked down to the cafe, Cody found himself outmatching her strides. He had to consciously slow down his steps to keep up with her. Come to think of it, it was strange, since he remembered they seemed to fall into step pretty naturally. The bottoms of his sweat pants were riding up on his ankles, so he stopped to adjust them. Wait. What was he thinking of again?

“Have you been hanging around with Devon?” Em asked abruptly.

“Yeah, I guess,” Cody said. “We were planning on going to the gym today.”

Em’s mouth looked decidedly pinched. “Look. I don’t really like pointing fingers, but… do you remember what Devon used to look like?”

“Used to look like?” Cody repeated slowly.

“Last year. He was this skinny little beanpole. And this year he’s suddenly become Mr. Machismo, nearly failed all of his classes, and only managed to scrape by because the coach somehow managed to convince the Dean to give him an athletic scholarship. If he’s given you something- like, even food-”

Cody wasn’t following. It was kinda difficult to focus on what Em was saying, for some reason. It was almost like she was speaking too fast. “Wait, wait, slow down. What are you saying?”

“If he’s given you anything…” Em trails off. “Look, Cody, I’m worried about you. You complain about Devon the entire year and then somehow you’re suddenly friends, you show up to class with dark circles under your eyes and you’re suddenly muscular-”

“Are you saying he’s giving me drugs?!”

“No, I’m asking if he might be-” Em starts, but Cody cuts her off.

“What the fuck, Em? Is that really what you think of Devon? That’s so, so…” Cody tried to think of what he wanted to say, but it was slower than usual, as if he still wasn’t fully awake. It only made him angrier. “You know what? Fuck that. I don’t feel like getting a fucking coffee anymore.”

“Cody,” Em called as he turned around and then, “Cody!” when he broke into a run, trying to put some distance between them.

Cody ran across the campus. He couldn’t remember how many times he did it, anyways careful to loop a distance around the coffee shop he and Em usually frequented just in case she’d gone without him, before running back to the old quad.

He wasn’t sure how much time had passed when a sudden whiff of fresh food had him grind to a halt. Cody found himself heading to the cafeteria before he knew what he was doing. He usually preferred to buy something sweet for the sugar rush, but now he’d piled up his tray with chicken breast, rice, and salad.

An urgent growl from his stomach distracted Cody from his musings, and he quickly paid for the food before settling down to eat it all himself.

He paid no attention to the somewhat startled looks he got as he guzzled down his food. He’d bought it, right? Who cared if he was eating it too fast, chewing with his mouth open sometimes. With a burp after he’d swallowed the last of his meal, Cody found himself still hungry for something, and a few minutes of wandering led him to one of the vending machines around campus. They sold some preworkout stuff, so Cody bought three bottles, drinking them down until he was satisfied.

A quick glance at the clock showed it was quite late in the afternoon, much to Cody’s surprise. He didn’t think he’d eaten that much… had he? Or maybe he’d just run for a while.

Oh well. He was supposed to meet Devon at the gym anyway, so Cody broke into another run, a little slower now, conscious of the weight of the food in his stuffed belly. The sheer amount he’d crammed into his mouth had made his stomach pooch out over his waistband. Like a food baby, Cody thought, and found himself giggling at the silly thought. That was a pretty dumb joke.

“Yo, Cody!” came a familiar voice as Cody neared the gym, and he turned to find Devon waving at him from the opposite side of the quad as he jogged closer.

“Hey Dev,” Cody said. Devon had extended an arm, as if waiting for something, and Cody belatedly realized he was expected to fistbump it.

Devon grinned at Cody’s fumbling attempt. “You’ll get used to it bro,” he said. “Now. How about some lifting?”

“I’m up for it.”

Devon clapped him on the back. “Then what the fuck are we waiting for?”

Cody immediately found himself heading to the bench press, where he’d exercises with Steve the day before. “Hey, could you put some weight on the rack?” he asked Devon.

“You don’t know your weights?”

“Nah. There was this guy, Steve, here yesterday. He put them on, and I didn’t really get a glimpse of them. Is it important?”

Devon shook his head incredulously. “Of course, bro. Can’t fucking believe you don’t know your weight ranges. Come on, I’ll help you through it.”

For every weight Cody lifted, Devon kept up a running tally of numbers, logging the weights all onto his form. “It’s really important you know what you can lift,” Devon told Cody as they reracked the weights. “That way you can start prioritizing size or strength. If you just lift heavy things without thinking you’ll end up like some fucking gorilla or something.”

“Haha, yeah, guess so,” Cody said, stretching his muscles after the set. He couldn’t help but flex his arms a little, marveling in the defined peak that bulged out from under his skin, a fat, rippling vein arching across the curving muscle.

“You’re looking pretty good, bro,” Devon said. Then he smiled, a wide, shit-eating grin, and raised one of his colossal arms up, his gargantuan bicep so engorged it looked as though it was about to burst. “You still got pretty fucking long way to go, though.”

“Holy shit, dude,” Cody breathed. Devon’s skin was stretched so tight across the swollen muscle that he could see every vein, every striation. “You’re fucking jacked.”

“Haha, yeah,” Devon said, “I gotta be.” He shrugged, his cannonball delts rising high with the motion before dropping back down next to his massive lats. “Coach would punish me if I wasn’t.”

“Punish you?”

Devon waved a hand. “You’ll understand soon enough. Hey, you should come to practice with me tomorrow.”

“Yeah,” Cody immediately agreed. “Oh, wait, shit, I can’t. I’ve got all my lectures tomorrow.”

“Dude, who fucking cares about lectures? You can miss a few. Just come down to watch, meet a few of the guys. I’ll make us breakfast again.”

Cody felt himself wavering. Devon, apparently aware of his hesitation, gave him a pleading look. It was almost comical. Sad, puppy-dog eyes on such a hulking, muscle-bound brute. “Okay, fine,” Cody said with a sigh.

“Fuck yeah, bro!” Devon crowed, thumping him on the back. “You won’t regret it, you’ll see.”

Once Cody had finished stretching, he spotted for Devon as they made their way around the gym once more. Cody couldn’t help but look at the play of Devon’s solid, striated muscles, the way his skin flushed as he worked out, blood rushing into the area and pumping up his already enormous muscles into gargantuan proportions.

When Devon pulled up the hem of his singlet to wipe his sweaty face, revealing a thick, dark treasure trail nestled between a six-pack of cobblestone abs that looked as though they could’ve been etched from marble, Cody realized, with a start, that his dick had gone ramrod straight, clearly visible through his loose fitting pants as it throbbed insistently against his thigh.

“Don’t worry about it, bro,” Devon said with a wink, once he noticed Cody’s predicament. He reached down to cup his own junk, revealing that he too was fully erect. “Exercise makes me so fucking horny. Happens to everyone.”

Cody ended up stopping for a protein shake as they headed out. It was powdery and tasted kinda synthetic, but he found he didn’t mind the taste all that much. Devon had brought his own from home, and the two of them drank in silence as they walked back to the dorms.

Up until a burp tore itself from Cody’s throat. “Oh,” he started, “Sorry-”

Devon cut him off with an even louder one. He smirked at Cody. “Your turn, dude.”

Cody, not to be outdone, gulped down the last dregs of his shake before letting out a rumbling belch. It felt surprisingly nice. He couldn’t understand why he hadn’t done it before.

“Aw, fuck,” Devon murmured, peering down at his empty bottle. Then his eyes lit up like he’d come up with a great idea, and, with no further warning, he let loose a thunderous fart.

“Dude, that’s fucking gross,” Cody coughed, waving the stench away from his face.

Devon slugged him playfully on the arm. “What? We’re both guys here, no? That shit’s just fucking natural.”

Cody thought he was supposed to feel more disgusted or something, but Devon’s words suddenly made it all okay. It was just a little bit of letting loose between two guys, that’s all. “Yeah, I guess,” he allowed, “But I’m getting the first shower.”

“Not if I get there first,” Devon said with a cocky grin before breaking into a sprint.

Cody swore loudly before racing after him.

Devon did end up getting there first, but Cody got his revenge by confronting him with his sweaty, stinking armpits, shoving his hairy underarms into Devon’s face as he came out of the shower. “Holy shit, bro, you fucking reek!” Devon laughed. He slapped Cody’s ass. “Go take a shower before you stink up the entire fucking house.”

Once in the bathroom, Cody stripped off his stuff, gingerly stepping out of the dirty, disgusting jockstrap. He was so frustrated from trying to deal with it that it made sense just to try to put it out of his mind for now, think about it later. It was difficult for him to concentrate for some reason. He must still be wired from all the exercise he’d put in.

Cody hopped in once the shower spray had warmed up enough. His usual showering routine was long and tedious, involving shampoo, conditioner, a facial cleanser and a mild soap after which came several more steps. It was boring, and Cody, to put it simply, couldn’t be fucked. So instead, he idly stood under the hot water, letting all of his thoughts fade away and just enjoying it. God, but his head felt so full these days. His thoughts were so difficult to keep track of. It was easier just to turn them off and zone out.

It took a few moments for Cody to realize that he’d begun absently stroking his dick under the spray. He was already pleasantly hard. There wouldn’t be much harm in bringing himself to conclusion, right? He kicked up the pace a little, hand pumping up and down, up and down. It felt as though his fingers were wrapped around a much more substantial package that he could remember having. Cody looked down at himself, at the developing pecs on his chest, the faint abs, the knotted muscles of his arms flexing with every movement.

He was hairy - when had that happened? There was a sparse dusting of hair on his solid calves, fading to nearly nothing as it went up his bulky thighs before joining in to the overgrown thicket around his flushed, throbbing dick. Droplets of precome were visibly welling up at the tip even through the shower spray. His treasure trail lost some of its thickness as it trailered upwards across the beginner’s four-pack he’d somehow developed over the past few days, meeting up with a small patch of chest hair at the centre of his pecs.

It was hot.

Cody panted, jerking his hand faster and faster. He had muscles. He was hairy. He was almost… almost beginning to look like Devon. He wondered how hairy Devon was. Would he have a lot of hair on his abs? They’d be a six-pack for sure, maybe even an eight-pack, with a dark line of hair leading upwards through them to join the thick covering on Devon’s meaty chest.

With a groan, Cody let his head fall backwards onto the tile. It hurt, but he didn’t care. The hurt made it good. Made it real. His breath was hitching, coming out in little gasps as his chest heaved, his hand gripped tightly around his dick and pumping for all it was worth. He couldn’t help but let out a wordless exclamation as he came, and came again, and again, thick ropes of come spurting out of the end of his thick, pulsing rod.

When he finally got his breath under control, Cody dumped some shampoo onto his hair, scrubbed his front down with soap before deciding to fuck it and leave the rest of his body for another day, and wiped himself down. He thought he might be forgetting something about his clothes - and Devon, maybe? - but thinking about Devon only made him remember how he’d jerked off to his own body and sent a shiver down his spine.

“Did you even fucking change, dude?” Devon asked, once Cody stepped into their shared room. He had a big smile on his face.

Cody looked down at himself. He blinked. He’d apparently forgotten to bring clean clothes in, and he was clad in his sweaty t shirt and track pants. He was even wearing that damn jockstrap. “No, shit, I forgot,” he murmured. He planned to go to the closet, get some clothes, but, well, they were both guys there, right? There’s nothing wrong with a bit of sweat. Wasn’t even all that gross, Cody decided. He could sleep like that for one night. “Whatever. Think I’ll go study a little before I sleep.”

“Kay,” Devon said. “Good night.”

“Night, bro.”

Cody sat himself down at the desk, pulling out one of the books he’d left on it. He squinted at the title. It took him a while to realize that it was his assigned reading for Linguistics. Whatever. He flipped through the pages, trying to remember where he was up to. It was chapter 12, right? Or was it chapter 11? Cody frowned, reading through the unfamiliar terminology arrayed before him. He was pretty sure he should know this stuff… wasn’t he?

Trying to work out where he’d gotten up to, Cody ended up flipping back through the chapters, reading through the first few pages of each with a mounting frustration. It felt as though it was taking him forever just to get through a single paragraph. Eventually he ended up just flipping back to the beginning of the book, chapter 1, and attempting to skim through it in an attempt to find where he was supposed to be reading from. It was fucking chapter 1, of course he’d know what it was talking about.

Except, Cody soon realized, he didn’t know what it was talking about. He didn’t understand half of the stuff written in the book, and when he opened his notes, he couldn’t remember writing down any of the things in them.

It was bewildering. “What the fuck?” Cody murmured, staring down at his notes. What had he even done in linguistics since the beginning of the year? Actually, no, screw this year - what had he even done this week?

Well, he worked out, of course, and started hanging out with Devon. That was fun.

Cody blinked. He couldn’t remember what he was thinking about. Oh, shit, yeah, studying. He looked back down at the page, and couldn’t help but sigh when he was confronted with a whole lot of stuff he didn’t really understand. Considering he skipped the last few classes, he decided that it wasn’t so unusual for him not to get it. Besides, it was too much work. Cody rubbed at his eyes before shoving the books aside. He’d deal with them tomorrow.

A quick glance at the clock showed it was past 11. “Fuck!” said Cody, jumping out of his seat. He practically flung himself into his bed in his haste to fall asleep. He’d promised Devon he’d come to football practice tomorrow. He couldn’t let Devon down.

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