Izzy's New Mentee

By Willie Cici published February 25, 2019

Izzy has a new trainee he is mentoring. Things get interesting …

The original story, “The Apprentice” was featured in ‘Selections from the Past’. When I re-read the story, I thought about this new chapter and some others. I hope you enjoy.

Tino opened his eyes. He felt lightheaded. At first, he did not recognize his surroundings, but soon he realized he was in his bed. He sat up and stared at his alarm clock: 11:48am.

“Good. You’re finally up.”, a voice said.

“What are you doing … in my bedroom, Victor?”, Tino replied, a bit put off that another man was in his bedroom.

“I wanted to make sure you were okay. You were out of it last night.”, Victor replied.

Tino hopped out of bed. His yellow jammers fell to the floor. When he pulled up his jammers, Tino noticed his reflection in the mirror on his dresser. He gazed upon his body in awe. His body had miraculously changed, overnight. He had a lean, taut frame, sculpted pecs, an incredible physique. In short, he had the body he always wanted. He turned to Victor and asked, “Did you do this to me?”, Tino asked.

“I gave you what you wanted.”, Victor replied.

“But … I’m so … look at me. I’m hot!”, Tino exclaimed.

The apprentice sorcerer shook his head. “Last night, at the bar, you said you wanted the body and sex drive of a young porn star.”

“I … I … I can’t remember anything.”, Tino said. “I can barely remember my name.”

“Your name is Tino. Hot name, hot body.”, Victor said. He paused for a moment and then added, “There are … a few side effects … for such a drastic change.”, Victor warned. “You probably have to find a new line of work.”

“What’s work?”, Tino asked.

“It’s what you do to earn a living.”, Victor answered. Tino looked confused. “To make money.”, Victor added. Still appearing dismayed by the answers, “Maybe we’ll find you a sugar daddy.”

“That sounds hot.”, Tino said, as he stroked his member from the outside of his jammers.

Victor reviewed his finished project. Tino’s new body and uncontrolled sex drive caused a seismic shift in Tino’s personality. “Tino, I need you to listen …”

“O-M-G, like right now, my dick is sooooo hard.”, Tino exclaimed. His tone was incredibly vapid. He had completely ignored Victor’s comment.

“Tino, focus. Listen to me.”, Victor said.

“Right now, I just wanna fuck.”, Tino said. He fell to his knees and lowered Victor’s trousers, fondling and searching for Victor’s cock.

Before Tino could whip out Victor’s cock, he shouted, “Stop.” Victor pulled away from Tino and shouted, “I can’t. I’ll find you guys to fuck. Hand me your cell phone.” Tino handed his cell phone to Victor. Victor snapped a photograph of Tino standing sideways, wearing his now-baggy yellow shorts, his baseball cap in reverse, doused with fake gold jewelry. “You look hot.”, Victor opined as he snapped several photographs. With a snap of his fingers, the apprentice sorcerer posted Tino’s photograph on a ‘Grinder’ account: ‘Stud needs sex. NOW! Don’t keep me waiting.’ (To see the photograph posted by Victor, click here).

Within minutes, Tino’s cell phone began to ding. The ‘Grinder’ post attracted over a dozen studs ready to come to Tino’s home and have sex with the newborn himbo. “What’s … who’s … oh yeah, him. And him. And him.”

“Okay, Tino.”, Victor replied. “Go get dressed.” Tino hurried away, debating with himself which colored jockstrap he should wear. Victor watched his new creation and smiled.

“You went way too far with this one. Haven’t you learned anything?”, the voice said. Victor turned around and saw his mentor, Izzy, standing, wearing a black suit and white shirt. “You can’t grant wishes. You’re not a genie.”

“But what’s wrong with giving him everything he wanted?”, Victor asked.

“Because you can’t. That was your first mistake. You knew what would happen. Now what?”, Izzy asked. “He can barely boil water. You turned him into, dare I say, ‘Super Himbo’.”, Izzy said, posing like Superman.

“He’s so hot though.”, Victor said.

Izzy stared at Victor and then experienced that delayed ‘ah-ha’ moment. “You himboed Tino for yourself.”, Izzy shouted.

Victor lowered his eyes. “Last night, when I heard his whining, I closed my eyes and pictured hot, sexy Tino. I had to have him.”

“Did you get clearance to do that?”, Izzy smirked. Victor made a puppy-eyes face to his mentor. The master sorcerer had a soft spot in his heart for Victor. He had overseen Victor’s training with care and precision, making sure that his mistakes were covered up and his successes lauded. “Okay. You can have him.”, Izzy, the master sorcerer replied.

Victor smiled. “Thank you, Izzy.”

Thad, another one of Izzy’s apprentices, sat perched upon the roof of Tino’s home. “He always gets what he wants.”, Thad said. Thad used to be Izzy’s favorite, but no longer. That privilege belonged to Victor. “How can I …”, he thought to himself. As he stared at Victor and Izzy exchanging words, he had a brainstorm. As he smiled, Thad muttered, “If you can’t beat them, change the rules.”

Thad closed his eyes and whispered the incantation. “Nunc habeam corpus. Nam nunc ego sapientia habito in mente. Et nunc, anima in me est.” In a flash, Thad disappeared and possessed the body and mind of the stud that responded to Tino’s Grinder post.

Thad, now in his mortal shell, parked his vehicle in the driveway of Tino’s home. Thad looked down and scanned his body. “Hot!” Thad walked towards the front door and knocked on the door.

In seconds, Tino opened the door. He stared at the blonde stud standing before his eyes. “You’re hot.” Tino pulled the stud into the home and kissed his guest. Thad did not rebuke Tino’s kiss. Tino grabbed Thad by the hand and led him into the house. Thad stared at Tino’s beautifully crafted buttocks, framed by the navy-blue jockstrap.

“Where are we going?”, Thad asked.

Tino did not say anything. He led Thad into a brightly lit bedroom. Tino kissed Thad again and whispered, “Get undressed.” Thad removed his clothes, leaving on his red jockstrap, and reclined upon the bed. Tino stood near the bed, rocking his hips, stroking the front of his jockstrap. “You like what you see?”, Tino asked.

Thad stared in awe at Tino. Victor had created the perfect man: beautiful and hyper-sexual. Before his eyes, Thad watched his private dancer. Mesmerized, Thad felt his cock swelling and getting hard. (To see Thad in the mortal’s body, click here). When Tino lowered his jockstrap and revealed the beast that Victor bestowed, Thad’s eyes popped from his head. “You’re huge!”

“And hot!”, Tino bragged.

“Yes. You’re hot.”, Thad agreed.

“And you’re not fooling anyone.”, Tino said. Thad did not understand Tino’s comment. A blue mist emitted from Tino’s mouth, filling the bedroom. When the mist evaporated, standing next to Tino, now frozen like a statue, was Izzy.

“What the fuck?”, Thad cried.

“Yes. My question exactly.”, Izzy said. “What are you doing?”

“Relinquit corpus, mens relinquo, relinquere ad animam meam.”, Thad said. In a flash, Thad stood outside of the blonde stud’s body. Like Tino, the blonde stud lay frozen in time on the bed. “I’m just having some fun.”

“No, you’re not. You’re here to fuck with Victor’s new toy.”, Izzy replied. “You are a jealous bastard.”

“Why should he get everything he wants?”, Thad shouted.

“You’re an idiot. Do you think he’s thought out this latest trick?”, Izzy asked. “He created a himbo who can’t survive without a sugar daddy. He has to bring Tino along while he continues his training. He’ll get bored.”

Thad shook his head. “But … you always let him slide. You always cover his mistakes. You …”

Izzy grew tired of Thad’s whining. He waved his hands and transported Thad and himself into another room of Tino’s home, where Victor sat before a television screen watching Tino and the blonde stud. “I made popcorn.”, Victor said.

Izzy sat next to Victor and grabbed some of his popcorn. “Sit down. This should be good.” Thad joined his mentor and his rival on the oversized couch and watched the blonde stud and Tino mutually pleasure each other.

“Victor, what do we do with Tino?”, Izzy asked.

“Soap opera star.”, Victor replied. “Telenovelas. Look at him. Classic Latin looks. We’ll clean him up.”

“Smart him up a bit. He’s too …”, Thad added.

“Fucking dumb!”, Izzy added.

The three sorcerers watched Tino and his Grinder mate suck each other’s cock. Tino eventually knelt on the bed and enjoyed the blonde stud’s thick, hard cock buried deep in his ass.

Izzy stared at his two mentees. “They have so much to learn.” For now, Izzy enjoyed the performance. When the blonde stud pulled out his cock and shot his load on Tino’s buttocks, Izzy said, “Good form. Overall, I give it a ‘69’.”

Victor and Thad shook their heads. “You need new material.”, they both teased.

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