The Ultimate Japanese Experience

By Willie Cici published February 25, 2019

Enzo takes a business trip to Japan where he learns the difference between ‘geisha’ and ‘oiran’ …

Lorenzo Grimaldi, son of the owner of Grimaldi Enterprises, sat next to his father at the impressive mahogany and leather-ingrained conference room table. “Enzo, what do you think?”

“I think I need a plane ticket to Tokyo.”, Enzo replied. The elder Grimaldi nodded ‘yes’. “Papa, the Japanese are like us. They respect family, tradition, good manners. We cannot do a video conference. We have to go in person and charm them.”

“Si. I agree. Al piu presto possible.”, Enzo’s father said.

“Yes, Papa. As soon as possible.”, Enzo replied.

Within five days, Enzo arrived at Gate 26 of Milan Malpensa Airport and boarded a private jet to Haneda International. Once Enzo cleared customs, he boarded the monorail and traveled into the downtown terminal in the center of Tokyo. Enzo secured a cab and arrived at the Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo At Marunouchi.

The next day, Enzo met with the Kakushitsu Fakkāzugurūpu, the company that Grimaldi Enterprises intended to court. The tight-knit family-run business seemed impressed by Enzo’s respectful manners, knowledge of Japanese etiquette and limited command of the language. Because Enzo’s English was also polished, the parties spoke in English.

After a full-day of meetings and negotiations, the son of the owner of the company, Adamu Kakushitsu, a man close to Enzo’s age, took Enzo aside and whispered, “Did you come to Tokyo alone?”

“Yes.”, Enzo replied.

“Tomorrow, afternoon, after morning meeting, would you like to experience Oiran?”, Adamu asked.

“I had intended to attend a Geisha.”, Enzo replied.

“Geisha sing and dance. Nothing else.”, Adamu said. Enzo appeared confused. “Oiran entertain.”, Adamu whispered, his tone suggestive.

“Are you sure?”, Enzo asked.

“I will arrange an Oiran. You will enjoy.”, Adamu said.

Enzo did not fully understand Adamu. That evening, when he returned to the hotel, he asked the concierge to arrange for a Geisha at the ‘Yomahori’, a venue in the hotel that specialized in traditional Geisha. At 8pm, Enzo rode the elevator to the 12th floor of the hotel. As he entered the ‘Yomahori’, a woman bedecked in traditional Japanese costume escorted Enzo to his private room. The hostess invited Enzo to remove his shoes, his jacket, tie and shirt and don the traditional male kimono. The hostess bid Enzo to recline upon the cushioned seating and wait for his geisha.

Minutes later, two Japanese women opened a sliding panel and entered. Music began to play through the overhead sound system. The one Geisha performed a traditional Japanese dance for Enzo while the other fed him various foods and seasoned teas. Enzo tried to grope his Geisha, but tactfully and forcefully, the Geisha repelled Enzo’s advances. He finally realized what Adamu meant.

Once the Geisha concluded their entertainment, performing the ancient songs and dance, in traditional costumes, they escorted Enzo from the room to the lobby and bid him ‘good night’.

“Well, that was a waste of time.”, Enzo thought to himself. The handsome single man rode the elevator to the lobby of the hotel. He entered the ‘Motif’ bar, at the far corner of the hotel lobby, and settled in for a cocktail. “Bourbon on the rocks.”

The bartender served Enzo his bourbon. As Enzo sipped his bourbon, a young lady walked into the bar and sat next to Enzo. Enzo stared at the young lady, very cute, with perky little breasts. “You need company?”, the young lady asked.

Enzo laughed. Before he could reply, the bartender returned and chased the young lady away. “Nigeru. Soshite modotte konaide kudasai.”, the bartender said in a harsh tone. When Enzo questioned the bartender, he said, “You no want Enjo Kosai. Too young.” He paused for a moment. “High school girl.”

Enzo practically spit-take his last sip of his bourbon. “High school?”

“Yes. Very sad. No experience.”, the bartender whispered, suggesting that the ride was not worth the money. He then leaned into Enzo and said, “Do you want …”

“No, thank you.”, Enzo replied. He had no intention of paying some hooker. Plus, he made eye contact with a brunette seated at the other end of the bar. “I think I’ll try my luck.”, Enzo said, as he walked over to the brunette, introduced himself and did his best to seduce the brunette.

The next morning, after he kissed the brunette ‘good-bye’, Enzo met with the principals of the Kakushitsu Fakkāzugurūpu and resumed negotiations. When the day ended early, Adamu approached Enzo and said, “We still go to Oiran?”

“Yes, Adamu. Let us go.”, Enzo said.

The two unlikely acquaintances returned to Enzo’s hotel. Enzo dropped his briefcase and changed into casual clothes. When he returned to the lobby, Enzo found Adamu similarly dressed. “I had change of clothes in limousine.”, he explained. With that, Enzo and Adamu returned to the waiting limousine and drove away towards the suburbs.

Finally, the limousine arrived at a traditional Japanese home. Enzo and Adamu approached the front entrance and were greeted by men wearing black suits and dark sunglasses. Adamu said something in Japanese. The men in black suits opened the door and bid the men to enter.

Enzo surveyed the interior space. The sliding paneled doors and light airy décor resembled the Geisha setting. Suddenly, one of the panels slowly opened and revealed the shape of a beautiful costumed woman. She masked her painted face with the baby blue cloth of her kimono. (To see the Oiran, click here).

“Kon’nichiwa.”, Enzo said, in his best Japanese.

“Kon’nichiwa.”, the Oiran replied.

“Watashi no yūjin wa furusābisu o kitai shite imasu.”, Adamu said.

“Hai. Furusābisu.”, the Oiran answered.

“What did you say?”, Enzo asked.

“I told her to provide you with full service. It is code.”, Adamu explained.

Enzo winked. “Comprendo.” When the Oiran bid Enzo to enter her boudoir, Enzo entered, turned to smile to Adamu and entered the room. The Oiran closed the sliding panel and smiled at Enzo. Using hand gestures, she invited Enzo to remove his clothes. When Enzo stood naked, but for his bikini briefs, she bid Enzo to recline upon the mattress, face down. Soon, Enzo felt the warm, sensual touch of the Oiran massaging his neck and back. He smelled something, the oil he suspected that the Oiran used during her massage.

“What is that scent?”, Enzo asked. As soon as he asked the question, he muttered to himself. “She doesn’t understand me.”

“Jasmine and vanilla.”, the Oiran replied.

“Oh! So, you speak a little English.”, Enzo said, startled by the reply.

“Yes.”, the Oiran said.

“What is your name?”

“Danshō.”, the Oiran replied, her tone, enticing and inviting. The more she massaged, the more comfortable and excited Enzo became. He felt his cock thickening with blood as Danshō continued to massage the oils into his pores. Soon, Enzo felt so relaxed that he did not realize that Danshō removed his bikini briefs. Danshō fondled Enzo’s buttocks and massaged them with the jasmine and vanilla scented oil.

Danshō took a moment from her massage. As Enzo lay upon the mattress, he listened to the traditional Japanese music. The soothing tones relaxed him. “This is soooo nice.”, Enzo thought to himself. Danshō lay upon the mattress. Enzo could feel her warm flesh press against his back, his torso and his buttocks. He felt Danshō’s fingers caress his buttocks with her oily hand. Slowly, Danshō slid the oily fingers into Enzo’s hole. “Feels sooooo nice.”, Enzo cooed.

“Yes. So good.”, Danshō said. Enzo did not notice the change in Danshō’s voice, from a squeaky pitch to a deeper baritone. Enzo lay comfortably, enjoying Danshō’s finger massage. Then, he felt something larger and warmer. “You like?”

“Yes. Soooo nice.”, Enzo said, as Danshō massaged Enzo’s prostate with a thick curved glass implement, kept warm in a special pot. Greased with the jasmine and vanilla scented massage oil, the glass toy glided in and out of Enzo’s hole.

As Enzo lay upon the mattress, he soon felt something pressing upon his lips. As he opened his mouth to question Danshō, Danshō slid his semi-hard cock into Enzo’s mouth. “Suck it.”, Danshō demanded. Enzo did not object. Danshō’s cock tasted like vanilla and smelled of jasmine. He suckled upon Danshō’s cock faster and harder, but the taste dissipated. He wanted more and more. When Danshō felt close to orgasm, he pulled his cock out of Enzo’s mouth. He crawled about the mattress, pulled the glass toy out of Enzo’s ass and slid his rock-hard cock into Enzo’s ass.

“Feels so good.”, Enzo muttered, as Danshō thrust his cock deeper and deeper into Enzo’s ass. The sexy Oiran needed little time to blast his wad. When he had climaxed, Danshō hopped off the mattress. He opened the bamboo cabinet and retrieved the steaming hot towels. He wiped Enzo’s groin with one towel and then Enzo’s buttocks with another.

Danshō stood and stared at his sexy, clueless customer. He quickly donned his costume: the kimono and the black wig. He reapplied some white make-up and smiled. He then returned to the mattress and said, in his fake voice, “Turn over.”

Enzo lay on his back and stared at the sexy Oiran. Before he could say anything, Danshō doused Enzo’s cock with massage oil. With his oily hands, Danshō stroked Enzo’s cock slowly, edging the stud. His impressive member grew hard. Danshō smiled. He loved the challenge. Inch by inch, Danshō swallowed Enzo’s cock, giggling from time to time, like a girl, playing the part. “That feels soooo good.”

“I suck good?”, Danshō mumbled.

“You suck good.”, Enzo replied. With that, Danshō sucked Enzo faster and harder, then slower, making a popping sound as he pulled Enzo’s cock out of his mouth, like the cork of a bottle of wine. Back and forth, Danshō sucked Enzo’s cock, using the change of speeds and pressure to edge him along until finally, the Italian stud moaned and shouted, “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!” Enzo shot a wad of cum directly upon Danshō’s face, hitting him in the eyes and lips. “I’m sorry. Let me …”

Danshō wiped the cum from his lips and licked his fingers. “Taste good. Vanilla.”

Enzo laughed. He rolled on his back and stared at the ceiling. “Incredible.”, he thought to himself.

As he lay on his belly, Enzo looked up and stared at Danshō as he/she retrieved the steaming towels from the bamboo closet. (To see Enzo, click here). Danshō chuckled at Enzo’s goofy grin. “Why you laugh?”, Danshō said. Danshō took the steaming towels and wiped Enzo’s body from head to toe.

“I’m not laughing. I’m in a good mood. You’re so sexy.”, Enzo said, as he lay upon the mattress enjoying the warmth of the steaming towels used by Danshō. “Can we do that again?” Danshō shook his head ‘no’. Enzo was disappointed. “I understand. You have other clients.” Danshō nodded ‘yes’.

When Danshō finished wiping Enzo’s body, he/she said “I help you dress.” Enzo rose from the mattress. Danshō grabbed Enzo’s bikini briefs and helped the stud dress. When he had donned all his clothes, Enzo approached Danshō, grabbed her hand and said, “Arigatōgozaimashita.”

“Dōitashimashite.”, Danshō replied. She opened the paneled door of the boudoir and escorted Enzo towards the main entrance.

At the door, Enzo found Adamu waiting for him. As he approached Adamu, he asked, “What did you think?”

“I think I like Japan.”, Enzo said. For the first time, Enzo noticed how handsome Adamu was. He could tell the young man prided upon his appearance. He was well-groomed and physically fit. His clothes clung to his sculpted form. “What do you have planned for me tonight?”, Enzo asked as he entered the limousine.

Adamu smiled. He entered the limousine and ordered the driver to take them back to Enzo’s hotel. Adamu looked at his reflection in the window and noticed the remnant of the white make-up he used to disguise his face. He wiped his brow and cleaned his hands on the fabric of the seating in the limousine. Hopefully, Enzo did notice the make-up. Adamu wanted to see how far he could push the charade.

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