Finding Paradise

By Rhiona Farley -
published February 25, 2019

On his 18th birthday, Leo has his chance to join the mysterious men’s only land known as Paradise.

Leo woke up hearing the date from his digital alarm clock. The eighteenth… The eighteenth?! He sat bolt upright, sleep forgotten. It was his birthday! He’d be processed today!

Throwing off his blankets, he rushed to the shower, trying to fit every minute of an otherwise careful routine into about fifteen minute. He had all day, but he only had today. After today, the men on the wall would assume he didn’t want to join Paradise.

Paradise had been built when he was just a kid. His father had disappeared inside about a year later. Most of the men in the country had gone. All but one of Leo’s friends had gone when they came of age. John wouldn’t get another shot to go, but he said he’d be happy here with Lily and their family. Leo hadn’t heard from the others who had gone across the wall, no one came back, presumably because it was as the name implied, a paradise.

He shaved everywhere, careful and wanting to make the best possible impression. Once completely smooth and moisturized, he threw on a blue thong and some running shorts, and a tank top he’d gotten just for today. His mom knew he was going, and told him she’d take care of his stuff. He just had to walk to the processing center.

Leo had been the previous day for a physical. It wasn’t a long walk, but enough that he worked up a nice sweat. Right at the base of the imposing wall, the medical clinic hummed with soothing binaurals and he instantly felt all the nervous excitement mellow out of him. The cute hunk behind the desk asked for his ID. Without thinking, Leo produced the card the doctor had given him yesterday. “Leo Sullivan, Twink #422587, unprocessed.”

The receptionist smiled, “Processing day, huh? Lucky you.”

He got up and minced off to another room, making Leo sit in the waiting room. Oddly enough, the only other person waiting was a young man like him who looked half asleep. Well… Maybe it wasn’t so odd. It was pretty comfortable on these couches. The cushions cupped his butt like memory foam or something. He daydreamed, remembering a machine he and his buddies had messed with at the mall once. Putting in a dollar and your arm would activate it and it would wrap your arm in cushions and tell you the exact dimensions of your arm. His ass felt kind of like his arm had that day but so much nicer…

“…llivan… Mr. Sullivan. Could you please follow me?”

Damn how long had he been out? The other guy was gone and the receptionist stood over Leo looking expectant. Sheepish, the former track runner got up and followed him while the hunk explained.

“I’m really jealous. You’ve been picked for a special job inside Paradise already. You’ll be working for a lot of higher ups right off the bat once the doctor finishes your processing.” He rambled, checking his nails. Through Leo’s fuzzy haze, he found it strange the hunk was so ditzy. Still, he knew what he was doing, right? So Leo should follow him. “And the doctor knows what’s best after all, he’s the master around here.”

The master… Well the receptionist certainly knew what he was talking about. The doctor met Leo in a treatment room, and shook his hand very firmly. Leo blushed, surprised by how fit and handsome the older man was. Trying not to show how much the doctor affected him, Leo asked if he was from Paradise.

“Heh, yes I am. But I volunteered to work here to bring young men like you to our perfect world. If you would remove your clothes and hand over your ID, we can get you started.” the doctor explained, motioning for him to get onto a chair that looking like something out of a high tech dentist’s office.

Leo looked uncertain,, shirt already halfway off, “What are you going to do, Doc?”

“This process is going to make you absolutely perfect to join Paradise. Don’t worry, we have what’s best in mind.” The man reassured. He had to be right. Maybe it was the gentle music floating through the whole clinic, or how handsome the man was, but Leo relaxed when he was told not to worry.

Clothes discarded, he hopped up onto the chair. After a few adjustments, the doctor put some restraints on his wrists and ankles.

Leo didn’t fight it because the doctor had what was best in mind.

He didn’t fight when the doctor put some kind of device around his cock and balls, because the doctor had what was best in mind. And he didn’t fight when a headset was placed on his fluffy black curls because the noise and lights paralyzed his mind.

Just beyond the noise, before his brain totally gave up, he could hear the two talking.

“Twinks clean up well no matter what goes in, but I doubt we’ll have to change too much on this one.”

“Master, he’s been auctioned off already. Here are his specifications.”

Leo heard no more. Or rather, the headset booted up finally and shut down his conscious. A spiral played before his eyes overlaid with text.

-Welcome to Program Adam -Designation: Twink 422587 -Enhancements: memory(standard) anal(advanced) penile(sub) -Enjoy!

The once virgin Leo had never had sex in his life. He’d masturbated once or twice, even gone as far as stuck his fingers into his ass for a bit of kinky fun. Now, as he watched, every possible sex position men could do flashed before his eyes. Two men, three men, four and more in every position, with the only constant being there was a submissive man somewhere in the picture. When they ran out of imagine to show him, it looped around again, only this time, everything moved, giving him an in depth education on each position. Somewhere in between the loops, the faceless submissive was replaced with a replica of Leo himself.

Inside the device on his crotch, his cock started to harden. And then that got to work too. Slowly, the chair split open and raised his legs so his ass was exposed. A thin rubbery dildo pressed into his ass, opening him up for work to begin. As the doctor took notes, nerves were moved from Leo’s cock into his ass, rewiring him to receive pleasure only from anal. Certainly he could keep his cock, but he would never again orgasm from it.

At the same time, the now useless length was reduced from a once decent five inches hard to a two inch numb, only hard if his new master ever required it. None of the sexual positions Leo was being reeducated to know would need him to top, so what was the point in that?

It was almost noon before the young man was fully processed and ready. His chair was returned to its upright position and some last minute adjustments had been made to fill out his ass into a true bouncing bubble butt.

When he stood up, the receptionist put him in a bright pink thong with his ID card, now reading simply “Twink #422587, property of Master Evan Rothschild” attached to the left hip string.

Twink 422587 was led into a different area of the clinic, where a man in a charcoal gray suit with a pink pocket square waited expectantly. Twink salivated when he saw his new master.

“Completely processed to your exact standards Mr. Rothschild, Sir. We hope you’ll think of us if you need another one in the future.” The receptionist bowed, his own ID card dangling loose.

The man snapped his fingers. On cue, Twink slid to his knees and fished out his master’s cock without using his hands, as he’d been processed, drooling over the cock he’d been programmed to crave. He didn’t suck until he was given permission. He moaned around such a heavenly taste. Truly, the Twink who had once been Leon had found Paradise.

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