By Rozza22365 published February 23, 2019

Hunter snitches on the Jocks and is punished severely for it

“Ok see you tomorrow,” Hunter called to his friend who was leaving the locker room.

‘Ah, one more day until the weekend’ Hunter thought, relaxing his body after an intense gym class.

“Heya, there snitch” came a lively and cocky voice. The source was none other than Cody, a jock that enjoyed teasing Hunter.

Cody was your typical high school jock. He was at least 6’4, strong due to working out loads. His jet black hair was well groomed, though you didn’t see it much because he had a backward cap on most of the time. He wore trendy clothes and had some expensive accessories. He was cocky as hell and confident he could do anything, which he could. Everyone loved him and wanted to be him or with him.

“Hi Cody, what do you mean by snitch?” Hunter asked slightly wary. Earlier in the day, Hunter had gone to Coach to report the jocks for planning some prank.

“Well, ya see, Coach and I had a really interesting talk this afternoon.” Explained Cody, who was beginning to get excited.

Hunter froze, of course, Coach told Cody about him snitching. Cody was Coaches favorite student and player. Suddenly from behind Hunter, hands came out of nowhere and grabbed him. He looked from side to side. It was Cody’s best Bro’s, Connor and Luke.

Connor was tall and lean. He had tanned skin and black styled hair. Luke, on the other hand, was brawn and muscular jock. He had rosy skin and brown, spiked up hair, though you didn’t see it often as he wore a cap most of the time.

Hunter tried to break free from the jocks, but they hit him a few times until he submitted. Cody moved closer to Hunter until he was a foot away. He looked down at the whimpering nerd.

In truth, Hunter couldn’t defend himself against the jocks. Hunter’s appearance invited people to mock and attack him. His pale face was littered with zits. His glasses and clothing gave him that stereotypical nerd look, and to top it off he had a very irritating nasally voice. Everyone had a million ways to make fun of him. His underdeveloped muscles made him weak, meaning he would give crumble at the lightest of hits.

“Coach told me, you snitched,” Said Cody in a condescending tone, which made Hunter feel more frightened. Hunter responded in light whimpering, his eyes brought to near tears at the thought of what was about to happen to him.

"Don’t cry, little snitch. We have something special planned for you.” As he finished, Luke put Hunter in a tight headlock, and Connor started stripping off Hunter’s clothes. Once Connor was naked they tied him up between two bench’s across the room, so he hung in midair.

“What is this?” Cried, Hunter.

“It’s your special punishment,” Said Luke in his simple-minded voice.

Cody dragged out a big blue plastic barrel which looked as though it was filled with water.

“Ok snitch ready for your punishment,” Said Cody smirking.

“No please let me go,” Cried Hunter

The jocks laughed at his weak plea. They took out a jock strap and a blue football jersey, which they then dunked in the barrel. They kept the clothing inside the barrel for a bit so that it had time to absorb the liquid. Luke and Cody then went over to Hunter and wrung the liquid out over his naked body. The liquid poured out of the jock and jersey like a waterfall. Hunter thought it was water at first, but this was stinky and had a habit of sticking to his skin, rather than running off of him.

“What is this stuff?" choaked Hunter, spitting out some of the unknown liquid in his mouth.

"Ah, I’m glad you asked snitch. This is the team’s collective jock juice from over the past few months. When we play and workout we sweat a lot, so we wring out our clothes into this barrel. Been saving it for a special occasion, like this.” Cody explained.

Cody then held Hunter’s nose shut, so that the nerd had to breathe through his mouth. Luke then took the jock he had dunked back in the barrel and wrung it out over Hunters wide open mouth. Hunter wriggled his head a bit to avoid drinking it down, but Cody held his head in place by putting his other hand on the back of it.

Once Hunter’s front was thoroughly covered in jock juice, they turned Hunter over and began wringing the clothes out over his back. Cody started to rub the jock juice into his scalp like a shampoo. Hunter began crying slightly, the unusual behavior and the desire to torment him made him scared. Hunter then felt splotches of cold hit his back as a stickier substance stuck onto his back. He didn’t know what it was, but the jocks rubbed it into his skin like a moisturizer. They turned him back over, dispelling the mystery of the substance on his back in that moment. Hunter was disgusted to see the jocks, were all cumming on him and then rubbing the cum into his skin.

“Oh my god, what the fuck are you doing?” Hunter cried

“SSSSHHHH snitch. Don’t you worry, we’re just making sure that when you are done, you will be a perfect specimen for the team.” Mocked, Cody with a vacant stare in his eyes.

“What?” Hunter cried out, still shocked by the direction his day had gone.

“You know what, don’t worry. Connor, Luke. It’s time for Stage two bro’s!” Barked Cody ordering his subordinates

They proceeded to untie Hunter’s arms and legs and laid him down on a bench. Hunter got up but felt oddly lethargic, like he had no energy. Hunter’s body then started tingling all over as little brown hairs sprouted up over his legs and arms. A treasure trail from his belly button went up above his man boobs, which had started sagging out more. His shoulders began growing out, broadening his frame. His arms thickened with muscle as if he had trained in the gym and on the football field for years. His torso then grew adding mass, making him larger. His stomach and chest pulled back in forcefully and painfully. Hunter grabbed his stomach and saw as a trench formed down him from his man boobs, which were now two massive pecs, his stomach then created a well defined six pack. Hunter’s legs struggled to keep this hunk up, and so he was forced onto one knee. Hunter’s dick began tingling as it grew out to a decent 7" and then to an impressive 10", flaccid cock. His thighs began to inflate. At first, it was fat, and then it turned into muscle. His calves stretched out and strengthened as muscle was added to them. His tiny size 7 feet grew out becoming size 10. Hunter’s head was then reshaped, squaring out. The sweat that had been rubbed into his scalp began reforming his messy hair. It shortened down and then started to gel up, spiking out at the front. Hunter got up and looked confused. The jocks stared at him with approval.

“Looks like the little dweeb might actually turn out good” Cheered an excited Cody.

Connor and Luke then placed the sweaty jockstrap and jersey on to Hunters bigger body. The jersey hugged Hunter’s massive biceps. The jock strap that was put on his crotch showed off his enormous package. The jockstrap began making Hunter itch. A new layer of fabric spread out over the top of it before spreading rapidly around his waist and down to his knee’s. It gained a royal blue color, like the jersey. From the football cleats that had been forced onto his feet, came a pair of socks that stretched themselves up to his knee’s but left space between it and the football trousers. The jersey that clung to his chest and arms began pushing out as football under armor formed.

Hunter looked down over his new body and clothes. He was in shock, what had happened to his little body. He looked back to the jocks who were all smirking at their new bro in admiration.

“You like it bruh. I told you we would make you the perfect jock.” Said Cody, admiring his new creation.

Hunter was stuck. On the one hand, he was unrecognizable. A part of his identity was gone, which made him sad. On the other hand, he was swole as fuck, everyone in the school would love him, and he wouldn’t have to deal with pathetic dweeb friends. Wait! Why was he saying this? all his friends were nerds and they would hate him being like this.

’Yeah, but why deal with dweebs who can’t lift shit when I can hang out with the bro’s in front of me.’ Thought Hunter, as a new thinking pattern took over him slightly. Hunter grabbed his head trying to shake it out of him.

“Looks like new Hunter is here guys, let’s help our bro shake off this stupid dweeb.” Cody ordered.

Connor took out another jockstrap and dunked it in the barrel. After a moment, he took it out and approached Hunter.

“Yo bro, open wide.” He commanded.

Hunters new mindset obliged and forced him to open his mouth. Connor then forced the jock strap into his mouth. Luke came over and strapped a jock cup to Hunter’s mouth and giggled slightly at the thought of what was about to happen to him.

Hunter didn’t care too much about what had been put in his mouth. He was doing what he could to try and fight the new jock mindset. Eventually, he pushed it back, freeing himself to now focus on the jockstrap in his mouth. He tried to grasp the cup on his mouth that felt as if it was attached to his skin. He moved his mouth around trying to spit out the jockstrap but it wouldn’t budge, and on top of that it felt smaller. The jockstrap was dissolving in his mouth. It dissolved into a liquid that gave off a musky odor that wafted its way up to the brain. Hunters mind clouded over. He started thinking about mathematical equations. He kept doing them over in his head getting a different wrong answer each time, before forgetting how to do the equa… nerdy shit completely. The same happened for the rest of his knowledge, going over it and slowly forgetting all about it.

’There we go, Hunter, we don’t need all that useless crap now do we’ Coaxed the new jock version of him slowly taking over.

“He… he… lp… m… me” Hunter panicked and tried to speak, but he could only get out one syllable at a time.

’Don’t worry Hunter all this useless crap will be gone soon and then we get the good stuff.’ Hunter’s jock version, maliciously.

Hunter’s hobbies started disappearing slowly as well now. He remembered he enjoyed video games, but what video games. Was it Zelda or league of legends. Can’t be they are way too nerdy for me. Oh, wait it was Call of Duty and Battlefield, the only acceptable games since they are so easy to play. Though they’re not the best game, the best game was played on the open field. The best game was football.

As Hunter thought about football, his mind was flooded with new knowledge on basics, strategy, and training.

’YES’ Cried Hunter’s jock version in joy

’It’s over Hunter; you’re gonna be a jock now. Just give up now and let me take over you.’ He continued

’No there has to be a way back.’ Said the old Hunter trying to kindle some hope in him.

’There isn’t Hunter, this is for the future, just merge with me and become a jock’ The new Hunter said irritatedly, he was becoming annoyed as old Hunter pointlessly resisted.

While Hunter argued with his new mindset, the jock cup on his mouth had begun reshaping into a football helmet. Once it had reshaped, the weight of the helmet hit his head forcing Hunter back into reality. He touched his head realizing he was now in full football gear. His body, clothes, and mind were now that of a jocks. The only part of old Hunter left was his conscience that fought on to keep himself there. But eventually, though the new Hunter grew big enough that it engulfed Hunter’s conscience, merging with him. Once done there was no part of the old Hunter left. Hunter was a dumb football jock now.

“Ah, what the fuck happened?” Asked Hunter, lifting his head.

“You weren’t yourself bro, but don’t worry we… helped you back,” Cody responded.

“Aw thanks, bros.” Said Hunter to his new friends. He felt good around his new mates, who were smirking at him like they had done something naughty.

“What is it?” Asked Hunter confused at his smirking and giggling friends,

“Nothing bro, we’re just happy you’re you.” Said, Cody

“yeah you’re cool bro. Anyway, Hunter, me and Luke are off, we’ll see you tomorrow for the big game.” Said Connor

Connor and Luke left. Hunter took off his helmet and looked at Cody.

“Ok Hunter, I have a question. What team do you play for?” Asked Cody

“Well, that’s obvious I play for our school’s team, your team!” Shouted Hunter, enthusiastically.

“No Hunter, bro. I mean what team as in do you play for girls or boys,” laughed Cody

“That’s easy I’m like every other jock in the school well except for Danny and Liam. And Oscar. And you. I play for girls bro,” Said Hunter cockily

“I was afraid you were going to say that. Well now for part three bro” sighed Cody.

“Cody, if you want a bro job I can do that, I just have say no homo afterward.” Said Hunter

“Yeah sure give me a bro job,” Replied Cody.

Hunter got down on his knees. Cody undid his football trousers, getting out his 10’ monster. Cody’s cock slowly got harder and harder, as the thought of this beefcake sucking on his dick got more real. Hunter wrapped his lips around Cody’s cock end and quickly worked his way up to his pubes. He deepthroated Cody’s dick so well that Cody almost forgot what he was going to do. Cody reached over to his coat pocket and took out a small vial of blue liquid and drank it down in seconds. Instantly, Hunter’s second change was now sealed. He kept deepthroating Cody’s dick, again and again until Cody grabbed Hunter’s head pushing him into his pubes as he exploded in his mouth. The cum then made its way up the back of Hunter’s mouth and lodged itself in his brain. Hunter began seeing big boobied, fit, long-haired women. The thought made him hard and excited at first, but it lessened over time. The women slowly turned into big gym bro’s and jocks which made him more excited and horny. Eventually, women did nothing for him, and he was full on gay. As he retracted his mouth from Cody’s penis, he looked up at Cody, and a new memory hit him. He was Cody’s boyfriend. How had he forgotten such an essential bro?

“Hey babe,” flirted Hunter smiling at his adorable boyfriend

“That was great, let’s say we go back to mine tonight. We can discuss tomorrows game, play a bit of CoD and then maybe go a bit harder.” Said Cody, flirtatiously.

Hunter smiled with approval, and they both left.

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