Dadly Smokes

By mcbaer published February 23, 2019

Three friends decide to celebrate their college graduation with some cigars.

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Mike knew that he couldn’t keep on doing this… It first happened a few weeks ago, just after his college graduation. He was having a small celebration with the two buddies from his class, it wasn’t anything flashy, they had a couple beers together, watched a few bad movies and played some video games on his console. It seemed like nothing out of the ordinary for three nerdy guys like them, at least until Steve remembered about the box of cigars he’d been keeping in his backpack. Apparently the guy at the smoke shop he got his vape from had talked him into buying a couple of them during his last visit. Mike had to admit he was a bit sketchy on the details and didn’t remember all that much of what was going on before they lit up the cigars. And for a long time he certainly wished he could have said the same thing about what happened afterwards… all it took was a couple puffs of smoke before things began getting really weird.

Mike remembered how much he loved the taste of the tobacco, he only agreed to put one of them in his mouth as something of a joke, but soon enough he was smoking that stogie like a seasoned cigarman. Closing his lips tightly around it, sucking deeply and then letting all the smoke slowly flow out through his nose and the corners of his mouth. His friends began doing the very same thing and as he watched them, he couldn’t resist putting a hand on his crotch, caressing his growing cock. Something told him to give them a good look at the bulge he was sprouting in there and when Mike took a quick glance at it himself, he realized that he was suddenly wearing a very expensive looking suit. He had no clue whatsoever as to where it came from, he was shocked to see his t-shirt and jeans disappearing like that, but at the same time, something about this seemed so right… so fitting for him… for all of three of them…

Jake looked just perfect in that pair of greasy, loose overalls, with a thick, smoldering stogie rolled into the corner of his mouth, teasing his big, meaty nipple that poked out on the side with a thumb and tightly gripping that fat cock of his through the dark blue fabric. Mike watched as he lazily opened his lips, letting out countless plumes of grey, billowing smoke that slowly enveloped his entire face. He seemed so blissful, softly moaning and tugging on his big piece of meat while his eyelids gradually dropped down and his head tilted back. Mike could feel his cock grow and pulse within his palm, it made him moan as well, he was so profoundly aroused, not caring one bit that it was his male friend he was suddenly lusting after.

He turned to Steve who looked every bit as sexy as Jake, he had a flat cap on his head and a sweater vest stretched tightly over his shirt. His face flushed red, he was holding his cigar with his teeth, at the very center of his mouth. Letting out quiet whimpers as he caressed his belly, making that sizable tent in his slacks steadily grow in size. But it wasn’t just his bulge that was getting bigger, Mike could see Steve’s gut pushing out against his fingers and spilling over his belt. He still remembered the moment when he put a hand on his own belly and felt it slowly swelling up. Nothing had ever aroused him this much before, he stood up and lumbered towards Jake, flopping down next to him on the couch. He looked even hotter up close, filling those overalls so nicely with the bulk that was slowly piling up on his bones. Mike could see the smoke leaking out of his half-open mouth, cascading down onto his body, whenever it touched his exposed skin, it would become a little more weathered, a little looser, growing patches of hair that soon entirely covered his chest and shoulders like a dense forest.

It seemed like both Jake and Steve, who wasted no time in joining them on the couch were starting to go bald. The discovery startled him a little, they both suddenly looked a lot older than their twenty three years. Mike could see the deep wrinkles forming around their eyes and on their foreheads, the skin sagging from their puffy faces that covered with stubble which in turn soon flourished into large, bushy beards. It scared him, but as he placed his hand on his cheeks and felt the silky, grey hairs sprouting between his fingers, he just couldn’t get rid of the sense that this was how things were supposed to be. The realization that everything he’d seen had been happening to him as well, aroused him beyond belief. The mere thought of becoming a fat, cigar smoking dad like his friends suddenly seemed so perfect.

He pressed himself tightly against Jake’s large, hirsute body and began gently kissing his lips, swapping the fragrant tobacco smoke between their mouths.Their beards began turning grey and growing even thicker as Steve’s mouth joined them, showering them with dense, milky haze coming from his stogie. Mike felt his hands all over him, pulling off his clothes, teasing his most sensitive parts. If he still had any doubts about what was happening to them, seeing himself without the suit on was enough to get rid of every last one of them. He’d grown so large… so sexy… he began grinding against his friends, kissing them more passionately than before. They’ve spent the entire night doing that, three big bellied daddies entwined in horny lovemaking, smoking their cigars and exploring their new bodies until they fell asleep inside each other’s arms.

At the time they couldn’t have imagined anything more perfect than that, however as they opened their eyes in the morning and found themselves back as their old selves, naked and piled on top of each other on his bed, it all seemed like a terrifying nightmare instead. Mike remembered every smallest detail of what happened to him, and the sight of his sweaty body caked with the cum of his two friends only served as a reminder that it was all real. Jake and Steve were so freaked out they didn’t even bother showering or cleaning themselves off before they dressed up and left. They used to be some of his best friends, but he hadn’t seen them even once since that night. Steve never returned any of his messages or texts, Jake only did it a few times, and just like him, probably only in an attempt to convince him that everything they remembered was just a bad dream of some kind, brought upon by these cigars that simply must have been laced with something really strange.

However it wasn’t too long before they both gave up as they realized it was only making things worse. Even just thinking about his friends made it all come back, and the most frightening part was how much he liked it despite everything. Mike tried his best to suppress it, to make himself forget all about it, but deep down he knew that he’d never felt as disappointed as when he woke up that morning and saw that the box of Steve’s cigars was empty. He had overreacted, all three of them have, he had seen it on their faces, even Steve’s… If there had been even one of those stogies left, they would have been ready to wrestle each other on the ground just for the right to light it up and take the first puff of its smoke. They were just too ashamed and too scared to admit it.

On the outside, Mike might have looked like his old self, but he began to realize that in reality he felt more like that same, big, fat daddy trapped inside of a body of someone much thinner and younger than he was supposed to be. Sometimes he would absentmindedly try putting his hand on his round beer belly to give it a rub and then be painfully reminded it wasn’t there anymore. He dusted off the suit he used to put on for the most important college exams and began wearing it all the time around the house. Sometimes stuffing the shirt with pillows and clothes to at least make it look like a part of his old gut was back. It wasn’t the same, but it still helped him to slowly embrace his true, dadly self. Mike stopped shaving altogether and began treating himself to the largest meals he could stomach, growing to love the feeling of being absolutely stuffed with food. Playing with himself while caressing his full belly after a healthy dinner was the only thing that came anywhere close to the memories of his night with Jake and Steve. Only other thing he needed was a big stogie in his mouth…

Mike never gathered enough courage to contact Steve and ask him where he got his cigars from, instead he began checking every single shop in town, one by one. At first, simply picking up regular stogies was enough, while also vaguely hinting at what he was really after. He would dress up, stuff himself full after returning home and then smoke one of them while looking at pictures of other hefty men and big, bearded dads online. While it seemed like he only found the place he was looking for by mere accident, he knew that was it as soon as he walked inside. It was almost like that huge, bearish man behind the counter was waiting for him. He placed a whole box of them in front of him before Mike could say anything. Not even bothering to bill him as he told him to come back soon.

Mike didn’t think twice about any of this and simply ran back to his apartment where he unpacked the box with his hands trembling from excitement. He knew they were the real thing from the moment he opened it, he never forgot the intoxicating scent of their tobacco for even a second. He put one of them between his teeth and walked up to a mirror. Lighting it up and sucking on it as deeply as he could. Allowing the fragrant smoke to escape his mouth and wash over him, changing his clothes into the same suit he wore on that fateful night. He barely had a chance to taste it before his body began to change as well. His hands were already on top of his belly when it started to swell up again. Mike could not contain his arousal when he saw it grow in the mirror, he only took a few puffs from the cigar but it was already so huge. He began to moan as the billows of smoke drifted across his face, returning his old, dadly looks, helping his beard sprout on his cheeks once again. Sliding his hand down, towards his crotch, he fished out his fat, needy cock out of his fly, gently massaging it with his plump fingers. Seeing his beard turning grey and his belly filling his shirt to its limit was enough to bring him to an orgasm. He gasped as thick strands of his daddy cum shot out onto the mirror in front of him, nearly knocking him out. He spent the next couple minutes panting loudly and not moving at all, only closely studying his reflection in the mirror as large tendrils of smoke shifted around his body. Mike slowly lifted up his hand, his thick, chubby fingers were still glued together with his milky load. He placed them in his mouth and began licking and sucking them clean, the taste bringing out some very pleasant memories…

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