Blue Thumb - Hypotheses

By BrokenPen published February 21, 2019

Xavier has been noticing James acting strangely, and the two of them confront the issue over dinner, which James had lovingly prepared.

Hey everyone, thanks for being patient while I wrote this chapter! I really appreciate the feedback I’ve gotten so far from y’all. It took me a minute to figure out how to get to where I wanted to go, but then I realized I was using the wrong perspective. So, today we get to learn a little more about Xavier! Hope you enjoy. :)

Xavier decided to put the top down for his drive home today. It was the first truly warm day of spring – mid 70s, a few lazy clouds drifting around, the trees finally filling in their branches with new leaves… as he exited the downtown parking garage and sped off through the yellow traffic signal, he felt a surge of gratitude that he didn’t have allergies. The wind whipped his ear-length curls back as he wove his way through Chinatown on his way north. His olive skin reveled in the sunlight as he tried to shed the long, grey Portland winter.

On the drive home, his mind wandered from work to James. He’d tried for so long to coax his partner to join him on his nights out on the town where he’d met so many friends, but ever since completing his master’s degree, James only really wanted to stay home with his plants. He barely even had a social life anymore, and it was wearing on Xavier, who seemed to be his only source of regular human interaction. Not only did he feel responsible for being James’ only outlet for processing things, Xavier was worried that his own social connections were faltering. It was hard enough to convince people to come out to them when they lived so far out of town, but when James didn’t want to join him to see anyone in town either, Xavier always felt a touch guilty if he went anyways.

Xavier stopped at the train tracks just before the highway, where a freight train was rolling its lazy way towards the station. He turned off the engine and stared absently towards the waterfront. The past week or so, he’d noticed that James had been acting so strange. Much more… energetic? Hyperactive? Jittery? Xavier couldn’t quite place it. Whenever he’d get home, he’d find James puttering around the garden, lifting weights in the home gym they’d set up in their garage, or repairing something around the house. None of these things were particularly out of the ordinary, but the fervor with which he seemed to be doing them had increased dramatically. James was often sweaty and nearly panting, his eyes a bit glassy and unfocused, by the time Xavier walked in the door.

Accompanying this was also a huge spike in James’ libido. Xavier certainly didn’t mind – he’d been finding other outlets for his own sex drive in the past few months, becoming much more familiar with Portland’s hookup scene than he had been in a while (with James’ albeit reticent permission, of course). But this was getting back to the days when they’d first met, when James was playing the part of the leather daddy and Xavier his boy, the two of them insatiable with their lust for each other. Xavier cracked a smile in the car, gently fondling the growing bulge in his pants.

His partner, all 240lbs of him, suddenly had an interest again in pinning him up against walls, flipping him upside-down on the couch, ramming him into the dining room table… sometimes all in one go. He wasn’t sure where it had come from, and some part of him didn’t seem to care, but there was a small part, way in the back of his head that said that something maybe wasn’t right.

The rear caboose of the train finally passed and Xavier snapped out of his reverie, starting his car again and shaking his head. He played with the curls on top of his head, watching the lithe runner who had been patiently waiting on the other side of the tracks duck underneath the crossing arm and jog past. Xavier sighed and looked down at his own body, rubbing his once-toned thighs. He’d gotten out of his athletic routines, skipping most of his yoga sessions and ignoring his workout app’s persistent reminders that it has been 13, 21, 34 days since his previous log-in… perhaps he could harness James’ rekindled interest in lifting to motivate himself back into a rhythm of his own.

The rest of his drive home was easy and uneventful, and as he pulled into the driveway at home, he glanced into the increasingly-blue garden to look for James, but he wasn’t there. Must be in the house, Xavier thought. He hadn’t paid much mind to the ever-growing blue jungle behind their house, chalking it up to some weird anomaly in the soil or something. He put the roof up to the car and went inside.

Immediately when he opened the door, a wave of wonderful smells hit him. James much be making dinner.

“Hi honey,” Xavier announced, dropping his keys and sunglasses in the dark wooden bowl on the side table. “Smells great in here!”

“Thanks!” he heard James yell from the kitchen, the deep baritone echoing through the ground floor. Xavier walked into the kitchen and let out a laugh when he saw James standing over the stove with nothing but an apron on. He walked up to his partner’s beefy backside and gave it a playful spank. James grinned and wiggled it back and forth.

“Is that what I’m having for dinner tonight?” Xavier joked, groping his partner from behind. James was semi-hard already, he could feel, and a few quick squeezes saw that it rose the rest of the way.

“I sure hope so,” James growled, and turned to kiss him. He slid some tongue in for good measure; Xavier responded by grinning and squeezing his cock again, growing hard himself.

“I’m going to go change. Conference call went well today,” Xavier said, peeking around James at the stove where some chicken breasts were pan-frying in the cast iron. “How long until dinner?”

“Just a few minutes,” James said, peeking into the oven. “Veggies have a bit longer, but most everything else is done. Fresh salad from the garden on the table.”

Xavier went upstairs to change out of his work clothes. He decided on shorts and a tank-top - something that was easily slipped out of when necessary. He paused for a second, then decided to skip the undies, his semi-hard cock brushing against the loose fabric of the shorts. He caught a glimpse of himself in the full-length mirror next to the bed, but quickly turned away, trying to push the image out of his mind. Later, he thought to himself.

James was setting the table when Xavier got back down. He smiled when he saw what Xavier was wearing, eyes darting down to his shorts. “Hi, sexy,” he said, pulling him in for a kiss.

“Hi yourself,” Xavier said, hands exploring his partner’s wide back as he kissed his partner deeply, his tongue playing with James’. Is he already bigger? Xavier thought to himself as his hands grasped at James’ lats and traps. He’s only been getting back into lifting for, like, a week now… James grabbed at Xavier’s ass, spreading his hole open and making Xavier moan slightly. He ground up against James’ dick, which was pressing into his stomach from behind the apron.

“As much as I don’t want to stop,” James said, pulling out of the kiss and pressing a hand against Xavier’s chest, “Let’s wait until after dinner. I think we can pick up where we left off.” Xavier smiled and nodded, though not before giving James’ bicep another squeeze.

They chatted mostly about Xavier’s work during dinner, though James seemed to get a bit distracted when Xavier started eating the salad. He watched as Xavier ate each bite, though Xavier was simply savoring the flavors. The vinaigrette had a pleasant, slightly sweet, tangy taste to it, though he didn’t notice the slightly blue swirls in the lettuce leaves or tomatoes. He did, however, eventually notice that James was staring intently, one hand under the table and stroking his dick behind the apron. “What’s up?” he asked, slightly unnerved.

James hesitated slightly, considering what to tell him. Finally, he said, “I have a theory. About the blue plants. The ones outside.”

Xavier stopped chewing. He swallowed, a bit uncomfortably. “Ok?” he said, now apprehensive. James was still stroking his dick slowly and intently.

“I’ve been studying the plants in the last few weeks,” James said, very serious now. “They’re not like anything I’ve ever seen before. Have you seen those seedpods they’re producing?” Xavier nodded. “Well, I’ve been… testing them recently. On myself. And I think they make everything work faster. Metabolism, muscle growth, energy production… sex drive… Everything. They’re even making the plants next to them grow faster.”

Xavier’s heart was pounding. He looked at what was left of the salad and started putting two and two together. It certainly made sense, especially with what he’d been noticing the past week. He cleared his throat. “Is it safe?” he asked. James made a face.

“I mean… I don’t know about long-term. But I feel fine,” said James. “Actually, I feel amazing. Better than I have in years. This stuff… it’s wild. I mean, I have a SIX-PACK now,” he said, pulling aside the apron to reveal what was indeed the start of a six-pack. Xavier was ashamed to find he hadn’t noticed. “I haven’t had a six-pack since I was in COLLEGE. And I wanted to make sure it wasn’t just me that would experience this… but I just wasn’t sure how to do it.” He looked sheepish now, still keeping eye contact with Xavier and never stopping stroking his dick. Xavier’s stomach dropped out from under him.

“You mean, you just fed me some,” Xavier said. James hesitated again, longer this time, before responding.

“Yes,” he said.

The silence that filled the room was immense. Xavier knew he should be feeling angry with his partner, who had basically just drugged him. He knew he should be livid. He should be a million things. But, as he considered the situation, looking over at James, still stroking away, all he could feel… was incredibly horny. His own dick had started throbbing, harder than it had been before dinner, and suddenly aching for release.

His mind swirled. Not only was he trying to process this information, he was also competing with thoughts of James bent over in the field, harvesting seedpods; James, bent over on the dinner table in front of them; James, in his apron, bouncing on his dick… Xavier shook his head. He had never fucked James before… but now, it was all he could think of.

On the other side of the table, the only thing keeping James from leaping out of his seat then and there was the tension in the room, and the obvious struggle Xavier was having with the news. His dick was slick with precum, and he couldn’t hold it in much longer. Suddenly, Xavier sprung up out of his chair, facing James. His shorts were tented sharply, his cock straining for release. “Get up,” he growled at James, who obeyed immediately. “Turn around.”

He did, placing his hands against the dining room table for support. His cock throbbed against the apron, heart pumping furiously. “I’m sorry, babe,” he said, weakly.

Xavier dropped his shorts and knelt down behind him, saying nothing. He placed his hands on James’ ass and spread his hole wide. James moaned, a drop of precum sliding downwards from the tip of his dick. Xavier was momentarily perplexed at what he was doing. This was very foreign to him… and yet, he had a whole lifetime of having this done to him that he was pretty sure of what to do next. He spat on James’ hole, bringing his tongue to it and spinning it around. James leaned forward on his forearms, the sensations flowing through him so intense he could barely hold himself upright. Who knew he’d enjoy this as much as he did?

Xavier’s tongue pressed into James’ hole, wetting it for his dick, which was leaking onto the dining room floor beneath him. He slapped James’ ass as he pulled his cheeks apart, burying his face as deeply between the two muscular globes as he could while James ground into him, trembling slightly.

Xavier stood up, satisfied. He slapped his dick against James’ muscle ass. It looked so inviting in front of him. He pressed his tip against the hole in front of him, teasing it. “Please,” James whimpered softly. Xavier didn’t need any other coaxing. He spat on his hand and worked it over his six inch cock and slid it slowly into James’ willing hole. “Oh fuuuuck,” James said, and resisted momentarily. Xavier stopped to allow him to relax again, rubbing the small of his back. “Okay. Okay,” said James. Xavier waited until he felt him open up again and continued to press in, completely burying his dick in James’ ass.

In that moment, each of them experienced the other in a way they never had before. James tensed up around Xavier’s cock, while Xavier nearly collapsed with the intense sensations he was experiencing. Every nerve in his body seemed to fire as he slowly pumped in and out of James. Meanwhile, James leaned fully into his forearms, face pressed against the table as he felt his partner’s dick pound his prostate. His own cock leaked onto the floor, bouncing in time with Xavier’s increasingly rapid thrusts.

Xavier’s hands explored James’ muscular back again, reaching forward and grabbing his broad, thick shoulders as he began to thrust harder. Now both men were sweating profusely as they succumbed to the effects of the blue seedpods. Xavier was feeling the familiar pressure building in his balls as he got closer to orgasm. More and more furiously he pumped his cock into James, who had started stroking his own cock beneath the apron.

“Oh, god, James – oh, fuck, I’m gonna fucking cum,” Xavier said, thrusting as hard as he could.

“Fuck yeah, that feels so fucking good,” James said, beating off frantically under the table. “Fucking cum inside me, please.”

“Oh fuuuuck, oh FUCK,” Xavier yelled, feeling the incredible rush of his load spray inside James for the first time. Now it was his turn to nearly collapse, resting his weight against James’ massive back as his whole body spasmed with pleasure. He could feel James’ own orgasm approaching as he tightened around his cock.

“Oh my god, oh fuck, I’m gonna cum – oh fuck!” James went breathless as his prostate pushed back into Xavier’s cock. He erupted underneath the table, splattering cum onto the floor, huge spurts pooling on the hardwoods. His hole pulsed around the cock inside him, nearly sending Xavier over the edge again. Xavier gasped and gripped James’ huge arms for support, squeezing them tight with his fingers. The two of them panted, their hearts pumping in unison, starting to regain their bearings slowly.

Xavier kissed James’ back. “Well,” he said, out of breath. “That was new.” James laughed.

“I’ll do dishes if you clean up,” he said, loosening up so Xavier could pull out. Both of them gasped when he did, cum dripped onto the floor after. Xavier smirked.

“Only if you keep the apron on.”

Outside, at the site of the crash from over a month ago, the giant stalk had grown to be nearly twenty feet tall and at least a foot and a half in diameter. It pulsed with a slow, patient heartbeat that was so soft and sparse, not even James could have noticed it unless he was touching it.

As the two men inside had their fun, the top of the stalk split. Six large branches slowly bent downwards, with long, thin fronds accompanying them, like long vanilla beans hanging off the branches. A small, clear pod waited at the tips of the branches. Up from the center of the stalk, six small larvae wiggled their way through the veins at the center of each of the branches. They nested in the cocoon as it started to fill with opaque fluid, pumped up from the center stalk. The incubation period had begun.

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