Jock Fun 1: Jackson’s new football bro’s pt 3: Nerd night

By Rozza22365 published February 21, 2019

A group of nerds are invited to a nerd out night at school, where they are hunted down by jocks.

It was a breezy night at Jockland High. The students all came in the main entrance in a hurry to get to their chosen rooms for nerd night. A week before, many students had been sent an email by the new principal, who was also the football coach. He said these individuals would be able to do any science experiment they wanted to do. One of these students was Casey. Though he and his friends didn’t have an experiment, they still wanted to see what other people were doing and get in a game of D&D.

Casey and his friends Justin and Tom were walking about the school, going into each classroom looking at all the unique experiments taking place. They were astounded by each one, but that was not why they had come tonight. They were going to play some D&D with their other friend Callum who was waiting with the D&D all set up in the library. The Library was made up of 2 floors. The bottom floor was made of 6 long rows of bookcases on each side, with a few tables in the center and two vending machines. At the back was a single step that went into a small floor, which opened up two staircases on the right and left that lead to the top level. The next floor was three indoor balconies that overlooked the bottom floor tables. The walls were covered in bookcases, and next to them were two rows of small tables. Callum had set up the game on the second floor next to a fire escape.

“You guys took your sweet time,” Said Callum jokingly looking at his wrist checking his no existent watch.

“Have you not seen Todd’s volcano, it looks amazing” Replied Casey.

“Yeah and the drama student’s rehearsal wasn’t too bad, I think my boyfriend might have found what he is good at,” said Tom

“Yeah, Jack was quite good,” said Justin

“Anyway, shall we begin our dark descent into the underworld,” Said Casey enthusiastically.

The boys began their game of D&D. It went on for about an hour and a half before they decided to take a break and eat the sandwiches, Casey’s mom had made for them.

“This sandwich is good, send your mom my regards Casey,” said Justin eating with his mouth full.

“Thanks, but I think I need a drink” replied Casey.

“Yeah I think we all do,” said Tom choking.

“Ok but who’s going to go down and get them, because I can’t be arsed, Casey shouldn’t since he brought the sandwiches, so it should be Tom or Justin,” said Callum.

“Nah you should go down Cal” answered Justin sarcastically.

“Yeah, I’m not going down, I’ve walked way too much today. All you’ve done is sit here” Tom joked.

“I set up the game guys, come on. What do you think Casey?” Callum looked at Casey for support since he knew the others would sit there until someone gave in. Casey gave a blank look, which indicated to Tom and Justin to continue sitting there until Callum would give in and go.

“Fine I will get them then,” Callum gave up.

“Lazy” he whispered behind their backs.

Callum walked down the stairs and went over to the vending machines. He took out his change to get the water. The drinks slowly fell off the shelf down into the collection area. The first one landed with a thump, Callum waited for the next one. It fell with the same thump, but as it hit, he heard a commotion outside, coming from the doors. The third one dropped, but it was lighter as the bottle hit the other bottles. However, the commotion had turned to screaming. He tried to recognize the screams and cries for help, but each time he tried, they were snuffed as if something silenced them. The fourth bottle fell, and now there were heavy, loud footsteps coming towards the library from the corridor. Callum froze in panic.


Callum looked up at to see if his friends were looking. No one was there. Callum stared up at the empty banister, listening to the cries from the corridor before being snuffed out, the lumbering footsteps of the unknown threat getting louder and louder until they were almost at the door of the library. Callum quickly knelt down to get the water from the machine so he could run up to his friends and warn them of the danger. But as he touched the flap of the vending machine, the doors to the library burst open. Callum shot back up and saw two massive hulking brutes. They were wearing the school football uniform. Obviously, they were the school jocks, but why were they here? And what were they going to do to him? The jocks scanned the room quickly until they found Callum. They rushed towards him, and in fear, he stood completely still and made no noise. As they got closer, Callum recognized them. It was Bradley and Connor, his now ex-friends since they had suddenly become jocks somehow the previous week. Callum saw their eyes. They had no emotion as if they were just machines programmed to do something. Bradley took out a golden helmet from a duffle bag slung over his shoulder. As they got to him, Bradley raised the helmet over Callum and Connor reached out to grab him. The helmet fell over Callum quickly. As it did, he felt his mouth become locked as if it was zipped shut and then a searing headache kicked in. Connor grabbed and threw him over his shoulder. Connor and Bradley left with their prey.

“MMMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPPPHHHHHHHHH” He screamed in pain as his headache got worse and his conversion kicked in. The other boys heard this scream; however by the time they got to the banister Callum, and his jock captors had left.

“Callum” They called out repeatedly, hoping it was some prank, but there was no response each time. They went downstairs to look around.

“Where the hell is, he? Like he was just getting water.” Said, Justin

“Look” Said Tom getting the water bottles Callum had got out of the vending machine.

“So, he got the water and then ran off?” Justin guessed.

“No, he had to have been taken, he wouldn’t just leave like this” Said Casey.

“But what do you think took him?” asked Justin.

“Let’s look for clues then,” ordered Tom.

They searched the library up and down to find clues. They looked under desks and tables until they came together, they all looked at the door which now gave a scary aura as the boys feared what was out there in the school.

“Shall we go then?” Said Casey quietly, fearing what was out in the school.

The boys walked down the empty corridor that an hour ago had nerds moving about to each of their experiments. Each room was left as they were before the nerds disappeared as if they vanished into thin air while doing their experiments. They turned a corner to see if they’re friends from one of the groups was still there.

“Hello” Shouted Casey entering the room.

“Who… Who’s there?” Came a quiet voice from the storage room in the far-right end corner of the classroom.

“Todd is that you? You can come out it’s me, Casey” appealed Casey trying to reassure him.

Todd came out of the small room and ran to Casey, hugging him intensely.

“It’s ok, tell me what’s wrong? What happened?” Said Casey reassuringly

“Th… they just came in out of nowhere, and then they took them,” whispered Todd.

“Who took them?” asserted Justin.

“The jocks! They stormed in through the door and had their football gear on. They also had football helmets in hand that they forced on my friends before taking them.” continued Todd.

“Sorry, we just lost Callum. Do you know where they went? Did They say anything about what they were planning?” Asked Casey.

“They didn’t say anything. When they had their helmets on, they looked as though they weren’t there. They had no emotion at all; they just did what they were told to do despite my friend’s cries for mercy.”

“Sounds like them, Coach is ex-military isn’t he. Probably trains the jocks like soldiers.” Said Tom.

“Well, whatever is going on we need to get out of the school now and get home!” urged Justin who was frightened at his new worsening situation.

“I’m not going back out there where those brutes can see me; I’m far safer here,” stated Todd firmly.

The boys acknowledged Todd’s decision and left the room. They crouched down like in their video games hoping to engage some form of stealth to help them escape. They got to the end of the corridor before echoing footsteps of the next wave of jocks that would finish off the remaining nerds. Tom looked into the classrooms to see if there were any others left. There were a few in each room. Tom waved at them to come, but they didn’t go as they were too afraid to move. Tom left them there to their fates. The boys continued down the hallway for a bit until a group six jocks turned the corner. They dashed into the nearest hiding spot they could find which was the toilets. They quickly and quietly shut the door hoping they had remained unseen. They held their breath holding the door shut as the synced jogging of the jocks outside passed. They left it a minute before letting go and relaxing, but they were frightened again as the screams resumed. The boys turned around, and their breath stopped as they saw a tall jock stood at the back of the toilets staring directly at them. His eyes blue, no emotion and fixated on them, thinking about how to complete his mission of turning the runts in front of him. Tom moved forward as he recognized the brute before them.

“J… j… Jack” He whispered fearfully.

“Jack it’s me, Tom. I know it’s you, I recognize those eyes anywhere. I know you’re in there. Please don’t do this, please come back to me” Tom pleaded, as he slowly stepped closer to the brute, whose eyes were now fixated on Tom.

“Tom what are you doing?” demanded Justin.

“You two run, I’m going to delay him for as long as I can.” Cried, Tom

“Why?” Casey and Justin questioned

“Because he’s mine and I’m not leaving without him. NOW GO!!” Shouted Tom

Tom ran to Jack to try and pin him for his friends but as he did Jack grabbed him and threw him over his shoulder and moved towards the other two, who had just opened the door. As they got outside the situation got worse as five jocks stood they’re looking at them. Each had a helmet in hand. Justin and Casey ran up the corridor as fast as they could, but Justin tripped early on, and jock grabbed his legs and dragged him back for a bit. Justin tried to grab onto anything but it was no use as soon as he was brought back to a larger crowd of jocks, he was swiftly put on the jocks shoulder and a helmet placed over his head.

Casey kept running. He heard the jocks running slow down. He felt like he could be free from this. However, as he was getting to the end of the corridor, he saw the outline of someone standing behind the wall of the next corridor. Casey got closer and then suddenly, Jackson, the football team captain jumped out.

“Haha bro, think you’re getting away that easily,” He said cockily.

Casey wanted to stop but he couldn’t. He ran straight into Jackson’s arms, which proceeded to hug him tightly. A jock came from behind Jackson with a helmet. The jock pushed the helmet onto Casey’s head quickly, and Casey was doomed to become a jock. Jackson lifted him on his shoulder and walked with the other jocks. With the helmet over Casey, he developed a headache which made it difficult to focus. All he knew was that he was on the back of Jackson and he couldn’t talk or scream. Casey looked side to side, but all he made out were dark blue and golden blurs of the jocks uniforms. The jocks slowed down from a jog to a walk as they went into a small, smelly room. Casey recognized the smell from the locker room. The jocks walked through here fast and went through another door into the gymnasium where they continued until they got to the center and put their prey down on the floor. Casey raised his head to look around. The jocks had formed a circle around him and the others who had been taken. They stood at attention, emotionless, just staring down at him. Casey looked for his friends who had been taken. He saw Tom on the floor wriggling in pain at the feet of his boyfriend Jack. Justin was trying to get up but was forced down by what looked like Callum. Casey looked around. The nerds were grabbing at the helmets trying to remove them, though they seemed unsuccessful. Casey was more focused on what happened to their clothes. Somehow, they had changed from wearing varied nerd-themed t-shirts and hoodies to wearing full football gear and uniform. He saw as some of their clothes changed into the uniform. But he felt a sudden blow of air across his arms and looked down to see his Spock shirt and jeans had turned into a football uniform. His arms were now forming white arm sleeves going up to his elbows. Plastic plates and body armor formed on his shoulders and chest pushing out his jersey. He looked over himself he was wearing full football gear, and he hadn’t put anything on. He looked up to Jackson who was staring at him with a cocky smirk and tried to get up, but Jackson placed his hands-on Casey’s shoulders and pushed him back down, laughing slightly.

Casey sat waiting for someone to tell him what was happening. Suddenly a series of cracking noises as the nerd’s spines and bones all cracked and began stretching out. As Casey’s bones cracked, his body was paralyzed. His legs and arms grew while his shoulders broadened out, increasing his mass which was converted into muscle. His pecs were forcing out the football armor with their impressive size, his arms and legs were that of an athlete, and his chest was ripped. He couldn’t see, but his face had readjusted as well. His jaw had squared out and his nose popped back into shape. His hair also reformed into a short, spiked up style. He looked himself over; he was now a big brute, a top-level football player and all that remained was for his mind to be altered.

The headache pulsed with pain. Each pulse piecing his head and mind. Memories and knowledge were slowly lost to him, they were being sucked out of his head. He tried to hold onto them, but it was no use. His personality ripped apart until he became a blank slate with nothing left. He was emotionless like the others on the floor and jocks around him. The helmet triggered and suddenly Casey’s brain was flooded with new memories and knowledge. He was a football jock like the rest of his bro’s, and he was proud of it. He hated nerds and their hobbies. He only enjoyed football and working out. He had admired Coach as his mentor, Coach knew what was best for him, and so Casey would do anything he asked. Coach had mentored him for years and had made him into the best football player he could be. With these new memories and knowledge, he developed a confident and cocky personality. Due to his new body and confidence, Casey knew he could have nearly any guy out there. As his new mind and personality set in, the helmet made a click. The helmet halted the new mindset taking over so he could be a drone like the others.

“Over here boys” shouted a familiar voice, the jocks all surrounded a tall, lean man, who was in his mid-30s. He had nice gelled back black hair and a clean-shaven face. He wore black trainers and a black polo which was done up smartly. He was Coach, and he was cockily smiling at his new jocks.

“Alright you maggots, your mine now and you’re all going to do what I say” Coach commanded.

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