Hog Sweat

By mcbaer published February 19, 2019

A young man obsessed with cleanliness experiences a dramatic change of heart after a visit from a traveling salesman.

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Oh, thank god he was finally finished! Alex let out a long sigh of relief and let himself slowly flop down onto the couch behind him. He still had to be careful though… he wouldn’t want to mess up the cushions too much. It might not have looked like it, but they required quite a bit of effort in order to get them just right, just how he liked them. How long did this cleaning session take? An hour? Two? Admittedly it probably might have been closer to three, but… but he definitely wasn’t going to pretend like it wasn’t worth it! After all, he was having guests this evening, his two friends from work - Jordan and Corey. They’ve never paid him a visit before, so how could he pass on the opportunity to impress them both? People often called him a neat freak, made fun of him for running straight for the vacuum cleaner whenever someone took a bite out of their food without holding a plate directly under their chin. Alex was willing to agree that he overreacted sometimes, that was a price he was willing to pay for the absolute perfection he always strived for. He knew that his work buddies were ones who could appreciate it. He had fairly high standards when it came to people and thankfully those two were fairly close to meeting all of them. They did a good job of maintaining a clean-cut appearance, keeping their clothes tidy and proper, without slipping up too often. He couldn’t deny that he would have certainly preferred them to be more like him, without a single hair out of place, always immaculate, but he had to give them a little leeway. Perhaps this time around he at least won’t have to remind someone not to make a mess every five minutes… Alex allowed a wide, blissful smile to spread across his face as he pondered about how wonderful that would be… not having to spend twice as much time cleaning up after someone’s visit than before they dropped by!

He wanted so much for this to continue, not caring one bit about anything, not worrying at all, he felt so peaceful, he could almost fall asleep just now… at least until a loud, unexpected thump on his door jolted him fully awake all of a sudden. What the heck?! Was it Jordan and Corey? What were they doing?! And why were they here so early?! Just like that, Alex heard yet another thump, it was even louder than the last one! They were going to break his door apart! He had to stop them! He ran up to it and hastily unlocked it, only to be met face to face with an enormous, round belly that filled his entire view. It abruptly moved forward, making him bounce off its surface as he nearly tumbled down onto the floor. Alex just barely managed to jump to the side and avoid being trampled to death by its owner when he unceremoniously marched into his house. God damn, that man was huge, and not just when it came to the size of his gut! When he was standing in front of him Alex could barely even see his face. It was red and puffy with large droplets of sweat clinging to his forehead and a big, brown walrus mustache covering his whole upper lip. He guessed that he guy must have been somewhere in his late forties, perhaps early fifties, there wasn’t that much hair left on his head, although he appeared to compensate for that with a pair of particularly large and bushy eyebrows. Alex noticed them furrowing slightly as he scanned his surroundings, looking rather concerned, then jumping up to the middle of his forehead when he finally laid his eyes on him.

“Oh dear, here you are! I’m really sorry, haven’t noticed you were there! I’ve been knocking and knocking and you just wouldn’t open up, would you? Can’t say I’m surprised… this place is really quite a mess, isn’t it?”

This was so unexpected that Alex thought his brain might have suddenly short circuited there for a second when he heard it. Then, he simply assumed that the man must have been joking, but that didn’t appear to be the case either. He kept on stomping around the place, seemingly inspecting everything else up close, scrutinizing every nook and cranny with a particularly concerned look on his pudgy face. Alex couldn’t believe this was actually happening, it almost seemed surreal in a way. He was so used to people complimenting him on how neat and tidy he was as soon as they walked inside, sometimes even expressing some concern and saying that the place looked almost too clean. It was extremely annoying, but even that seemed better than this! Being judged by someone who looked like that? Someone who wore some dirty, ragged suit?! Someone this fat? Why was he even here? He never told him that he can come inside! Suddenly Alex went from being utterly baffled by everything to completely fuming, He walked up to that man, wanting nothing more than to tell him to get out of his house this instant. However, even as he poked him in the back with his finger, the stranger appeared to be completely oblivious to his presence, almost as if he’d forgotten Alex was even there. As if the state he found his living room in was so appalling to him that nothing else mattered. Alex watched him as he ran his finger against a nearby bookshelf, then saw him gasp as he took a closer look at it. Oh, no… did he forget to clean that part? He was sure he did… he thought he did at least… Slowly all that irritation he felt earlier, was becoming replaced by something else… he wasn’t actually starting to feel embarrassed, was he?

“Apologies, I’ve realized, I might have forgotten to introduce himself, I’m George and I’m so relieved I’m here! This is just heinous! We both need to get to work this instant! Uh… although… why don’t you let me use the restroom first my dear, it’s right there, isn’t it?”

Right after the man turned towards him and forcefully pulled his hand into his fat, sweaty palms, shaking them violently, Alex could hear a loud rumbling coming from his massive beach ball of a gut. He didn’t even have the courtesy to wait for him to respond before he threw his large briefcase onto the kitchen counter and ran off into the bathroom. Alex found his eyes darting straights towards it right away, it looked so dirty… must have been made out of some old, cheap leather that was flaking off everywhere. Why did he have to put it right where he prepared his food? He would have to scrub this whole place clean as soon as he got rid of him… he wondered if it would have been too much of an indiscretion to lift it up slightly and maybe place a couple napkins underneath it… wait… why the hell did he even care what this George guy would think? He had to kick him out right away, he never told him that he could come inside… should he call someone? George ended up staying inside his bathroom for so long that Alex actually had a chance to full collect his thoughts. He won’t be calling the police just yet, but he should definitely keep his phone handy in case this lunatic refused to leave… Alex knew that won’t happen, he’d already prepared a whole speech in his head in regards to what he was going to say and was feeling so confident. Yet it all somehow flew out of the window the moment the bathroom door opened again.

“Aw, fuck! Now that’s what I’m talking about, finally some real stink! Wouldn’t go back in there dear, not for a few hours at least!” Alex watched George guffawing loudly as he slapped his gut and flashed his dirty, yellowed teeth at him. He was still talking about something else, but after realizing what he’d just heard Alex stopped listening and just ran past him, straight inside the bathroom, immediately stopping on his tracks when he got to the door and saw what was waiting for him inside. He was expecting some kind of nasty smell, which would have been entirely unacceptable all by itself, but this was so unimaginably worse! The place looked like an absolute pigsty! What the hell happened in there?! He spent ages down on his knees, scrubbing those floor tiles clean and making sure they were absolutely spotless, but now they were all covered with a thick layer of some disgusting grime. The same thing had happened to the bathroom mirror, it had multiple, large cracks running across its entire length and was so filthy Alex couldn’t even make out his own reflection while starting directly at it. He could already tell that this was just the tip of the iceberg but he was too repulsed to as much as even consider taking a single step inside. No… this couldn’t be real… Alex found himself completely unable to move as he refused to take it all in… then this smell suddenly hit him. It took it a whole, long moment to pour out from the inside, but then it simply washed over him like a thick, putrid cloud. Only a little bit made it up his nose before he covered it up, but even that was enough to make his eyes water and send him reeling.

Alex immediately attempted to retreat back into the hallway, but then felt something bumping into his back almost right away, he didn’t have a chance to turn around and see what it was before that same thing abruptly pushed him forward, making him tumble forward onto the filthy bathroom floor. He got up straight away, but only to see the door being slammed straight into his face. He began banging on it as hard as he could, screaming at George to let him out this instant, all while desperately trying to hold his breath. Alex could smell this fetid stench as it was slowly crawling up his nostrils, the air inside here was so dense, he could practically feel it clinging to his skin, instantly making him drip with sweat. He heard George assuring him that the lock must have gotten stuck and that he was doing everything he could to get it open, but Alex knew that wasn’t true. He could see the door opening up slightly whenever he pressed against it with his body. He had to force it open and get out of here, he was already running out of breath… his head was beginning to swim so much that Alex wasn’t sure if he will be able to keep himself on his feet for much longer. This was his last chance… carefully, he took a few steps backwards while trying not to slip, then ran forward ramming the door head on.

It worked! He saw a huge gap opening up, he shoved his arms inside it and began trying to pry it further open, George was pushing against him, but he was winning, he was so close to getting out… so close to finally being able to take another breath… when suddenly he saw something terrifying… it was huge and covered with hair… it was staring at him from behind the door, but its face… it wasn’t human… it looked like a snout of some huge, disgusting pig. Alex screamed and felt himself losing his balance as it pushed even harder against him. The layer of grime beneath his feet was so thick he began to slip and then abruptly tumbled down onto the floor. He gasped in pain and just like that it was over, Alex felt the disgusting, noxious stench forcing its way into his mouth from the moment it was open. It was as if he’d just swallowed some ball of thick, slimy goop that was now sliding its way down his throat, coating it with its filth from the inside. He was gagging and gasping for even a single breath of fresh air at the same time. His head spinning so much that whenever he tried to heave himself back up, he only stumbled back onto the floor, smearing more of this vile muck all over his clothes. He instinctively reached out for a towel to wipe some of it off, only to discover that it was gone. Same was true for all the soap dispensers he had set up in every corner of the bathroom and even the toilet paper. Anything he could have used to actually clean himself up had disappeared.

Alex grimaced, noticing all the slimy gunk that had stuck to his fingers, he crawled towards the sink and used it to pull himself up a little. The pristine, white surface was now stained dark yellow and covered with large patches of rust. It wasn’t easy, but Alex managed to reach the tap and turn it on, he heard a loud rumbling of the pipers and allowed himself to feel relieved for a second. Except just a moment later, instead of a refreshing sprinkle of water he was so hoping for, all he saw was some thick, brown sludge slowly oozing out from the sink. He instantly recoiled, expecting the worst, but after a second look he realized that it actually looked a lot like… some kind of mud. He caught a whiff of its faint, earthy scent, but it wasn’t anywhere near enough to bring him any relief from this overwhelming stench that he really needed. It refused to stop assaulting his nostrils for even a second, he felt so dizzy he thought he might pass out. Alex tried to collect himself and focus his thoughts, he watched as the chunks of mud kept on falling out of the pipe, filling up the basin. It was so difficult to think, he was sweating so much and was covered in all this filth and yet… despite everything Alex realized that his cock was growing painfully hard for some reason. He was dirty, he felt so disgusted, but at the same time all of this was beginning to really turn him on… Alex let out a horny snort as something suddenly made him want to shove his face right into that pile of mud in front of him. His cock shot out with a wad of thick precum as he thought about tearing his clothes off and smearing it all over himself. Yeah… that’s it… he wanted to feel like even more of a nasty, disgusting pig…

Alex fished out a huge chunk of wet mud from the very bottom of the sink and watched it slowly seeping through his fingers, it almost looked like they were growing longer and thicker as it covered them up. Something about that gave him such an intense rush of arousal… he let out another, loud snort, deeply inhaling the pungent air as his cock continued to throb and spew precum in his pants. Oh god… what the fuck was happening to him?! Alex tossed the pile of mud aside and lurched towards the door, this time managing to open it right away, immediately taking the deepest breaths he could as soon as he was out. He could feel his head rapidly clearing up as if he’d just awakened from some bad dream, a part of him almost refusing to believe he was back in the real world again. He began frantically turning his head from side to side as he remembered that frightening monster he’d caught a glimpse of earlier but it was nowhere to be seen. There was only George standing over him, grinning madly as he rubbed his enormous belly. Was that just his imagination? Must have been… he wished could have said the same about everything else that happened when he was in there, but Alex could still feel his cock uncomfortably tenting up in his pants, twitching whenever he caught a whiff of the pungent stench pouring out from the bathroom. Some part of him was telling him to take another sniff of it… to get back in there… fill up up the whole bathtub with that wonderful, filthy mud and then dive in, covering himself whole like a nasty pig that he was! Oh jesus… what was happening to him?! Alex shuddered and managed to bring himself to slam that door shut before turning to George with a frightened look on his face.

“See? I told you that the thing was just stuck. I got it open but it sounded like you were having such a grand time in there, I didn’t want to say anything…”

Alex noticed George grinning as he lewdly ogled his crotch. Somehow his cock was still refusing to go soft and the bulge in his pants was becoming more prominent than ever. This was an absolute nightmare… he did not know what to do anymore.

“Please… you have to leave, my friends will be here soon. They cannot see any of this… I need to clean this up somehow… I don’t know how I’ll do it, but I have to…”

This only made George’s grin grow even wider, he stomped towards Alex and pulled him upwards. Then put on of his greasy, fat hands on his shoulder and forcibly turned him to the side.

“That’s exactly why I need to stay my dear. We need to get this place back in order before your piglets arrive. I’ve already taken care of the bathroom and the kitchen, but there is still so much more left to do…”

Alex felt his stomach sink when he heard that, his eyes going wide as he turned his head and saw what had happened to his beautiful kitchen. It was completely unrecognizable, everything seemed to have been buried underneath countless boxes of old, take out food and other trash, the sink filled with a massive piles of dirty dishes. Those elegant, gorgeous cupboards he’d once picked out with such great care were gone, the few, ran-down cabinets he saw in their place looked like they were dug out of the trash and then lazily nailed to the walls without any care whatsoever. They were all dirty and broken, with most of the doors either missing or loosely hanging half-open, revealing that every one of them was packed full of cheap, canned food. Alex heard his stomach rumble when he saw them, as disgusted as he was, he couldn’t help himself, somehow he could smell all those dirty dishes from here. They were making his mouth water, making him both so hungry and so horny at the same time… he wanted to get up there and lick all of them clean. Gorge on the old, stale food and jack off, then cum onto one of the plates and eat that too. Alex started to grunt, his nose upturning slightly and protruding forward as he pictured himself on the floor, surrounded by all those cans of beans, corned beef and meatballs. Rubbing his swelling gut and shoveling all of them into his mouth until he was ready to burst. He just loved that feeling of being stuffed full, having his fat, leaking dick in his hand and his snout deep inside of a can of some delicious, disgusting food. Alex noticed George watching him closely, he’d nearly just shoved his hand into his pants right in front of him, but the man didn’t appear to be surprised or put off by any of this, on the contrary - he seemed to love it.

“Feeling hungry already? Thought you might want to wait until your boys get here… but you’re right, we need to keep that big tank of yours filled up. Why don’t you sit back on the couch and let me fetch you something to eat big man?”

George began pulling him closer towards his massive frame, making their bellies press tightly against each other… His cock began to throb as he looked down… at first something was telling him that this was wrong, that he wasn’t supposed to have a belly at all, but didn’t it just look so fucking hot? Alex never admitted to it outright but there was always something that repulsed him about people who allowed themselves to get fat. It was so sickening how they couldn’t take proper care of themselves, how they always gave into their urges. Now he could see how wrong he was, who wouldn’t want to gorge themselves all day? Growing fatter with every bite… There was this musky stink that suddenly seemed to be everywhere, only getting stronger as he got closer to George. It was so similar to what he could smell back in the bathroom, but also different somehow… somehow he didn’t want to get away from it anymore… he wanted to get even closer… take another sniff… a really deep one… There was something he wanted to do but then he somehow ended up allowing George to slowly lead him across the living room instead. Alex heard the rattling of a spray can as they stepped up to the couch, that was it… he had to tidy this place up before Jordan and Corey got here… thank god George was going to help him out with that… but why was he pointing this cleaning spray at a place that was still completely spotless?

Alex watched as George slowly pressed down on the nozzle of this unmarked can with his large, chubby finger, and before he knew it, everything in front of them was suddenly enveloped by a cloud of thick, green gas. He instantly began to cough and gag, nearly brought down to his knees by the intensity of the stench, at the same time feeling his cock grow even harder, spewing precum until his whole crotch was turned into one, giant wet spot. Alex couldn’t understand how he could feel so repulsed and turned on at the same time. His head was spinning so much, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing… something began happening to his couch after it became enveloped by this rancid, green mist. It was as if it was changing right in front of his eyes, the beige leather it was made out of was turning darker, covering with stains, large, filthy splotches. The entire material it was made out of shifting into some old, dingy fabric, so worn out, it must have been nearly paper thin in some places, especially on one side, where you could see the outline of someone’s whole back and thighs pressed out in the pillows. That’s where he always liked to sit… jacking off… watching something horny on the TV… that’s where all those splotches came from… he hardly ever bothered to even use a cum rag anymore, just adding another wad of cum to the matted fur on his belly and letting the rest drip down, wiping off his trotters wherever he wanted. Fuck… he loved that musky stink of the stale, old cum… yeah… nothing made daddy leak as hard as putting his snout right against one of those crusty patches and then taking a good, long whiff… Alex abruptly opened his eyes and realized he had his face right between a pair of two, extremely hairy moobs… no… it wasn’t hair, more like sweaty, long, black fur. His heart skipped a beat when he looked up in confusion and saw this thing again, it was that hideous, pig like monster from earlier. It was holding him against its chest with its massive, furry arm. It turned its grotesque snout towards him and almost appeared to be smiling.

“Yeah… why don’t you sit back in your favorite spot daddy? Enjoy one of those movies you so like to watch while I take care of everything?”

This creature’s voice sounded so much like that of George, only much deeper and rougher, with added in snorts and grunts. It extended its enormous arm and began spraying his TV with whatever was inside that can it clutched within its fingers. It only took seconds for it meet the same fate as his couch, beginning to look like something that was dug out of the trash. It wasn’t as big, or as fancy as it used to be, but what really mattered was the thing playing on the screen. Alex never noticed it switching on, but then again… he hardly ever turned it off, didn’t he? He recognized what was on right now, he’d seen that movie a thousand times “Weekend at Papa Hog’s Farm”, a real, horny classic… three frat boys getting lost out in the countryside and running into his favorite boar pornstar. One by one, ending up in Papa’s barn, first one caught by Papa himself, others lured inside by their friends who have been turned into his porky farmboys. He could watch it all day, that huge, redneck boar shoving his fat, smelly cock down their throats, fattening them up with his cum, making them squeal and love being fucked by him so much, they never wanted to leave. Alex realized that he was starting to squeal himself as he imagined emptying his ballsack inside someone’s mouth, feeding them his cum until they were daddy’s horny piglets as well, it was turning him on so much he just couldn’t stop working his pignips and grinding his crotch against George’s big, furry thigh. He knew that it was him, that this was how he had always looked like, and somehow he just wasn’t able to see it until now. Fuck, he was so hot… and that musky stink of his was simply driving him crazy… Alex knew that the only thing he should be thinking about right now was running away, getting as far as he could from this grotesque, disgusting monster, not pushing his face right into its filthy, matted fur, but he just couldn’t help himself…

“No… what… what are you… what are you doing to me…”

Alex just barely managed to pull himself away from that sweaty chest to get a full view of the beast’s freakish snout. It had clearly heard him, it was staring directly at him with its orange, bloodshot eyes, flaring its huge nostrils. Alex didn’t understand what was happening to him, he looked at those yellowed tusks filling its mouth, at that long, red tongue coated with slimy spit and realized that he wanted so much to taste it, to have it shoved deep down his throat. He was desperately trying to remind himself that this wasn’t who he was, that he was supposed to be terrified and revolted by all of this, not so turned on he thought he might lose his mind.

“So you can finally see the real me, didn’t think that would happen so quickly… we’ve done some good work together, but this place still needs some fixing… it’s still far too clean for both of us daddy…”

George started to spray the rancid mist everywhere around them, nothing could resist its power, becoming instantly corrupted and sullied, breaking down, covering with filth and grime. The whole place was rapidly turning into complete dump instead of the scrubbed clean house of a successful young man it once was. Alex watched all of this happen before his eyes, but as if some part of him was being corrupted alongside his apartment, he was almost starting to like it, nearly letting himself forget that it had ever looked any different. The garbage laying all over the floor wasn’t bothering him as much anymore, normally he wouldn’t have been able to think about anything else until he picked up those couple pieces of clothing scattered here and there. He realized that he didn’t care one bit about cleaning them up anymore, now the only reason to pick them up was to give them a long, deep sniff. Each one of them had a good run as his former cumrags before he tossed them aside, they had to smell truly heavenly, that kind of stench was what used to make him gag, but now it was what he lived for. That need to fuck and spread his filth was replacing everything he used to be. All of this seemed so crazy, he didn’t want to believe it was actually happening. He was growing tired of trying to fight it, it would have been so easy to pretend like it was just a dream… no… nightmare… fucking hot and horny nightmare… and then give in… do whatever made his cock hard… get as nasty as he really wanted to be… no… fuck… no… he wanted that so badly but he knew he just couldn’t do it…

“Why… why me?”

He whined helplessly, becoming so overwhelmed by his arousal he almost couldn’t speak anymore. His entire body began to shake as he attempted to hold himself together, but all his efforts only seemed to amuse the creature in front of him. Alex could hear it snort and laugh at his struggles.

“Who else? This entire neighborhood was such an eyesore, everything was so clean… so prissy. Not a single piece of trash in sight on the whole street, only those beautiful front lawns that must have required so much effort to maintain… I simply couldn’t let this go on, and who else was I supposed to pay a visit to than the person who clearly cared about all of this the most… Things are going to change here soon with this new you around… the big, smelly daddy hog and his piglets will help their neighbors embrace the stink and the filth… they will love it and so will you… no… don’t shake your head… it’s already begun… just take a look yourself…”

No… this couldn’t be… Alex lifted up his hands, his fingers were suddenly so broad and thick, the nails turning dark and almost completely black. The skin on them looking so rough and calloused, he realized that it wasn’t just hands or his fingers, his whole arms were like that. They were so fat and huge, growing those long, firm hairs that covered his entire forearms, they didn’t look anything like human hair anymore, they were so much closer to animal hide, to the hideous fur that sprouted all over this monstrous pigman’s belly. That wasn’t the only thing that made him resemble George, the size of his gut alone was nearly giving him a run for his money, it wasn’t quite there yet, but it was getting there, and it seemed like it might eventually end up even bigger. His shirt had completely burst open and the t-shirt he was wearing underneath it was starting to tear at the front, failing to contain this constantly inflating, enormous beach ball belly of his. How had he not seen this until now? No… he had… he just didn’t care… he thought it looked so hot… he’d noticed his fur turning a little greyer each time George called him ‘daddy’, his whole body just writhed in pleasure whenever he heard that word… whenever he imagined himself as this massive, sweaty boar that he was becoming… something was telling him to take another deep breath… fill his lungs with more of this intoxicating musk… let it happen even faster. The bulge in his crotch had swollen to such an incredible size that Alex had no idea how his pants were still holding themselves together in one piece… his fat daddy cock had to be so fucking huge, and those massive balls felt so damn full… he could not wait to empty them in someone’s mouth, let his cum turn them into daddy’s nasty piglet…

No… this wasn’t him… he wasn’t going to do this… Alex yelled out at the top of his lungs and then shoved George away with as much force as he could muster up! The gigantic beast was left mostly unfazed, but it was enough for him to slip out from under its arm. He instantly turned towards the door and started running, quickly discovering just how hard it was to keep his balance with the newly acquired weight of that colossal gut and the enormous tree trunk legs. He fell to the floor after a couple steps, but that didn’t stop him, he continued crawling towards the exit, so desperate to escape… he was more than halfway there, he knew he could make it, he was sure that once he got out, gout away from all this stink, everything would turn back to normal again. But then he heard it, the rattling of the can, the hissing… suddenly everything in sight was clouded by the green, rancid mist, George didn’t take his finger off the nozzle until it became so thick, Alex couldn’t see anything else around him. He barely had a chance to cover up his face, but that didn’t change much, the stench still made it inside his upturned nose. It was really something else, so much worse… so much more putrid than anything else he’d experienced before. It was like sucking on an old, piss soaked jockstrap, like shoving his face into a dirty, unwashed asshole and licking it clean… Alex knew that his body wanted more of it, he could feel his face pushing out forward, rapidly turning into a pig like snout. His hands were growing larger, fingers becoming thick and blocky, nails turning completely black as his skin darkened even more before covering with dense, greying fur.

Alex heard his clothes bursting open, rolls of hirsute fat sticking out through the holes. He saw his pants dissolving and rotting away as the green fog descended on them, his underwear morphing into a dark-yellow jockstrap stretched tightly over his huge package. His exposed legs swelling with blubber and sprouting even more, dense fur. He could taste the pungent air on his tongue as it seeped in through the corners of his elongated mouth. Creeping its way into his lungs, gathering there, corrupting him from the inside. His chest was expanding, pecs turning into massive, drooping moobs, gut pushing out into every direction, even that of George’s couldn’t compare anymore, but it still kept on going. Everything that he used to be was getting rewritten by the stench, his body already beyond recognition, his mind becoming more convinced that it had always looked this way with each breath. That he had always been this massively fat and filthy boar, an old and perverted daddy with a constantly hard and leaking cock, a pair of oversized balls, full of corrupted pigcum.

“Aw, fuck yeah! Daddy’s so fucking horny!”

Alex snorted as he pulled down his ragged jockstrap and felt his throbbing cock slap against his belly, spraying the thick, slimy precum everywhere. He took a single look at George and abruptly lurched forward, pinning him against the kitchen counter, burying his snout inside his furry armpit and taking deep whiffs of his musk, the manly stink driving him absolutely wild, the salty taste making him want to rut so fucking bad. He forcibly turned the smaller pigman around and dove head first into his sweaty asshole, making him squeal as he pushed his long tongue deep inside it, savoring the raunchy taste. He loved it so much, and clearly so did his boy, he was leaking like a faucet, big globs of precum splattering onto the floor below them, he could be rimming him all day, but he had something even better in mind. He suddenly jumped back onto his feet and plunged his throbbing piece of meat deep inside him without any sort of warning.

“Fuck yeah, you like daddy Al’s dick, boy? You like it stretching that tight, nasty hole of yours? Aw, fuck yeah… get ready, daddy’s gonna fill it up with his spunk soon enough boy!”

Al was panting loudly as pounded his boy’s ass, his massive gut swinging around… fuck… he was so huge! He lifted up his beefy arm and took a deep sniff… oh yeah, his pits were so damn ripe, just how he liked them! Daddy’s musky stink was always the best! Al noticed George’s briefcase laying nearby, there were many more of those spray cans sticking out of it. He grabbed one of them without a second thought and began unloading it everywhere. First, on top of them both, letting the green fog make them even fatter and bigger, forcing their fur to grow out longer and matted as an unkempt, grey beard sprouted from his snout. The stench soaking into their bodies, thoroughly corrupting any parts of them that might have still been human. Then, whenever a can was empty, Al found himself grabbing another one and pointing it elsewhere, letting the stink do its work as it filled up the entire house. The boy did a mighty fine job helping him get this place back in order, but that was still only the beginning, there was still so much more left to do… The green haze swept across the room, turning all the landscape paintings he used to have hanging on his walls into sleazy porn posters. His bookshelves suddenly filling up with ran down VHS tapes and old magazines they all came from. Al could see dirty, used sex toys laying around everywhere, even more of his old, crusty cumrags littering the floor. Once the whole house appeared to have been thoroughly overtaken by the filth, everything that had remained of the fetid fog gathered in one last spot. It began to swirl around, slowly evaporating and revealing a huge hole in the ground, right in the middle of his living room, filled to brim with wet, bubbling mud. Al squealed in glee the moment he saw it, ramming his boar daddy cock deep inside George’s rear. His massive, low hanging balls slapping loudly against his boy’s fat thighs, making him unload right inside his hole. Al pressed down on him with his entire bulk, making the whole kitchen counter creak as both sweaty pigmen grunted and snorted in arousal. Still thrusting inside of him even as gallons of yellow, corrupted pigcum oozed out of his hole, pouring down onto the floor, Al only waiting for the orgasm to subside so he could drag his pigboy right into that mudpit and have another go at his hole.

“Alex…? Is… is everything okay? We’ve heard some noise… oh god… what is that terrible stench?” Suddenly Al heard a familiar voice… it was Corey, he was heaving himself against the wall, struggling to keep himself upright, trying to cover up his mouth and nose as he gagged with each breath. He clearly couldn’t see their real selves, the two, nasty, rutting boarmen, at least not until Al pulled his dick out of his boy’s ass and stomped towards him, leaving a long trail of dripping cum behind him. Not until he grabbed him with his mammoth sized arms and shoved his terrified face right into his ripe, steamy pits.

“It’s daddy Al now, boy!”

He snorted as Corey writhed and tossed around within his grasp, doing everything he could to escape from the musky prison, flailing his arms around and banging on his enormous belly. Al felt his fat cock growing hard again, starting to leak, getting back at full mast in no time as he thought about the hot and nasty pigboy that his friend was going to make. He lifted him up from the ground and carried him towards the mudpit in the middle of the room, tossing him inside and jumping in right after him, making tons of brown sludge splash out in every direction. He saw Corey attempting to climb out of it right away as he desperately gasped for fresh air, but Al grabbed his shoulders and pushed him down, deep into the bubbling muck. Only allowing him back above the surface for long enough to take a single breath before submerging him once again. Al could see him changing each time, his face pushing forward, the whole figure of a tiny office worker growing and swelling up with fat. The mud no longer instantly sliding down off his face, but instead permanently clinging to his body as it covered up with fur like his daddy. All calls for help turning into horny squeals as Al pushed his trotters deep inside his hungry hole. His boy no longer fighting back, but instead begging for daddy’s cock. Al was more than happy to give him what he wanted, he bent Corey over the edge of the mudpit, firmly slapped his plump asscheeks and plunged his rock hard fuckmeat right between them, plowing his boy as hard as he could.

“Look who I caught snooping around Pa… another one eager to join in on the family fun…”

It was Jordan, George was holding him from behind. He clearly must have had some of that fun with him already… his face was looking more boar than human, his clothes were barely holding themselves together, riddled with holes full of thick, dark fur. His long, juicy cock had torn through his pants and was constantly jumping up and down. He was still trying to fight it, trying to free himself out of George’s grasp. He was quickly growing so large and so beefy that it seemed like he might actually do it, but Al knew that it won’t matter. He’d already seen the way he looked at him and at his brothers, his eyes constantly fixed on Corey’s snout, cock swelling larger and leaking even more. The horny boar inside him was growing stronger, soon he won’t be able to resist it anymore and will gladly join their family, and so will others… so many others…

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