The Group Chat

By Ayyy published March 8, 2019

Tyler reads his frat’s group chat. Why is his frat president so angry with Mikey?

Tyler was walking to class when he saw the first text. It was simple, but it left a lot of questions.

Mikey: Heyyyy boiz ;P

It was from Micheal’s phone. The dude had been one of Tau Iota Nu’s latest pledges, but Tyler did not remember the guy ever texting like that.

Tyler: tf?

Jason: Must’ve brought home some slut who borrowed his phone.

That made more sense. Jason did well as the frat’s president in Tyler’s mind. Scary and thug-like and he may be, Jason knew how to lead. Granted, Tau Iota Nu was one of the smaller frats on campus with only about 30 members, but these members were the sons of some of the world’s most powerful people. That meant every meeting was crowding 30 people who thought they were the hottest shit in existence into one room. The fact that Jason was able to control that constantly impressed Tyler.

Mikey: U could say that

Mikey: I found my inner slut

Mikey: Up my ass ;D

Damn! This girl was definitely brave. Tyler couldn’t tell if that would be a good thing or not.

Will: Damn babe! You gotta another round in you still?

Mikey: Oh hon, I could nvr get enough cum in me ;P

Cole: Shit! Come over now!

Will: Hey I asked first asshole!

Mikey: Relax boiz. Once my friends get a taste of what I had last nite, they’ll b, lyk, just as slutty as me :D

Geez, who was this person? Tyler couldn’t help but feel a little turned at the prospect of this babe coming over to the frat house.

Jason: Hold up guys, something seems off

Tyler took a moment to read over the text. What, did he think the texter was a catfish? Who would be dumb enough to catfish Tau Iota Nu? If you pissed off even one of the brothers, you could be screwed for the rest of your life. It had already happened to plenty of sorry exes.

Mikey: Oh sweetie, ur sooo cute! I’m gunna save u 4 last. Hell, I’ll bet ull even notice wats going on. ;D

Oh fuck! If there was one thing Tyler knew about Jason, it was that he had to come first. It was part of the reason why he was president. Telling him he was going to get sloppy seconds? Bad move.

Luckily, Will was quicker than him, and managed to diffuse the situation pretty quickly.

Will: I’m sure it’ll be fine Jason. Don’t worry about it.

Mikey: Ya Jacie, don’t worry about it. I mean, Billy n I have already done it dozens of times n he’s doing fab!

Will: What?

Billy? Did she mean Will? Oh fuck, Tyler thought to himself. Was this some crazy ex that the idiot knocked up? Those were always a pain to cover up.

Christian: Will? Ever heard of not sticking your dick in crazy?

Will: Who are you?

Mikey: Oh Kris, I’m not cray. Just a slut. Lyk Billy here. U could tell by how sluttily he moaned last time!


Wait. What?

Cole: Wait. Does he mean…

Christian: MICHEAL?!?!

Mikey: Ya, hon? N it’s Mikey

What the fuck? No way this was Micheal the pledge. It had to be some chick messing with them.

Tyler: Will is this for real?

Will: It’s college dude… Everyone experiments sometimes…

Christian: I sleep in a room right next a faggot? Fuck!

Mikey: Hey boiz, no need 2 b so mean. N Billy hon, u act waaaaay 2 slutty 4 u 2 evn pretend 2 b ashamed. ;P

Cole: Will doesn’t act slutty Micheal. And why are you acting so weird? Literally last week, we went out to beat up a couple fags who came to our last party.

Mikey: Okie, 1: It’s Mikey n baby I was born this way! I’ve always acted lyk this. 2: I would nvr! In fact, we need more sexy gay boiz at our parties, rite Billy?

Will: Hell yaaaass babe!

Tyler: I do not recall you ever acting this way. Will maybe, but you? Get real.

Mikey: Oh honey, every part of me is real. Wanna taste n make sure?

Tyler was almost certain now that Mikey had lost it. The pledge had always acted like a slut, but everyone knew that Tyler was as straight as they came. The only reason they even considered Mikey was because of the frat needed more gay guys to attract girls to their parties.

Tyler opened the door of the building his classroom was in, thankful for the refuge from the cold. Slipping off his hat and stuffing it in his pocket, he let his chestnut hair shine under the building lights. He contemplated how to proceed with his response. He had to put this fag in his place. He just didn’t know how to best do so. Luckily, he didn’t even have to worry about it.

Christian: Nobody wants a taste of a fag Mikey. Go fuck yourself

Mikey: Already am hon! Tho I get why u wouldn’t want a taste rn. How many times have u rimmed Cole 2day? Lost count I bet. Hell ur probs doing it rn LMFAO. Not judging tho ;p

Holy shit this guy was sick. It was one thing to be doing it with guys, but thinking that brothers – twins, no less – would be fucking? There had to be other gay guys that could join besides this sicko.

Cole: WTF?!?

Christian: Psycho faggot!

Jason: Mikey, I think you need to leave this chat

Mikey: But I’m just starting 2 have some fun! Besides, it’s not my fault they’re sluts

Christian: STFU! How did you even find out about us???

Tyler gazed at his phone, wide-eyed.

Jason: wtf? Christian, what are you talking about? You have a girlfriend

Will: That doesn’t mean he can’t b having fun on the side, rite Mikey?

Mikey: Hell yaaaasss gurl. Besides, Cole practically shoves his ass in our faces every chance he gets. Got a bit of an exhibitionist steak in him. With the size of dat ass, no 1’s complaining. Rite Kris?

Tyler couldn’t have been more confused about what was going on. Will and Mikey were seriously trying to convince the frat that Cole and Christian were basically incestuous sluts. And by the sound of it, they weren’t denying anything!

Jason: Mikey, Cole isn’t like that. What’s wrong with you? And actually, why’s Will acting weird too? What the hell is going on?!

Mikey: Nothing’s going on hon. We’re just all learning about how much we lyk being sexy af in public

Will: Don’t u love it Cole?

Christian: Dude’s blushing hard. Although it might just be that he’s about to cum :D

Tyler: WTF Christian? Are you actually eating out your brother?

Jason: Wait…

Mikey: Ty, sweetie, why do u sound so surprised? U’ve joined them on many occasions. I could hear u moaning from a mile away ;P

Fuck, is he spewing shit about me now, Tyler thought to himself. It wasn’t true, but given how Tyler had successfully ratted out the brothers, people wouldn’t think the slut was so far off.

Mikey: Have u figured it out yet Jacie?

Figure out what? Did Jason figure out that he has been sleeping with Cole and Christian? He’d get kicked out for sure if that ever came out. It wasn’t his fault. Christian just had one hell of a tongue on him, and he’d be damned if he love the feeling of that tongue on his cock and his hole. Tyler was straight, but he just couldn’t resist those twins.

Jason: No fucking way

Mikey: There’s always a way with fucking sweetie. Just lyk how there’s always a way u boiz manage 2 out-slut each other in public. Gawd, is it lyk sum competition I don’t know about?

Jason: Don’t you fucking dare Mikey!

Will: What r u 2 talking about?

What were they talking about, Tyler thought to himself as he walked into his class. The professor was just about to begin his lecture. There was no way that Tyler would ever act “slutty” in public. He only ever fooled around with the twins when most of the frat brothers were out of the house. He’d never do anything like that out in public.

Tyler rested his jacket on the seat and began removing his notebook and pencil from his backpack. As he was bent over, he checked his lastest text, excited by their contents.

Mikey: Oh, nothing hon. Has the competition begun yet?

Will: I just got into class, so hell yaaaas!

Cole: You know it!

Christian: Cocked and loaded ;P

Tyler smirked, glad it was finally time. He’d been waiting all day for this.

Tyler: Y’all are going down… On me tonight ;D

With that, Tyler slowly slid back into a standing position, making sure that everyone could see his massive ass on the way up. Upon standing, he could see that his professor had been watching his movements. Tyler winked at him before sitting down. He had this game in the bag.

Jason: Guys stop acting like such fags!

Mikey: But it’s soooo fun tho! Plus, r u guys getting twinkier every time u out do the others? Totes hot!

Jason: WTF?

Twinkier? Tyler only vaguely remembered what a twink even was. There’s no way he’d every look like them. At 6’5", he weighed almost 260 pounds and that was all muscle. He glanced down at his body, covered by a light blue polo and some nice khakis. The shirt was tight enough that you could clearly see his pecs and his cut V line. It just barely allowed his brunette chest hairs to peek through. He clearly went to the gym every day without fail. No fucking way he’d be a twink.

Tyler: Hah, fat chance. I did just make sure that the prof got a nice view before I sat down, though. Your moves boys.

Mikey: Good idea Ty. After all, u gotta distract them from ur airhead brain somehow.

Excuse me, the brunette thought to himself. Tyler was no airhead. Sure, he may have paid a couple people here and there to ensure he got the right grades, but those were just to make sure the tests accurately reflected him. He was going to be a top investment banker soon enough, and the world would know it.

Tyler was about to contradict Mikey’s statement, but he got interrupted by new events.

Will: My Prof is def struggling to look away from my pecs. Good thing my shirt shows them off ;D

Christian: Cole and I went to the park. Lot of people around. Nice day to be shirtless and ready ;P

Bold moves, Tyler thought. Time to kick it up a notch. Sitting in the back had its perks as Tyler slipped his shirt off him, tossing it to the ground. He could tell that his professor was eyeing him as he began pinching and massaging his nipples blatantly with one hand and texting the group chat his other.

Tyler: Will who needs a shirt? My Prof’s definitely getting more distracted by my pecs this way. It helps that they’re so sensitive.

Tyler let out a light groan as light sparks of pleasure flew through him. The brunette was glad he shaved his chest hair yesterday. It made things much smoother and much better.

Jason: WTF? Guys STOP IT!

Jason: Mikey, cut it out! Fix this!

Cole: Cut what out?

Will: Yeah, Mikey’s not the 1 getting distracted by my hand obviously massaging my weapon ;D

Christian: N he’s def not the 1 watching me do sit-ups while Cole sits on my lap.

Clever boys, Tyler thought. This kind of excitement was starting to make Tyler really horny. It’d be a shame not to show the professor how turned on he was.

The brunette stood up quietly so as to not attract the other students. He then winked at his professor before slipping his khakis off him, leaving him class in his black boxers. It was beyond clear that his 8" rod was straining to break free. His professor could practically see all 6’1" 230 pounds of him. By the time he sat back down, his professor couldn’t stop staring at him.

Tyler: Maybe, but I’d guess he would get distracted by knowing that my professor just saw me in just my boxers and now can’t stop staring at me.

Mikey: Oh gawd, that’s sooo totes hot n all, but boxers? Hon, none of us would wear something so icky. It’s only jockstraps n thongs 4 us boiz

Really? Tyler looked down at himself. Like, they looked like boxers, he thought to himself. Then again, he wasn’t the very best at thinking. That’s why he needed to distract his Prof. So he could get even gooder grades. He needed his professor to pass him in this class so he could finally become a communications major. He didn’t have the grades for it yet, but a little more teasing and maybe he could barely make it.

Tyler: They look lyk boxers tho

Will: Sure they do. N my Prof totally isn’t eyeing me while I twirl my hair n lick my lips

Jason: You’re bald!

Christian: LMAO good 1 Jace. The day Will goes bald is the day Cole stops dry humping me in public. N I doubt he’ll stop that soon :D

Mikey: Aww, u boiz r doing sooo well. Make sure 2 use those toys u brought along 2 if u wanna get max points!

None of them believed him, Tyler thought, pouting at his screen. He wasn’t lying! They really did look like–

Tyler looked back down only to find that he was not anything remotely close to boxers. Instead, all he wore was a skimpy pair of black jockstraps that left even less to the imagination. His astonishment was short-lived as he realized that Mikey was right. He was totally an airhead. An airhead that needed to impress his professor a bit more to get that A in class.

Tyler quietly rose from his chair, making sure not to attract any extra attention. He wouldn’t have minded the extra eyes, but even his dim mind figured that his game would end if he was caught. He gracefully turned around, making sure that the professor could see his bare ass clearly, and used the wall now in front of him to begin gyrating his hips hypnotically, giving the professor plenty of memories for when he got home. Tyler wanted to make sure the professor could see that he went to the gym every day, focusing mainly on cardio and his ass. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on his 5’10", 180 pound body. The brunette frat boy knew that his dedication had paid off, and his professor could tell, as well. He was glad he was naturally born without any hair below his nose. It made everything on him look that much sexier.

Before anyone could get suspicious of the professor’s gaze, however, Tyler was already back in his seat, texting his friends about his latest accomplishment.

Tyler: LOL u were rite. It’s a jockstrap. N the Prof got 2 c whatever it didn’t cover ;P

Tyler: Hey Mikey, I can’t find the toys I brought. U kno where they r?

Mikey: LOL if I kno u, they’re prob in ur ass Ty.

Mikey: Kris n Billy, have u got urs?

Will: The profs eyes bulged when he saw the dildo in my hands LMFAO

Christian: N Cole’s def enjoying 1 half of our double-sided dildo ;D

Tyler had a puzzled look on his face as he saw Mikey’s text. Was that what that full feeling in his ass was? Tyler continued to rummage through his bag until he came across a small device. All it had was a power button and dial on it. Curious, the brunette pressed the power button and was immediately engulfed by the pleasure of the vibrating buttplug in him. Instinctively, he turned the dial to the max setting and put a hand over his mouth to contain his moans. He had to keep himself composed until the end of the class if he wanted to win. That much he knew.

Of course, that didn’t mean he couldn’t tease the professor a little more. Why should he be the only horny one in the class? Once again, Tyler rose from his seat, swishing as he came to the middle of the aisle in clear view of the professor. He then turned once more, bent over, and spread his cheeks, allowing the professor to see that his pink buttplug was firmly in his hole. Tyler smirked as he heard the professor trip over his words, sure that he had accomplished his goal, before retaking his seat once more. All 135 pounds and 5 foot 6 inches of him were brimming with excitement. It was incredibly difficult for Ty to contain himself and it took every bone in his body to stop himself from pawing at his 6 incher.

Ty, with his lust-clouded mind, decided that the only way he’d calm down was by telling the others about what he’d done, so he refocused on his phone.

Ty: I found it! U were rite Mikey, it was in my ass the hole time!


Mikey: Wat r u talking about Jacie? It’s only natural 4 them 2 want 2 play with themselves. I mean, u, Billy n Kris r barely vers. U can’t blame bottoms lyk Cole n Ty 4 wanting more toys 2 play with, am i rite boiz?

Jason: Oh don’t you FUCKING dare! And what the hell is a vers?!

Bill: Hell yeah! N clearly my prof isn’t complaining since he’s been watching me tease my ass 4 the last 5 mins :P

Chris: Cole can’t go an hour without something inside him. If he wasn’t sooo adorbs, ppl would prob not lyk that he can’t even contain himself in the park. Tho with me n him hard n naked on this dildo, I doubt anyone’s complaining.

Chris: N being a vers means I LUV cock up my slutty ass, but I can help a boi out sometimes ;P

Jason: Christian, you’re literally the most religious guy I know, what the fuck?!

Chris: I’m am religious, just 2 dick ;D

Jason: FUCK!

Mikey: Soon hon, especially cause everyone else in this chat is practically already a slutty twink, rite?

Many of the other brothers began texting their replies, and Mikey seemed to be right for the most part. Ty had almost forgotten that the chat was shared by the entire frat since most of them had muted the chat when they first joined. Of course, they were still in the chat, and clearly most of the boys had seen that last text, judging the literal porn blog that had appeared. Many of the brothers began texting pictures of themselves in various states of undress and in various positions, making sure to feature their best assets. They all clearly loved showing themselves off. The pictures began to get progressively raunchier as time progressed, and in many of the pictures, the brothers were no longer alone, but were with a friend or friends.

Ty felt an overwhelming need to agree with his fellow brothers but he couldn’t help but feel like he simply wasn’t slutty enough yet. To fix this, he slid onto his desk, in clear view of anyone who wanted to look, and spread his legs to get a clear picture of his ass. He then winked at the camera before adding his own addition to the collection, loving the feeling of knowing that 30 more people got to see all 5’3" and 110 pounds of him. If they looked hard enough at the picture, they’d even be able to see his 4" rod peeking out from underneath his jockstrap, not that anyone would be able to pay attention to it with his massive ass being the focal point of the photo. Not to mention, his hole was beyond soaked in his juices, showing how obvious it was that he was desperate to cum. Ty made to upload his picture to his Grindr and sent it to his agency before his sat back down. The men online loved it when he sent pics out in class and the agency paid him extra for them, which made him even hornier. He couldn’t have been more proud of himself and couldn’t have agreed more with Mikey. He was a slutty twink inside and out and he loved it.

Jason: No fucking way…

Mikey: Yes way hon. N ur next!

Jason: Nuh-uh, I’m out fags!

Billy: Aww, but u could nvr ditch us Jacie

Kris: Yeah, ur always 2 horny 2 even think about it

Jason: I am not! Fuck you!

Mikey: U luv fucking him tho. N fucking everyone in this frat. Tho I know u lyk 2 btm more

Jason: FUCK, why am I so horny?!

Ty: Cus we’re all sexy af!

Cole: N u want it up the ass even more than me

Jason: Fuck…

Billy: Sure, soon. Besides who could resist someone as sexy as u?

Mikey: Ya, ur prob the twinkiest of us all ;P

Jason: I’m not a twink! Just shut up!

Jason: Fuck, where are the dildos. I need them

Kris: Why bother? We’re coming home now!

Billy: Wait, but i wanna fuck him!

Mikey: He’s insatiable Billy, u’ll get ur turn. Isn’t that rite Jacie

Jacie: Fuck! Emergency frat meeting now!

Kris: Wat? Why?

Jacie: Cus I’m horny af n u boiz need 2 fill me up now 4 making me lyk this!

Billy: LMFAO, let’s have a party!

Cole: Fuck yaasss!

Jacie: Let’s do it boiz ;D

Ty smiled at the chat. He was beyond happy he found the perfect frat in the world. Everyone in it was as slutty as him and he loved it.

“And that covers today topics. Make sure to do the readings before the next class. Ty, I’d like to speak with you before you go,” the professor called out.

As people began filing out of the class, Ty felt like he should’ve felt concerned about being asked to stay late. Of course, then he looked at the professor’s crotch. He was pretty far away, but Ty could see an erection from a mile away. Ty wasn’t sure exactly how to win the game they played, but he was still pretty sure he just won. He texted his friends, telling them he was going to be late, before skipping towards his professor and towards his new life.

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