Office Cop 3

published February 17, 2019

An office security guard gets a feel for cop fantasies

Steve had spent the weekend entertaining himself with visions of Victor spread-eagled and helpless. The thoughts were nothing unusual for Steve, but the idea of mind control making them real was new.

He had no idea what effect the ‘incident’ had on Victor, but that allowed his mind to go full throttle. He had built up a scenario where he had walked into a locker room and caught Victor, in full cop uniform, stroking his meat while looking in the mirror on his locker door. Steve had had his phone in his hand and had lifted it and snapped a photo of the startled stud. Then, in simplistic porn style, blackmailed the powerless Victor to get down and kiss his shoes and beg him not to show the picture to anyone.

The fantasy went on from there, with him humiliating Victor some more at home, and then revealing it was all caught on tape, creating even more blackmail material. And on it went, making for a pleasant two days.

As he stepped from the elevator on Monday morning, he was met with a buzz of gossip. Everyone was talking about something, but he didn’t feel comfortable enough to go over and ask what was up, just in case. All his fears of exposure welled up, threatening to send him running home. But then he noticed that no-one was looking at him - or, worse still - avoiding eye contact. Whatever was going on had nothing to do with him. As he walked down the hallway to his office, he saw Victor rounding the corner ahead. That’s when it clicked.

Victor’s head of dark black shaggy curls had been shorn. Normally worn shortish and good enough for an office security guard, it was now a flattop that would look at home on any mid-west policeman filming a reality TV show where he wanted the audience to know he was the good guy. One could almost say he had a policeman’s haircut. Steve just stood there with his mouth hanging open. The others in the office were all discussing the why’s and wherefore’s, deciding whether they liked the new look or not, while Steve was contemplating the extent of what he had done.

Victor saw Steve and immediately blushed. He almost stopped, but continued down the hallway. As he squeezed past Steve he mumbled “excuse me”. Steve was dumbstruck.

Of course, the others in the office had no idea about the ‘incident’ or the whole sub-text, but Steve was acutely aware. As he sat in his office, rapidly going through all the possibilities of what had happened and what could happen, he made up his mind, and, with a deep breath, went out into the hall. The realization that he had always let himself be bullied, that he had given in without a struggle, that he had never once made a stand was nothing new, but now it rankled in a way it never had before. In some ways, having seen the ‘inadequacies’ of Victor’s thoughts compared with his confident and alpha personality made Steve aware that he deserved to be treated with respect more than any jumped-up bully.

With this new-found confidence, he walked out into the main cubicle area and sought out Victor. Victor didn’t notice his approach until the last minute, and barely kept himself from jumping backwards in fright. Steve looked more intense than he normally did, but for Victor he looked like some divine angel of judgement.

“Victor, could you come into my office for a minute? I just want to discuss a few things.”

This of course caused another wave of gossip as the pair passed back through the desks. Not just Steve’s show of bravado, but the meek way Victor took it and humbly followed behind. The general consensus was that the world had gone crazy, and it was even odds that Victor would murder Steve and go on the run and get killed in some bloody shootout.

Steve preceded Victor into the office, and sat down in his chair behind the big desk. Victor hesitantly went to sit down, but Steve cut him off. “I don’t think you need to sit down. You won’t be here that long.

“Uh, yes, sir,” he said hesitantly, and took a position standing awkwardly next to the client chair.

“And you can try to stand up straight. I’ve noticed you’ve been getting very slack around the office. Not a good impression for our security force, is it?” Steve wasn’t stopping to think about what he was doing. He was just going to dive in and see what happened.

Victor immediately straightened up. With shoulders back and a rigid spine, he was almost forced to look straight ahead. With his white shirt and fresh haircut, he looked like a navy recruit rather than a bored guard.

“That’s better,” said Steve, and, without thinking, Victor answered with a “Thank you, sir!” It surprised both of them, and Victor’s face blushed. If Steve had any doubts that things had changed, they were gone. It was not only the immediate respect, but there was an obvious bulge tenting the man’s uniform slacks.

Steve felt something once again let go in his brain, only this time it was more about releasing his own pent up fantasies and he didn’t find himself in Victor’s head. He did feel brave and powerful, though, and any thoughts of taking things slow or acting with discretion went out the window. “But it’s not just your slack posture that is bothering me. You’ve obviously cut your hair without permission.”

“Uh, sir?” he stammered. Victor was confused. His mind was throwing contradictory thoughts at him left, right and centre.

Firstly, it was none of this guy’s business what he did with his hair, so what was he going on about. If there was somebody in the office who could tell him what to do, Steve wasn’t in that chain of command.

On the other hand, the fact that Steve was being aggressive and authoritarian was a turn on. The suggestion that there was something wrong with his haircut led to feeling embarrassed, which also was a turn on. All these thoughts and more collided in his head and left him dazed.

“The way you look out there reflects on the whole office. I think you could have had the courtesy of coming to discuss it with me before you made such a drastic change. And stand up straight!” The last bit was barked out as Victor, trying to cope with everything had sagged a bit.

“Yes, sir! Sorry sir!” Victor sprang once more to attention and stared straight ahead. This sort of thing he could understand and control. His cock was solid and straining at his pants, and he felt himself surrendering to the force of the new eroticism that had taken over his life.

Steve got up and walked over to the ramrod guard. The scene was reminiscent of those you see where the marine sergeant sidles up to the new recruit to make his point quietly but clearly. Victor was trembling, but kept his focus on the wall.

“I’m not impressed with your attitude, boy.” ‘Boy’ felt right for the situation. “I really need you to up your game. No more lounging around and taking things easy. You get out there and do your job. And in future I would appreciate it if you consulted me before making any changes in the way you look. Understood?”

“Yes, sir!” Victor was glad the dressing down was over, but was just as eager to see it continue on to something more physical.

“Okay, I’ll be watching you. Get back to work.”

“Yes, sir!” said Victor and left the office almost at a run. He had no idea what was going on, or why he had changed and how much more – masculine? – Steve was. But his mind let him concentrate on the one thing he could control, the one thing that didn’t come with a huge dose of anxiety.

The rest of that day saw him completely focused on his job. He walked tall, scanned the areas for possible threats, refused to take a break or let his attention wander. He didn’t flirt or gossip, and only made polite responses to enquiries about his health.

His brain was trying to rationalize away things, by saying that this was his job, and he really should do it well, and that holding himself upright was a good workout for his core, and it had nothing to do with being ordered to by Steve. But deep down, where Steve had recently renovated his subconscious, Victor knew he was more aroused, more fully aware of the possibilities of physical intercourse, than he had ever been in his entire life.

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