New Job - New Outlook

By Malskin
published November 7, 2015

Andrew applys for a new Job which changes him

New Job - New Outlook

By Malskin (

I was looking at the jobs add in our local newspaper when I saw a job opportunity for a new Security firm called N.O. Security Solutions that had moved into town, it read “wanted for immediate start” a good opportunity for you to be a full member of our team – must be willing to do long shifts with a good salary for those who have undergone our “Special in house training course” - there was a contact phone number asking for men to apply for an application form.

I had better describe myself, My name is Andrew I’m 45 year old, I am approx. 6’4 with a fairly good build and in good shape for me age. I am divorced with 2 teenage sons. I had moved to this town when my marriage broke up a few months back. I have had a number of jobs, but before the divorce I was working at for a firm of solicitors as a lawer. I met my now ex-wife while at was at university. That was then and a lot had happened to me during the divorce which meant I had to move. So new town new life I suppose, I was desperate to find a job as money was running out.

I picked up my phone and dialled the number given. On the other end a man answered and asked me for my details, my age, where I lived, my marital status and if I was a smoker, I found this question odd, and I told him that I was a non-smoker, (I suppose they thought as a smoker I might be wanting smoke breaks etc and not give a full day’s work). He continued to ask more questions during the conversation his voice smoothing and sort of hypnotic. During the conversation I must have zoned out, as the next thing I remember I told the person on the other end of the phone that I would report as instructed to the address I was given within the hour.

An hour later I arrived at a warehouse which had some impressive gates at the front, I buzzed the intercom and was let in, I walked up to the front door with a solid steel door camera positioned over the entrance and had to buzz again and the door opened with lead into a reception room. I was thinking to myself this is not somewhere that could easily be broken into with all this security.

The reception desk was in front of me, sat behind the desk was a man about my age but completely different to how I looked, bald head with tattoos on his hands. I did think this was odd as I would have thought a company would want to make a good image with those who worked on reception. He was dressed in some sort of a tight fitting uniform which from the brief look I saw was made of some sort of rubber material He was sat in front of a computer screen and looked up when he saw me approach the desk. “you must be Andrew we are expecting you” he said, he started talking to me and yet again I found myself zoning out as he spoke, next thing I remember was him handing me some liquid which I gulped down in one, I started to feel light headed and the room started to spin, the man behind the desk came over and guided me to a seat in the reception are. I can’t remember much else as I must have passed out.

I woke sometime later in a dark room, in front of me was a television screen, I tried to move my head but it was locked in position and I could not move it, I could just look ahead, my hands had been secured to some sort of hand restraints and so had my feet.

I don’t know how long I had been there before I heard movement behind me, then someone started to talk me, it was the same voice that I had heard on the other end of the phone, when I had called about the job, “So Andy I see that your awake at last, we must sort the amount of drugs we put in our water next time, as I don’t like to be made to wait”. I corrected him I told him my name was Andrew. (I never liked the name Andy) He went on to say that I was the sort of person he was looking for a man of my age and with the background I had, someone who is not known to the area and who does not have any local ties.

He came closer and I could smell smoke on him in fact he reeked of it, not being a smoker and never wanting to try it repulsed me. See I was a good living man, liking the fairer things in life like the smell of a good woman.

He then told me that I was now an employee of N.O. Security solutions and was about to start the intensive “special in house training course”. I felt a sharp pain in my neck and realised that he had injected me with something it had an immediate effect on me, I could feel my body relax and my thoughts just stopped, I could hear him talking to me and telling me to watch the screen of the television that was in front of my eyes.

At first I had difficulty focusing on the screen but slowly I started to notice swirling patterns emerged on the screen in front of me. Bright greens and reds started to swirl in front of my eyes; my eyes seem to be drawn into the centre of the screen.

Was that words I could see? I was not sure at first, I had to really strain to look at the words, Yes they were words, what was it saying, I looked closer and closer, it said that I was a loyal employee of N.O. Security Solutions, it was my job to protect and serve the company and do what MY Boss told me. Where on earth that word “Boss” come from?, but it seemed so right to call my boss “Boss”.

The patterns formed again and like last time I was drawn to them, but this time I could see images of skinheads faces, they were bald some had tattoo’s on their faces others had tattoos on their head and necks, and like the guy on reception, they had tattoos on their hands, but what was common with them all was that they were smoking, guys of all ages young and guys my age they were just smoking and they seemed to be enjoying it. I don’t know how long I had been strapped to the chair and I had been watching the television screen. The screen changed again and the swirling patters emerged again, it changed again and the words said I was a loyal employee of N.O. Security Solutions.

The last thing I remember before passing out was that I was proud to serve MY Boss and that I was now a loyal employee of N.O. Security Solutions.

I could smell something, yes it was cigarette smoke, MY Boss had come back into the room, he came towards me, I could smell smoke on him, but this time it did not repulse me like it did before, it smelt good in fact it smelt better than any woman I had been with. It was having an effect on me, my cock started to twitch.

Part of me knew it was wrong that my cock was twitching and getting hard but the smell was turning me on big time. I needed that smoke and I needed it bad. Boss came and stood in front of me, fuck he was hansom, bald head with tattoos on the side of his head “with made in England” on it, looking down I could see a spider’s web on one side of his neck and on the other side a swallow. Taking all of My Boss in I could see he was wearing a black rubber shirt which fitted him like a second skin, he had a pair of white braces that went down to a pair of black rubber combats I could see his bulge and the outline of his cock, it was hard as a rock. The black rubber combats where tucked into a pair of black 30 hole Ranger boots. He had a cigarette in the corner of his mouth which he seemed to be savoring. I was drawn back to the images I had seen on the television screen of the skinheads. My mouth was dry, fuck the sight of him smoking was so inviting.

Like what you see then Andy My boi he said “Fuck Yes Boss I said”. Well My boi you will soon be looking like me and the rest of my slaves, or should I called them employees.

To be continued………….

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