Time To Get A Real Job

By Willie Cici
published February 14, 2019

Tyler has to face reality. It’s time to get a job …

August 14 —

“Tyler!!!!”, the voice shouted.

“What the fuck does she want?”, Tyler thought to himself. Astride his favorite lounge chair near the pool, Tyler was enjoying the late summer sun and working on his golden tan. He opened his eyes and found the source of the shout. “What?”

“Did you finish power washing the side of the house?”, his mother asked. “It’s not going to get done by itself.”

Tyler, age 19, learned many things about his mom and women in general. ‘It’s not going to get done by itself’: that phrase meant Tyler abandons his leisurely late morning and finishes power washing the side of the house. Should he choose to ignore his mother, Tyler would experience a constant barrage of insult and nagging. Better to end the pain with one whine.

“Sure, Mom.”, he said, as he rose from his lounge chair.

“And, when are you going to find a job?”, his mother asked.

That follow-up question was the constant refrain of the summer. College had proven disastrous. Tyler did not have the discipline or mental fortitude to succeed in college. For the last three months, Tyler milked his situation by lounging poolside, working on his tan, going to the gym with his bros, and night-clubbing on the weekends. Tyler had always prided himself on maintaining his lean physique, but in college and this summer, Tyler crafted a visually stunning physique. In college, it served him well. Tyler earned a 4.0 in banging co-eds.

For now, Tyler grabbed his baseball cap, donned in it reverse, as was his want, and headed for the garage to retrieve the power washing equipment. (To see Tyler, click here). At least the back spray from the power washer cooled his body from the mid-August heat wave.

“Your mother told me that you were here working.”, Tyler’s father said. Tyler noticed his father and stopped his power washing. “Uh … sport … you know … in a couple of weekends, it’s Labor Day, and … you still have no job.”

Tyler closed his eyes. He knew the drill: his father would never bust his balls. His mother was forcing the issue. Poor bastard! Tyler stared at his father, a man who had to sacrifice his soul for some sex from his nagging 45-year old wife. “I hope he cheats on Mom. He deserves better.”, Tyler thought to himself.

“You’re silent.”, his Dad said.

“Dad, what do you want me to do? No degree. No skills. And, please, I ain’t flipping burgers at some chain joint. Or waiting on tables.”, Tyler replied.

“Agreed. That’s why you’re going to work at your uncle’s health club.”, his Dad announced.

“Oh, shit!”, Tyler thought to himself. “Dad, not Uncle …”

“Tyler, don’t say it. You know your mother doesn’t approve.”, his Dad said.

“Gym Bunny.”, Tyler said, defiantly. “I ain’t working there. I pay $40 a month to go to ‘Crunch’ to avoid Uncle Gym Bunny.”

“How can you afford $40 with no job? I know your mother stopped feeding you cash.”

“Well … sometimes I train some of the members at the gym. They feed me a couple of dollars.”, Tyler answered sheepishly. If his father only knew: Tyler hooked up with a sugar milf at the gym, the mother of one of his friend’s. Once a week, Tyler seduces the sexy milf at the gym for a small pay day, most times $100 a pop.

“Well, the Tuesday after Labor Day, you start at ‘The Roman Baths’. Lifeguard. Uncle Jim will pay for your certified trainer certification. Then you can become a certified trainer and make real money.”, his Dad said.

Tyler shook his head. “Dad, please don’t force me. You know that place is GAF.”

“Tyler, at this point, to keep your mother off my back, I don’t care if your Uncle puts you out to stud.”, his Dad said. A prolonged silence filled the air. “Yeah. You heard me. All I know is that you’re going to work. It’s time you had a real job, not that bartending shit you’ve been doing twice a week. If you don’t like it, find something else. On September 5, you start earning your keep.”, his Dad stated.

“Earn my keep.”, Tyler thought to himself. “This son-of-a-bitch makes over $300,000 a year and he needs my money to run the house.” Tyler resumed his power-washing, ignoring his father’s last comment.

“Did you hear me?”, his Dad said. Tyler ignored his father. If his days of leisure were coming to an end, he wanted to maximize his time as much has possible. He would finish his chore, head out to the gym and spend the night carousing with his friends, grasping for every last moment of freedom.

Tuesday, September 5 –

Tyler parked his vehicle in the rear of the building that housed his uncle’s health club. Wearing a pair of cargo shorts and a camo t-shirt, Tyler drudged through the employee entrance of the health club, ‘The Roman Baths’. As he entered the door, Tyler encountered the first of his nightmares: posters of practically naked men, posing like Greek or Roman gods, muscles and hard bodies. He shook his head, thoroughly disgusted. “Can’t wait!”, he thought to himself. As he entered the gym floor, Tyler found a normal environment: weights, nautilus machines, treadmills, ellipticals, exercise mats. At the early hour, few members were working out. Those that were working out were stereotypical: gym bunnies in compression gear, obscenely tight, strutting about, admiring their form. “Bleached blondes, manicured looks, and hard bodies: GAF.”, Tyler muttered.

Tyler approached the main entrance. At the center of the large, circular atrium stood a huge white faux marble copy of Michelangelo’s David, in the Victorian style, sporting a bikini with a protruding bulge. Tyler could not believe his eyes. Quickly, he approached the front desk and encountered another walking stereotype. “Hi! I’m Tyler Mitchell. I’m looking for Jim Walker.”

“Is his expecting you?”, the man said, in a protective tone.

“Yeah. I’m his nephew. I start working here today.”, Tyler said.

“Oh, yes. The nephew.”, the man said, in a disgusted tone of voice. “I’ll see if …”

“I’m here.”, a voice called out. An attractive man, clad in black compression gear walked out of an office and said, “Tyler. Good. You’re here. Let’s get your started.” He turned to the man at the desk and said, “Rex, hand me a lifeguard’s uniform.”

Rex opened a drawer at the front desk and retrieved a plastic bag that contained a red speedo. He tossed the plastic bag to Jim and said, “It should fit.”

“I’m sure it will.”, Jim said. He handed the plastic bag to Tyler and said, “I’ll take you the employee locker room so you can change.”

Tyler followed Jim, walked into the gym and headed for the employee locker room, near the employee entrance. As Tyler walked through the gym, one of the members stared at him and smiled. “You new here?”, the man said.

“Yeah. My first day on the job.”, Tyler said.

“Are you a masseur? I hope you are.”, the man said, with a seductive tone.

Tyler stared at the young man. His creamy cocoa complexion faded with the overhead fluorescent lights that shaded his face. Shirtless and covered with a mist of perspiration, the young man’s physique impressed Tyler. His forward manner, however, left the young man off-kilter. (To see the young man, click here).

“Never mind, Jackson.”, Jim said, as he hurried Tyler away from the gym floor to the employee locker room. When they reached the employee lockers, Jim said, “Don’t let the members get on your nerves. They see fresh meat and are ready to devour.”

“Yeah.”, Tyler said, his tone clearly disgusted.

“Well … you can’t blame Jackson, Tyler. You are cute.”, Jim said.

“Uncle Jim, I don’t …”, Tyler said.

“Why don’t you change? I’ll show you the pool. When you get your certification, then we’ll take you inside.”, Jim said. He walked out of the employee locker room, leaving Tyler to change into his speedo. He undressed quickly and donned the incredibly tight swim gear. His junk bulged like a porn star. (To see Tyler in his speedo, click here). When he finished changing, he walked out of the employee locker room and found Jim waiting for him.

“You look good.”, Jim said. “The pool is outside. It’s still pretty warm. In the late fall and early winter, we pitch a tent and heat the pavilion. Members love the year-round pool.”

“I bet.”, Tyler said. “Uncle Jim, can I get a different size?”

“One size fits all.”, Jim replied.

“Yeah. Not really.”, Tyler said, jiggling his junk.

“You look fine.”, Jim assured his nephew. “You’ll be seated on the lifeguard bench. No one will notice.”

Tyler rolled his eyes behind Jim’s back. “These fags will notice. I’m sure of it.”, he thought to himself.

For the rest of the day and week, Tyler worked the pool, as a lifeguard. He did not step an inch into the pool his first four days. Had he been wearing trunks instead of the speedo, at the end of his shift, Tyler would have enjoyed the pool and exercised. In his lifeguard uniform, Tyler knew better than to strut around in a wet speedo. He would not have survived the onslaught of members assailing him for a bevy of sexual favors.

After a full day at the gym, Tyler drove home, changed into this exercise gear and headed to his gym. He could have exercised at ‘The Roman Baths’ as employees enjoy member privileges off-hours. Tyler refused to subject himself to the likes of Jackson and the other members. As far at Tyler was concerned, he was not spending one minute longer than necessary in ‘that GAF joint’.

Monday, September 11 –

Around lunchtime, Tyler needed to use the facilities. He asked everyone to step out of the pool for five minutes while he left the pool area unattended. He scurried into the member’s locker room and headed for the toilets. When he finished, Tyler bumped into Rex, who was naked, a towel barely covering his junk. For the first time, Tyler noticed Rex’s ripped, tattooed physique. Rex scowled at Tyler. “What?”, Rex pounced on Tyler.

“Nothing.”, Tyler timidly replied.

“Why aren’t you working?”, Rex asked.

“I had to take a leak.”, Tyler answered. “What? Now I have to answer to you?”

“Boy, watch your tone.”, Rex said. (To see Rex in the showers, click here).

Tyler walked out of the member’s lockers, choosing to ignore his uncle’s underling. “Who the fuck does he think he is?”, Tyler thought to himself. He returned to his lifeguard post and invited the members to resume their time in the pool. He spent the rest of the day working at the pool, relieved that another day passed by where he did not have to jump in the pool. He was dreading the moment when he would have to step out of the pool, his junk clinging to the wet, tight speedo. At 6pm, at the end of his shift, Tyler walked into the employee locker room, quickly changed out of his uniform speedo and donned his shorts and t-shirt. Feeling a bit parched, Tyler walked to the front desk to grab a bottle of spring water from the concession.

At the front entrance, Tyler saw a familiar face, but one that left him perplexed. “Dad, what are you doing here?”

“I’ve been working out for the last two months. I’m getting old. Gotta keep fit for your mother.”, his Dad answered.

Tyler smiled. His hopes were confirmed: he has a mistress, for sure. He would never exercise for Mom. “Sure, Dad. I’ll see you later.”, Tyler said, as he walked back towards the employee entrance.

“Hi, Nick.”, a voice called out.

Nick Mitchell, Tyler’s father, approached the front desk and greeted the employee. “Hi, Rex. How are you?”

“I’m good. Are you ready?”, Rex said, a wry smile on his lips.

“Yes. I am ready.”, Nick replied, his voice robotic and stilted.

“Good. Go to Room Number 4.”, Rex said.

Nick walked to the right of the front desk, towards the massage rooms. He entered Room Number 4 and changed into his masseur uniform, a white silk jockstrap. Within ten minutes, one of the gym patrons entered the room and said, “Are you ready?”

“Yes. I am ready.”, Nick replied. The gym patron laughed. He quickly undressed and lay upon the massage table, face up. Nick smiled. He fondled the gym patron’s junk and asked, “Are you ready?” From there, Nick proceeded to massage the gym patron to a happy ending, just as Rex taught him.

September 15 –

Tyler looked at his watch: 5:49. He had survived the first two weeks. He had endured endless propositions by the randy members of ‘The Roman Baths’. One of the members offered cash. Apparently, the former lifeguard had earned a reputation for his eager willingness to fornicate with the members. The minutes dragged on until finally the clock struck 6. Tyler grabbed his backpack and packed away his iPad. Within days, Tyler realized he could spend his time reading instead of mindlessly staring at the pool. He strutted into the employee locker room. As he was changing, his Uncle Jim approached him and said, “Your dad paid for a massage for you.”

“I don’t want a massage.”, Tyler said.

“It’s paid for. You don’t want to waste it.”, Jim said.

“Just give him a credit.”, Tyler said.

“We don’t do that. The massage is … it’s a separate concession.”, Jim said.

Tyler did not understand that financial arrangement. He assumed everything in the gym belonged to Uncle Jim. “I’d rather not.”

“Tyler, you do understand that not every gay man wants to have sex with you.”, Jim chided. His tone was angry.

“Uncle Jim, really? Today alone, fifteen of your members hit on me. Two of them offered me money. I could have made two hundred dollars if I let two of your gay-as-fuck members suck my dick.”, Tyler retorted.

“You’re exaggerating. I doubt that’s true.”, Jim said.

Tyler’s jaw dropped. His uncle did not believe him. He could not believe that. He resolved that moment to find another job and quickly. He refused to work for someone he did not trust. “Okay. Just make sure the masseuse is cute.”

Jim walked out of the employee locker room. Tyler, still in his speedo, decided to pack his street clothes in his backpack and head to the massage room. There was no point in changing since he was going to have to undress once he entered the massage room.

Tyler walked to the front desk and said, “My father scheduled me for a massage.”

The staff member at the desk, Denny, said, to Tyler, “Room 2.” He pointed to the hallway to the right of the front desk. Tyler nodded ‘yes’ and walked towards the massage room. When he found Room 2, Tyler opened the door and walked into the room. There was no one there. The dimly lit room smelled of fruity substances. Tyler dropped his back pack, stripped his speedo, and, after unfurling the oversized bath towel, lay upon the massage table and covered his naked torso. He lay face down on the massage table and relaxed. He had enjoyed massages before, especially on vacation with his folks.

When the door opened, Tyler did not move. “Hi, Tyler.”

Tyler recognized the voice. He turned to face the door. “What you doing here?”

“I’m your masseur.”, Rex announced. He sensed some hostility. “You have a problem with that?”

Tyler lowered his head and resumed his pose. “I prefer oils, not lotions.”, Tyler said, choosing to avoid further conflict.

Rex smiled. “Sure. Oils.”, he said. He grabbed a bottle of scented oil. He removed the towel that covered Tyler’s body and doused his body with the scented massage oil. He began to massage Tyler, working in the oil. “You’re tense, Tyler.”

“I … I … I normally don’t have a man massage me.”, Tyler admitted.

“Oh. So, only pretty young girls for you.”, Rex teased with his baritone but effete tone.

“Yeah. Girls. Only girls.”, Tyler answered. Tyler lay comfortably and enjoyed Rex’s strong, roaming hands. When Rex’s hands massaged his glutes, Tyler said, “You don’t have to touch that area.”

“I’m doing a full body massage. Your glutes are part of …”, Rex explained.

“Just leave my ass alone.”, Tyler insisted. Rex smiled. He walked to the table to grab another bottle of massage oil. As Rex spread this second oil on Tyler’s body, Tyler noticed a different scent. “What’s that smell?”

“It’s a special oil made from the essence of Japanese ritual incense. It’s called Agarwood. It’s very unique. The native Japanese call it ‘gaharu or jinko’.”

“GAF. Who gives a shit where the oil comes from?”, Tyler thought to himself.

For minutes, Rex massaged the oil into Tyler’s body. Soon, Tyler felt his body go numb. With his eyes closed, Tyler almost fell asleep. He then heard a humming, buzzing sound, which seemed to grow louder. Rex slowly inserted a metal tubular device in Tyler’s anus. Tyler shouted, “What the fuck are you … .”. He could not finish his complaint once Rex pressed the buttons on the remote-control device that regulated the electromagnetic device. Another press of the button and the expression on Tyler’s face turned blank and distant.

“Now, Tyler. Can you hear me?”, Rex asked.

“Yes.”, Tyler answered.

“Do you know what ‘Rex’ means in Latin?”

“No.”, Tyler replied.

“It means ‘king’. Kings are masters. Agreed?”

“Yes.”, Tyler answered.

“So, if I’m ‘Rex’ and that means ‘king’, then I’m a master.”

“Yes.”, Tyler answered.

“I’m your master.”, Rex insisted.

“Yes … but … no … I …”, Tyler answered, objecting to Rex’s proposition.

Rex pressed a button on the remote to elevate the intensity to Level 6. “I am your master. Say it.”

“Rex is my master.”, Tyler answered. His tone was devoid of arrogance.

“Say it again.”, Rex said.

“Rex is my master.”, Tyler repeated.

Rex smiled. Tyler was not the first he subjugated. Uncle Jim was gay, but Rex needed to control his lover. Tyler’s Dad was easy prey, as were other members of the gym. Rex wanted an army of mindless sluts to serve him and his friends’ lustful desires. Rex delivered, for a small fee of course. The massage rooms earned thousands. “Tyler, I want you to listen to me.”

“Yes, master.”, Tyler said.

Rex fondled his junk. He traced his hands upon Tyler’s sculpted physique, slick from the ounces of massage oil that numbed his body to its frozen condition. Rex pressed the remote control and increased the electromagnetic probe that stimulated Tyler’s prostate and the nerve endings at the base of his spinal column. As the electromagnetic field increased, the hypnotic effect likewise increased, allowing Rex to rewrite the arrogant young stud.

“When you work at the gym, you will feel this strong sexual attraction to all the members, but especially too me, your master. You’ve done everything to hide your lust, but from now on, you will give into your strong sexual attraction. You will enjoy having sex with the members and with me. Say it, ‘I want to have sex with men’”.

“I want to have sex with men.” Tyler said.

“Outside of the gym, you will be the same little straight boy. Here at the gym, you will be … gay-as-fuck. Understand?”

“Yes.”, Tyler replied.

“From now on, you’ll work weekends and late hours. Understand?”, Tyler asked.

“Yes, master.”, Tyler replied.

“From now on, when you hear me say the words ‘Are you ready?’, you will return to this compliant state and obey everything I say to you. Do you understand?”

“Yes, master.”, Tyler said replied.

“Now, sleep.”, Rex ordered. Tyler closed his eyes and quickly fell asleep. Rex slowly removed the electromagnetic probe from Tyler’s anus. Rex wiped down Tyler’s body, removing the excess oils, and left Tyler to sleep.

Thirty minutes later, Rex entered the massage room and whispered into Tyler’s ear. “Tyler, wake up.”

Tyler opened his eyes. He felt odd. “Did I …”

“You fell asleep. I didn’t want to bother you, so I let you sleep. Most of my clients don’t get that relaxed.”, Rex said.

Tyler sat up on the massage table. He hopped off the massage table, naked and grabbed his backpack. As he fumbled for his clothes, Tyler found his boxer briefs and quickly dressed. “Rex, I don’t have any cash. I …”

“Oh, that’s sweet.”, Rex said. “You don’t owe me a tip. You’re Jim’s nephew.”

Tyler noted Rex’s saccharine-sweet tone. “Sure.”, Tyler said, as he donned his shorts and t-shirt. “Thanks.”

Rex stood in the massage room and watched his new soldier in the army of sex workers that he was slowly amassing. He nodded ‘yes’. He knew he would earn thousands. “The boys will form a line when they learn that Tyler’s working Room 4.”

September 18 –

Tyler parked his vehicle and walked towards the employee entrance. He had spent the weekend surfing the Net, looking for another job. He spent his Sunday afternoon, attending two interviews for jobs at the mall. Armed with new employment, Tyler proudly carried his resignation letter. He changed into his speedo and walked into the gym, heading for the front desk.

“Rex, where’s Uncle Jim?”, Tyler asked.

“He had an appointment.”, Rex answered.

“Can you put this on his desk?”, Tyler asked.

“Sure.”, Rex replied.

“Thanks.”, Tyler answered. He walked away and headed for his post, on the lifeguard’s bench at the outdoor pool.

Ten minutes later, Rex walked into the pool area and approached Tyler. “What do you mean you’re quitting?”

Tyler hopped off the elevated lifeguard bench. “I don’t want to work here anymore. I found another job. I never wanted to work here. My parents forced me. I’m only working here to the end of the week as a courtesy.”, Tyler answered.

Rex nodded ‘yes’. “Tyler, are you ready?”

Tyler heard those words. His mind went numb and dumb. “Yes, master.”

“Good. I’m going to tear up that resignation letter. You’re not going to quit. Do you understand? You are going to work here as long as I want you to work here. In fact, from now on, you also going to work out here. Members think you’re hot.”

“Yes, master.”, Tyler answered.

“Now, you see that black door? That’s a closet. Whenever some one comes over and gives you the peace sign, you’re going to go in the closet, get on your knees and suck cock. Do you understand?”

“Yes, master.”, Tyler answered.

“Good. Are you ready?”, Rex asked again.

Tyler fell deeper and deeper into trance. “Yes, master.”, Tyler replied. Rex smiled. He snapped his fingers and brought Tyler out of his trance. “I’m glad you changed your mind.”

“Yeah. Me, too.”, Tyler said, not sure what he was agreeing to or changing his mind.

Rex turned about, a full grin on his mien, and returned to the front desk of the gym. He waved to his good friend, Will, to join him at the front desk.

“He’s ready. When you go outside, flash him the peace sign. Same closet Jarrod used.”, Rex said.

Will smiled. He walked out towards the pool and the lifeguard bench. Tyler stared at the workout stud. “Dude, you know the rules: pool attire at the pool; gym attire in the gym.”

Will laughed. He flashed Tyler the peace sign. Tyler hopped off the lifeguard bench and walked towards the closet with the black door. He opened the door and turned on the light. As he entered the closet, Tyler knelt on the ground and waited for his first customer. Will stood there in awe and watched the young stud, on his knees, waiting for Will’s cock. He removed his sweat-drenched muscle shirt and lowered his gym shorts. Wearing on his black boxer briefs, Will stared at the young stud. (To see Will, click here).

Tyler, impatient and hungry, lowered Will’s boxer briefs and swallowed Will’s cock. “Damn!!!”, Will shouted. Will placed his hands behind his head and bobbed his groin back and forth, sliding his cock into Tyler’s mouth. “Nice mouth, boy!”, Will muttered, as his cock engorged. As Tyler’s enthusiasm waned, Will grabbed the back of Tyler’s head and forced him to suck faster and harder. The muscled stud needed little time to blast his wad, which he did upon Tyler’s face and chin. Will wiped the cum from Tyler’s face and said, “I’ll aim lower next time.”

Will walked out of the closet and left Tyler on his knees. When the haze wore off, Tyler realized he was in the closet. He opened the door and found himself near the pool. Quickly, he resumed his post. “What just happened?”, he thought to himself.

Tyler walked into his house around 9:30pm. Tired and exhausted, he slowly climbed the stairs of his suburban home. He opened his bedroom door, dropped his knapsack, and collapsed on the bed. He closed his eyes. He did not understand why he was so tired. The job was relatively simple: sit on the lifeguard bench, look pretty and hopefully avoid having to jump in the pool.

“Rough day, Ty.”, a voice called out. Tyler opened his eyes, raise his head, and stared at his father. “You didn’t hear me when I called out downstairs.”

“I’m beat, Dad. And these longer hours are tiring me out, but I’m making some good tip money from the trainees.”, Tyler said.

“That sounds good. At least you’re tired for a reason.”, Nick, Tyler’s dad, replied.

Tyler rose from the bed and said, “I’m just gonna shower and go to bed.”

“Okay, sport. See you in the morning.”, Nick said. He exited the bedroom and closed the door, leaving his son alone.

Tyler started to fumble through his pockets. He took out his cell phone and plugged it in for an overnight charge. He found a folded wad of currency. He counted the money: $110. Tyler mentally calculated his paycheck that day: $70. He made more in tips than wages. He took the tens and twenties, placed them in an box in his dresser, and removed the other items from his pocket. When he undressed to his boxer briefs, Tyler strolled into the bathroom and showered. The steamy warm waters cascaded upon his sculpted frame. His body ached, as if he had worked out, but he did not go to his gym. He did not understand the workout soreness, nor the exhausted feeling. The shower relieved some of his tension, although his fondling produced no action in the shower.

Rex stood in Massage Room 1, counting the day’s receipts. Between Tyler and Jackson, Rex collected $1000. Five blow-jobs a piece, $10 a cock. Net profit: $900. Massage rooms now have four workers, three members a room. $100 for each session, $20 a massage. Net profit: $960. Total for the day: $1860.00. Rex scrambled to place the loose currency in his pocket.

As he walked out of Massage Room 1, he walked into Jim’s office. “Do you see this?”, Jim said. He was holding Tyler’s resignation letter.

Rex shook his head. “Don’t worry about that. He changed his mind.”

“Are you sure?”, Jim said.

“Yeah. I talked to him. He told me what was in the letter.”, Rex lied.

“And you talked him out of it? He doesn’t like you.”, Jim answered.

“I have a way with words.”, Rex replied.

“I’ll talk to him tomorrow.”, Jim said.

Rex stared at his employer-lover. “Jim, are you ready?”

Jim stared at Rex and stood at military attention. “Yes, master.”

“Tyler has rescinded his resignation. You don’t have to talk to him. Understood?”

“Yes, master.”, Jim replied.

“When you make the schedule for Tyler, make sure to add weekend hours. He wants to work more hours. Understand?”

“Yes, master.”, Jim replied.

“Good. Now, let’s go home. It’s your turn to suck my cock.”, Rex said. He laughed. “It’s always his turn to suck my dick.”, Rex thought to himself. “Maybe I’ll put Jim to stud. Time for him to get his hands dirty. Time for him to get a real job.”

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