Chapter 3 - Joe and Kevin

By here4hairymen published February 16, 2019

A man with special powers builds a harem of hairy men

Joe and Kevin had known each other for more than a decade now. They had met back in their early twenties at what was each of their first jobs out of college. They were both working as paralegals at a reputable, high profile law firm in the city. Between their age, working long hours in the office, shared interests in baseball, and love for hitting the gym and going out on weekends, their commonalities quickly led them to become good friends. And while they only worked together in the firm for 2 years, they maintained their friendship as they sought different career paths. Joe had become a very successful legal writer, while Kevin had gone on to law school in the city, and was now working his way up the ladder in an international corporate law firm.

Now in their mid-thirties, it was not uncommon for them to see each other several times a week. They lived in the same neighborhood, which made it easy to meet after work for a drink, dinner, or to work out together at the local gym. And at least one weekend a month they would go out together on a weekend night. But despite their closeness for many years, they never spoke about dating, presumably due to the unspoken, unacknowledged sexual tension between them.

Essentially, both men were each others type, but neither one had the courage to be the first to say it.

Joe was 5’10" with short dark brown hair. His face could light up a room, between the wide, beaming smile, and the light blue eyes that had a natural twinkle to them. He had a gymnast type body that was wide, powerful, and smooth. He had expertly trained his body over the years so that each body part was a specimen unto itself, whether it was his legs, his butt, his chest, arms, or back. All of his muscles were large, but proportionate to each other.

Kevin was 6’2" with straight blond hair longer than Joe’s, but kept at a length the was still professional looking for when he was in court. He had more of a swimmers build, which was muscular and strong in its own way. He had a “hard-gainer” body type, so he had the strength but not the bulk that Joe did, despite them working out regularly together. Besides his armpits and pubes, the only hair he had was a bit of blond fuzz that extended up from his bush, wide at first but tapering to a point at his belly button. But besides his fit, toned body, what attracted strangers and friends alike to Kevin was the natural charisma he had.

It was Thursday afternoon, and Kevin was sitting at his desk reviewing documents for an upcoming case. His phone buzzed with a text message.

“Gym tonight?” Joe asked.

“Sure, 7pm?” Kevin replied.

“See you there,” Joe confirmed.

Around 6:30pm, Kevin packed up for the day, grabbed his workout bag, and headed uptown.

He arrived at the gym at 6:55pm, went to the locker room, and quickly changed into his workout clothes. While he was locking his locker, Joe walked in.

“Hey bud,” Joe said, patting Kevin’s shoulder, as he scanned available lockers. He picked one near to Joe’s, and began to change.

“Hey. I’ll meet you at the weights,” Kevin said, discreetly glancing at Joe’s body before walking out of the locker room.

Once they were both in the weights section, they had a good workout. The gym wasn’t too crowded, so they were able to access all the different weights and machines they wanted. They pushed each other to work out hard, and were feeling pumped up and good. In fact they had been so focused on each other, they weren’t aware of anyone else around them. Not even the man staring intently and studying them from afar.

After an hour and a half they had both hit their max, so they headed back towards the locker room.

This was the moment they both secretly enjoyed the most. While it wasn’t spoken out loud, they both knew they would get undressed, wrap in a towel, and head to the steam room. It had become a routine for them after a good workout. They always talked about how the heat and steam relaxed their muscles, but the truth was it allowed them to check each other out, though each one hid their subtle glances from the other.

On the way back to the locker room, Joe ran into a colleague from work. They started catching up, so Kevin patted Joe on the back and said, “I’m going to go back, see you in a bit.”

Joe flashed a knee-weakening smile to Kevin, and nodded.

Kevin went to the locker room, grabbed a clean towel, and unlocked his locker. He took off his clothes, quickly wrapped a towel around his waist, locked his locker, and headed to the steam room.

As he walked in, he waved his hand in front of his face to see where he was going. While the steam was too thick to let him see the full room, he could tell someone else was there.

He found a seat on the bench as his eyes adjusted to the dim light and the steam.

After a few moments he was able to discern a man sitting on a perpendicular bench near him. The man was older, bald, and probably in his late fifties. He had an amazingly fit body, and clearly spent a lot of time at the gym. But what Kevin couldn’t miss even in all the steam was the thick mat of silver fur that coated his chest, shoulders, arms, and legs. The guy was an ape, and proud of it. Kevin couldn’t even see any flesh underneath all that hair. It was stunning. How was it even possible for a man to be so hairy? And all that hair was wet and matted down from the steam, but when did he look like when the hair was dry? What would his penis look like sticking out from all that fur?

Suddenly Kevin realized be had been staring. He quickly averted his eyes, thankful that he was in a steam room so his blushing face couldn’t be seen.

Then the man spoke, “Nothing feels better than the steam room after a work out.” His voice was deep and masculine, but also very calming.

Kevin laughed politely in acknowledgement, but was surprised at how nervous his laugh sounded.

“Can I ask you to help me with my watch? I’m having some trouble with it,” the man asked Kevin.

“Sure, what’s the problem?” Kevin asked.

“The band is too tight and I can’t get it off. I need another pair of hands,” the man said, extending his left arm towards Kevin.

“Sure, let me see.”

Kevin reached out to grab the watch band. But that wasn’t all he touched.

The effect was instant. The man’s thick, silver arm hair sent a wave of euphoric electricity through Kevin’s body. His exposed nipples seized up into bullets, and the towel around his waist tented up.

Kevin looked at the man for an explanation.

Instead, the man spritzed something into the air, which the steam instantly carried into Kevin’s nostrils and lungs. The substance quickly worked its way to his brain.

Kevin was frozen and speechless, while rolling waves of pleasure coursed through his body.

After a minute or two, when the substance was sure to have taken full effect, the man said, “Feels good, doesn’t it, boy?”

Kevin was in a stupor, but mustered enough power to nod slowly.

“I need your help with something else, boy. I need you to nurse on my nipples. But you have to find them first.”

Kevin didn’t need to be told twice. He leaned over, burying his face in the man’s hairy chest. He rubbed his face back and forth, searching for a nipple in the midst of all the long, wiry, silver hair. When he finally found a nipple to take in his mouth, he was surprised at how long and hard it was. On any other man nipples like these would be easy to spot from a mile away, but the extreme amount of hair must do a good job at hiding them.

While Kevin flicked the man’s left nipple with his tongue and pinched the right one with his right hand, he felt the man start to play with his ass. But he didn’t go straight for the hole. Instead the man had leaned over, pulled the towel down, and was rubbing his hairy forearms all over Kevin’s butt cheeks, dragging his hairy hands up and down the entire length of his crack.

This went on for several minutes until Kevin, without any touching, ejaculated into the gym towel.

The older man pushed Kevin off his nipples.

Kevin gasped, his head spinning from being lost for so long in the man’s chest.

“Return to your locker naked, sit on the bench, and listen to some music through your headphones. I’ll see you sooner than you think,” he said with a smirk.

Kevin obeyed, leaving the steam room in a daze, right as Joe approached to enter.

“Uhhh… hey,” Kevin muttered.

“DUDE, WHAT THE HELL,” Joe exclaimed. “YOU HAVE A FUCKING BEARD! No fucking way is that real!”

He tugged on the beard. It was real.

Then he saw Kevin’s ass reflected in one of the locker room mirrors.

“And your ass is hairy too! What is going on?!?!”

Kevin looked confusedly at Joe and began to get upset. “I… I don’t… I don’t know. There is some guy in the steam room. I… I don’t know…”

“I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m going to go fuck that guy up,” Joe said, not understanding what had happened, but wanting to defend his friend who seemed to have been taken advantage of.

Joe stormed into the steam room while Kevin made his way back into the changing area. Any concerns Kevin had from talking with Joe quickly floated away from his mind.

Kevin unlocked his locker and took out his headphones. He sat peacefully on a bench, and started listening to the deep, soothing, familiar(?) voice that was going on and on in his ears…

In fact he was so entranced by the voice, he didn’t notice when Joe came back from the steam room.

And he certainly didn’t notice the full, black beard that carpeted most of Joe’s face. Or the long, thick, black fur radiating out from Joe’s butt crack, all over his ass. Or the blissful, vacant look in his eyes.

Kevin and Joe sat side-by-side on the bench for a long time, listening to their headphones. Other men came and went in the locker room, perplexed by what these two men were doing sitting naked and hard with headphones on, but no one said anything.

Finally the older, bald, hairy man appeared. He had taken a long shower and was walking naked back to his locker. His long, mesmerizing penis was swinging unabashedly between his legs.

He slowly put his clothes on, allowing other men in the locker room to get a good glimpse at his hairy, virile body. Then he went over to Kevin and Joe and snapped his fingers in front of them.

“Time to go, boys,” he said.

Both men shot up from the bench, quickly got dressed, feel in line behind him, and followed the man out of the gym and to his car.

The drive to the man’s house was short.

When they got inside, the older man turned to Joe and Kevin.

“If we proceed from here, I will make irreversible changes to your body. In fact, truth be told, I have already started,” he said, lightly stroking the thick beards on both men, beards which had grown in even more since leaving the gym.

“Are you ready, boys?” he asked, though he already knew that there would only be one answer.

Kevin and Joe nodded.

“Naked, now,” the man commanded.

Both men got undressed within seconds.

The man stripped naked as well.

He walked over, and grabbed Kevin in a bear hug first. Kevin moaned in response to the electricity that coursed through his body with the contact. The man started moving Kevin back and forth, and rotating him around, so there was no inch of his body that the man hadn’t rubbed against.

Then he pulled back from Kevin, much to Kevin’s dismay, and did the same to Joe.

After he had rubbed all over Joe, he grabbed both of their hands, and led them to the bedroom.

He positioned both men next to each other on the bed, face down, asses in the air. This was going to be fun.

The older man grabbed some lube from his bedside table and let the cool drops land high in each man’s ass crack and run down. While he did that, he was lightly licking and biting at their butt cheeks, priming them for more stimulation.

Both men responded to the stimulation well, but he could tell that Joe had a really hungry ass. He was going to be an easy fuck, while Kevin was probably going to buck a little bit.

No matter though, by the end of the evening, these two would be well-bred.

The older man started with Joe. He climbed on top of him, lining up his long, thick cock with the tight pucker. Then he started talking into Joe’s ear - the same mesmerizing voice Joe had heard on his headphones.

There was no resistance as the older, hairy man plunged in. As expected, he was able to quickly work up to an aggressive pounding, slamming his long cock deep into Joe’s ass.

After ten minutes of deep fucking, the older man’s body shook all over. The pleasure had consumed him as he flooded Joe with semen.

Before he pulled out, he reached down, tugged on Joe’s nipples, and said “Cum.” The reaction was instant, with Joe squirting his load all over the covers of the bed.

“Stay,” the man said to Joe as he pulled his cock out of the well-bred hole.

The man grabbed a cup from nearby, and held it under Joe’s hole. He then put an arm under Joe, and started tightening the hairy arm around Joe’s stomach.

The desired reaction happened right away. The older man’s semen started to pour out of Joe’s hole and into the cup.

Once a good amount was collected, the man took a plastic bulb and suctioned up the sperm.

Kevin whimpered a bit as he felt the nozzle of the bulb press against his tight hole. But it was a very thin nozzle, so he didn’t react too strongly as it slid past his lips and deeper into his hole. And that’s exactly why the older man had done that.

The man squeezed the bulb, releasing his recycled sperm into Kevin.

Once the bulb was empty, the man threw it aside and climbed on top of Kevin. He lined his cock up, but didn’t try to enter yet.

“I’m going to fuck you, boy,” he whispered to Kevin, knowing that his body was currently being hit with waves of pleasure from his hairy body making contact with Kevin’s back and butt.

“Ahh… Ahh… Noooo…” Kevin said, attempting to resist.

“Boy, my sperm is already in you. I just want to give you some more,” the older man said coaxingly.

Kevin whimpered.

“Besides boy, you love hairy men, right? You would do anything for a hairy man,” the man said, reinforcing elements from the audio indoctrination.

Kevin’s hole pulsed open.

The older man’s cock sensed the brief opportunity, and immediately slid inside.

The negotiation to get inside was worth it. Kevin’s hole was warm and tight, grabbing onto the man’s cock and making it feel good even in a resting position.

But he didn’t rest long. His bull balls were churning and ready to deposit another load.

The thrusting began, and within minutes, the older man’s balls started tightening up in preparation to deliver another load.

Then, as before with Joe, the older man’s body shuddered as he grunted in Kevin’s ear, filling him with a load of sperm fresh from the source.

He rested only for a moment, eager to see what he had created.

He stood up and smacked both men on their newly hairy asses.

“Up,” he stated.

Both men got up and faced him.

Or should he say both gorillas got up to face him.

Joe was covered head to toe in thick black fur, while Kevin had the fullest mat of blond hair the man had ever seen. The older man never got sick of seeing these changes to his targets. These two men, like the others before them, looked vastly more virile and sexy with their beards and new pelts of body hair.

He turned them to face each other.

They each couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Their friend looked so different. So…masculine. So…HOT.

In a split second, the unspoken spoken sexual tension was realized, and the roles between the two were clear. Kevin shoved Joe back onto the bed, spread his legs, and was preparing to mount. It wasn’t voluntary, it was animalistic instincts, on both of their parts.

The older man looked over and saw a pair of muscular legs covered in thick black hair up in the air, as he watched the blond hairy ass and blond hairy back of another man pistoning in and out of the hungry, hairy bottom.

“Two fine specimens for my growing harem,” the older man said with a smile.

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