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The Festival Photobooths

By Hypnothrill published February 10, 2019

Three friends at a music festival stumble into a very special photobooth. You choose what happens next.

{I was just rereading some of “The Phantom Photobooths,” which I thought was one of the most successful community stories to emerge from the NCMC Wiki. So I thought it might be fun to try and launch another community story with a similar premise}.

The Festival Photobooths

Kieran, Wes, and Tony stumbled across the photobooth on their way back from the urinal troughs. Tony and Wes were still taking the piss of their friend Kieran, for being pee shy around them at the open urinals. (Of course he’d finally overcome his self-consciousness and drained his lizard; his bladder was fit to burst after all the cider they’d been drinking).

It was 4:00 PM on the first full day of the music festival, and already they were so drunk they were braying and reeling around the festival grounds. In fact, they’d spent more time drinking than listening to any of the bands who were playing. Okay, maybe there’d been a band or two playing in the Smirnoff vodka tent, but they hadn’t been paying much attention; they were too busy doing shots and taking selfies with these hot girls who’d caught their eye.

Admittedly, Kieran was a little less drunk than his two friends. He’d tried to pace himself back at the Strongbow Cider Tent. It wouldn’t do for him to develop the kind of beer belly his dad and older brothers sported, not when he was trying to make it as an Instagram model. The handsome babyfaced redhead had been hitting the gym five days a week, and he was proud of the six-pack abs he’d developed.

So it was Kieran, the most clear-headed of the three, who spotted the photobooth first, but it was Wes, always the most daring of the group, who insisted that they go in.

“Mate! It’s only a pound! C’mon, it’ll be a larf!” the blond Essex boy shouted as he dragged his friends into the booth. The three beefy lads could barely fit in the booth, but they managed to just squeeze in, although there wasn’t quite enough room for their bums on the wooden bench, so one of Kieran’s meaty arse cheeks dangled off the side.

“Ugh! It smells like arse in here!” Tony complained, wrinkling his Roman nose.

“Yeah? Well, I guess you’d know, mate!” joshed Wes as he elbowed his dark-haired friend in the ribs, then put a pound in the machine’s coin slot.

All of a sudden, the large screen in front of them came to life and displayed a message: DETECTING OCCUPANTS. Beneath the message, a spiral swirled and changed colours. It was so pretty to look at that it took the lads a moment to realize that a second message was now displaying on the screen: OCCUPANTS DETECTED: 3 MALES ALL SUITABLE

“Suitable?” Kieran wondered aloud. “Suitable for what?”

Before the others could formulate an answer, the message on the screen changed again: STARE INTO THE SCREEN AND SMILE FOR THE CAMERA IN 3… 2… 1…

Suddenly a bright light started strobing rapidly from the screen. The three lads found their smiles grow larger and their minds go blank as they stared into the flashing screen.

As the strobe kept flashing, the words “BREATHE DEEPLY NOW” appeared on the screen. Each of the boys did what he was told, flaring his nostrils to take in big sniffs of the musky mist that was beginning to emerge from a nozzle in the ceiling. It still smelled like arse, or like the inside of a locker room, but now Tony had the biggest smile on his face as he took deep sniffs of that musky manly smell. In fact, he was starting to like that smell now, it was making him feel all tingly and floaty and sexy inside.

Sitting beside him, Wes had a fixed grin on his face, which was beginning to grow flushed and sweaty as he breathed in more of that manly aroma that was already starting to tenderize his brain, making it spongy and horny and obedient, ready to soak up all the commands he saw on the screen.

Only Kieran was resisting a bit. Even as he held his smile for the camera, held it so long his jaw began to ache, the distress and confusion was visible in his eyes. What was that horrible smell? And why couldn’t he look away from the screen, no matter how hard he tried?

The flashing message on the screen changed again, to: REMOVE YOUR SHIRTS AND TAKE ANOTHER PHOTO

Tony didn’t hesitate; he practically ripped off his tanktop and tossed it aside, exposing his broad hairy Italian chest. Wes soon followed suit, though he was hampered a bit by the colorful romper he was wearing; he pulled it down to below his waist, exposing the top bit of his pubes along with his smooth, toned torso.

Only Kieran wasn’t budging. There was something wrong about this, but he couldn’t quite figure out what it was. What could be wrong with following his mates and going along with everything the screen was telling them?

As if sensing Kieran’s hesitation, new words flashed up on the screen:



Kieran felt a strange sense of relief as he removed his tanktop and his worries suddenly vanished. It was so easier to go along with what the screen told him, to sit there with his buddies and obey and not have to think for themselves. He could see that now.


Another blinding set of strobing flashes followed, making the three shirtless young men feel so good as they stared wide-eyed straight into the screen, grinning like idiots. It felt like fireworks were going off in their brains, making all those resistant, individualistic thoughts in their heads go POP! as they exploded.

Eventually the flashes stopped and another message came on the screen:


Suddenly a drawer slid out from under the screen, and at their feet, each young man found a different costume, which he picked up and inspected.

In front of Tony was a kind of Roman gladiator costume, though to be honest it was little more than a brown leather jockstrap and a matching fringed leather skirt, cut short to show off his muscular thighs.

In front of Wes was a barbarian costume, which was little more than a fur loincloth and a strip of fur that would only wrap around half of his torso, leaving one meaty pec and most of his six-pack exposed.

And in front of Kieran was a skimpy green costume that was perhaps meant to signify “sexy elf” but made him look more like a pornographic Peter Pan; it was little more than a Kelly green crop-top and a matching jockstrap.

Wes wasn’t wearing any underwear under his romper, so he didn’t hesitate, shimmying out of his clothes and stuffing his big uncut dick inside the fur loincloth. Beside him, Tony had slid off his shorts and stood there in his Armani briefs, holding the leather jockstrap in his hands and looking confused.


Tony smiled dumbly, as he pulled down his briefs and let his big uncut Italian sausage flop out. Of course, that was stupid of him! He needed to get naked if he wanted to put on the nice new leather jockstrap the screen had given him. He needed to obey the screen and slide it on right now and he was sure that the leather jockstrap would make his big dick feel good because obeying the screen always made him feel good and everything the screen was telling him was for his own good.

Only Kieran was hesitating again, standing there shivering in just his boxer briefs as he stared at the flashing words on the screen. Of course, he wanted to obey the flashing words on the screen. He wanted to be a good boy like his friends and obey the screen. But there was something so wrong here. So wrong. If only he could think what it was….


Option 1: Kieran suddenly snaps out of his trance, runs out of the booth and goes to get help


Then he immediately realized what it was = this was all wrong. Kieran immediately closed his eyes to resist the strobe lights continually flashing. He mumbled, “Tony… Wes… snap out of it you guys, we need to leave - this isn’t normal.” He felt around the booth to grab any missing items. He reached for his shoes, put them on, and rolled out of the photobooth. He needed to get help, but he didn’t know where to even start looking. He stumbled as he left the area of the photobooth. “Jeez, I know I’m drunk, but I’m not that drunk” he thought to himself. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw his other friends Jack and Lance, standing in line for concessions. Kieran shouted to them, “Hey guys, wait up!”

Meanwhile, in the photobooth, Tony and Wes sat their in their respective gladiator and barbarian costumes, still dumbly smiling, while still inhaling the musk scent, enjoying every second without even realizing their once friend was no longer with them. After a few more photos, the screen flashed more instructions for Tony and Wes.


Tony and Wes were very happy. They did not want to leave the booth because of how good the booth was making them feel. They were smiling and giggling even more with each passing second. They were so happy they didn’t even realize the screen had transformed into a moving black and white spiral. They sat there smiling dumbly as the spiral filled their eyes with even more instructions.


Without hesistation, Tony and Wes undressed from their costumes and stood their in front of the spiral showing all their glory. Tony’s big dick flopped down covering his large balls. Wes’s cock, while not as big, still hanged low. It was clear that neither man suffered it the size department.

The spiral continued to flash more instructions as the strobe light also flashed.


Tony and Wes stood there smiling, inhaling the manly musk, and stroking their big cocks.Still staring at the spiral, obeying all commands, liked the good studs they were. Then, a voice came from the spiral.

The voice spoke, “Remain calm. This is all natural. You are very happy. Keep stroking your cock. I am going to give you new instructions I want you to repeat these out loud. You are so happy. You love to serve. You live to serve. You are submissive. You are happy. You love to serve. Whenever you hear my voice, you instantly be come happier.”

Tony and Wes repeated. “We are so happy. We love to serve. We live to serve. We are submissive. We are happy. We love to serve. Whenever we hear your voice, we instantly be come happier.”

The instructions continued. “You love stroking your cock. You love admiring cocks. All men must submit. It is important to bring your friends to the Photo Booth. Cocks are your favorite. Whenever you see a cock, you will think of me, and become so happy. You cannot resist. You need my guidance. I am your master, you will do whatever I say. When you cum, you will be mine and will await further instructions.”

Without hesitation, Tony and Wes repeated, “We love stroking our cocks. We love admiring cocks. All men must submit. It is important to bring our friends to the Photo Booth. Cocks are our favorite. Whenever we see a cock, we will think of me, and become so happy. We cannot resist. We need your guidance. You are our master, we will do whatever you say. When we cum, we will be yours and will await further instructions.”

Tony and Wes stared at the screen taking in the instructions as they came. They repeated and obeyed whatever they were told. The voice said, “help your buddy - stroke his cock.” Tony and Wes each grabbed each other’s dick and continued to stroke. The voice prodded, “Now suck his cock.” Wes then fell to his knees and swallowed Tony’s 8.5 inch monster. Tony then switched and began playfully licking his buddies 7 inch cock."

The voice interrupted, “Stand Up.” Both men stood at attention. “Cum” the voice said. Wes and Tony moaned as they coated the walls of the Photo Booth with ropes of think, white cum. After they released, they came to, realizing their sole purpose in life was to obey their master.

“Thank you, Master - we will await your commands.” The spiral turned into a video screen. There stood a young man, with rock solid abs, and the most beautiful cock Tony and Wes have ever seen. “It will be a pleasure to serve you.” They both repeated.

“Excellent.” They Master spoke, continuing, “Bring me your friends. The one who escaped and anyone else you came her with. They need to see the light. I will give you the ability to hypnotize any man you desire. Simply make eye contact, and they will fall under your spell. Be sure to act unsuspicious. Your friend who escaped is perceptive. Don’t fail me!”

As he said that, the screen flashed, and Tony and Wes’s eyes glowed a neon green. They smiled happily, ready to obey their Master’s commands.

Back in the concessions line… Kieran just ran into Jack and Lance. Out of breath, Kieran was mumbling, “the photo booths, something’s happening, we need to leave.” Jack and Lance were both confused. And just laughed it off as they grabbed another beer.

Lance saw Tony and Wes in the distance and shouted to them, “Hey guys, over here!” Tony and Wes were delighted to be welcomed in their presence. “Where have you guys been? It’s been hours since we’ve seen you!”

Tony and Wes laughed, “We actually just got back from the restrooms.” Wes said. “Man, do you guys know how big Tony’s cock is. Biggest thing I’ve ever seen!” Tony Laughed. “You’re not too bad yourself there Wessy.”

Jack questioned, “Are you guys alright..? You seem off.”

Wes said, “Never better! Hey do you guys wanna head over to the photo booths? Get a few pics for the memories?”

Lance interjected, “I’m good, guy, those are for chicks anyway. Let’s just grab another beer.”

Tony leaned over, making direct eye contact with Lance, “No I think we should really go get some photos.” His eyes glowed a neon green, Lance’s eyes did the same, and his face became stoic."

“Yeah, that sounds fun.” Lance said robotically.

“Lance, what the… we need to go grab another drink, I’m par–” As Jack spoke he made eye contact with Wes, eyes glowing, and fell under their power.

“Yeah, let’s go, that sounds great.” Jack said without emotion.

Meanwhile, Kieran, avoiding all eye contact, knew something was wrong. He needed to escape a second time! He started to slip away to find help, as his friends started walking over to the Photo Booth.

“Wes, bring these two over - I’ll go get Kieran. He won’t be able to resist my charm and cock”

Wes nodded approvingly, as he brought Jack and Lance to the Photo Booth to make their friends one of them.

OPTION 1B: Tony quickly catches Kieran, and Kieran is subdued.

OPTION 2B: Kieran escapes, and time passes as his world crumbles around him, and it becomes a race against time to figure out what is happening to every male to exist.

Option 2: Kieran succumbs to his conditioning, gets naked, and puts on his costume But he couldn’t. He couldn’t think of anything that was wrong. For so long Kieran wanted to be a model and this costume was the perfect way to show everyone at the fair how good he looked. The elf costume was the perfect gift. And the smell? Why had he thought the smell was bad? Clearly, being in a small space with a Roman centurion and a barbarian, the air would smell musky and manly.

Keiran dropped his briefs and eagerly put on the green elf jockstrap. He was so hoping the booth would take another photo so he could see how hot he was in his new attire. He hesitated to put on the crop top as he wanted to remain shirtless, but the machine told him otherwise. He was a good elf and good elves obey. Keiran’s heart jumped as the machine got ready for the costume photo.


With a flash, all three men now had their new identities. No more Tony, just an obedient Roman centurion, born to live in discipline with other men. No more Wes, only a barbarian who wants nothing but raw, primal male to male sex. And no more Kieran, but a narcissistic elf who wants nothing but praise and sexual attention from other men.


The Roman Centurion, the barbarian and the elf filed from the photo booth. The crowd around them erupted in laughter and curiosity, following them to the activity field where there were three bull eyes set up: one with a Roman lance, the second with a barbarian axe and the third with a medieval English longbow. Each man picked up their weapons and launched towards the bullseye approximately twenty yards ahead of them. Each weapon hit the center bullseye without error. The crowd clapped as each man retrieved his weapon.

The Roman centurion then billowed with the authority of a leader of men, “What man among you is noble to pitch my lance to deserve a place within my legion?” The barbarian grunted into the crowd, “What man among you is strong and fearless, worthy to hurl the axe, to raid and to pillage and take as he pleases?

And the elf stood statuesque towards the crowd, “What man amongst you is stylish and virile enough to wield my bow and claim his dauntless place within the elves?”

A group of three friends stepped forward laughing, “Hey, we’ll give them a try” they said half-heartedly with a cavalier attitude from their day of drinking. The centurion, barbarian and elf assessed the three men. The centurion chose the tallest and most confident of the three, the barbarian the bearded one with his shirt soaked in sweat and beer, and the elf the most handsome and well kept of the three.

The Centurion gave the tall confident man his lance. He stood behind him to instruct the casting of the lance. The tall young man could smell the musk of the centurion. It bothered him at first, but he did not want to be seen as a quitter so he allowed the centurion to stay within his personal space.

The centurion demonstrated the proper stance moving the man’s arms and legs into proper position. The centurion raised his arm and slowly and deliberately went through the proper way to cast the lance. The tall man’s head began to get dizzy as the musk and sweat from the centurion’s armpits filled his nostrils. “Good legionaries obey” said the Centurion over and over again as he slowly demonstrated the proper way to throw the lance.

“Good legionaries obey” repeated the tall man after every prompting from his centurion.

When the tall man was mentally subdued, the centurion stepped back and loudly commanded, “THROW!” The legionary cast the lance sending it into the heart of the bullseye. As the crowd erupted in cheers, the Centurion looked into the eyes of the legionary saying, “you will now be one of us. Proceed to the photo booth.”

“Sir Yes Sir” yelled back the legionary as he snapped to attention and proceeded to the photo booth.

Meanwhile, the bearded, sweaty, beer soaked man was with the barbarian. The barbarian was instructing him arm in arm and leg by leg in the proper stance and release of the axe. The musk from the barbarian penetrated the beer stench and woke the man up from his buzzed stupor. The axe in his hand now felt powerful as all his primal urges awakened. He breathed in deeper, feeling more boorish and coarse. The axe in his hand was life and he wanted to be with other men whose power was the axe.

“We are one” instructed the barbarian.

“Grrr, we are one” repeated the sweaty, hairy man.

“We take as we want and feed our lusts with each other”

“Grrr, we take as we want and feed our lust with each other” “We take men as we please”

The hairy man’s voice became low and animalistic as he repeated. “We take men as we please.”

“HURL THE AXE!!” yelled the barbarian and the hairy man released the axe sending it directly to its target.

As the crowd cheered, the barbarian raised his fists to the air staring into the eyes of the hairy man as the hairy man stared back into his eyes both screaming a barbaric “ARRRRRR!!!”

They stopped for a second, continued to stare into each other eyes and both let out another barbaric “ARRRRRRR!!”

“You will become as we are. Proceed to the photo booth.”

The hairy sweaty man dropped his axe and walked hunched over towards the photo booth.

The elf was instructing his handsome protégé on the nuances of the bow and arrow. The elf moved his fingers up and down the arms of the handsome man as he instructed in the proper techniques of casting an arrow.

The musk from the elf’s armpit filled the nose of the handsome man who breathed in deeper and deeper.

“Elves are the most noble and handsome of all men” spoke the elf. “Only the most virile and handsome of men can become one of us. You are handsome and virile, you must become as we are.”

The handsome man absorbed it all. Mainly from the musk emitted from the elf, but also as he whole heartedly believed it.

“Our powers are seductive and alluring. We choose to have whatever man we wish to. No man can resist our charms.”

The handsome man repeated all the elf had to say, “Our powers are seductive and alluring. We choose to have whatever man we wish to. No man can resist our charms.”

“The arrow is our eros, the bow the body from which we cast it”

“Yes, the arrow is our eros, the bow the body from which we cast it

“Now release your arrow and thereby your eros. Take the power to make men your own.”

The handsome man released the arrow and he mumbled “..power to make men my own.”

The arrow flew landing dead on in the center of the bulls eye. The crowd cheered. The elf looked at the handsome man and smiled. The handsome man smiled back with eyes newly filled with pure lust.”

“Become as you were meant to be” instructed the elf, “proceed to the photo booth”

And with that the handsome man sauntered to the photo booth and entered with his two friends.

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