Doctor Karma’s Cosmic Emporium: Part 6

By M. Greene published February 9, 2019

Richard experiences a change of sexuality

Doctor Karma’s Cosmic Emporium#

Part 6

Rashawn Charles:

It’s around five-thirty in the morning by the time I’m dropped off outside Richard’s smart Georgian house in the West End. The man must be a multi-millionaire to own a property in this area, I think, as I trudge up the front steps and let myself in with my key.

I’m so tired that I head straight up to the dressing room where Richard and I made up the single bed for me yesterday afternoon. I take off his beautiful cashmere coat and observe with some regret the grubby marks the business of tonight have left on it. There’s even a rip from where I squeezed myself between that wooden barrier and the fire-escape cage. Ah well, I think, hanging it up, I guess Richard’s rich enough to buy as many of these as he likes…

I take Jermaine’s pistol out of the coat pocket and hide it in Richard’s sock drawer. Although it means the loss of two hundred pounds, I decide that it might be wise to hang on to it for the time being. Although the chances of Curtis Mavour discovering our whereabouts are slim, he knows the general area where Richard and I are living and with a man as ruthless as he is, it’s unwise to take any chances…

The thug’s phone is in the other pocket of the coat, along with his wallet. Without the security pin, the phone is useless, so I chuck it in the drawer along with the gun. The wallet contains sixty pounds and I have about eighty left from the five-hundred I took from Camilla, plus some small change. This should be enough cash to keep me going for now…

I strip out of the rest of my clothes and slip between the crisp, clean sheets. Ahh… This has to be the most comfortable bed I’ve slept in since I lost my place in Southall…

Despite my tiredness, my dick has hardened and I run my right hand over it, feeling a frisson of pleasure as I do so. Richard’s dick is considerably fatter and longer than my old one… I flick back the bedclothes and have a good look at it. It’s so strange seeing my new ivory-coloured body. Richard obviously worked out regularly because, although his physique is not over-muscled, it’s very nicely defined. There’s a dusting of blond hairs on my arms and chest, with a treasure-trail leading down to slightly darker pubes. Hmm… I quite fancy myself… I jack my new cock a little harder and the orgasm is not long in coming. I gasp with delight as the hot mess splashes over my flat belly and sculptured abs.

Once my climax is over, I clean myself up with a handful of tissues, turn out the light beside the bed and snuggle down between the sheets. My last conscious thought before sleep finally overwhelms me is that I might just get used to inhabiting this beautiful new body I’m in…

Curtis Mavour:

I leave Leon crouched on the concrete floor of my warehouse, spitting out blood and teeth, and run towards the stairs. Even though I’d slipped on my knuckle duster before punching him, my right hand hurts like fuck, but Leon deserved that bang on the mouth. I returned here to pick up Rashawn only to find the main door standing half open and Leon staggering around just inside, clutching his head, bleating about having been attacked. Stupid cunt! I was crazy to leave that fool guarding this place…

When I reach my office on the top floor, I’m not surprised to find that Rashawn is not on the bed where I left him. What comes as more of a shock is that my entire supply of GMH is missing, as well. I let out a howl of rage. Twenty grand’s worth of stuff; gone! Just like that! I sit down on the bed and spark up a cigarette. I usually prefer weed, but it’s a bit early in the day for that, and I need a clear head…

Knowing the effects of GMH as I do, I decide that it’s impossible that Rashawn escaped from here on his own. The bitch was only due to be waking up around now and, even if he did regain consciousness earlier than usual, he would have been far too groggy and disorientated to assault Leon and get out of here under his own steam. No… He must have had at least one accomplice. But who? Another question is; how do I get my stash and my slave back?

I think back to last night when we picked him up. He was walking down a smart street in the West End, close to Grosvenor Square where the old American Embassy used to be. Not a very usual place for a Caribbean boy to roam… Unless he’s won the lottery, there’s no way he could live anywhere near there. So he’s either got a job in a one of the local hotels, or he’s living nearby with someone very wealthy… Perhaps the same someone who broke into here, let Rashawn go free and stole my shit…

I stand up and stub my cigarette out in the ashtray on my desk. Before I sucker-punched him, Leon told me that his keys, phone and cash have all been taken. The last two I don’t give a fuck about, but the missing keys mean that I’m going to have to get all the fucking locks in this place changed… As soon as I’ve done that, I’ll get some of my boys to cruise around that part of the West End in the hope that they manage to catch sight of my missing bitch. It isn’t a great plan, but, right now, it’s the only way of recovering my slave and my shit that I can think of…

Richard Carlton-Jones:

I open my eyes. I’m lying down on a bed somewhere. There’s a woman leaning over me, staring down at my face. She’s dressed as a nurse.

“I think he’s regained consciousness, Doctor,” the woman says, stepping back.

A young man takes her place. “Can you hear me?” he asks.

I stare at his face. He’s gorgeous-looking, with short brown hair and dreamy green eyes. “Yea mi hear yuh…” I manage to say. My throat feels incredibly dry… I really need some man-juice in it to provide me with a little lubrication… “Yuh wa mi to suck yuh cock?” I ask, smiling up at him.

Rashawn Charles:

I’m woken by Camilla.

“You bastard!” she screams, right in my left ear.

I jerk upright on the little single bed and rub my eyes. “What?”

“You’re having an affair!”

“No…” I still feel half-asleep…

“Don’t deny it, you bastard! You were out all night! Who is she?”

“You’ve got it all wrong, Darling,” I manage to say. This woman is the total opposite of a darling to me at this present moment. “I would never be unfaithful to you…”

Camilla bursts into tears and crashes dramatically out through the door.

Thank Christ for that, I think, standing up. Now maybe I can have a shower in peace…

I feel a whole lot better as the hot water cascades over my body. I think about Deshawn and how I need to pick him up from the hospital as soon as possible. Awkward questions may be asked about the drug they will have found in his jacket, so it’s important that I power-dress to look as smart as possible. First I need to shave…

The razor slides over my stubble much more easily than it did when I was black. White folks are lucky in this respect; they rarely get face bumps because most of their facial hair grows in the same direction…

I use a soft towel to pat my face dry and examine myself in the mirror. I’m certainly a handsome dude with these grey eyes and regular facial features. I look like a hero in a movie… I notice that my blond hair is getting slightly long and make a mental note to go and have it trimmed soon. Maybe I’ll get a new style; this side parting I’ve got at the moment looks really square and boring…

I walk through to the dressing room and slip on a pair of silk Pierre Cardin underpants. They feel extremely sensuous against my skin. All of Richard’s stuff is high quality and most of it carries a designer label. It’s all a huge step up from the cheap crap I used to wear… I want to look as classy and important as possible if I’m going to have to deal with the law, so I put on a crisp white shirt, a light grey suit and a blue silk tie. A pair of highly polished made-to-measure black shoes completes the picture. I look like a million dollars!

As I descend the main stairs into the hall, the telephone sitting on an antique rosewood table starts ringing. I go to pick it up.

“Mt Carlton-Jones?” It’s a woman’s voice.


“Oh, thank God. It’s Amanda. Where are you, Sir? Are you coming into chambers today?”

“I’m sorry, Amanda,” I say. “I’m still feeling very unwell. I think I’ve got a touch of influenza…”

Amanda sounds annoyed rather than sympathetic. “The phones here have been ringing all morning, Sir. You’ve missed two case conferences and a chambers meeting.” She lowers her voice to a confidential whisper. “Everyone’s a little upset with you, Sir…”

I decide that a high-handed approach is needed here. “It can’t be helped, I’m afraid,” I say. “I’m too ill to work and that’s that. You will just have to put them all off…”

“What about court, Sir? You’re due to appear before Lord Justice Babblestock later this morning…”

I remember a line Richard came out with in the café yesterday morning. “Tell the clerks to cancel all my cases until further notice,” I say haughtily. “Now I must go and lie down, Amanda. Goodbye!” I replace the receiver.

At that point, Camilla walks down the stairs carrying a small suitcase. “Don’t talk to me, you bastard!” she says, before I can even open my mouth. “Where are you going?” I ask.

She sniffs. “To my mother’s, where at least there is one person who actually loves me…”

I don’t stand in her way as she sweeps past me and exits through the front door, slamming it behind her. To be honest, I’m starting to seriously question Richard’s taste in women. This one really is a most annoying bitch…

Richard Carlton-Jones:

There are two policeman sitting next to my bed now. One is black and the other is white. They’re both even more gorgeous than that doctor was. I’m almost salivating as I eye the big bulges in their uniform pants and I wonder how big their cocks are…

“The substance found on your person when you were admitted to this hospital has been sent for analysis, Sir,” the white one is saying, “but we have every reason to think that it is possibly a class ‘A’ drug. Therefore, as soon as you are able, Sir, I would like you to accompany us to the station to make a full statement…”

I grin up at him. “Wen wi get there yuh ago both fuck me?”

The policeman appears mystified by my words and turns to his colleague. “What did he say?”

The black officer looks embarrassed and hesitates slightly before replying. “He wants to know if we will both fuck him when we get there,” he says, at last.

The white policeman shakes his head. “Jesus wept… Give me strength…” he says.

Rashawn Charles:

As soon as I’ve gobbled down a bowl of cereal, I hail a cab from the street outside and head over to the hospital. The traffic is so bad that it takes over forty minutes to get there, but, eventually, I arrive. I pay the driver and hurry towards the reception area. As I enter the building, my eternity ring starts to vibrate. If I’m right in thinking that the thing tracks Richard, it would seem that he is still inside the building, which is good…

Guided by the ring’s increasingly urgent vibrations, I find the ward where he presumably is. I approach the staff nurse sitting behind a desk near the entrance.

“I’m looking for my employee, a West Indian gentleman,” I say. “He’s in his late twenties and was admitted early this morning after a suspected drug overdose…”

The nurse checks his computer screen. “There was someone of that description admitted last night,” he admits, “but we have no record of his name. He is here, but under police guard.”

My heart sinks. This is seriously bad news. “If you will allow me to see him, I will be able to give the police all his personal details,” I say. “He works for me and I have known him for years…”

Before the nurse can say anything to this, I see Richard walking down the ward towards us, fully dressed and accompanied by two policemen. To my dismay, he’s handcuffed to one of them…

I step forward to intercept them. “Good morning,” I say in my best BBC voice. “I see you have my employee with you…”

One of the officers, a black man, gives me a sour look. “And you are?”

“Richard Carlton-Jones, Barrister-at-Law,” I reply.

The policemen both look suitably impressed by this.

The real Richard stares at me dreamily. He’s grinning broadly and looks totally wasted. “Yuh wa mi to suck yuh cock?” he asks. Whatever it is that he’s taken, it’s obviously still affecting him. Badly…

“You say you know this man, Sir?” the white policeman asks.

“Yes; he works for me…”

“Then perhaps you could accompany us to the station, Sir and help us to establish his identity. So far, he has been unable to give us any of his personal details at all.”

I swallow hard, but guess that there’s no real choice… “Very well, Officer,” I say, as brightly as I can manage. “Please lead the way…”

Curtis Mavour:

As soon as the emergency locksmith has done his job and handed me four spare keys to the new lock, I pay him, secure the building and get behind the wheel of my car. Leon is sitting next to me in the passenger seat, still dabbing at his lip with a blood-stained handkerchief.

“Stop being so pathetic,” I say, turning on the ignition.

“You busted out two of my front teef!”

“You deserved it for not doing your job properly and I’ll smack you again if you don’t shut up,” I reply, turning onto the Mile End Road and heading back to my apartment.

As we crawl through the traffic, Leon is still mumbling to himself about his lost teeth, money and mobile phone. His moaning is starting to seriously get on my nerves when a sudden thought strikes me…

“Your phone… Could we possibly track it?”

Leon shrugs. “I guess so, Boss.”

I grin. This is music to my ears. His stolen phone might lead me straight to my bitch and my stolen shit…

Rashawn Charles:

After four utterly boring hours at the police station consisting of prolonged waiting interspersed by short bursts of questioning and form-filling, we finally climb out of a taxi cab and walk up the steps to Richard’s front door. I turn the key in the lock and we’re inside; home at last!

Richard is still not making any sense at all. Whatever Curtis gave him seems to have totally scrambled his brain. Since I met him in the hospital, all he’s done is rave on about sucking men off and getting fucked by them. Embarrassingly, he’s propositioned not only me, but every male officer in the police station numerous times. And I thought he was one-hundred percent heterosexual!

He’s only been released from custody as a result of me giving them all his [my] personal details and complete surety that I will ensure that he returns to be formally charged with possession of a Class ‘A’ drug, if that’s what the substance turns out to be. I’m pretty sure it probably is; it’s totally fucked Richard up, anyway…

I take him upstairs, planning to shove him under a cool shower to see if that will clear his head. As I help him to undress, he’s still making lewd gay comments about how he wants to suck my dick and feel me inside him. What the fuck did Curtis do to the poor fool?

I wait outside the bathroom and, as soon as he’s dried himself off, take him through to the dressing room to get a change of clothes.

“Yuh suh handsome,” he says, pressing his naked body to me and running his brown hand gently down the side of my face. “Please fuck mi…”

I can’t help it; my dick begins stirring in my pants. We’re exactly the same height and his half-open mouth is so close to mine… It will be like kissing myself, I think, as our mouths get closer to each other. He’s almost panting with desire and a moment later, we’re crushing our lips together and exploring with our tongues…

When you’re feeling horny, getting naked is the matter of a mere few seconds… Moments later, my shoes are off and my suit, shirt, silk underpants and tie are lying in a crumpled heap at our feet.

“Fuck mi, Boss, please fuck mi…” Richard moans.

I bend him over the bed, spit on his hole and then on my hand. After massaging my big white cock with saliva, I start to push it gently between his round brown cheeks. He’s so incredibly tight that I know it’s probably his first time and that I must be hurting him, but he seems so crazy for dick that he doesn’t seem to care… Soon, I’m all the way in and I begin fucking him properly; at first slowly, but then picking up speed as my desire also begins to mount. I grab his hips and start thrusting away in earnest. He’s moaning in an ecstasy of lust as I pump harder and faster… I reach down with my left hand and begin jacking his smaller, brown dick…

We’ve just fallen over the cliff of orgasm when the door is wrenched open and Camilla enters the room. Past the point of no return, we both gasp in unison as my seed fills Richard’s tight hole and his own spunk shoots out over the bed in several powerful wads.

As the red haze of lust clears, I see that Camilla is backing away from the doorway, shaking her head in utter disbelief. To our mutual discomfort, she’s screaming at the top of her extremely high-pitched voice…

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