The Morning Commute

By Jax Shaw published February 9, 2019

Paul wakes up and prepares for a busy day of work at the Stevenson Corporation.

Thanks everyone for all the feedback on the first part of this story. Here’s chapter 2, chapter 3 should be coming soon. Let me know if you have any thoughts or suggestions.

Paul woke up in his twin size bed at the same time as the other three men in the room. Since taking his new job at the Stevenson Corporation, he had moved into the housing provided to all employees. Sure had had to share a room, but not baby to pay rent would save him a ton of money. Plus his commute was better since the housing was all in the basement levels of the corporate building.

He stood up at the right side of his bed and greeted Ted, the man who slept in the bed to his right. Ted was a middle aged man, about 47 with a gray goatee and a receding hairline. His slight belly was covered with a light dusting of gray hair that trailed down to his now hard cock. Paul knelt before his roommate and took the cock into his mouth, providing relief to his coworker. They had been assigned as training partners on Paul’s first day, going through the various initiation programs together. Paul sucked the five inch dick greedily. It wasn’t the biggest dick he had seen in the office, but it was his duty to provide superior service and he was dedicated to his job.

After a few minutes Ted shot a thick load into Paul’s mouth, which he hungrily swallowed. To his left he heard Brian, a 23 year old thin young man with wavy blonde hair groan as he filled Demetri’’s mouth with his seed. The 62 year old Russian bodybuilder expertly collected every drop from within the studs balls, continuing his sucking for an extra few moments while Brian panted and twitched.

Demetri was their dedicated trainer, responsible for every aspect of the groups training. He specialized in particularly willful new hires like Brian, young men who weren’t used to following the boss’s directions to the letter. He spent extra time with each of the three employees in his group giving them extra training and getting them acclimated. Sometimes, after particularly eventful days the men would be so worked up that even the comforting whale sounds that continuously played in the living quarters couldn’t calm them down. Paul, Ted and Brian would return from their training session with aching balls, having been denied release throughout the day. On those days Demetri would offer to let the men use his body, particularly his tight muscled ass to achieve the orgasms the had been edging towards. The three would take turns fucking him, flooding him with their cum and then getting back in line for another turn until it was time for them to sleep. He would then make sure they were tucked in, headphones securely on their heads and Miller’s on their dicks. He was determined to make these men the best employees they could be.

After Brian and Ted came Demetri crawled over to Paul and took his cock in his mouth for his morning blowjob. Paul felt Demetri’s tongue explore every inch of his cock, tracing the edge of his mushroom head and flicking over the tip before Demetri took the whole length, burying his nose in Paul’s pubic hair. A finger entered Paul’s ass moving swiftly over his prostate. In an instant Paul was spilling his seed, bucking wildly while trying to savor the intrusion into his most price of places. As the wave of pleasure subsided Paul heard himself say “Obedience is pleasure. Pleasure is obedience.” The words were echoed by Ted and Brian who stood at attention at the foot of their beds.

Paul moves to the foot of his bed and stood straight, arms at his sides and eyes fixed on the spiral on the video screen across from his bed. He let the whale calls fill his mind as Demetri gave them their instructions for the day. When ordered each man turned and leaned over his bed, exposing his ass for Demetri who lubed up their holes and inserted their training plugs, which would vibrate when they obeyed and shocked them when they questioned an order. This way the men would learn to crave the chance to obey any order.

Today was an important day for the new hires, Demetri told them. Today they would reach out to the important males from their previous life and inform them that job openings were available for them at the company. All they would need to do was get a pre-screening physical from Dr Stevens. Paul thought of his son, Jason. He would love it here. A job at the Stevenson Corporation would give his son direction and purpose. He couldn’t wait to reconnect.

With that Demetri had the men march out the door of their room and down the hall towards the elevator that would take them to the upper levels where their cubicles were.

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