Blue Thumb - The Seedpods

By BrokenPen published February 8, 2019

James learns more about the blue plants, and the seedpods they produce.

Hey y’all, thanks for the comments and ratings on the first chapter! I thought a bit about continuing this farther, but this seemed like a good stopping point for now. If you like it, I’ll try to write more soon. :) xo

James adored the spring. Winters in the Pacific Northwest had never been particularly grueling for him, though they’d changed over the past few years. Flowers bloomed earlier – his rhododendrons started showing pink in December these days – and leaves unfurled during the January warmth (which was becoming more and more common as the climate changed, James noticed) before February’s chill settled back in. But when all that ended and the balmy winds blew in, everything seemed to wake back up again.

This spring was filled with an extra sense of wonder. It had been a few weeks since something struck the field next to James and Xavier’s house, and the blue plants that had started growing at the crash site were leafy bushes now, coming up to James’ knees with wide, thick leaves that hung on sturdy branches. They were springy to the touch, with the texture that reminded James of a succulent. And there were so many of them! After James transplanted the first 6 seedlings, dozens of seedlings poked their blue heads up out of the ground.

James gave up transplanting them after filling two more garden beds full of them. The black mark of the crash site had grown thick with the blue bushes. They grew incredibly fast, James had noticed, reaching what seemed to be close to maturity since that very long night a few weeks ago. The bushes now happily swayed in the light April breeze and soaked up all the rain the clouds would give them. What was most astounding, however, was what that had started growing in the center of the impact crater last week.

He’d noticed it when tending to his new blue garden one day: a single, proud stalk jutting out from where the bushes were the thickest. As he combed through the blue tangle, the discovered that the base of the stalk was nearly as thick as his legs, pale blue at the earth making way for a much deeper blue towards the pointed tip, darker than all the rest of the plants. The stalk was already a good four feet high when James has found it a week ago; now it was nearly as tall as he was, and growing thicker by the day.

Xavier had stood by occasionally while James worked in his new blue garden, watching with mild interest. He’d never been one to help James in his work – he’d barely kept a betta fish alive in college – but obviously this was a bit of a unique case, so he took more interest in it than usual. It certainly gave them plenty to talk about. James had asked Xavier not to share this news with anybody until he could figure out what was going on, but that was after Xavier had already sent a photo to one of his coworkers in London. James grimaced when he heard that.

“I mean, I can’t say I blame you,” James said. “I just wished you’d have asked.”

“Sorry, babe,” said Xavier, looking at the ground. James smiled and mussed his hair, pulling him in for a kiss.

One day, when Xavier was at work and as James was doing his daily walk of the garden, he checked his first 6 bushes as he always did. They were in a garden box next to the early spring peas and lettuces, which were also growing quite a bit faster than usual, James had noticed. When he brushed through the greenery (bluery?), he found what looked like a seedpod growing off one of the branches. James cocked his head, puzzled. “That’s strange,” he said aloud, running his fingers over the pod. Usually seeds required pollination. Maybe this species reproduces asexually…? he thought. This is so weird.

The seed pod was soft and smooth to the touch, only about as long as his thumb and a deep, dark blue. It flared slightly at the base but was otherwise a slim cylinder that rounded at the tip. It was clearly not at full maturity yet, and as James explored the bush, he found several more like it. Plucking one of them, he massaged it between his finger before taking out his pocketknife and slicing it longways carefully.

Its skin was thin, like a layer of paint, with a much thicker fleshy membrane inside. The membrane oozed a thin, slippery liquid that coated the tips of his fingers. He slid them against each other, savoring how easily it glided across his skin. The liquid didn’t smell at all or taste like anything except the usual bitterness of a juvenile plant. Inside the pod, however, were dozens of translucent, light blue beads, floating loose in the pod. They spilled out into his hand, some clumping together like caviar and with a similar texture. The liquid kept most of them separated, though, and soon his entire hand was slick.

He poked and prodded the seeds with a finger, studying them closely. How did they grow in there, just floating? James wondered. Surely something must be nourishing them… is it this liquid?

He scooped a few of the beads onto the tip of his finger and stared at them. Suddenly, James had the sudden urge to eat the beads. It was fully against his better judgment – why put anything in your mouth if you didn’t know what it was? Especially a strange alien plant? – and yet, he found himself putting tongue to his fingernail and licking up the beads of the strange, alien plant. They popped in between his teeth and rushed more of the liquid into his mouth – still bitter, but there was a subtle sweetness to it, like sugar with lime juice. He was pleasantly surprised by the taste and, shrugging, popped the rest of the seeds into his mouth.

Welp, he thought, if I’m gonna poison myself, might as well go all-out. He chuckled to himself and shook his head, still unsure of what he’d just done. He wiped his hands together and seemed to just smear the slick liquid across both palms. He tried wiping them on his jeans, but found it was nearly absorbed into his skin by this point. He shrugged again. “Guess we’ll see what happens,” he said to no one in particular.

As he walked around the garden, James noticed that all of the blue plants had seedpods on them – hundreds of seedpods that he guessed would be near maturity much faster than normal fruit. Every single one of the bushes had seedpods, he’d found as he checked the garden. There must have been close to forty bushes between the garden beds and the crash site just a little ways away.

He was starting to sweat as he walked around. He hoped it wasn’t a sign of something much worse than simple exertion outside, though it wasn’t particularly hot out. James took his shirt off and let his massive pecs hang in the air. He bounced them slightly, enjoying the feeling of the cool air across his nipples. He felt himself getting hard in his jeans and adjusted the front of his pants.

He was no stranger to jerking off in his garden, when the mood struck him. He’d even brought Xavier out here every once in a while – they were secluded enough – though he seemed to enjoy it much more than Xavier did. But today was different. He felt like he’d never been so hard so quickly, and when he hadn’t even been horny all day. He took one extra look around, just to be sure, then unzipped his jeans and let all seven inches of his cock swing out.

He sighed in relief and went to start stroking. Immediately, when his slick hand found his shaft, an explosion of pleasure rocked his system and he fell to his knees in the dirt, dropping his shirt next to him. The slick substance on his hands made for the perfect lubricant, and he started using it to play with his sensitive head, his eyes rolling back. “Oh, fuck…” he whispered, voice shuddering. His cock had always been sensitive, but this was another level. He polished the head of his dick with one palm while the other gripped the base of his shaft.

Slowly, he started pumping. His whole body shook as he stroked his dick, both of his hands sliding effortlessly up and down the shaft with the little bit of lube from the seed pod. The thick cords of muscle in his arms and torso clenched, and he could feel the blood beating through his cock as he gripped it. He glanced over at the blue bushes and the multitude of seed pods hanging from them. “Oh, shit,” he said, an orgasm quickly approaching. He closed his eyes as he let the pleasure wash over him as he hurtled himself toward climax, pumping his thick shaft feverishly. “Oh fuck – oh FUCK –“ he yelled, gripping the base of his dick as he felt the pressure of the cum building.


He let go of his cock and the spray of cum shot out in front of him, landing at the base of the blue bush a few feet away. He leaned forward, one hand on the ground to steady himself with the other on his still-shooting dick. The cum was absorbed into the soft ground beneath him quickly. Sweat dripped down his face onto the dirt as well, his orgasm finally subsiding but his body still convulsing. He had NEVER felt like that before, glancing again at the blue bushes. “Holy shit,” he said, breathless. “Where did that come from?”

Not far away, the stalk in the center of the crash site grew just a little bit taller.

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