Shell Game 3

By Hypnothrill published February 8, 2019

Shell necklaces are the hot new trend at the beach this year. Soon everyone will be wearing one…

{I didn’t want to leave you in suspense for too long, so here’s the exciting conclusion of “Shell Game.” Let me know how you like it!}

Part 3

I wake up with a plan: to get in the car and drive as far away from here as possible. I wait until 9:00 in the morning, when I’m pretty sure everyone is gone. The problem is, once I get outside, my car is gone too. Dad had the spare keys, and he must have taken it. So I’m stuck here until he brings the car back, and who knows when that will be.

I decide to take a walk on the beach, hoping to clear my head. Fat chance. Groups of shirtless dudes in shell necklaces were out prowling the beach, looking for guys who weren’t wearing the necklaces yet, trying to talk them into it.

After getting stopped twice by two separate groups of tanned, toned, smooth surfer bros who don’t want to take “No” for an answer when I refuse to try on a shell necklace, I decide to cut my beach walk short and head into town, making a beeline for a diner that has a “No shirt, no shoes, no service” sign hanging in the window. There, I should be left alone. For now.

It’s now mid-afternoon, and I decide to head back to the beach house. With any luck, my car will be back, and I can get out of here. Get the hell away from whatever the fuck is happening on this beach.

I’m in luck; my car’s parked back in front of the beach house. But as I walk towards it, I see two young guys in speedos and shell necklaces approaching. Before they notice me, I duck behind the car and watch as they walk up to the front door and enter the beach house.

Who the fuck are those guys, and what the fuck are they doing in our house? My curiosity gets the better of me, and I sneak over to the side of the house and make my way to the deck, to see if I can get a glimpse of what’s going on inside.

Trying to keep myself hidden, I sneak a peek through the sliding glass doors into the living room. And then I see the guys from outside stripping off their speedos and joining a bunch of other naked men.

Naked men that included my own father. I could see him sitting on the couch, sandwiched between a couple of other naked guys. I recognized them as well. One was my brother’s friend Andy, and the other was the gay guy I’d seen on the beach a couple of days ago. And the gay guy was reaching over and playing with my dad’s shaved balls. And my dad was returning the favor. And both of them had throbbing hard-ons, sticking straight up and bouncing against their shaved, toned bellies.

But that wasn’t all they were doing. Each man had a bag of cowry shells beside him, and they were carefully stringing them together to make a new choker necklace. I could see my dad pull one of the big cowry shells out of his bag. He stared at it reverently for a moment, then showed it to Andy, who got an excited look on his face and then started stroking his hard dick vigorously.

My dad just smiled and held the mouth of the shell against the head of Andy’s hard cock, which then spewed a huge load that coated both the shell and my dad’s hand. Dad reached over and grabbed the back of Andy’s neck with his cum-soaked hand, then pulled the young man into a deep, open-mouthed kiss. As they kissed, I could see my dad rubbing his cum-covered hand against the big shell at the back of Andy’s choker, as though he were trying to get it good and drenched in cum.

He only stopped when the gay guy on the other side of him gave Dad’s dick a little tug and then held up another one of the big cowry shells to show him. Dad seemed transfixed, as his hand moved down to his hard dick, which he began stroking maniacally, aiming directly for the mouth of the shell. And I was transfixed too, watching my father shoot his big load into the shell, as the rest of his cum dribbled out onto the gay guy’s hand.

God, this is sick, I suddenly realize. I shouldn’t be watching this, my own father jacking off with a couple of other guys, one of whom is young enough to be his own son. I’ve seen enough. I need to get out of here, unless I want to end up like this too.

And then I hear a familiar voice through the kitchen window, moaning, “Feed me! Feed me!”

Wait, that’s Ryan’s voice. What does he mean, “Feed me”? If I lift myself up on my tiptoes and bend a little, I can just manage to peer into the kitchen window.

And there I see my little brother, kneeling on the kitchen floor as two guys jerk off behind him—Carter and a familiar-looking skinny guy with glasses—aiming their hard cocks directly at the big cowry shell on the back of Ryan’s neck. And then I hear Carter call out, “Uh… I’m coming!” and the other guy groans out, “Uh… me too!” And then I see two arcs of semen, coming from opposite directions, converge on the back of my little brother’s neck. And then I see a little gray tendril creeping out of the shell on the back of Ryan’s neck, then sucking down all the cum it can. And then I lose my balance and fall.

When I come to, I’m in my father’s arms. And he’s clasping a shell choker around my neck.

I shout, I try to struggle, but it’s no use. Not with all of them, a room full of naked men holding me down, excitedly shouting things like “Relax! Don’t try to resist it!” and “It feels so good! Soon you’ll understand!”

And they’re right. Soon I do understand.

Of course, it hurts at first, when they clasp the shell tight against my neck, and its sharp, slimy tongue slides out of the shell’s mouth and pierces the back of my neck, drilling beneath the skin. But then as its tongue quickly slithers up my spinal column and tickles the base of my brain, I give a little gasp, a little gurgle of pleasure.

It’s so easy to surrender to that pleasure. I don’t want to resist anymore. It’s so easy to let it slide inside of me, to let it get its tendrils in my brain. Our brain.

And now that it’s all the way inside my head, it starts to feel like I have an extra brain. A smarter brain. In fact, it’s so smart, so right, that I know I can just let my old brain relax and let my new brain do most of my thinking for me.

And the best thing about my new brain is that it can sense Ryan’s new brain. And Dad’s. And Carter’s. In fact, all the men in the room, we’re all connected now, all part of the same great mind. The same great purpose.

And I barely have to say a word before they know exactly what I need. “Hu… hungry…” I moan, and within a moment, two naked men are standing behind me, jerking off furiously, getting ready to feed my new mouth. And then Ryan is standing there in front of me, waving a big hard-on in my face, ready to give my old mouth exactly what it’s craving.

I can’t get enough of the taste of my younger brother’s delicious teenage dick. Until after a few thrusts, Ryan gives me something even better, coating my throat with his hot cum. I slurp it all down gratefully, the hunger in my belly satisfied. For the moment.

And then I feel the two jets of hot cum shooting against the back of my neck. And a few seconds later I feel the wave of intense satisfaction running down my spine, making me tingle with pleasure as my other mouth feeds and my other brain grows stronger, soaking up all that nutritious protein.

Then it’s time to get me showered and shaved. Ryan and Dad lead me into the bathroom, and under the pulsating water, Dad and I start kissing passionately, our tongues dueling, as Ryan kneels down and starts soaping up my hairy balls, then slowly shaving them with the razor I loaned him.

Before long, I’m totally smooth, just like my father and brother. And just like all the naked men roaming around our house, the men I’m starting to see as my family as well.

I’m so glad that I’ll be able to join them for their dive tomorrow, down into that subterranean cave Carter’s friends stumbled upon last week. The cave is full of shells. Shells just like the one that housed my other brain. Shells that we need to bring up to the surface. Shells that we need to share with every man we meet.

There are thousands upon thousands of them in that cave, enough for every man in this town and all the other towns up and down the coast.

And we’re doing such a good job feeding them, giving them all the nutrients they crave, that soon they’ll spawn a whole new batch. And then another. And then another.

And then, well, soon enough, every man in the world will have one of them on the back of his neck. And we’ll all just be one big happy family.

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