Chapter 2 - Tyler

By here4hairymen published February 8, 2019

A man with special powers builds a harem of hairy men

Tyler had just finished his senior year in college, graduating summa cum laude with a degree in biochemistry. His family had made the trip to California for the ceremony, spending nearly a week together before leaving for the long drive back to Colorado. After they had left, Tyler only had one day to pack up his essential belongings before moving out to the east coast. He had been accepted to a prestigious medical school in New York City, with classes starting in late August. But before that, he was going to spend the summer working in a clinical research lab, gaining additional experience and hopefully winning some favor with one of the medical school professors.

As Tyler went through his closet, he carefully selected what clothes he would take with him to New York. He tried most of the clothes on, checking himself in the floor to ceiling mirror in his bedroom to make sure he was only taking clothes that fit him perfectly. It wasn’t easy to edit down his wardrobe as most clothes still fit very well, given that he had maintained his weight to the pound over the past 4 years.

Standing exactly six feet tall and weighing 150 pounds, Tyler had a very lean, lanky body, with some slight muscle definition from regular exercise. His hair was dark brown, almost black, and kept stylish with short sides and a parted swoop of hair on top. His eyes were a shade of brown that showed depth and warmth, and always seemed to draw people in. His skin was porcelain white, without a single blemish or imperfection on his body. His body hair was virtually nonexistent, with only a few wisps of hair under his arms and near his penis. Over the past few years, Tyler had taken to shaving his armpits and pubic region because the hair that was there was so sparse. A few of his friends who had seem him naked in the shower teased him for shaving and looking like he hadn’t gone through puberty. It didn’t help that he was a “grower”, with a penis that was very small when soft, growing to a solid six and a half inches when erect. The one boyfriend he had in college would always comment that Tyler had a twink body, or a skater boy body, with a little hairless, twink cock. That teasing, among other things, had led Tyler to break up with him after only a few months of dating.

The next morning Tyler took a quick shower, dressed in a pair of jeans and a short sleeve shirt, zipped up his two suitcases, and made his way to the airport for the early morning flight. During the taxi ride he felt sad to be leaving California and the friends he had made at school, but that feeling was countered by the butterflies in his stomach from the excitement of moving to New York and starting the next chapter of his life.

Once at the airport Tyler checked his two bags, and made it through security in fifteen minutes. He wandered the terminal a bit, purchasing some water and a magazine, before making his way to the gate.

The gate area was crowded, but Tyler was able to find a seat. He checked the time. Boarding would begin in about ten minutes. To pass the time he pulled out his phone and sent texts to a few friends and family, letting them know he was at the airport and on his way.

He was in the midst of his fifth text message when he felt an uneasy feeling.

He looked up and saw the source of the uneasiness. Two rows over there was a man facing him, staring intently. Leering. When Tyler looked him directly in the eyes, he didn’t stop staring, or even flinch.

The man was easily in his late-fifties, and completely bald. Though seated, Tyler could tell he was tall, with a remarkably fit body for anyone, let alone a man of his age. The man was wearing a tank top with some text on it. What Tyler could not believe was the amount of silver body hair that he could see, even from as far away as he was from the man. Thick, long, curly silver hair coated the man’s entire arms and shoulders, and was spilling over the collar of the tank top. Never in his life had Tyler seen a man as hairy as this guy.

Why was he still looking at this guy?? He shouldn’t encourage him.

Tyler went back to texting, actively suppressing the urge to look up and see if the man was still staring at him.

A few minutes later the flight began to board. When his zone was called, Tyler got up and in line. After a quick walk down the jet bridge, he boarded the large plane which had two seats on each side of the plane, and three seats in the middle. As he located his seat, he was happy to find he had an aisle seat at an emergency row with only a window seat next to him. Seated in the window seat was a woman with a newborn baby. They exchanged pleasantries as they each got settled.

After several more minutes everyone was on board and the aisles had cleared.

Tyler was glancing around when he saw the hairy man coming down the aisle. For some reason, it made him nervous.

The man stopped at Tyler’s row, and leaned over him to speak to the woman.

“Ma’am, I can only imagine how difficult it must be to travel across the country with a baby. I have a first class seat, but I’d like you to have it. I travel all the time, and I think you would appreciate it more than me.”

The woman was stunned at first by the unexpected generosity, but accepted the kind offer, profusely thanking the man for his kindness.

Tyler became more nervous.

The woman slid past Tyler, grabbed her bag from above, and moved to the front of the plane.

The hairy man stood in the aisle for a moment, which felt like forever to Tyler. He didn’t look up, but he had no doubt the man was studying him.

Then the man turned sideways to slide past Tyler to get to his seat. But he didn’t turn so his back was to Tyler as he entered the row. He turned so he was facing him.

As the man slowed made his way to his seat, Tyler felt him pause. Tyler glanced up and the man’s crotch was directly in front of his face. The enormous bulge in his pants was nothing short of obscene. Tyler could feel heat radiating from it, as well as a scent laden with pheromones that made its way up his nostrils and deep into his brain.

The man continued on to his seat, leaving Tyler with a red, blushing face, questioning if that pause was real or imagined.

Once the man settled in his seat, he turned to Tyler and said, You headed home or for a visit?"

Tyler could feel his face blushing again as he fumbled to find the words.

“I’m… I’m moving to New York, Sir.”

The man stared forward as his lips turned up ever so slightly into a stifled, almost predatory smile.

“For a job or school?” the man asked.

“Medical… medical school,” Tyler answered, still flustered.

“Smart boy,” the man said, as he turned away and looked out the window.

The flight taxied and took off without the man asking any more questions.

Once the plane leveled out, Tyler took out his headphones so he could watch an in-flight movie. He scrolled through the choices, landing on an action movie that he probably would never watch in a theater or at home. Tyler got comfortable, reclined his seat and put his arms on the armrests as the movie started to play.

After an hour or so, Tyler heard a noise. He looked over, and the man was slowly, mindlessly scratching his chest hair with his right hand, his elbow almost in Tyler’s face. He was so hairy that Tyler could actually hear the sound over his movie.

When the man was done scratching, he slowly lowered his arm to put it on the armrest. The same armrest that Tyler’s arm was on.

The copious silver hair on the man’s forearm was so long, and sticking out so far from the arm itself, that it made contact with Tyler’s arm before even landing on the armrest.

The moment the first hair brushed against Tyler he felt a shock of energy that surged through his body, causing his nipples and cock to instantly become erect.

Confused, he turned to look at the man, and was met with a spray of mist in his face. The next feeling could only be described as if something were tickling deep in the back of his brain. He was unable to speak or move.

Tyler looked down, and saw the man’s arm hair touching and covering most of his forearm. He could barely see his own arm, it was getting so lost in the older man’s fur.

The man reached over and unplugged Tyler’s headphones from the jack, and plugged it into a little device he pulled out of his pocket.

The deep, mesmerizing, soothing voice because speaking, as Tyler slowly drifted off…

Tyler’s eyes slowly opened as he lifted his head up.

He was standing in a bedroom, naked, and his two suitcases were in the corner. But where was he? And why did his skin feel so hot and itchy all over?

Then the doorknob turned.

The hairy, bald, older man from the flight entered. He was completely naked. Surprisingly, Tyler was not alarmed. In fact, he felt almost comforted to see him, not even questioning how he had gotten to this apartment.

Seeing that Tyler was awake, the man said, “Come to Daddy, boy.”

Tyler found himself excitedly running over and giving the man a big hug. His body became enveloped in the silver hair that covered the man, and the man started moving Tyler from side to side, really rubbing his body against him. Then he turned Tyler around and did the same from behind.

After several moments of rubbing, which resulted in streaks of precum all over Tyler’s legs, stomach, cock, and butt from the man’s gigantic, erect penis, the man said, “Time to accelerate the process.”

Tyler didn’t know what he meant, but smiled adoringly at the man. He wanted to make this man happy, no matter what.

The man led Tyler to the bed. He had him kneel on the mattress, then pushed his head down into the pillows so he was tucked up with his hole exposed.

Tyler waited anxiously for the next move.

Suddenly he felt a warm, wet feeling on his hole. The man was starting to tongue his pucker.

The first few licks were delicate. But very quickly the man started getting aroused by Tyler’s twitching hole, and the gentle licks turned into aggressive probing with his long, muscular tongue. Each probing went a little farther and farther into Tyler’s hole, sending a constant wave of chills down his spine.

Without warning, Tyler felt something start to stretch him open. The man’s long, thick, hairy index finger was wiggling into him. He could feel the finger go deeper and deeper, probing until it hit the spot it was looking for. Tyler groaned involuntarily as a stream of precum flowed from his penis.

That was the reaction the hairy, older man was waiting for. Tyler was ready now.

He pulled his long finger out, quickly replacing it was the head of his penis. He applied pressure gradually, making sure Tyler’s hole had time to stretch to take his large cock. After a few minutes, the man moaned with pleasure, his long cock now fully buried in Tyler. And there was no doubt about it for Tyler, because the man’s pubic hair was tickling and stimulating his hole and butt cheeks.

The man held still for a minute, his warm breath in Tyler’s left ear, before pulling back ever so slightly, and pushing back in. He did this repeatedly, each time pulling back slightly more, and going back in all the way, until he was able to pull almost all the way out, and slide back in.

Then there was a shift. The man no longer needed to be gentle. He had Tyler right where he wanted him, and now it was time to let his primal instincts take over. The thrusting began, with each thrust producing an encouraging whimper from Tyler.

After ten minutes of rhythmic, deep fucking, the man leaned down and said to Tyler, “Once I shoot my sperm in you, I have a big surprise for you. Are you ready for your surprise, boy?” “Yes, Daddy,” Tyler pleaded.

That was all the man needed to hear. His pace increased. He was panting heavily, his hairy chest and stomach grinding against Tyler’s back.


The semen was pumping into Tyler. The man was all the way in, holding completely still, but Tyler could feel the sensation of the man’s cock head swelling each time it released another shot of sperm deep inside him.

Oddly, Tyler hadn’t even noticed until now that he had cum, he was feeling so much pleasure from his hole.

The man stayed collapsed on top of Tyler for several minutes as his heart rate and breathing returning to normal, and his cock slowly softened inside Tyler, having completed the deep delivery of semen.

The man leaned down to Tyler and said, “Time for your surprise.”

He stood Tyler up, and had held Tyler’s jaw so he was staring him in the eyes. Then the man reached out, and slowly dragged his hands across Tyler’s chest, enjoying the look of confusion on Tyler’s face before letting Tyler look down to understand the sensation he was feeling.

Tyler’s porcelain white skin was no longer visible. It was completely hidden underneath a thick carpet of black hair over his entire body.

“Quite an improvement, wouldn’t you say, boy?”

Tyler couldn’t find words. He was too busy slowly running his hands over his newly hairy chest, stomach, arms, and legs, as if to confirm that what he was seeing was actually real. And while he couldn’t see it yet, the same thick mat of hair coated his back and butt too.

But his cock answered for him. What was now a six inch flaccid penis rapidly engorged to a powerful nice inch cock as Tyler explored his new, hyper masculine body.

“Congrats, boy. You are the newest member of my harem.”

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