The Click

By Rozza22365 published February 8, 2019

Jason down his luck with job hunting, gets a surprise from an unnatural navy recruiter

“Ugh, what’s the point in trying,” complained Jason as he stormed down the empty alleyway to meet his boyfriend, Ryan. Jason was 19, he had failed to get any job and was currently living with his boyfriend off both their parent’s money. Ryan was now doing an acting degree at college. However, he managed to get a weekend job to help them out financially. Jason didn’t have a job though, and he didn’t know what he was doing with his life. Jason had pretty good grades from high school, but he didn’t know what to do with them. His parents gave him ideas from time to time about engineering or computer science. He was lost though and needed a new path to find his way. To make matters worse, he failed to get three jobs in the last week, and he knew if he couldn’t find a job soon his dad would make him come home and work in the family construction company.

Jason continued to walk down the empty alleyway to his apartment, his boyfriend Ryan was waiting down the alley outside the café next to their apartment. He wore a smile, always expecting the best.

‘I don’t deserve him,’ thought Jason as he got closer to Ryan.

“So how was it,” Ryan inquired.

“Not great babe,” Jason sighed, lowering his head in disappointment.

“Don’t worry, there are a million things to do out there. I’m sure you will find what’s right for you in time.” Ryan exclaimed cheerfully.

Ryan and Jason smiled and kissed, cementing their love at that moment. As they sat down on the sidewalk, Ryan put his arm around Jason and rested his head against his lover.

“Ryan I’m hungry, what’s for dinner?” Asked Jason as his tummy rumbled.

“I dunno honestly, maybe a pizza from here.”

“A pizza! Have you worked out enough to earn that?” Jason joked

“It’s not as if you’re any better” Ryan joked back, prodding Jason’s stomach.

The boys liked to joke about their body sizes. They had skinny bodies with little muscle and mass. They didn’t do much exercise, but they went for occasional walks or runs. However, they were incredibly fashionable. They wore the best clothes everywhere they went. Their hair was trendy and stylized, which they protected dearly. They used this to attract tops for weekend threesomes, which they needed as they were both bottoms.

Ryan would wear clothes with LGBT symbols sometimes, which made Jason quite afraid when they went out, as even though they lived in a very progressive area, he was still worried about getting beaten up. Jason wasn’t any better in terms of covering up his femininity though. Jason had a feminine voice like his boyfriend and wore a large amount of makeup. These things meant most people could tell that he was gay from the start. Overall, they were your average stereotypical twinks.

“What pizza are you thinking of” Asked Ryan

“I’m thinking meaty but at the same time plain. I can’t quite decide, surprise me.”

“Ok, then. I will be back in a few minutes” Said Ryan as he got up and went in to get pizza.

“Oh, and don’t talk to Margaery at the counter for too long, its Drag Race tonight” Shouted Jason.

Jason looked down at his phone looking for jobs to apply for. There weren’t very many up and the ones that were there required skills he didn’t have. He switched his phone off.

“I’m never going to find a job. I might as well give up” Jason whispered.

As he whispered it, he could hear some fast sprinting from around the corner. Jason looked around, and a figure in a dark blue navy uniform with rolled up sleeves ran around the corner straight at him. He was a big and brawny guy. His head was round, and he had a squarish jaw. His skin was tan from his deployments in the desert, his hair was short-shaved and jet black. He wore sunglasses which complimented his ‘manly’ look. The man slowed down, as he got closer to Jason.

“You okay there son,” He said very quickly, in a thick southern accent.

“Ye…yes sir,” Said Jason confused at why he was being to like this.

“You ever feel like your life is going nowhere son, that you’re at a dead end,” said the recruiter in his southern accent, a bit slower this time.

Jason was taken aback. This recruiter who came out of nowhere literally described how he felt at this time. There was no way he knew what Jason was feeling. Then again army recruiters did this kind of thing all the time, giving no hope so people would join. Alternatively, maybe this was his calling. ‘No way’ he thought to that idea, that was stupid. He wasn’t nearly fit enough. You needed a little patriotism as well, which Jason and Ryan lacked. Still, Jason had to reply, and he would answer honestly as he always did.

“Yeah I guess so,” Jason said uninterestedly hoping to remove any idea of enlistment.

Jason waited for the recruiter to reply with something patriotic about enlisting. However, it didn’t come. Instead, the recruiter responded with an odd question.

“What’s your favorite branch of the military,” He asked very quickly.

Jason took a little time to understand what he said, but some other force in his head had already formed an answer like it was thinking something different. The same thing then forced him to shout out the answer.

“The navy, sir” He shouted out with enthusiasm.

Wait. What? A second ago he had been uninterested why was he talking so suddenly like he was signing up as if it was a duty?

“So, you’re a navy guy? I see I see. No shame in that!” The recruiter encouraged. The recruiter started looking Jason up and down while he put his hand on his chin as if he was processing Jason. Jason shocked by his reaction and by the recruiter currently looking him up and down as if he were recruitment material, wanted to say something to get rid of the idea of him signing up to the navy, but his brain couldn’t formulate the words needed into a sentence to do that.

“Well son, I see if you want to join the navy then you gonna need to beef up a bit.”

‘Ha, so now he’s going to tell me what I need to do, and then he’ll go away. Just say no Jason, just say no. Or, even better, say ok. It’s not as if he’s going to follow up!’ Jason thought, a little bit worried he might have another outburst and sign himself up for some pre-enlistment program.

“Well don’t worry, this will only take a few seconds,” Said the recruiter with a grin

‘Wait what?’ thought Jason

The recruiter put his fingers together as if he was about to snap them. Before Jason could even respond…


The recruiter snapped his fingers.

Jason froze as a sharp chill went down his back. His body started shaking. Suddenly his feet and vans began growing out. He looked down his feet must have grown to a size 13 from his tiny size 8. His calves exploded out. It felt like his bones and muscles were ripping apart. He looked up and was now at eye height with the smirking recruiter, who seemed to be stuck in time. The further up Jason’s leg, his fat melted away and hard muscle formed. He clenched at his stomach as pain filled his body. He felt as his small pecs inflated out like balloons and his stomach sucked until he had a ripped chest. Finally, his arms began pulsing with pain. Each pulse grew more muscle and stretched out his arms.

Jason looked down over himself. He was a hunk now. He looked back at the recruiter who was stuck in time.

‘Click’ the same clicking noise was repeated, and the recruiter was back.

“What just happened?" yelped Jason panicking

“Oh, I just click my fingers and whatever I want to change, changes,” Said the recruiter

“Y…y…y… you were frozen, and now I’m big.”

“Yeah that’s what the first click is like, next one will be near instant you won’t feel or see that much”

“But I don’t get it. What do you want?” Asked Jason, afraid of his new changes

“You, that’s what. You said your life was at a dead end, so I’m giving you purpose. In the navy.” Said the recruiter bluntly.

Jason wanted to say something about how the recruiter was wrong, and he didn’t, but his head continued to refuse to put the necessary words together.

“Now that your fit enough, let’s clear up some more features, then get you dressed up in proper attire. I may also need to do a slight mind wipe and add a little patriotism to you.”

“Wait, What!”

“Oh, and that voice isn’t going to get you far, let’s deepen it a bit” The recruiter smirked again and clicked his fingers. For a second Jason’s neck felt as if it was being strangled, he then let out some grunting that sounded deeper than his usual voice. The recruiter seemed happy with that. He gave another click and Jason’s make up faded back into his skin making him look natural. Another click and Jason’s well-styled hair shrunk back into his scalp until he had a plain, short recruit cut.

“You’re gonna love it son. Cleaning up ships, taking orders without question, working out with your brothers” the recruiter began to tease Jason, who was definitely not interested in anything he mentioned and knowing he was going to be doing it for life scared him more.

“Please no more” pleaded Jason.

“Sorry son, we started, so we might as well finish you off” the recruiter gave a smile before clicking his fingers again. Jason’s yellow hoodie reformed into a uniform of the same color, his black ripped, skinny jeans started repairing itself and changing to a less rough fabric. His vans enlarged rapidly, its light material hardening into boots as his clothes changed a dark blue camo pattern formed on his back and spread over his clothes. His red undershirt turned navy blue — a navy camo cap formed on his head covering his hair. His uniform empty name tags now filled themselves — one with “U.S Navy” and the other with his name.

“Ah there we go, you look just right for the navy now son. Last bit now, just gonna alter your mind, so we don’t need to put you through training” He said giving an extra big smirk. Jason was scared now, he didn’t want to be turned into a navy guy, and on top of that Ryan wouldn’t know a thing, he would disappear for him. The Recruiter readied his fingers and smirked at Jason, who was terrified.

“Jason, Jason, where are you?” called Ryan from behind.

‘Oh god no please, go back Ryan’ Jason thought.

“Oh, who’s this? A friend of yours?” Asked the recruiter, intrigued.

“He’s my boyfriend, Ryan, sir,” Jason said uncontrollably.

“Ahh that explains the navy, well you know what they say ‘two birds one stone.’ Call him over.”

The same unknown force that had kept Jason silent and speak uncontrollably tried to force Jason to call out for Ryan. Jason tried to resist, to keep his boyfriend safe. But another click from the recruiter and Jason turned to call Ryan over. As Ryan walked over Jason felt terrible. He had doomed his boyfriend to the same fate as him, he wanted to scream, but some the same force kept his mouth shut.

“Jason, what’s happened to you? What’s going on? And who are you?” Said Ryan frightened looking at what had happened. The recruiter turned his smirk to Ryan and clicked his fingers again. The pizza in Ryans hand vanished instantly into the air. He clicked again, and Ryans body instantly beefed up like Jason’s. Another click and his make-up disappeared and his hair shortened. One last click and his clothes turned from a white hoodie with a rainbow flag and blue jeans into a navy uniform, complete with a hat. Ryan stood in silence, he didn’t know what had happened he looked to Jason for an answer, but Jason’s mind couldn’t form any words to speak.

“Great now that you’re up to date with your boyfriend we can finish this off,” said the recruiter eagerly. He was waiting to go out and find his next unfortunate victim to turn into recruits. He held his hand ready to click his fingers again. Both boys’ eyes fixed on them.


Instantly the boy’s minds were wiped clean of knowledge, memory, and personality. They were stuck there with blank minds. The recruiter made his next click, and the boy’s heads were filled with new memories and knowledge that made them ideal recruits for the navy. Instead of doing drama, Ryan did engineering and Jason did mechanics. They both worked out pretty hard at the gym and were pretty buff from it. Their love their country inspired them to enlist, and so they became navy bros the instant they both turned 18. As their minds refocused, they changed their stance and stood at attention. Like they should, when in the presence of a higher up.

“There you go boys, looking quite smart now aren’t you.”

“Yes sir,” They said in unison.

“Damn, you make me proud and enjoy this job. Well one last thing, close your eyes.”

The boys closed their eyes, and the recruiter clicked his fingers one last time. When they opened their eye’s, they were on a ship in their dorm. The boys were in for a life of orders, bro-ish banter and fucking. No one minded the fucking and would instead join them. For now, though they knew their orders, the chain of command and comrades. The boy went out to start their daily duties on the ship.

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