Addictive Aphrodisiac

By Sorotrick published February 7, 2019

Dave’s girlfriend buys something to put the spark back in their relationship.

Things have been a little rocky with my girlfriend the last couple of weeks. We moved in together a little over 6 months ago and things were great for a while; parties, sex, and a little fighting but that’s everyone. Lately though, we’ve both so busy that we barely see each other. And when we do, all the little things that have built up, come out like daggers in screaming matches.

The morning after a particularly vicious fight, she suggests we both take some time off and have a staycation. Attempt to reconnect. Marriage had been discussed sometime ago, but maybe some further evaluation was needed. I agreed; a break from work sounded good, and I’d like to get my best friend back before we drifted too far apart.

The first night was approaching as I drove home from work. Julie had just texted me saying she had a surprise for tonight, and to hurry home. I smiled as recognized her way of insinuating she was ready to fool around a little. My dick straining at the fond memories and eager to get some frustrations out in a positive way.

I shut the car off, and walked up the stairs to our apartment building, and further up to our door. As I opened it, I saw her leaning over the counter, sticking her ass out for me to see. She turned and smiled over her shoulder, pushing her blonde hair out of the way, “Finally, Dave. Come see what I got.”

I put my stuff down and went around to the side of the island. She was staring at a row of test tubes with a greenish white substance in them. I was curious, but not in the way that my dick was hoping. There was 2 rows of 5 in the holder and Julie appeared to be keeping her distance. I picked one up to examine it. It looked a little like thicker milk, except for the color. I was about to open it when she grabbed my hand.

“Not yet.” She said with a smile.

“What is this stuff?” I asked as I put the tube back down.

“Potent aphrodisiac. I stopped by a sex store on the way home and the owner could not recommend this enough. Said it can turn on even the most cold blooded person.”

I rolled my eyes, “You didn’t pay too much for this did you? We just started a vacation and I don’t want-”

She cut me off, “We need this, just trust me. He gave me a money back guarantee on the receipt. And I thought we might need something for us both to get in the mood.”

I relaxed, she was trying. Besides, what’s the worst that could happen?

She grabbed another tube and raised up with mine, we both removed the cap, and downed it before we got a chance to smell it.

I sensed I made a face similar to hers before she shook her head out. We put the tubes down and looked at each other. She gets a sort of glazed look in her eyes and rounds the counter quickly kissing me, hard. She catches me off guard and I fall backwards, Julie quickly climbs atop me. She rips open her blouse, her bare breasts taunting me, I move my hands up to grab them but as I do so she leans over me and her tongue invades my mouth. It almost seems like she’s searching for something when suddenly my tongue catches a taste of something in her mouth and my fervor begins to match her own. We continue like that for a minute before she senses my dick attempting to get out of my pants and into hers. We quickly remove enough clothing to complete the act and after a few quick thrusts, I finish and I feel her tense up along with me.

We lay there, on the floor, catching our breath. I’m the first to speak up, “Well I don’t think you’ll be taking that back to the store.”

She laughs and I join her as we attempt to stand and find our clothes. I looked back at her and had a weird sense of mis-perception. Were we always the same height?

Julie gathered her clothes and went to the bathroom to clean up. I pulled my pants back on and went to look at the remaining test tubes. It was crazy how quickly we both succumbed to the effects. I mean, like most guys I have a little bit of a hair trigger but, she seemed to come incredibly quickly. There weren’t any labels or anything similar to know what’s in it, so I decide to open it to take a whiff.

“Don’t!” Julie came running back into the room, her shirt halfway buttoned up and billowing. She still wasn’t wearing a bra, which wasn’t strange, but her breasts looked smaller, which was. The commotion caused me to stop what I was doing, “What do you mean?”

She finished buttoning her shirt and pulled her hair out, “The guy who sold it told me said the once opened, it loses its potency really quickly. We still have plenty of time for the rest, stud.” She slapped me on the ass as she said that and moved towards the refrigerator.

We spent the next couple hours making and eating dinner. It was nice to have so simple an activity go smoothly. We talked and just enjoyed each other’s company. A bottle of wine was opened and we moved to the couch. She was leaning on me as the TV played some mindless reality show. I went to pour another glass and noticed we were out. “Let’s open another,” she said. I walked over to the kitchen, reached for a bottle, but the test tubes caught my eye instead and a naughty thought crossed my mind. I grabbed two and brought them back to the couch. She affectionately slapped me on the leg and took what I offered her.

We both opened them, this time I smelled the contents; it was amazing. I pulled back and looked at her, who was looking at me, with a strange look. “You smelled it?” her tube still open in her hands.

“Yeah, you haven’t? It actually smells really good.” I sipped it down slowly, appreciating the creamy texture. I finished it and looked at the empty glass. A warm feeling went through my body, my cock rising as the heat went down to my crotch. I felt a haze as I looked over to Julie, she propped an eyebrow as her eyes drifted southward. She raised it to her own lips and slowly lifted the glass. I walked over to her as I saw a shiver go through her body.

Intent on making this experience last longer; I guided her to the floor. Her eyes opened with the same unfocused look I saw before. I quickly moved behind her before she could jump me again. I pushed her gently forward and she took the initiative to back her ass up to me. I took position and lined my cock up with her vagina. “I want to feel you in my ass tonight, baby.”

I didn’t wait for a change of heart; I lined myself up and shoved in. The different pressure felt amazing on my cock, and her incoherent noises told me she was enjoying it as well. I slowly bottomed out and adjusted my position. She was taking deep breaths, but seemed to be a natural. I pulled back out a little bit and she immediately rammed me back inside her. She gave me a flirty look over her shoulder and I returned it as I begin to pound her as hard as I could. I felt the familiar rising urge in me, and I finished without being able to pull out of her.

Julie’s shuddering and moaning took on a different tone as she collapsed in front of me. As she did, my cock fell out and I noticed that it now had a slight green tinge to it. It also might have been a tad bigger, but that all quickly left my mind as Julie moved onto her side. Between her legs, where her pussy normally sat, was a dark green cock and balls. It was small, but it was there. I gasped slightly as I saw it but she didn’t make a sound in response. As I looked up to her face I noticed that her breasts were all but a memory as well. Her large nipples sitting atop a pair of muscular pecs.

This was all too much for me. I straightened up, still on me knees and ran my hands through my hair. That felt different too as I pulled the silky strands in front of my face. I had always kept it short, but now it comes down past my face. As I looked at it, a white puddle caught my eye through my hair. I knew she came, but it only just dawned on me that it could’ve been semen. My curiosity piqued, I leaned down to smell it. As soon as the aroma hit my nostrils, I fell all the way down onto the floor, licking and scooping up everything I could find. This was amazing! Did it all taste like this? As I finished cleaning my girlfriend’s load off of the floor, an unexpected orgasm flew through my body and I collapsed alongside Julie.

I woke up to her moaning as she stretched out. I noticed that her hair only had fringes of blonde at the tips, the rest was a dark black. It seemed to lose a lot of its curliness as well. I wiped the sleep from my eyes as she looked down at me. She smiled, “That was some night! Even thinking about you in my ass has me…” Her hand trailed down her body and stopped when she reached her new set of genitalia. True to her word, she was turned on, but the growing dick she found surprised her.

I sat up immediately, I had somehow forgot that she changed sex last night. She was astounded more than anything and began to move her hand up and down her cock, while her other hand reached up to play with her chest. Her breasts may have been gone, but her nipples didn’t seem to lose any sensitivity. She sat there moaning and stroking her cock. Julie looked to me and pulled me in for a kiss. Her hands moved to my body and mine drifted up to her shoulders. She slowly brought them down to her dick and I begin to tease it. I wasn’t gay, but I was also incredibly turned on, so maybe I needed to re-evaluate that.

She pushed me backwards and crawled on top of me, our erect dicks jostling with each other. We broke apart for a second to look at each other, “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” I asked. She smiled and stood up, running over to the counter and grabbing the whole test tube tray. She sat it on the table and brought another set of vials down on the floor with me. She opens one and pushes me back down, holding the vial over me, “Open wide!”

I smile and eagerly open up as she slowly drips it over my mouth. Amazing! Again! I’m left to lick up the remains that my eagerness caused to dribble all over my face, Julie laughs above me. “My turn…” She says leaning down. She dribbles it down my chest and abs, which are far more defined than they were last night. It allows the substance to pool in the divots between my pecs and abs; she dutifully traces the path she made with her tongue and fingers, not missing a drop on her way to my cock. It looks even greener in the light of the day, but that doesn’t stop her from sucking me down.

I groan as she works my shaft up and down. She makes slight eye contact with me, but her focus is elsewhere. She pops off of it with a messy slurp and spins around, “Return the favor?”

I’m hesitant at first; my face has never been this close to another person’s dick before, let alone a green one. But another impatient lick reminds me that this someone currently has my genitals in their hands, so I give it a tentative lick. My tongue manages to collect some precum on her tip and the familiar haze sets in. I guide her body over me so I have better access. After some heavy slurping on both of our parts, she suddenly puts her finger in my ass and manages to find some magical button because I was coming hard in seconds.

The flood of my cum into her must’ve triggered her, because I soon had a mouthful of my own to deal with. I pushed it around my mouth, enjoying the familiar taste and when I swallowed, it hit me. We had been drinking cum this whole time!

I pushed Julie off me and looked at her. I really couldn’t call her a “her” anymore. While there were some unmistakably feminine features, he was all man. He panted as I looked him up and down again, the green was spreading out from his cock, in fact I could watch as it moved outward up to his chest and down to his legs. His feet and hands were definitely not a woman’s anymore as they seemed to stand out from the rest of his thin body. His ass, however, that was still bubbly and wide. There was another green splotch spreading from his mouth, which looked like it plumped up as well. The color changing stopped rather abruptly, about half of his body was still white, most of it could still be covered up with clothes.

Julie sat up, a slightly glazed look on his face. As he smiled at me, I noticed a few of his teeth were coming out from between his lips. Suddenly, he stopped smiling and looked at me. I followed his eyes and noticed a lot of the changes I had been following along his body were happening to me as well. My hand moved up to my lips and I felt the same teeth poking out of my mouth.

We sat in silence for a minute or two; taking everything in. I looked over at the table and to the vials. I spoke up, “Did you figure out what this stuff is?”

He nodded, “Cum. Probably from whatever we’re turning into.”

I nodded as well. “So… should I call you something else? Julie feels weird now.”

He chuckled, “Yeah I guess it does. Let’s go with Jack. We should probably figure out what we want to do though.”

I stood up and stretched, taking more stock of my changes. I was thin now, but still probably more muscular than I was before. And my ass was definitely thicker. I suppose I might be a “twink” if I wasn’t also transforming into a green something or other. I walked to the bathroom and looked at myself, honestly? I turned myself on.

Jack followed me in and put his hands on my waist, “Not for nothing babe, but you look really good.”

I leaned back against him as I felt his dick slide between my cheeks. I moaned as I realized how close he was to my hole. We looked at each other in the mirror and I moved a hand behind me to fondle his dick. It felt like instinct now, but I jerked him to complete hardness, about 7 inches now, and bent over, “Take me.”

He spit on his dick and jerked himself a few more times before moving inside of me. It was a fullness I had never experienced before in my life, but I could already tell I wouldn’t be able to go long without it. He steadied his legs and began to fuck me earnestly, hitting that earlier spot over and over. Soon I was about to hit the edge, I cupped my hand around my cock as it began to spurt. I slowly moved away from him and brought my hand up to my mouth as I turned to stare at Jack. I felt that fog through me as some of the cum dribbled down the sides of my face. My nose caught a whiff and I felt Jack kiss me then. His tongue tracing my mouth and then diving in to make out with me some more.

I felt a splash hit my stomach during this and broke it off to look down. He was jerking off and coming on me, I scooped what I could and l shoved it into my mouth. Once he finished coming, he kneeled down to lick me clean. I looked down at him as I saw the rest of his body become green and my own matching his. He stood back up and kissed me again.

We moved back to the main room and sat next to each other on the couch. The four remaining tubes taunting us. It was a sense of anticipation and fear that led me to look at the actual holder for only the second time. Before I was looking for contents, but now I found something different. It read, “Need More?” Followed by a phone number.

I showed it to Jack, he smiled and kissed me again. “I’m game if you are.”

A couple hours later, we heard a knock on the door. The test tubes were completely empty and smeared streaks of cum covered the furniture and the floors. Neither of us had bothered to put any clothes on the whole day; our glistening green bodies covered in a thin layer of sweat and cloudy globules of missed orgasms. The knock broke us out of the 69 we were in. Confused, I got off of Jack and moved to open the door enough to keep our sex den hidden.

As I did, I gasped. Standing in front of our door was a gigantic brute of a man. He had to be nearly a foot taller than me and had pale green skin. His eyes were sharp and domineering and I saw that his teeth came out above his top lip. He was wearing a light tank top and a pair of tights that only went down to his thighs but left his foot long dick entirely visible. He smiled and pushed the door open, I moved back out of the way. He could see the whole room now, Jack was grabbing on to my leg as we both looked to each other than back at him.

He closed the door behind him and dropped the bag we didn’t know he was carrying. His bare feet moved across the room, ducking occasionally when he went through doorways. As he left the room, Jack stood up next to me. “What is he?” He tried to whisper quietly to me.

It didn’t work, “I’m an orc!” he bellowed as he came back into the room. “And now, so are you two.”

He removed his shirt and got to work on removing his tights. “You two fed on my cum the last few days, slowly transforming yourselves into little breeders for me. It was a tad underhanded on my part; I usually prefer to take my slaves by force, but I have to adapt to the situation I’m in.”

He was naked and his dick stood straight out, as think around as a coke can, but twice as long. “My name is Boghrim.” He began pumping his shaft. “I’m sure you have lots of questions, but everything will become clear soon.”

Jack spoke up, “We’re not your slaves! Just… Be… cause…”

He couldn’t finish the sentence and I knew why; that smell. Boghrim came closer to us and brought his pre covered hands up to our faces. His hands were huge and it was all I could do not to give in and lick his hands clean. He came even closer to me and whispered, “It’s alright to submit, I’m here now. I can take care of you.”

That sealed the deal. I dropped to my knees and devoured his cock. It was all that mattered now. I felt Jack join me, but couldn’t take my eyes off my Master in front of me. He pulled out and Jack jumped on it. I was left to kiss and lick his balls as Jack tried his best to take him all the way to the hilt. Laughter rung out above us, “I appreciate the enthusiasm, but there’s something I need to do first. Both of you, turn around and on to the couch. I want to see those asses!”

Jumping up we both jostled on our way to the couch. We settled in next to each other; I looked him in his eyes and then back behind us. Boghrim was closing in on Jack, pre and saliva still coating his dick. Jack moaned as Boghrim practically slid into him. “Ah… It’s been too long since I had a nice breeeder ass. Hold on now, this might get rough.”

Jack was pushed back and forth, used like a limp fleshlight for this monster behind us. But with his moans, I knew he was enjoying every second of it. My own dick was achingly hard as I witnessed what was happening. After several minutes of this, Boghrim grunted and Jack fell limp on the ground, his head resting on the couch.

The room instantly filled up with the smell of his cum as Boghrim pulled out of Jack, his asshole leaking onto the floor. My instincts kicked in and I dove to lick up as mush as I could. Boghrim stepped back to allow me access and line up with my own hole. As he entered me, I felt my mind slowly fading out. His dick was incredibly large and did everything I could’ve ever wanted it to do inside of me. I was soon picked up and used just like Jack was, and it was the best feeling I could ever imagine. He finished inside of me and I felt something different happening.

Something deep inside of me changed, all of this cum, direct from the source, completed the transformation. I knew what he meant when he said breeder earlier; I was an orc breeder now. My purpose is to serve my Master and provide him with more orcs after he impregnates my ass. My anatomy had shifted; there was no way I could ever be human again. I smiled as I slowly drifted into unconsciousness. I couldn’t wait to begin my new life.

I take no credit for the original idea. In fact, it could theoretically take place in the original universe; Flexible Survival. There’s a lot to it, but basically nanobots merged with fantasy creatures to bring about transformations. Check it out if you’re interested.

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