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Banquet Of Sadism

By SadoMasochist published February 7, 2019

Community story about a sadistic man who takes people’s minds over with a drug.

And after 6 months I’ve done it. I knew those documents traced back from MKUltra experiments would bear fruit and I’ve finally found out where everything went wrong. It wasn’t enough to use existing pharmaceuticals out of convenience, you needed a new drug that spliced itself. Finally I had it. It cost me half a million to get this much done well and it needed to be fermented but the results were worth it. I now had 68 ml of what is effectively body control juice that would regenerate up to (or in my case exactly) 17 ml daily given a fuel of a singular spherical grape nightly. I call this liquid drug Cupid’s Poison. In order to get someone to be under my spell I would need to advance things in small stages.

Stage 1: Mood reset. This stage allows me to set a victim’s mood in any way I like for 10 minutes (the only one with a time out before it resets)

Stage 2: Selective amnesia. I won’t be able to make them forget trauma or family members or things of greater emotional importance, but I can make them forget everything they have no attachment to so long as there is no overlap with feelings.

Stage 3: Paralysis. I can make their body into what may as well be stone until touched which will make the subjects reanimate parts of the body that are touched within a small radius of the touch.

Stage 4: Body Control. This stage allows me to command the, at this point, slave to perform any act that I want under the head but including use of their mouth.

Stage 5: Reprogramming. In this stage I still have Body Control’s ability but I can also entirely change their minds on speaking with everything I say to them being thought of as strictly fact this includes giving them a new name.

At least that is the theory. Now I have to test it out on someone. In the meantime I decided to give myself a regular dosage of Testosterone X (of which I’m probably stopping today) which has given me more controlled emotions, has made me far less impulsive, much stronger, indifferent to other people’s opinions, hairier, taller, and has increased my dick size to 9 inches hard, with 7 inches of girth (guaranteed to give my partner a bad time assuming no lube which will be a given).

Tonight I decided to try my luck and see of everything paid off. I took 34 ml of the substance because using all of it would mean I can’t grow any and it’s a bad idea to leave a prospective slave paralyzed out in the open on day 1. Maddeningly, I could not grow more than 1 volume at once because regrowth hinged on a singular molecule that only exists once in the entire substance. I put the 34 ml in a tiny bottle that was designed so that absolutely none of it would remain in the bottle when emptied. I went to the nearest gay bar that I could and tried to see if I could get any of the sluttier people in my grasp. Lucky me there was this one guy.

He was clearly going for an alternative look and was carrying a backpack on him. I thought this was the perfect boy to start enslaving. I go up and try to talk to him and he stuttered at first. Cute. We didn’t hit it off too well but I decided to use the drug anyway convincing him that it was some sort of cherry flavored sake. He didn’t drink it at first and left it on the side. To distract myself from screaming, I asked what was in his backpack and he discreetly showed me a couple of dildos, handcuffs, a whip, lube, a chastity cage, and a tiny vibrator at once. Jackpot, I got to skip to the whip on my first day of slave ownership.

He ended up gulping my drink down and I told him “you feel adventurous, but you don’t remember the day you can to this bar, you don’t remember your license plate number to whatever mode of transport you got here with, you don’t remember that you need your phone tonight, and you don’t remember making any plans to leave alone, but you don’t remember your plan to get back.”

He blinked 4 times. I think it worked. I got up from my seat and told him “let me take you on a ride to my place”. He agreed, and we drove home at exactly the speed limit. I warded off some of his concerns well enough and as soon as we got in I gave him a different 17 ml to him so that he would get paralyzed. It worked.

With 17 ml left, I took a grape to replenish the supply some time from now. I lead him to my bedroom and cuffed him down after stripping him naked. The screaming wasn’t great for safety, but that added to the fun. I reactivated paralysis and touched his mouth and neck. I began whipping him as hard as I wanted to and started hearing his delicious screams of pain. This was going to be a fun. This was going to be SO MUCH FUN!

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Author's & Reviewer's Panel
This is a community story!
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