By TheWanderer
published August 16, 2016

A classic (I think) mc/hypnosis/brainwash story. Main character noticed that Chris(<-get mc-ed) looks aloof when he came back to the dorm.

Hi, first time writer here. A warning to the Grammer Nazi, there’s going to be a lot of grammer error especially with present and past tense. I always unconciously keep changing between these two while writing a story and I’m lazy to proofread. So, yeah, you are warned. Besides that, I’m really tired of waiting for someone to write another classic hypnosis/mind control/brainwash story, that follow the same old formula. Don’t call me on that though, I’m don’t really know about story formula. It’s the same thing but it still turns me on every time, so I’m basically writing my fantasy here. English is not my primary language so I don’t really know how a usual English speaker(or a jock) speaks. Any feedback is appreciated, on which I decide if I should write a part 2. Let’s get started with the story shall we?

It would be the start of something new.

That’s what I thought when I’m starting university.


I would get a cool roommate that could nerd out with me about video games and anime and become best of friends.

Nope. Instead my roommate’s a jock that’s just like the one in my high school who is a jerk and make my life a living hell. I have absolutely no idea how he got into university with that grade of his, much less in a science major, the same major I’m in. Probably with money. Yeah, that sounds about right. He always saying how his parents want him to at least get a degree back. He doesn’t really try though, he’s always out partying and drinking, when he’s not working out. I’m surprised he even barely pass all his units in the first semester.

I probably should introduce him. Huh? You asked what about me? Nah, call me Wanderer if you want, but I don’t really like to expose any information about myself. Just imagine you as me. Anyway back to my roommate, his name’s Chris. He has a nice “high definition” swimmer build, with enormous pecs and ripped abs. Yeah, I saw him shirtless, before he caught me staring too much and deduce that I’m gay, and make my life more of a living hell than it is. He has a nice tribal tattoo from his right shoulder to his elbow, accentuating his muscle, making him looks 100 times hotter. I’m surprised I didn’t throw myself at him every time he’s dead asleep on his bed from partying and drinking too hard. At least not back then.

There was this one time when I was studying late at night when Chris came back, reeking of alcohol. He’s looking a bit out of it though, his eyes half closed, and just stood there at the doorway, not moving.

“Huh, I wasn’t expecting you to come back this early.” In fact, I wasn’t expecting him to come back at all tonight. There was a huge party tonight and he usually don’t come back until the next day on such nights. Probably with a girl.

“Alex told me to come back home,” he replied as a matter of factly. Alex’s his one of his best bros.

“…okay~, why?” That was awkward, he didn’t even lash out at me.

“He said I don’t look too good,” again with that tone.

“…have you been doing drugs or anything?” ’cause I’m pretty sure that’s not drunk.

“Yeah, I bought some at the city and thought it would be a good idea to try it out in the party.”

“What kind of drugs?”

“This,” at that he pulled out a packet of pills from his jeans pocket.

I raised my eyebrow. “Have you told anyone?” He shook his head. “Let me see that,” he walked to the side of my bed (Yes, I study and read on my bed) and gave me the packet.

I never seen that kind of pill before, not that I have any experience in taking drugs. While I was examining the drugs, Chris is still standing on the side of my bed…creepily, at least I thought it was a bit creepy.

“Uh…why don’t you just lock the door and go to bed?”

“Yeah…” then he just did exactly what I told him.

I study him suspiciously as he lies on his bed, I also felt myself getting hard under my blanket. (Yes, I cover myself with blanket on my bed while I study. Why I’m saying this? I dunno, my mom always nags me about it)

“Chris, why don’t you take off your shirt?”

“…But you’re looking,” he said after a second.

Huh…“You don’t care if I’m looking, we’re both guys here, and this is our room. There’s nothing wrong, right? After all, you feel comfortable when you’re shirtless at home.” I watch him carefully as I slowly said each word in my mind.

He seems to think for a second and he started pulling off his shirt. “Yeah, you’re right, it doesn’t really matter if you’re looking and I do feel more comfortable shirtless at home.”

I let out a breath. It really does seem that the drugs open his mind to suggestions somehow. How the heck did he get his hands on these anyway? I’m pretty sure there’s no drugs like this even in the black market, again not like I have any experience in buying drugs.

…I wonder.



“We’re roommates, right?” “Right.” “We should be friends, right?”

…he’s not responding, but he didn’t reject it either so I continue.

“Since I’m smart, you feel bad about yourself since you can’t get good grades like me. You want to be friends with me so that I can maybe teach you how to study. You don’t really care about my sexuality. You just also want to be smart like me. And after we become friends, you’ll always listen to what I say because you know that I know better and will agree most of the times.” At this point, I’m really nervous how Chris will react and can’t think of anything else to say. “…Do you understand Chris?”

Ten seconds had passed…Thirty seconds…One minute…


I let out my breath…Chris had just fallen asleep, maybe the drug wear off. …how much of what I said got through to him anyway??? Probably not much, I don’t even know if the effects still stay after he woke up anyway.

Sigh, it’s been a long night. I thought as I turn off the light and goes to sleep.

My alarm rang at 7 in the morning.

“Could you turn that fucking thing off!” A voice cried angrily and sleepily.

I turn off my alarm immediately, although still half asleep. I look at Chris, still sleeping with his head under his pillow, probably to cover up his ears…and still shirtless under the cover. …It probably doesn’t mean anything since he hasn’t woken up yet. I stretched and I go wash up. It’s Sunday, but I still wake up early anyway.

When I came back to my room, Chris is sitting up on his bed looking half asleep. “…why am I at home?”

“You came back last night, saying you don’t feel really well.” It’s not really a lie…“Don’t you remember?”

“…no, not really. I still feel fucking tired though.” He said as he lied back down on his bed again.

“…are you okay being…shirtless…?” I asked, wording my words carefully.

“Huh?” He looks down quizzically at his bare chest. “What’s wrong with me being shirtless?”

“…you don’t care if I look?”

“Nah, people check me out at the gym anyway, even if you’re gay why should I care? It’s more comfortable this way anyway.” He lies his head back down again. “You’re a queer, right?” He lifts his head up again and looks at me.

“…more like bisexual.”

He laughed. “Just admit it, if you’re gay then you’re gay why deny it.”

“No really, I’m bi.”

“Whatev’s” He continued looking at me as if contemplating something. “Hey, why don’t you follow me to the gym later.” He preps himself up with his elbow.

“Huh!? Why? I don’t even know how to use all those equipment.” That was sudden.

“I show you. I just want to talk to you about something and I feel like it’s easier to talk in the gym, man to man.”

“I’m surprised you even considered me as man.” I feel kinda embarrassed and look down.

“Heh. But seriously though.” He continued stared at me and it doesn’t seem that I can say no.

“Umm…fine, sure.”

“Hmmm” He grunted as in approval and lied back down again.

…what the hell was that?

All I have to say is…Chris makes a really good personal trainer. He knows exactly how to make me push myself to my limit. I was so exhausted as I sat in the locker room, guzzling down water.

“You shouldn’t guzzle water like that bro, you’d throw up” Chris is standing across me and looking at me amused.

“I’m fine. I’m used to drink that much water at once. Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Well, I’m surprised you lasted this long.” He’s still looking at me with that smug expression.

“Hey! You’re the one who brought me here!” I complained. I’m too tired to even kick him.

“Yeah, about that…” He sat beside me, leaning forward putting his elbow on his knees. Oh I so wanted to lean on him right now. I was focusing on working out just now so I didn’t pay attention to my libido but now…ugh.

“Can you help me study?”

“…wha-?” At this point I already forgot about what I said to him last night.

“Well, I was really thinking these past few days: maybe I should really focus on studying. And well I thought that you could help me but I was such a jerk to you these past few months. So I thought that maybe I can help you train your body while you help trian me mind.”

I was a bit stunned as I took in what he just said. He looks at my grim face, waited, sighed and stand up.

He started to prepare for shower. “It’s okay if you don’t agree. After all you don’t have any reason to help me anyway, I’m a jerk to y-“ “Sure” Chris looks back at me. “Huh?” “I said sure,”

Chris grinned at me and said, “Thanks, bro.” As he continue preparing for shower.

“…can I ask a selfish request?” I said, not sure how he will take to this.

“Depend on your request, I guess,”

“Just for tonight, can I sleep with you?” “What!?” He exclaimed as he looks around and see if anybody heard that. I already did though and made sure no one’s around.

“It’s literally just sleeping! Nothing sexual! Just hugging!” I quickly said, realize that he could take it that way.

“With your boner rubbing against me? No!” I look down, disappointed.

Then, I heard Chris sighed. “Fine, just this one night. And nothing funny! I was a jerk to you in the past.” He scratched the back of his head.

“…Thanks.” “Just get your butt into the shower stall already…”

As soon as we enter our room, Chris automatically took off his shirt. Huh, that would be very distracting if I’m going to mentor him…Wait, doesn’t that also mean I can actually touch his torso tonight when we sleep? Whoooo!

“So, should we start now?” Chris asked staring at me.

It took me a while before I realize he’s asking about studying.

Thirty minutes later, I called a break on our study session. It appears that I have to teach Chris from the very basics…At least it seems that Chris is okay with my method of teaching, most people would be frustrated with me by now (one of them being my sister, she hates to be taught by me but I’m the only one she can ask smug expression) Maybe the drug made him that way.

Talking about drug…I went and find where I put that packet last night.

“Hey Chris,” “Yeah?” “Do you recognize this?” “Hey, isn’t that the drug I bought yesterday? Where did you find it?” “You gave it to me, apparently that’s what made you sick last night.” “Huh, throw it away then I guess” “Isn’t it usually super expensive to get your hands on any kind of drugs?” “Nah, not this one. The dealer said he created it by copying the structure or something on other drugs and wanted me to try it out. He didn’t want to try it on himself, he gave it to me. I did promise to tell him how it works out.” “And this is the only batch?” “Apparently, yah. He don’t want to give it to multiple people in case everyone died using it.” “…and you tried it anyway.” “Hey, YOLO.” I sighed.

“No homo. No homo. No h-….” Chris keeps muttering the same phrase as he’s lying on his bed, eyes closed.

“Seriously?” I look at him amused standing at the side of the bed, at least try to look in the dark.

“Hey, I’m the straight one here!”

“Fair enough.” I shrugged. Then I crawled into the bed beside him and hug him without warning.


“You agree to this. Now go to sleep, I won’t do anything funny. Just fulfill my dream of sleeping with a man.” I said.

He sighed, rolled to face the other side.

I kind of subtly explore his torso thoroughly when I retain a bit of consciousness throughout the night.

This is the best night of my life. Or maybe the first one.

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