Clothing Perfects the Man

By MasterJerker published February 7, 2019

A new fashion company, men becoming perfect over night, and the customers turning away from trusted retailers in exchange for this new company. It’s down to some trusted spies to find out what’s going on, if they don’t get turned first.

Clothing Perfects the Man

Written by: MasterJerker

“Perfection isn’t born with, it’s given, take me for instance,” the gorgeous model on the screen said. He ran his hand up his bared latino chest, sweat dancing on his skin making him glisten as if he’d just finished exercising. “At Domus Perfectionis, we will give you all you need to strive for perfection,” the man purred. He ran his tongue over his plump lips seductively, he looked absolutely perfect with his hair combed to perfection, his cheeks carrying a slight roundness, but not to be outdone by his firm jaw. His eyes seemed to shine like green emeralds, staring out through the screen right into the viewers’ souls. The man lifted up a bottle of cologne, spraying himself a couple of times before giving a bright white grin. “Come find your perfection, we’re accepting all applicants.”

The TV flicked off while everyone in the room panted in varying degrees, unable to help themselves as so many other people across the states were being affected. “We have a problem, our plant has turned,” Gabriel growled. He was the head of research and development at Ensen Beauty, though the company had been popular for quite a long time in the last month their stocks had started plummeting along with every other beauty, clothing, and even skincare provider. Domus Perfectionis has popped up just a few weeks prior, but when their ads had started rolling out with gorgeous men models who obviously had been altered with plenty of video edits they’d started pulling away all consumers.

“Wait, are you saying that was Tulio?!” one of the men gathered around the room shouted. Tulio had been a good looking man, that’s why they’d sent him in to scope out the competition, but he’d certainly not been THAT good looking. Gabriel nodded, a severe frown on his face telling everyone in the room that he was not pleased with this development.

“He sent me an email last night declaring that he was quitting, saying that he’d found his personal perfection with Domus Perfectionis, and that we should all join up as well before we’re driven under,” Gabriel growled. There were many concerned looks around the room, though a few faces looked pale enough that they might consider jumping ship. “Not eight hours after he sent that email that this new advertisement came out, obviously they’re making fun of us. Don’t worry though, I’ve sent two more men in, they’re two of our best workers who’ve proven to me that they have no intention of switching sides. I’m not certain how Domus Perfectionis turned our man, but these two will find out what this company is up to, and how we can get a slice of their profits,” Gabriel said with a dark smile. The others smiled nervously, though they weren’t certain how it would all turn out… they placed trust in their leader, though one of the men at the table was secretly groping himself through his pants as he continued to picture the sexy Tulio on the screen, pondering about going to check out Domus Perfectionis on his break…

Tenner Faris glanced into his rear view mirror for the eighth time, he was in his car sitting right in front of the main Domus Perfectionis store, and he had to make sure he looked immaculate. His partner had entered thirty minutes prior, and as of yet he’d not received any message that might’ve signaled anything wrong happening within. Straightening his tie and pulling it tight Tenner let out a long slow breath, glancing over himself in the reflection. He had icey blue eyes, the kind that sent shivers down any lovers’ back, he had thick blonde hair that needed fingers running through it. His jawline was firm, kissable, and perfect for any pictures he took no matter how bad he looked on any day. Despite this he was afraid that he wouldn’t pass, his partner had managed to worm through their defenses though as far as he was aware, so it shouldn’t be too hard.

Finally after sitting in the parking lot for over a half an hour Tenner took a long breath and stepped out of his car, even after doing that he made sure to smooth out any leftover wrinkles in his expensive suit. Personally, Tenner wouldn’t spent the sheer amount of money he’d put into this suit out of his own wallet, but after consulting with a few other clothing specialists his company had accepted the large bill on Tenner’s behalf despite what he thought. Tucking every spot of his clothing in and taking a deep breath, he started towards the building, pinning a nametag to his lapel as he went. Tulio had gone in through the proper channels, having interviewed and had been selected to join the company, but it had taken only a day for Tulio to cut off ties with their company. As such, Tenner and his partner had spent a good bit of cash with some hackers to worm their names into the system as pre-existing workers, saying that they were transfers from another store out of state.

Tenner could only hope that it had worked as he walked up to the employee entrance, he slid an electric ID from his pocket, a copy that Tulio had presented before he’s switched sides. Swiping it across the electric lock on the side Tenner held his breath, concerned that the locks might’ve been changed already, but thankfully it popped right open. Tenner and his partner had decided against entering the same store that Tulio had joined out of fear that he might turn them over to his people, apparently the locks shared the same code to unlock them. Pushing open the door he immediately plastered a grin on his face, they’d observed a few of the employees entering before going in themselves. They wanted to start with the proper etiquette right away so they didn’t stand out, it was a good thing too as there was someone right at the entrance. “Welcome! You must be Tenner from the Austin branch,” the man said with a great grin of his own.

While Tenner thought he’d dressed up to the nines, this man despite wearing the same looking clothing somehow made it look… regal. The suit hug his every muscle perfectly, his cufflinks done up properly, his tie cinched up tight against his throat. Tenner didn’t spend too long looking though as he didn’t need to be out of place, instead he extended his hand towards the worker. “Yes! And you are Harry I see,” Tenner said nodding towards the nametag on the other man’s lapel. They shook hands, Tenner hoping that his hands didn’t seem too sweaty, he’d given them a quick wipedown before he’d left his car.

“Indeed!” the man said with a nod. He was taller than Tenner, though only by a couple of inches with olive toned skin, he had some scruff on his face, but it was meticulously cut to make it look like it was on purpose. Somewhere in the back of Tenner’s mind he wanted to run a hand over that scruff, it looked perfect on the man’s marbled chin, and his teeth… Tenner was extremely glad he was straight, because the perfection this man exuded made him question his own sexuality. “So, Tenner, shall we get started? The men are already out on the sales floor greeting the customers, I’ll show you your locker so you can touch up before you go out as well,” Harry offered.

Though Tenner was rather nervous that he might slip up somewhere it would look far more suspicious if he turned down his guide’s offer, so he allowed Harry to show him the way. Walking through the back areas of this company Tenner was shocked by the pure perfection, nothing was out of place, everybody smelled manly and the perfect amount of musky, and not a single one ever wavered in their smile. If Tenner hadn’t seen many of the workers before smiling non-stop he would be worried that his cover had been blown, and yet nobody seemed immediately aware of his spy status. Harry was extremely friendly, greeting every employee by name, giving a few hugs, and even groping a few others. That last fact stood out to Tenner though he didn’t have much time to contemplate that as he didn’t get a chance to not smile as everyone was greeting him, giving him firm handshakes, complimenting his haircut, a few attempted to grope his crotch as Harry had done. With a few expert trips and a few sly dodges he managed to get away with none of the men touching his dick, but already he was recording all of these details into his mind.

A story was forming in Tenner’s mind already, he would get all of the information they would need to put their company back on top, then he’d sell all the crazy shit going on in the back rooms to some shady rag writer who would smear the name of Domus Perfectionis all over the ground. His smile became a bit more genuine at this thought, though if anybody spent too much time looking at it they might say that it looked like one purely out of malice. “Here we are!” Harry said excitedly. They’d entered the locker room where several men were stripped down to the skin, and it took everything Tenner had to not gawk at the physically perfect men. He considered himself straight as a board, but damn if some of the men didn’t make him seriously question his sexuality. “This will be your locker, Tenner! Why don’t you get cleaned up, make up any last flaws you might think you have, and I’ll be waiting right out there for you!” Harry said in an overly eager tone.

Having said his piece Harry went about the locker room in one loop, giving a few of the men a deep kiss, some of them stroking their balls, and one of them was promised that after the store was closed for the night they would be sharing plenty of time in Harry’s bed. Tenner’s mind was blown as he opened up his locker, within was a spare uniform, exactly like the one Tenner wore at that moment, but he couldn’t really fathom that. Whatever this place was, it was flaming to say the least, he’d never seen so many men so intimate with one another. His hand slowly went towards his pocket, contemplating sending his bosses a text, but something about that felt wrong. All of the other workers were constantly on task, not allowing themselves a moment of anything but perfection towards their job.

That thought made Tenner’s chest grow tight, how would he hold up this facade, all of these men were fanatics who seemed to have their job down to a science. He started to hyperventilate, drawing a few of the smiling faces towards him with equal parts concern and suspicion, one of them starting for him before a huge black man in an equally sharp suit stepped in. “Tenner, so very glad to see you! I wanted to have a word with you in the back before we went out on the floor,” he said with a sultry wink. Tenner’s mouth nearly dropped open in shock, but the look that the man gave him was tell enough not to say anything.

Though Tenner still didn’t seem as focused as he should be this was apparently enough to put off the others as their attention returned to getting dressed in well tailored and perfectly pressed suits. The man grabbed Tenner’s arm and pulled him towards the back, into the showers where nobody was currently showering thankfully. Turning on a couple of the faucets to drown out any sound the pair ducked in close to one another, Tenner’s practiced smile sliding away to reveal concern. “What the fuck is going on here, Harnes?! This place is fucking insane!” Tenner hissed.

Harnes Fantrel looked just as stressed as Tenner felt, though he’d done a masterful job of hiding that out in front of the workers. “I honestly couldn’t tell you, Ten, I’ve only been here for a little longer than you but I’ve managed to get a hang of how these guys act. It’s like they’ve all been brainwashed, I can’t believe how in sync they are, it’s hard to keep up. I don’t think we’ll be able to keep up this act for long,” Harnes explained in a hurried low tone. His voice was husky, like he’d smoked a few too many cigarettes, but the man promised he’d never touched one in his life, and his bright teeth reciprocated such a claim. “Just keep calm when you go out there, Tenner, I know it’s freaky but they aren’t on the lookout for anything out of the ordinary at the moment. I’ve been able to explain away anything too odd, but if you act up too strange they’ll probably get suspicious.”

Something about being told to act naturally didn’t exactly calm Tenner down, but he knew that his friend knew best. He let out a long sigh, straightening himself up as he pulled his suit back into perfect order. Harnes looked perfect as he was, six foot six, built like a wall, skin a sharp ebony that had drawn plenty of attention from women. Harnes had been an obvious choice for the position to infiltrate, one thing they’d had to do though was trim his hair. Harnes’ hair had always been a bit unruly, and from what they’d seen from the workers any sort of imperfection was unacceptable. “Alright, do I like alright?” Tenner asked, finally getting himself back in the right mindset.

Brushing a few stray hairs off of Tenner’s shoulder Harnes put on a smile of his own while he turned off the showers, the pair suddenly looking the model pair of Domus Perfectionis workers. “Perfect!” Harnes said in a delighted voice. Tenner and him walked back into the main locker room, both feeling a bit shaken by the looks that men were giving them as they walked through the room, but neither ever dropped their smile. Walking out one after another they found Harry standing outside of the door, not for a moment did Harnes look distraught. “Harry, so glad to see you again! I was giving Tenner some pointers on new protocol to observe here that we didn’t seen back in Austin,” he explained with a wide grin.

“Fantastic, I’m so glad to hear, Harnes! Why don’t you go back to the sales floor, I’ll take Tenner from here.” There was no question in Harry’s voice, he didn’t plan to let Tenner out of his sight just yet, yet neither man let themselves show any sort of anxiety. The pair gave each other friendly nods before Harnes was off once more, though Tenner did notice that the large man didn’t go towards the sales floor. Instead he ducked into a door marked Backstock, but Tenner didn’t focus on that as he had no desire to draw Henry’s attention to that door. Despite his own hesitation Tenner followed behind Harry, soon entering the sales floor where there was a ridiculous amount of customers, all of whom were looking at him with a mixture of desire and impatience. He let out a slow sigh before stepping up to a customer to assist them, Harry standing close by while he started the same spiel he could hear the other workers using on the customers.

Away from the other workers Harnes’ smile dropped away as he pulled out a micro camera from his pocket, his eyes shifting about the back room of the store. It was ridiculously large, full of cologne, a colorful menagerie of shirts, a variety of tailored pants, and finally plenty of makeup. “Okay, this has to count,” he grumbled to himself. As far as he could tell there were currently no other workers back here, so this would be the best time for him to get some grasp on what made this new company so addictive and perfect. He started to snap pictures of the variety of products on the shelves, immediately there was nothing that stood out to him as specifically enhancing their line of products.

Bottle after bottle, shirt after shirt, nothing stuck out to Harnes and that was infuriating by itself. Harnes knew all too well that models often sold the product, but to drag this sheer amount of people away from their company had to be some sort of product that really stood above the rest. After taking pictures of a majority of the regular stock Harnes was becoming disheartened, what if this was all that there was? While digging through the stock Harnes came across a door, one that grabbed his attention immediately with the words on the door, “New Hire Clothing”. That… was interesting, why did they have a room specifically for new hires in the backstock…? He smirked as he glanced around before opening the door, he slid in quickly before closing the door behind him. Turning around he looked about the room, what he saw immediately were suits very much alike the one he was wearing, jacket, pants, undershirt.

That wasn’t the oddest thing though, about the room were boxes all dedicated to every single piece of the suit. Shoes, socks, tie, even underwear were on display in a variety of boxes. “Why is all this stuff so special?” he grumbled. Walking up to one of the suits on a hanger he picked it up, looking it over he didn’t immediately notice anything off on the outside, but on closer inspection of the inside he froze. There were lines of circuitry running through the clothing, in fact as soon he’d touched a jacket it seemed to lean towards him, as if it wanted to slide itself onto his body. Immediately Harnes let go of the jacket sleeve, his heart pounding as the suit settled back down, leaving the man to stare at the jackets in wide eyed surprise.

His surprise was soon swept away as excitement took its place, this must be how they were perfecting all of their models, Harnes didn’t know all the details but this obviously was part of it. Snagging several pictures of all of the suits he gathered up one of the hangers he folded them up, sliding them under his arm. All he had to do now was get out and show his bosses the clothing and then THEY could reverse engineer it, but though he attempted to forward the pictures to his work he realized that he had zero service back in this area. “Shit… well whatever, I’ll get out, then I’ll shoot Tenner a text. We’ve got this place on shutdown,” he chuckled. Walking over to the door he opened it with a confident smile, only for it to freeze as he saw three workers waiting outside for him. They all looked perfect as ever, but there were no smiles on their faces, they looked at him with intent glares that made his legs weak with fear. “Oh… gentlemen… it looks like I took a wrong turn,” he laughed nervously.

“You have been found trying to sell company secrets, obviously you are not already a member of Domus Perfectionis’ staff,” they said simultaneously. That by itself made all of Harnes’ hairs stand on end, this wasn’t right, the men all had the same expression, stood the same, and spoke the same. “That is no concern though, we will help you embrace the perfection of Domus Perfectionis shortly,” they said with a growing grin on their faces. This grin didn’t make Harnes feel good at all, instead he rushed towards the trio planning on plowing through them. What he hadn’t been expecting was their immense strength, together they easily knocked him down, one with a punch to the jaw while the other two swept his legs in perfect synchronization.

Collapsing to the floor with a gasp of pain Harnes attempted to get up, but two of the men who’d assaulted him grabbed his arms, dragging him right back into the room he’d just left moments before. “I’ll give you a cut of the profits if you let me go!” he promised. Part of him knew that this wasn’t likely the best way to win them over, but he couldn’t think of much else to immediately win them over. They didn’t seen to hear him though as they took the suit he’d collected earlier, along with collecting other pieces of the outfit from around the room for new hires. “If you let me go I won’t press charges!” Harnes snapped as his anger grew.

None of them were listening now though, they had started ripping Harnes’ clothing off with ease, the fabric shredding easily as they pulled it off of his body. “Get off of me!” he snapped. They were fast and methodical, revealing his beautiful ebony skin underneath, their hands freely playing over it as they finished ripping off his jacket and shirt, the tie discarded to the side, then they started to pull away his shoes. Harnes kicked out at them, but they hardly reacted to being struck, just working faster. His feet were revealed next, followed by his legs as his pants were yanked off, belt clasp breaking off. “What are you doing?!” Harnes had a bad idea of what might come up next, but he needed to somehow gain control of this ridiculous situation.

Finally Harnes’ underwear were tossed away, leaving Harnes completely naked, his penis sat there, seven inches flaccid, glorious dark plump balls that all three men eyed with anticipation. “I will sue all of you!” Harnes snapped. He struggled meekly, but by this point he knew that their strength was far beyond his. “Please… just let me go,” he whimpered.

The guards just smiled at him, the one before him holding up a pair of stark white underwear, within Harnes could see the slight silver of the circuitry within. “You’ll thank us,” they all said. Harnes kicked and did as best as he could to resist, but the underwear was soon sliding up his legs and as it cupped around his junk and ass Harnes jolted. For one, the underwear felt like it bonded to his skin, tightly with several pricks along his ass and junk. He hissed in pain as… alterations were made, his cock first started to shrink, he could feel it, see it as the massive bulge in the underwear started to grow smaller. “We all have the same size cock, yours is very nice, but not perfect,” they explained as he watched on in horror. The man’s ass on the other hand swelled up, before he was a bit flat, but now a bubble butt formed that was absolutely smackable. The feelings were intense, and yet somehow… arousing, his bulge flexing with strange feelings of excitement.

“Why are you doing this to me?! Stop it!” Harnes snapped. They weren’t answer though, the two holding him picked him up and off of the ground, Harnes started to struggle… or at least he tried to. His eyes widened as he found his legs wouldn’t respond, in fact… he thought he felt an odd buzz in the back of his head that hadn’t been there before. A voice started to whisper in the back of his head, he couldn’t quite place the words, but perfection was ringing in his ears despite nobody saying it aloud. The pair of sharp pressed black pants slid up his legs, tingling across his skin with the hidden technology within. “You can’t do this, I’m a fucking human being!”

“You will become the property of Domus Perfectionis, like we all did,” they said. They all smiled, their eyes gleaming with an almost artificial glint, Harnes was disgruntled to see that they were all rock hard through their pants. Once the pants reached their proper height they buttoned themselves up, zipping up tight, and once again Harnes felt that uncomfortable sensation of bonding. The pants seemed to adjust themselves on the fly to make themselves perfectly modeled to his body, his ass bulging perfectly in the seat of his pants. Harnes groaned and rolled his head back as his arousal grew only stronger, that buzz becoming stronger, his nipples hardening in the cool air. What he didn’t see underneath the pants was how all of his leg hair grew shorter to a perfect set height, his thighs thinning down, his pubic hair being shrunken to company regulated size.

As the voice grew stronger Harnes attempted to retain his own free will, but the new growing personality seemed far more interested in following the plan that the others were devoted to. Harnes could feel an interest in perfection growing within, to attain the same perfection the others had, so sexy and handsome in their supreme beauty. While a pair of socks and perfectly polished black shoes were slid onto his feet, a white shirt buttoned itself up his chest, hiding away the skin underneath, but perfecting it nonetheless. “Why… why does it feel so good?” he whimpered. His eyes were growing increasingly vague, not unlike the eyes of his captors, all of whom were rubbing their crotches, though no erection could be seen through the tight fitting pants they all wore. He found himself getting erect from all of the attention, but managing a look down he was a bit shocked to see that his pants were showing no sign of his own excitement.

While each button of the white shirt slid into its proper hole, Harnes’ skin became perfect, any blemishes being eliminated, excess body fat burned away, his nipples becoming the proper size as determined by the company. Harnes was frightened as he was becoming increasingly complacent to the voice, his struggles lessening, his arousal enhancing as he found it incomprehensible to fight Domus Perfectionius. He groaned ever so slightly as his underwear cupped his balls, squeezing slightly to show their pleasure in his increasing obedience, his eyes taking on an increasing similarity to their own eerie vague eyes.

A jacket slid over his white shirt, fastening about his growing muscles, a smile forcing itself upon his face, a twin to those on the others’ faces. A sculpted body formed underneath the shirt, his pecs rounding out to perfection, his abs formed from marble, and any extra fat burned away in mere moments. Harnes knew he had to fight it, he was part of another company, he had friends there, one of whom was in the same building undercover. If for some reason he should fall to them, he was afraid of the fact that he might betray them… but God, it felt so good to be perfected, for his skin to be so flawless, for someone else to think for him… He moaned deep in his throat as he stood straight, a perfect stance, the same one that the others had, a forced smile starting to press itself upon his face.

Piece by piece of clothing made Harnes feel more in line with the rest, his own memories and personality taking a backseat to the new thought processes pressed upon him by the clothing. His every action was choreographed by the clothing, by the mastermind behind it all, and the scary thing was that Harnes was becoming numb to the fear it may have brought in him before. He watched as one of the others came before him, a comb in their hand, they ran it through his hair and he moaned as he felt it slide through his hair. Mere moments later he watched as the hair fell out, all of it, leaving a beautifully polished bald surface in its place. Perfect baldness, the kind that any person would moan in delight when they ran their hands over his beautiful bare scalp.

The final piece of clothing was the tie, the tiny part of Harnes that remained screamed as he saw the tie in one of the others’ hand, his marbled and perfected body holding still as the tie was lifted over his head. Harnes was thinking of how he would be betraying his company, his family, his friends by allowing them to cinch the tie about his neck. Already any memories of his previous life were stuck in a thick fog, only accessible now by the new person taking his place, any information that was necessary to Domus Perfectionius was accessible by the new person taking his place. A single tear escaped Harnes’ eyes as he knew he was about to be deleted, the scary part was how much of him didn’t give a lick, they were interested in the sexuality of being perfect, and making others perfect.

The tie was cinched tight against Harnes’ throat, every inch wiping away his individuality, the new program taking his place as he lost ground. Thoughts of resisting were being erased by every moment, but as his eyes became increasingly glassy it was hard to think of any argument as he became perfect. The newest model shuddered as he came, his underwear absorbing the juices before any dampness could reach his immaculately pressed pants. For a few moments his eyes rolled back, any last thoughts or remains of his old personality burned out with that orgasm, and by the time they rolled back down they were eerily shiny like the rest’s. Reaching up, the newest model readjusted his tie to make sure it was perfect, he gave a blindingly white smile as he looked at the others all of them connected by their perfection. “There is another invader, we should take care of him,” he said confidently. He could see all important information from the previous host, they weren’t clouded by emotions, they were just fact as far as he was concerned.

“Do not worry, The Boss is well aware of his presence. We are expected back on the sales floor, move it, Model,” the others said in unison. The newest Model nodded, smiling exactly like the rest as they started towards the floor, his cock hard in his pants as he thought about how he’d been perfected.

It had taken way too long for Tenner to ditch his shadow, he’d helped several customers to the best of his ability without a full index of information on Domus Perfectionius’ full services. A few customers had been rather displeased, and that would likely lead the others to his own lack of knowledge, but that didn’t matter as long as he could get away from his guide. Harry had gotten hung up helping another customer during Tenner’s down time, the rare moment where he’d not been answering somebody’s question, so he used it to slip off of the sales floor and rush towards the back halls.

As far as Tenner could see, most of the other workers never ventured into some of the hallways, so he’d decided to explore them to see what was happening behind the scenes. The halls were all symmetrical, every door perfectly placed to be symmetrical, honestly all of it seemed just a little bit obsessive in his opinion. Making his way down the hallways, Tenner attempted to look like he belonged there, though if anybody had actually caught a glimpse of him they would’ve immediately noticed how much he stood out in the space. Honestly, the fact that he hadn’t been noticed sooner was absurd as he knew all too well his own shortcomings.

The interior of the halls all seemed to blend together, Tenner at some point expected to walk right back out onto the sales floor and to be accosted by the workers there. He’d taken such a wide variety of turns that it only stood to reason that he’d be freed of the labyrinth of hallways, and yet it never came. He loosened his tie, continued to walk, and occasionally yell at walls in some way to retain his sanity. No office would ever be this complex nor unrealistic, and yet nobody stepped out from any shadows to stop his progress. He was about ready to freak out as he realized that he had no idea where he was, until he heard a voice speaking calmly.

“As I said, I already know about them, I’m taking care of it, sir,” a deep voice carried through a nearby cracked door. Out of the few that Tenner had checked, most of them had been just the same cookie cutter office, but all of them had been empty. Tenner walked over to the door, standing outside it and trying to catch some of the information, anything that would help him glean more information on this entire strange outfit. “Yes, sir, I know you’re upset that I let them in at all. I decided it would be for the best, after all, we need information on our competitors.”

A chill ran down Tenner’s neck, he had a bad feeling about this, though he couldn’t say for certain… he was getting the feeling that they knew about him and Harnes. He slowly stepped away from the door, he would run out and get Harnes, he was certain his friend might’ve gotten more information while he was out and about. “Boys, bring Mister Faris inside, I’m just about done with this call.” There was the sound of two doors opening, Tenner’s eyes widening as he saw two men, one was a stranger, a beautiful perfectly modeled stranger with a bright smile. He latched onto one of Tenner’s arms, holding on with an unnatural strength, the other was… Harnes?!

For a long moment Tenner didn’t recognize him, he was too perfect, too beautiful, all of his imperfections had been worn away. Any flaws that he’d had were gone, and his eyes were just as blank as the other men in the building. “Harnes, what’s going on?! Snap out of it!” he pleaded. Harnes grabbed onto his other arm, the pair starting to lead him inside while Harnes chuckled, a deep tone that was extremely pleasant to listen to.

“I have been perfected, Tenner, do not worry. The Boss has many questions for us, you’ll be so happy, he’s a fantastic man with great ideas!” Harnes’ voice was somehow more beautiful, and yet carried less personality than before. The trio marched into The Boss’ office, the man behind the desk finished up his conversation as Tenner was stopped in front of his desk. “We’ve brought him, Boss!” the two Models said in unison.

Snapping his phone shut, The Boss turned around in his seat to look at Tenner with a bright smile… but it wasn’t perfect. Where the Models around the building were perfection, he had flaws, he was certainly good looking with a quaffed haircut, clear muscles underneath his suit, and a dazzling smile… but it wasn’t perfect. “Thank you, boys, just hold Tenner there,” he said with a chuckle.

“Yes, sir!” they both said. Tenner could feel them freeze up, aside from shallow breaths, they’d essentially become statues. The Boss reached into his desk and pulled out a couple of files, setting them on the desk for Tenner to see, clipped to each one was a picture… of himself and Harnes.

“You know, it was a good try, trying to slip into our system like that. Hell, it might’ve worked too… if not for the fact that your company doesn’t have all of the details. Every single Model is completely registered in our system, down to the DNA, they belong to our company mind and body.” The Boss stood up, as far as Tenner could see, there was no sign on the desk of his name. “Harnes here has seen the error of that though, he has been registered in our system, and now belongs to Domus Perfectionis, isn’t that right?”

Harnes came back to life, underneath his pants his cock was rock hard, eager to belong to perfection itself! “Oh yes, sir! I am so glad that I was allowed to become a Model. Please ask me anything, I’ll give you any details on our cooperation, I’ll give you everyone’s names! Just ask, sir!” The insane devotion in Harnes’ voice made Tenner’s stomach drop in disgust, he’d been completely loyal to their company earlier in the day, and now he seemed like a dog wanting to be petted.

“In time, Harnes, now settle down.” Immediately Harnes became a statue again, eyes staring forward, a blinding smile always on his face. “Now, Tenner, what will I do with you…? You both came into my branch, expecting to bring us down, I can’t very well have that, now can I? Our company keeps our secrets, no matter what, nobody can leave with what information we hold onto. Our “stockholders” wouldn’t like that, they gave us this technology for a reason…” Something was very off here, Tenner wasn’t certain what, but the fact that he’d spent nearly twenty minutes walking about hallways in a building that couldn’t possibly be that large wasn’t a good sign.

“I don’t know anything… you can let me go, I’ll never come back, please…” Tenner said tentatively. To be fair he really didn’t know anything, aside from the fact that his friend and coworker had become “perfected”, and that wasn’t all that much to go off of. A tsk from The Boss didn’t exactly cheer him up though, Tenner’s face filled with anger as he glared at the man. “You can’t do this, I won’t submit to whatever you’re doing to these men. I don’t know how you got through to Harnes, but I have no intention of going through with this! I’ll sue you, hell, I’ll call the police on your asses and tell them that you held me against my will!”

The Boss chuckled, walking over to a nearby wall and pressing a button, a soft gliding noise could be heard as a hole opened in the floor. “You do talk a lot, Mister Faris. I have figured out what to do with you though, I’ve been wanting to test out my newest addition, and you seem like the perfect experiment. Let’s allow the clothes to choose you,” he said in a mysterious way. He gestured to Harnes and the other Model, they both started towards the hole, Tenner struggling to get away but getting nothing accomplished.

Getting to the edge of the hole Tenner was confused when inside all he saw were plain regular clothes, it was like a hole full of laundry, and yet there was something off about them. “What the hell is this?!” he snapped. He found his feet nearing the edge of the hole, the Models holding off for The Boss’ command.

“It’s our new line of clothing, a pair of clothes for every kind of job you can imagine. Soccer player, dancer, slut, lawyer, name it, it’s in there. We haven’t put it out yet as it’s still rather experimental, the programming can be a real bitch to get right, but I figure we can allow you to be one of our first test cases. Now boys, toss him in!” Without a moment’s hesitation the Models shoved Tenner down into the hole, and he flailed as he was swallowed in a sea of clothing.

The clothes shifted around him like water, burying him deeper and deeper, at first nothing seemed too bad about the clothes… until they started ripping apart the clothing on him. “What the fuck?!” Tenner gasped. He felt them, his clothes being torn apart by unseen hands, the man flailed as his shirt was pulled off, his pants, shoes, everything was torn apart with audible shredding sounds. The clothes were grabbing onto him, feeling him up and down, testing his muscles, his cock size. “Get off of me! Help! God, get me out of here!” Tenner shouted. The clothes were muffling any sounds though, the man getting dragged deeper, and then he felt something touching his feet.

Attempting to kick at it, Tenner tried to get the offender off, but it slowly slid its way up his legs like a snake. They felt rubbery, slowly climbing, a tingle running over his flesh wherever it touched. Somewhere behind him, Tenner also felt something tickling the back of his neck, trying to get on him, he tried to swat it away, but the clothes weren’t allowing much movement now. A pair of cuffs slid themselves onto his arms, cinching themselves around Tenner’s wrists, and a groan escaped him as the tingle rippled over his skin. He felt something change, his arms started to swell up, his skin darkening slightly with a growing tan.

The rubbery garment settled over his crotch, suctioning itself there, already starting to swell up his cock to a proper size. “Fuck!” Tenner gasped. New programming was flooding his brain, how to act, how to do his job, and who was in charge. Most of all though, he was being perfected, his old job wouldn’t matter in a short while. The part that frightened Tenner though was how quickly he stopped fighting it, he felt the garment fondling his balls, pressing against his asshole, making him feel soooo sexy…

Around his throat a bowtie slipped around his neck, tying itself perfectly, pulling tight against his throat… and Tenner’s entire mind was blown with pleasure. He rocked and shuddered as the changes formed, getting rid of all of those imperfections, making his body rock hard sexy. The clothes around him were massaging his every muscle, building him closer and closer to that climax… and then he exploded with a violent shudder.

Outside, The Boss was looking at his watch, the other two Models had already gone back to their jobs out on the sales’ floor. He’d immediately dismissed them following Tenner being pushed into the pit, only five minutes had passed when the hand broke through the top layer of clothing. He looked down, briefs growing tight as he saw an adonis push his way up out of the pool of clothing. “Well damn, I wasn’t sure what to expect…” The Boss chuckled. The man climbed his way out of the hole, soon standing erect before the boss.

“Pool boy reporting for duty, sir!” Tenner was fucking sexy, his hair had become platinum blonde glued into a perfect style, offset by his gorgeous tan, a bowtie about his neck seemed to be glued there, his eyes a beautiful blue that reminded The Boss of the ocean. His body was ripped, huge pecs with perk nipples, abs that The Boss could grind against all day, and a package wrapped up in a aqua blue thong that showed of all of the goods. “What can I do for you, Boss?” Tenner smiled genuinely, all thoughts of disobeying completely squeezed out by the clothing.

“Show me that ass,” The Boss commanded. Tenner did so, turning around and showing off the gorgeous bubble butt there, the thong riding down the asscrack, vibrating ever so slightly against the man’s hole. “Fuck yes, the boys down in R&D did a wonderful job. I am very happy,” he chuckled. He walked forward and groped the beautifully tanned asscheek, slapping it just to see the flesh wiggle. “You are going to be my personal pool boy from now on, understand?”

Shooting off a salute, showing off the ripped arms along with the cuff on either arm, Tenner gave a blinding smile as his dick twitched in its thong. “Yes, sir! Anything you want, Boss! I am your personal pool boy, just like I was made to be!”

Everyone at Ensen Beauty stared in a mixture of horror and arousal as Tenner and Harnes groped one another, humping up against each other in extremely lewd positions while the self proclaimed Boss smiled at the members of the room. “As you can see, we’ve taken in your two spies and properly perfected them. I have to admit, I’m rather tired of playing games with all of you, so please understand that there will be no more leniency from Domus Perfectionis. The men all looked at one another, a sense of foreboding growing… right until the TV let out a shrill noise, it was so high pitch that it was almost out of human hearing, but one by one the men in the room went completely still as their eyes glazed over. “Get undressed, men, my agents are on their way right now with your new uniforms,” The Boss said with a smirk.

Each of the men stood up, starting to undress, if they were trying to fight the mind control it didn’t show on their faces, they soon all stood completely naked. Many of them didn’t look all that great naked, ironic for the fashion business, but it didn’t matter as the door opened to reveal two Models with large boxes in their hands. “Put on your new uniforms, men, we’ve got a lot of work to do.” The Boss laughed as they started to dawn their new uniforms, bodies being perfected, and minds brought under the heel of Domus Perfectionis.

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