Christmas Vacation

By Willie Cici published February 6, 2019

Logan and his girl join her family for a post-Christmas vacation where Logan meets the rest of the family …

Living on the West Coast has its benefits. When I was 10 years old, my father announced that we were moving to Los Angeles. I thought my life was ending. Little did I know that my life would change for the better. In less than a year, I forgot my frozen tundra Connecticut life. My sister and I quickly adapted to the sun and beach lifestyle. Fifteen years passed by so quickly that I hardly remember our lives in the Northeast.

Even at Christmastime, I rarely long for colder weather. The idea of cuddling up in front of a roaring fireplace is more romance than reality. My girl and I cozy in front of the firepit of my parents’ beachfront manse. Our frequent trips to nearby ski resorts satisfies my temporary desire for cold weather.

This Christmas, my girl informed me that we were spending our post-Christmas vacation with her family. My girl has two sisters, one married, the other, single. I have never met the entire family, although I have heard stories, exaggerated for sure. I think this is Nicki’s subtle hint that I should start thinking ‘serious thoughts’.

Nicki has no idea. I’m not anything special in the looks department. I have a California beach body. I’m not embarrassed to take off my shirt at the beach. My laidback attitude and overall casual vibe must strike a chord with women, regardless of age, type, whatever. For example, one sleepy Friday evening, around 7pm, I was grabbing a cup of coffee at ‘The Coffee Bean’, across the street from my gym on Santa Monica Boulevard. I sat down to drink my coffee and read my book. This cute, little red-head walks into the ‘Bean’ and orders a latte. We make eye contact. Thirty minutes later, I walked out of the café and escorting the 30+ hot little redhead who was intrigued by my novel. She invited me to her apartment to ‘keep talking about the book’. An hour later, the divorced 33 year old was screaming my name. We never really talked about the book. She was too busy sucking my dick. Lately, I have attracted Asians and light-skinned African American women. I really don’t care. I enjoy the pleasure of sex. For me, it is like breathing.

Nicki fulfills my lust - - partially. There will be no ‘serious thoughts’ until I tire of fucking - - which means ‘never’. I am sure Nicki does not understand me. My parents do not rush me to marry. My father reminds me often to wait as long as possible. Our family construction business keeps me busy. My dad is the perfect wing man for happy hours. Sometimes, I attract two hotties, one for me, one for him. I am my father’s son, after all.

In any event, Nicki’s family arranged a ski vacation at a resort in Vale. Luckily, Nicki and I have spent the last three winters enjoying weekend getaways to Snow Valley Mountain, a two-hour ride away from Santa Monica. Nicki and I had the gear already in tow. I thought it would be fun to spend the holiday, skiing in Vale. If I were lucky, I could even nail Nicki’s sisters.

Two days after Christmas, Nicki and I boarded our flight and arrived in Vale. The resort offered transport from the airport. We rode the van to the resort and arrived at the hotel within forty minutes.

As we were checking into the resort, I heard someone shout, “Nicki!!” My girl turned to face the voice and found her sister. Nicki ran to her sister and embraced her. “I’m so glad you’re here.” Nicki escorted her sister to the reception desk where I was completing some paperwork. “Hi, Logan.”

I turned around and said, “Hey, Zoe.” I leaned over and gave her a peck on the cheek.

“You’re cuter every time I see you.”, Zoe said, as she rubbed her hands on my chest.

I blushed a bit at Zoe’s overt advances. “Well … thanks.” My fantasy of seducing Zoe seemed more a possibility.

Suddenly, a voice boomed throughout the lobby of the hotel. “Zoe”.

I turned around and tried to figure out who was shouting out Nicki’s sister’s name. In the corner of the lobby, in front of the huge Christmas tree, there was a man, wearing jeans and tight white t-shirt, flexing his guns. He was exceedingly tanned and handsome, a man who lived in the gym, for sure. (To see the man, click here). When Nicki rushed to the man, I asked Nicki, “Who is that?”

“That’s Chad.”, Nicki said.

“Of course it is.”, I said, the irony oozing from my tone.

“That’s Zoe’s boyfriend.”, Nicki said.

“I figured that out.”, I answered. “Let me guess: personal trainer.” Nicki nodded ‘yes’. I shook my head. “I know you love your sister. I’m repeating what you’ve said. Is Zoe that shallow?”

“Oh, yeah. But, there’s a good reason why she’s dating Chad.”, Nicki said.

“And that is …”, I asked.

“He fucks her every night, every morning, and every chance he can. She’s never experienced a lover like Chad.”, Nicki said. When I did not react fast enough for Nicki, she leaned in and whispered, “She never had an orgasm until Chad fucked her.”

I kissed the nape of Nicky’s neck and whispered, “Do all the Pagonidis girls expect that daily schedule?”

“No, but you do fine. Trust me.”, Nicki said, as she placed her hands upon my groin and tugged at my cock. “Just fine.” Nicki kissed me, grabbed me by the hand and led me to Chad and Zoe.

As we approached Chad and Zoe, Chad extended his hand and then bro-hugged me. “Dude”, he warmly said, as we hugged. His default word – dude – served Chad well, as noun, adjective and verb. I never realized that those four letters could serve so many functions, but listening to Chad dispelled any notion that ‘dude’ was not the ultimate polysyllabic tool, even if it was one syllable.

Once we settled into our hotel rooms, Nicki and I head out to hit the slopes. Chad and Zoe decided to join us. That surprised me. Chad did not look like someone who enjoyed skiing. He struck me as the type to greet people at the gym and motivated them by shouting ‘We’re going to pump … you up’.

When we joined Nicki’s parents and the entire entourage for dinner that evening, Chad noticed me walking a bit gingerly. He walked up to me and said, “Dude, are you hurt?”

“My back is stiff. I must have pulled a muscle.”, I said.

“Dude, you should train with me tomorrow morning. Gym is totally pumped.”, Chad said.

The thought of training with Chad horrified me. I pictured myself standing in front of three hundred-pound weights, ripping my arms off my body, like a cartoon character. “I’m not …”

“Dude, 7:30am. Fitness center.”, Chad said.

“That early? Are you sure?”, I asked.

“Oh yeah. I wake up around 6:30. I fuck Zoe. Then I head out to work at the gym. Every morning.”, Chad announced, as if everyone followed that schedule.

“Every morning?”, I asked, convinced that Chad was bragging.

“Dude! I make Zoe cum every chance I get.”, Chad said. He leaned in and said to me, “It keeps her off my game.” I must have looked confused, because he said, “You don’t think she’s the only one. Shit! The whores at my gym pay me to fuck them. Zoe’s so cum-drunk she pays our bills.”

Suddenly, I realized that Chad was not that dumb. “Okay. I’ll meet you at 7:30.”

After some cocktails and conversation, Nicki and I headed for our hotel room. I’m not much of a morning person, so I decided to pleasure Nicki in the waning hours of the evening, making sure that Nicki howled at the midnight quarter moon that brightly shined upon the mountain resort.

At 7:15am, my cell phone alarm sounded. Carefully, I slid out of the bed and made my way to the bathroom. I placed my exercise gear in the bathroom before Nicki and I fell asleep. I dressed quickly, washed the sleep off my face and crept of my hotel room, to the 3rd floor where the Fitness Center was located. When I walked into the Fitness Center, I was impressed with the caliber of equipment and the size of exercise room. Most hotels boast a Fitness Center but it never meets the advertised expectations. I took advantage of Chad’s delay and decided to spend at least ten minutes of cardio on the treadmill. I was sure that Chad would head straight for the weights.

As I briskly jogged on the treadmill, I noticed Chad walking into the Fitness Center. In his compression exercise gear, Chad looked incredible. As he drew closer, I soon realized why Zoe paid the rent. Chad was massive. Had he not shared with me his morning ritual, I would assume he sported some morning wood. Chad walked over and took the next treadmill and began his cardio. He exceeded my speed by at least two miles per hour. I had no intention of having Chad beat me on the treadmill. I sped up my conveyor belt, reaching 8.2 mph, my average speed. Chad smiled. “Too fast for me.”, he panted. I smiled. That was probably the only feat I would accomplish in my private contest with Chad. After ten minutes of brisk jogging and two minutes cool down, I jumped off the treadmill, wiped down the equipment and headed toward the weights where Chad had already set up some barbells.

“Try that.”, Chad said. I looked down at the weights. Between the bar and the round weights, it looked like 135 pounds. I could handle that. I performed and released the weights. I felt my muscles burn. The compression gear clung to my form. Nicki loved this exercise gear. I wore it because I knew Chad would be wearing similar apparel. (To see Logan in his compression gear, click here).

“Dude, you did good.”, Chad said. He stepped in front of the weights and performed the same exercise, except he did about a dozen reps. As he went through the motions, he seemed bored. When he dropped the weights, Chad grabbed his half-gallon bottle of reddish-purplish liquid and drank a healthy swig.

“What’s that?”, I asked.

“Protein and energy. Changed my workouts. You want some?”, Chad asked, as he offered me his bottle.

The germophobe had a moment. If I say ‘yes’, Chad will be gracious. If I say ‘no’, Chad will call me a pussy. If I explain the ‘no’, Chad will call me a real pussy. “Sure.”, I said, as he handed me the half-gallon bottle. I unscrewed the plastic top and took a sip of the fruity drink. It tasted incredible, not sweet, not tart. I felt a jolt of energy fill my body. I took another sip and felt another jolt of energy. “Where can I get that?”, I asked Chad.

“I’ll get you the powder mix. You just mix it with a jug of water. Like this.”, Chad said.

I stood in front of the weights and performed my next series of reps. I peeled off ten reps in no time. As Chad handed him the half-gallon bottle and drank a full gulp, I said, “This shit is incredible.”

“I know. Plus, you will perform … like a stud.”, Chad whispered, as if he were keeping a government secret.

“Really?”, I said, not believing Chad.

“Oh, yeah.”, Chad said, licking his lips. Chad smiled. He knew what was happening. I did not realize that my body was already beginning to morph with every sip of the protein and energy drink. Chad performed his reps, took a sip, and stood back, allowing me to perform my next series of reps. When I finished, I took another gulp of juice. Another jolt of energy pulsed through my veins.

“This shit is incredible.”, I said. Chad smiled. My voice even sounded deeper, more baritone. After an hour of pumping irons, I took the last gulp of juice and said, “I’m drenched. I’m done.”

Chad smiled. “You’ll feel better tomorrow. Let’s go see what the girls are doing.”

We headed up to our rooms. Nicki left me a note: breakfast. After I showered, I donned some clothes, anticipating a day on the slopes, and headed down to the restaurant to grab some breakfast. The girls were just finishing their buffet breakfast. As I approached Nicki, she said, “You look pumped.”

“Yeah. I had a good workout.”, I said. I did not notice Chad walking behind me. He patted on the buttocks.

“Yeah. For a newbie, he did okay.”, Chad teased.

Zoe and Nicki chuckled. When Chad and I finished our breakfast, the four of us met up with Nicki’s other sister, Diana, and her husband. We spent the late morning skiing and enjoying a full day on the mountain. When we returned to our rooms late in the afternoon, I stared at Nicki and said, “Your sisters and the guys are nice. I had a good time.”

Nicki smiled. “I’m glad, because … it helps when everyone gets along.” I could hear her tone. What she was really saying was: it’ll help when we married if everyone gets along.

I stared at my girl. I don’t know what possessed me, but I could not help myself. I took her in my arms and kissed. We ran a little late for dinner, but it was worth the delay.

Chad and I exercised every day. We followed the same regimen, except we focused on arms and legs the second day, reverting back to chest, core and lats the third. Every day, Chad brought his protein and energy drink. I could feel my body changing. It was not until the fourth day when my exercise gear felt tight that I questioned what actually happened to my body. Chad laughed and said, “Don’t worry. It’s all good.”

The weather on that fourth day proved too hazardous for skiing so we decided to take advantage of the resort’s swimming pool. The pavilion was glass-encased so we could swim without worrying about the cold. I had checked out the hotel before we left and packed a pair of swimming trunks. When we finished breakfast, we returned to the room and changed into our swim clothes. Nicki looked incredible in her one piece, high and tight. I knew I looked good in my trunks, but apparently, the other hotel guests were equally impressed, stopping to stare at me as we walked the hallways towards the pool pavilion.

When the three old ladies stopped to touch my chest, Nicki leaned and said to me, “Do you blame them! You look so hot. Your body is rocking.”

“It’s your imagination.”, I said. I knew my body had changed a bit, but she was exaggerating so I thought.

When we reached the pool, I dove in and swam some laps. The girls lollygagged around the pool and lounged. Chad sported a pair of speedos. With his body, I understood his choice of swim apparel. He dove in and swam next to me. “Race you?”

I accepted Chad’s challenge. We raced back and forth the size of the large pool. When we finished, I climbed out of the pool. (To see Logan climbing out of the pool, click here). “Damn, you look hot.”, Nicki said to me.

“What?”, I said.

“Just look at you.”, Nicki said. I looked down at my body. I did not notice anything different.

“Do you mind if Zoe, Diana and I go shopping this afternoon?”, Nicki said.

“No. Do what you want. I’m sure Chad, Steve and I will find something to do.”, I said.

Nicki kissed me and said, “Thanks.”

After swimming the rest of the morning, the girls and guys enjoyed a light lunch. I returned back to the hotel room to shower and change into comfortable clothes. As I was toweling my body after the shower, I heard a knock on the door. I took the towel, wrapped it around my waist and opened the door. “Hey!”, I said.

Chad walked in and said, “Is Nicki still here?”

“No. She and the girls left to go shopping.”, I said.

“Good. We’re going out.”, Chad said.

“Where?”, I asked.

“I found a little place in town where we could … play.”, Chad said. He winked and said, “Play.”

Chad’s subtly did not escape me. I knew what he meant. “I’d rather not. I don’t …”, I tried to answer. “It’s not cheating. Trust me.”, Chad replied.

“Of course it is.”, I said. Chad was trying to rationalize his behavior on me.

“Nah! It’s … with dudes.”, Chad said.

“What the fuck are you talking about?”, I said.

Chad stood in front of me and fondled my junk. “Dudes.”, he whispered. Suddenly, I felt horny. My towel had dropped to the floor exposing my junk. When I tried to bend over and get my towel, Chad grabbed my ass and started to play with my ass. I wanted Chad to stop but I enjoyed his strong, firm hands fondling my buttocks and tickling my rosebud. I turned around and faced Chad. My dick was getting hard. Chad dropped to his knees and kissed my dick head. When I did not stop his advances, Chad swallowed my cock and sucked it hard.

“Dude! That … feels … incredible.”, I shouted.

“Juice’ll do it.”, Chad said, as he paused his blowjob. I looked confused. “I told you the juice would energize you.” He locked his lips around my throbbing cock and resumed his expert blowjob. After minutes of sucking, Chad stood up and lowered his sweats. His dick flopped out of his underwear. His cock was massive. “You know what to do.”

I slowly fell to my knees. His cock dangled near my lips. I kissed his thick mushroom head and licked his shaft. Chad smiled at me as I opened my mouth and watched him drop his cock like an anchor into my mouth. I sucked Chad’s cock until I started gagging. “Don’t stop.”, Chad demanded, as he grabbed the back of my head and forced his 10” beer can cock down my throat. My head bobbed back and forth until Chad stared in my eyes and said, “Get on the bed.”

I rose to my feet and knelt on the bed. I knew what he intended to do, but I had no idea what to expect. He slowly inched his 10” engorged member into my virgin hole. I moaned aloud as his cock filled my ass. I felt my cock react as his cock massaged my prostate. I grabbed my cock and started stroking myself, keeping rhythm with Chad’s thrusts. I felt energized and empowered. When Chad slowed down, I shouted, “Don’t stop.” Chad paused for a moment, caught his breath, and resumed his fucking. He pounded my ass. His dangling balls slapped my buttocks. Ten minutes did not pass before Chad and I shot out loads. I could feel Chad’s hot cum fill my ass. I bust my nut on the bedspread, leaving a wad of goo.

When Chad finished, he reclined on the bed. I could feel his cock pressing against my buttocks. “That was incredible.”, I cooed.

“Yeah. The whores at the gym love my cock.”, Chad said.

I turned around and faced Chad. “So, when do I get the protein and energy mix?”

Chad smiled. “When we get back, come to the gym.”

When we returned back home, I joined Chad’s gym. He even got me a part-time job, as a trainer. I did not need the money, but the benefits were perfect. Chad introduced me to his whores. The extra spending money I lavished upon Nicki. At home, I harnessed my newfound sexual power and made sure to conquer Nicki. Like her sister, Nicki fell in love with my raw sexual power. When she moved in to my apartment, over the garage of our beachfront home, I knew.

Nicki never found out about Chad and our escapades at the gym. As far as she knew, I enjoyed our Christmas vacation. Unfortunately, now I don’t know whether to propose to Nicki — or to Chad.

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