The Revenge of Technology

By Willie Cici published February 6, 2019

Aidan’s father faced eviction. He had other plans …

The young man, in his late-20s, parked the expensive Porsche and exited his vehicle. He donned his suit jacket and walked towards the store front of the television sales and repair store. He stared at the building, a four-story structure, in the heart of the small-town business section. Greg Williams owned the building, a gift from his real-estate magnate father. He counted the thousands he would earn in the sale of the building, if he accepted the developers offer to purchase the property. Over the last three months, Greg had dispatched the tenants of the other two stores. The remaining tenant, ‘TV World’, refused to vacate the premises. Greg came armed with a Notice to Quit, the first shot in the legal battle to evict the current tenants. As he opened the door, Greg encountered the present tenants, Hank Bowen and his son, Adrian.

“Good morning, Mr. Bowen.”, Greg said.

“Hi, Greg. What can I do for you?”, Hank said. Adrian stood near his father, remaining silent.

“I’m here to deliver some paper work.”, Greg said, handing a sealed envelope to Hank. Hank opened the envelope. “I told you this was coming. Now, it’s official. You have thirty days to vacate the premises or I’ll start tenancy proceedings.”

“You know this means the end of my business. I’ve been here for more than thirty years. Where do you think …”, Hank replied.

“That’s not my concern.”, Greg said.

“Your father leased this property to me. I’ve been a good tenant. What is your problem?”

“Dad, don’t lower yourself. This son-of-a-bitch could care less.”, Adrian said. His tone was irreverent.

“This is a business decision. But, if you must know, your store is a dinosaur. How are you even making any money? The mall, the chain stores, beat your prices every day.”

“I have a loyal clientele.”, Hank responded.

“And they will follow you wherever you go.”, Greg said.

“Asshole!”, Adrian muttered.

“What did you say?”, Greg asked, annoyed.

“Adrian, don’t.”, Hank said.

“Asshole!”, Adrian shouted. “Just get the fuck out of here.”

“30 days or the sheriff will haul your ass out of here.”, Greg threatened as he walked out of the store.

Hank stared at his son. “You’re no help.”

“Dad, he’s not interested in our business. He could care less. He’s going to sell the property to one of those large chain stores. They intend to open a store right here in the middle of town.”, Adrian said.

Hank shook his head. “What are we going to do?”

Adrian did not answer his father. He walked into the rear of the store, where his father managed the store room and the repair center. The room was filled with antique televisions from the 50s, 60s and 70s. Adrian had always tinkered with the antique units. He had studied electronics for years and understood many things about the older models. He stared at the antique inventory and nodded ‘yes’. It was time to take matters into his own hands.

Two weeks later –

Around 9pm, Greg parked his Porsche in front of the store. He received a call from Adrian. He hoped that Hank and Adrian had come to their senses and would submit to his demand. He tried to open the door, but found the door locked. When he knocked on the glass pane, Adrian came to the door, unlocked the door and opened the door for Greg.

“Thanks for coming.”, Adrian said.

Greg followed Adrian into the store. He saw a table, two chairs, two tumbler and a bottle of ‘Bookers’ on the table. “I didn’t come here to drink.”

“Greg, sit down. We’re going to share a drink and talk how we can resolve this problem.”, Adrian said, calmly.

Greg sighed. He did not want to waste his time, but he also wanted to smooth the situation. “Fine.”, Greg said, as he took a seat.

Adrian uncorked the bottle of bourbon and said, “Neat or on the rocks.”

“Neat.”, Greg replied.

Adrian poured the bourbon into the tumbler and handed it to Greg. After pouring some bourbon into his glass, Adrian clinked Greg’s glass and said, “Cheers.” The two adversaries sipped the bourbon. “We need more time. 30 days isn’t enough time for us to relocate.”

“Adrian, you do realize that your father’s business is slowly dying. No one repairs TVs anymore. They just buy a new one. It’s cheaper.”

“I know, but he insists on keeping the business. Plus, we do a brisk business on new sales.”, Adrian answered.

“But with ‘Tech World’ moving in, that will destroy your dad’s business.”, Greg said. He closed his eyes for a moment, feeling a bit lightheaded. “Doesn’t he understand that?”

“My father understands that he owns a business.”, Adrian said, as he sipped his bourbon.

Greg gulped the remaining finger of bourbon and rose from his seat. “This is a waste of time. I’m leaving. You have … two more …”, Greg tried to say, but fell the floor, unconscious.

Adrian smiled. The powerful clear liquid sedative that he laced Greg’s tumbler had mixed with the bourbon and had the intended effect. With Greg unconscious, Adrian grabbed Greg by the arms and dragged him into the rear stockroom.

Greg opened his eyes. His head was pounding. He looked about the room. He had no idea where he was. When he tried to move, Greg realized that he was bound, unable to move his hands and feet. “What the fuck is this?”, Greg shouted.

Adrian walked into the storeroom and stared at his prisoner. “I tried to talk you out of this crazy scheme of yours, but you wouldn’t listen. Now you will do what I want.”

“You’ll never get away with this. I’ll call the police.”, Greg threatened.

Adrian smiled. He walked behind the wall of stacked television and flipped a switch. Suddenly, a flash of light and boom of buzzing sound filled the storeroom. The dormant antique television came to life. Adrian then activated the videocam equipment that captured Greg’s image. Adrian stood in front of Greg and said, “In about two hours’ time, you won’t remember any of this.”, Adrian said.

Greg stared at Adrian. “What are you talking about?”

Adrian did not reply. He placed noise-cancelling ear buds into his ears and returned to back of the wall of stacked television. He flipped another switch. Suddenly, Greg heard a constant barrage of white noise and flashing colored images. Some of the images were him transmitted via the videocam. Adrian stood in front of Greg, smiled and walked out of the storeroom, shutting out the lights and leaving Greg alone.

“Get me out of here.”, Greg shouted. Adrian did not reply. He closed the door and left Greg strapped to the wall of antique televisions. (To see Greg, click here).

Adrian walked into the store and sat at the table to finish his bourbon. He had rigged the antique units to emit a confluence of sonic signals, using the decrepit old tube television sets and the frequencies that, when calibrated, could alter a person’s mind. The white noise that played on a constant loop would infiltrate Greg’s mind. Adrian hoped to undo Greg, to change him into his little bitch boy, to manipulate his mind and place him under his leash. He had no intention of forfeiting his father’s dream. If his plan worked – if his calculations and studies were correct – in two hours’ time, Greg would belong to Adrian.

Two hours had passed –

Adrian walked into the storeroom. He found Greg. His body was limp. His eyes were opened. His lips were moving, as if they were mouthing words. He looked dazed and confused. Adrian watched Greg as he mouthed the words he planted in the white noise. He smiled.

“Let’s test this.”, Adrian thought to himself. He walked to the rear of the wall of televisions and disengaged the electronic transmissions. When he returned to the storeroom, Adrian untied the naked Greg. Greg stared at Adrian. “Get on your knees.”

“Yes, Sir.”, Greg replied.

Adrian smiled, as he watched Greg fall to his knees, obeying Adrian’s command. Adrian unzipped his pants and whipped out his flaccid 6” member. “Suck it. You’ve been begging me for weeks.”

Greg opened his mouth and swallowed Adrian’s member, deepthroating the flaccid cock to the base of the shaft. Adrian closed his eyes. “Victory.”, he thought to himself. The process worked. Greg obeyed his commands without question. As Greg nibbled and suckled on Adrian’s cock, he further devised his plan on how to save his father’s business and keep Greg for his own personal lust and wants. Sexy Greg would make a perfect bitch boyfriend. He was a millionaire and could support Adrian in the lifestyle that he had always desired. As Greg sucked Adrian’s throbbing, engorging cock, Adrian wanted to cry. He had succeeded where his father had failed. His success would mean that his father’s dream would continue, and, maybe expand with Greg’s resources and financial prowess.

For now, Adrian focused on Greg’s mouth massage. He could feel his nuts churning, ready to blow his load down Greg’s mouth. “Greg, stop sucking and stand up.” Greg rose from his crouched position and stood straight. “Now, grab your ankles.”, Adrian commanded. The virile and athletic Greg, leaned over and grabbed his ankles. Adrian ripped off Greg’s boxer briefs, spit on his index and middle fingers and tickled Greg’s virgin hole. As Greg moaned, Adrian said, “Don’t moan. You like this.”

“Yes, Sir.”, Greg mumbled.

Adrian lowered his trousers and undressed. He spit on his erect, rock-hard cock and slid the spit-wet member into Greg’s virgin hole. Greg moaned as Adrian shoved every inch of his 9” erection into Greg’s boy pussy. He thrust his cock, rocked back and forth, fucking his love slave until he could no longer refrain from producing a geyser orgasm of cum. The excess dripped from Greg’s ass. Adrian ordered Greg to stand straight. He faced his new lover and kissed him passionately. “That was hot, my little bitch.”

“Thank you, Sir.”, Greg answered. His tone was effete and submissive. Adrian smiled. He found his clothes and dressed. Adrian then walked to the rear wall of antique televisions and retrieved Greg’s clothes.

“Get dressed, Greg. We’re going to your home.”, Adrian ordered.

“Yes, Sir.”, Greg answered.

The new-found lovers walked through the dimly lit store and out the front entrance. After Adrian activated the security alarm, he entered Greg’s Porsche and said, “Let’s go. I want that ass again.”

“Yes, Sir.”, Greg said, as he ignited the engine and drove towards his home.

“Are you sure?”, Hank said. “I never knew you were …”

“Dad, being gay is not the end of the world. In this small town, I had to keep things under wraps. You never wondered why I didn’t date?”

“Well, I did, but I hoping it was just a phase.”, Hank admitted. “I didn’t know Greg was gay.”

Adrian smiled. “Neither did he.”, he thought to himself.

“And the tenancy proceedings are …”, Hank asked.

“Over. Greg’s not going to sell the building. He said he’s going to give me the building as a wedding present.”, Adrian announced.

“Really?”, Hank asked, startled by that fact.

“Yeah, Dad. Once we married, he’s going to sign over the deed. I’m going to sign a pre-nup. You know he’s very wealthy.”, Adrian said.

“I guess.”, Hank answered. He paused for a moment and said, “Are you happy?”

“Yes, Dad. I am.”, Adrian answered.

Adrian was happy. He salvaged his father’s business, his life-long ambition and dream. He secured his personal and financial future. But most importantly, Adrian exacted his revenge on corporate greed by turning the very technology into the instrument of his revenge.

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