Drake's Demon

By Chikara - milley8@yahoo.com
published February 6, 2019

A demon is summoned to humiliate a bully, but the demon has something else in mind for the men of this world

The Primeval Demon

Drake walked into a clearing in the forest, not far from the campus that he attended college. He drew a pentagram in the ground with salt and had lit candles at each of the 5 points. As he spoke in Latin the ground inside the pentagram began to shake and cracked open. As black smoke billowed out from the ground it began to take the shape of a human man. The cracks in the ground then closed, and from the smoke a man stepped onto the ground.

Before Drake stood the demon Sitri. Sitri is the size of an average height man, he is muscular, and hairy. He has shaggy hair and a beard, both look unkept and like he hasn’t washed either in months. He also has 2 shorter horns jutting out from his forehead. His eyes are slightly glowing yellow. The only clothing that he is wearing, apart from a gold bracelet on his arm, is a loincloth around his waist that is just basically 2 flaps, one covering his hairy ass and the other covering his penis. As Drake scans Sitri’s body he can’t help but feel attracted to him, but with the pentagram still intact, Sitri can’t use his powers in the human realm yet.

“Why have you summoned me here, mortal?” Sitri spoke with a deep sultry voice.

“You are the demon Sitri are you not? The one who can make a person want to be naked, and humiliated.” Drake asked, with a slight quiver to his voice since he was standing in front of a demon after all.

“I am, and what is your name?”


“Drake. How may I help you Drake?”

“There is a guy that is always bullying me for being gay, and I want him to be humiliated and made fun of, like he has done to me!” Drake spoke while getting visibly upset while thinking about being bullied.

“I would be more than happy to help you Drake.”


“There is one small thing I am going to need from you in return.” As Sitri spoke his smirk grew a little wider on his face. “What do you need from me?” Drake asked.

“The bracelet on my arm is under a powerful spell that won’t allow me to cross into the mortal realm, and it can only be removed by a virgin mortal. Are you a virgin?”

“Yes I am.” Drake replied timidly.

“Marvelous! If you remove this bracelet, I will make sure that he is seen naked in front of all his friends, and you will see him humiliated as you desire.”

What Drake was unaware of is that Sitri is a much more powerful demon than he knew. The last time Sitri was released, the world almost fell back to the stone age. Sitri’s powers do far more than just make people want to be naked. He has the ability to release a person’s soul and by doing so, leaves them with nothing left but their primal urges and instincts. He can also bend these primal instincts to his will as well. Unbeknownst to Drake the bracelet was placed on Sitri’s arm was the last line of defense to keep Sitri’s powers from entering the mortal realm again.

Without hesitation Drake reached across the pentagrams barrier and undid the clasp on the bracelet and released Sitri from the last thing keeping him tied to hell. Now that Sitri stood in front of Drake completely free from his prison Drake was hit by a wave of musk from Sitri that almost knocked him over.

“Take me to your bully.” Sitri commanded.

“I think he is at basketball practice this way. But won’t you draw attention to yourself if people see you?”

“I am only seen by those who I wish to be seen by.”

Drake took Sitri to the gymnasium where they found Trent, the Senior basketball star who had been bullying Drake all semester, practicing alone. “What do you want shit head?” Trent yelled out to Drake as he walked on the gym floor.

Trent grabbed the ball and walked over to Drake to confront him. When he got a few feet from Drake, Sitri appeared in between the 2 of them. Sitri’s eyes began to glow brighter as he stared into Trent’s eyes. Trent stopped in his tracks freaked out that a guy with nothing on, but a loincloth just appeared in front him out of nowhere. As Trent was looking at Sitri, he saw the glow from his eyes and started staring at them and as he did, is was as if all the tension in his muscles went away and he dropped the ball on the floor and his mouth went slack. As Trent stared in the glowing eyes, he could feel all his cares and worry’s just melting away.

As Sitri stared into Trent’s eyes, his power pulled everything out of Trent. All of Trent’s higher functions had been taken, he wasn’t able to speak words anymore. He had no knowledge of anything, friends, family, all his memories were gone. “I will return you to what you are meant to be, a dumb animal. You won’t be able to do anything but fuck and eat. You will be like a dumb ape.” Sitri spoke to Trent.

The glowing from Sitri’s eyes dimmed and Trent started to blink and look around and as he did drool fell from his open mouth and he began to grunt. Trent started stroking his cock through his gym shorts and grunting like an animal.

“Let me help you out of the clothes you dumb ape.” With a snap of his fingers Trent’s clothes began turning to dust and blew away from Trent’s body. Trent grabbed his cock and began jacking off furiously. He then started smelling his own armpits because the musk was very intoxicating and made him hornier.

There in the middle of the gym was the star basketball player squatting down jacking off and grunting, while Drake watched on with pure joy. The closer he got to climax the louder he would grunt. He even started putting a finger in his ass hole and bringing it back out to lick up the tasty ass sweat that he had worked up. Finally, Trent’s cock erupted with what seemed like buckets of cum.

Trent didn’t stop masturbating, he sits down on the floor and kept jacking himself off with one hand while taking his other hand and smearing it in the cum on the floor. Bringing his hand to his face he smeared the cum all over his face and started to lick at the cum on his hand as well.

“I can’t believe that you could do all this to him.” Drake said astonished at the depth of Sitri’s power.

“I haven’t even shown you all I can do yet.” Sitri said while he swelled with the power from everything he took from Trent. With a new-found purpose in his eyes he thought ‘I will corrupt this entire world and become the most powerful demon of all time.’

Stay tuned for more to come!

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