The Bun Boy Hotel

By Willie Cici published February 6, 2019

Jesse lands at a roadside hotel on his way to Vegas. What kind of place is this? …

The pick-up truck pulled up to the side of the road. “This is as far as I am going.”, the driver said.

Jesse looked around the desolate stretch of road. “How far is it to Las Vegas?”

“Another fifty miles.”, the driver said.

“Can you get me …”, Jesse begged.

“I ain’t no chauffeur service.”, the driver bellowed.

Jesse grabbed his duffle bag and hopped out of the pick-up truck. As the truck pulled away, he muttered to himself. “Thanks. For nothing.” Jesse had hitched a ride for the last two hours from the ornery old man. Stranded, Jesse started his march up the desolate stretch of State Highway 168. After twenty minutes, Jesse came across a rode-side hotel. He dropped his duffle bag and stared at the sign: The Bun Boy Hotel. “What kinda joint is this?”, he pondered as he stared at the cartoon sign. Before his baggie shorts dropped to his knees, Jesse grabbed his waist band and adjusted his shorts. (To see Jesse, click here). He quickly considered his meager financial position and stared at the blistering sun. “Maybe I can crash here for the night and get a ride tomorrow.”, Jesse thought to himself.

Jesse grabbed his duffle bag and walked towards the front entrance of the motel. As he opened the door, Jesse encountered a muscled specimen of a men. He wore a pair of tight white carpenter pants and no shirt. The stark white material highlighted his tanned and sculpted physique. “Can I help you?”, the man said.

“Yeah. You got a room?”, Jesse asked.

“You gotta a reservation?”, the man asked. Jesse shook his head ‘no’. “Let me check.” He opened his reservation book and said, “Yeah. I think we can fit one more.”

“How much?”, Jesse asked.

“$45.”, the man replied.

Jesse expected higher, but $45 seemed right. The office was clean, but nothing suggested opulence. “Some rat joint I found.”, he thought to himself. Jesse pulled $50 out of his wallet and said, “I’m good for at least one night.”

“You can stay a couple of days, if you like. Book says so.”, the man said.

“We’ll see.”, Jesse replied.

“Name?”, the man asked.

“Jesse Carpenter.”

The man handed Jesse a key chain with a metal key, and said, “Room 40, Craig.”

“Thanks.”, Jesse said.

“You can walk through that door. All the rooms face the courtyard.”, the man said with a wry smile.

Jesse smiled. “Courtyard.”, he thought to himself. He grabbed his duffle bag and walked through the glass door. As he entered the courtyard, Jesse could not believe his eyes. From the outside, the hotel appeared shabby. As he entered the courtyard pavilion, Jesse was stunned. He found an incredibly well-maintained facility, beautifully landscaped and clean. As he walked about the edge of the pavilion, he spotted several hotel patrons enjoying the pool. Techno club music rocked throughout carefully placed speakers throughout the pavilion. Some of the patrons seemed to enjoy the music, swaying their hips to the beat of the club music. He also noticed that the hotel had installed a misting system, where sprays of misting water cooled the patrons from the sweltering desert heat. A fragrance of hibiscus and cinnamon permeated the pavilion. At first, Jesse found the smell overwhelming, but soon, came to appreciate the cooling affect of the misting water. As he walked towards his room, Jesse encountered one of the patrons, stepping out of the pool. The young man, clad in a tight white speedo-like bathing suit, smiled at Craig. (To see the young man, click here). When their eyes met, Jesse said, “Hey!”

“Hi! Just checking in?”, the young man said.

“Yeah.”, Jesse said. He surveyed the pavilion. “Where are the women?”, Jesse asked.

“Who cares?”, the young man replied. His tone was effete and suggestive. Jesse watched the young man walk away, his hips swaying like a pendulum.

“Ah … right.”, Jesse said, as he hurried away to find his hotel room. When he located Room 40, he opened the door and walked into his hotel room. The hotel room was clean, with a large king-sized bed. The décor was a bit whorish: red velvet bedding. As Jesse sprawled upon the bed, he stared at the ceiling and smiled. The ceiling was covered with mirrors. He chuckled as he stared at his image in the mirrors. He fondled his chest and said, “Yeah, baby!”, laughing out loud at the circumstances he found himself. He jumped off the bed and opened his duffle bag. “Might as well enjoy the pool.”, he muttered to himself. He searched for a pair of jammers and quickly changed into his make-shift bathing suit. When he opened the closet to store his duffle bag, Jesse found a security safe. “That’s odd!”, he thought to himself. He did not expect to find that type of amenity in a $45-a-night hotel. He read the instructions to program the safe and set his personal passcode. When the safe opened, Jesse decided to store his wallet, money and hand-gun in the safe. “Better safe than sorry.”, he thought to himself. With his valuables secured, Jesse decided to leave the key in his room, rig the door, and head to the pool. He remembered seeing towels on racks near the pool.

When he reached the pool, he found the hotel manager standing near the pool sporting a tight navy-blue speedo. Jesse knew that the manager had an impressive physique. In his speedo, Jesse could not believe the hotel manager’s obscenely bulging member. (To see the hotel manager, click here).

“That’ll never do.”, the manager said, pointing to Jesse’s baggy trunks.

“It’s all I got.”, Jesse replied.

The manager walked away from the pool. Jesse found a lounge chair and decided to sunbathe for a spell to work on his golden tan. Despite the constant playing of club music, Jesse closed his eyes and enjoyed his time in the sun, the scented mist cooling his frame. Minutes later, Jesse felt something land upon his face, shading his eyes. When he opened his eyes, Jesse found a brightly colored fabric upon his brow. “Wear those.”, a voice said.

Jesse examined the colored fabric: a speedo. He looked up and found the manager hovering over him. “I’d rather not.”

“It’s Jesse, right?”, the manager said.

“Yeah.”, Jesse replied.

“I’m Alex. It’s a … Vegas desert thing. Speedos.”, the manager said.

“Alex, I don’t like speedos.”, Jesse whined.

“C’mon. What have you got to lose?”, Alex teased.

Jesse stared at Alex. Alex looked good in his speedos. He would look as good. If it meant getting laid, it would not kill him to wear the speedos. “Okay. I’ll put them.”

“Put them on now.”, Alex insisted.

“Here? Out in the open?”, Jesse questioned.

“Sure. No one cares.”, Alex said, nonchalantly.

Jesse looked about the pool. The only patrons walking about the pool were men. They were all sporting tight speedos. Jesse rose from the lounge chair, dropped his jammers and quickly donned the tight bright golden speedos. He took a minute to fix his junk in the basket of the tight-fitting speedo.

“You look yummy.”, Alex said, his tone suggestive.

“Yeah. Yummy.”, Jesse answered, surprised by his acquiescing reply. “Why did I say that?”, Jesse thought to himself. To end the creepy conversation, Jesse jumped in the pool. The cool water soothed his overheated body. As he swam laps, Jesse watched more and more hotel guests saunter about the pavilion. Everyone sported tight brightly colored speedos, even those who should not have worn them. He also noticed some of the patrons ogling him, waving at him and blowing him kisses. “What kind of fag joint is this?”, Jesse thought to himself, although one of the guys who waved at him was really hot and had a nice cock. “Where did that come from?”, Jesse whispered to himself. Spooked by that last thought, Jesse hopped out of the pool and resumed his sunbathing. (To see Jesse lounging in his speedo, click here). He reclined on his lounge chair, graciously accepting a bottle of ‘Bun Boys’ water from the speedo-clad staff. He closed his eyes and daydreamed: a pavilion surrounding by hot blondes. His imagination had to supply the hotties. The hotties he desired were none in sight.

As the heat intensified, Jesse appreciated and enjoyed the sweet-smelling mist of water that wafted about the pavilion. The ground surrounding the pavilion was so sunbaked that the droplets of water steamed upon contact leaving the tiled and cement surfaces dry to the touch. Even on Jesse’s body, the mist did not leave Jesse wet.

As Jesse sunbathed, he heard a voice. “You’re new.”, the voice said.

Jesse covered his eyes and looked up. He saw a man, tall, sporting a trim physique, wearing a white speedo. He did not understand the question. “I’m just staying the night. On my way to Vegas.”, Jesse said.

“Yeah. Vegas.”, the voice said coyly. “I’m … Johnny.”, the voice said. “You wanna get out of the sun?”

Jesse heard the man’s question. He was feeling a bit overheated. He rose from his lounge chair and said, “Sure. Let’s go.” Johnny smiled. He followed Jesse to his room. As soon as Jesse opened the door, he said, “You want something to drink?”

“Yeah. Sure.”, Johnny answered. Jesse opened the compact frig and found bottles of spring water that bore the ‘Bun Boys’ logo. Jesse handed a bottle to Johnny and grabbed one for himself. The unlikely duo cracked open the bottles and drank the chilled refreshing water. Jesse stared at his guest. Johnny eerily stared at Jesse, saying nothing. When he finished the entire bottle of water, Johnny asked, “So, you game?”

“For …?”, Jesse asked, a bit confused by Johnny’s question.

Johnny did not waste any time. He tore off his speedo. Jesse studied Johnny’s sexy body, as the sunlight pierced the windows of his motel room and cast a glow upon Johnny’s taut, sculpted physique. Jesse did not understand why Johnny was taking off his speedo but he did not object. He tugged at his cock, getting aroused by the stud’s overt sexual advances. Johnny stood in front of Jesse and fondled his junk. “So … you game?”, Johnny whispered in Jesse’s ear.

“Yeah.”, Jesse answered, more knee-jerk reaction than desire. Johnny dropped to his knees, lowered Jesse’s speedo and swallowed Jesse’s rod. “Aaaahhh!”, Jesse moaned, feeling the pleasure of Johnny’s warm, wet mouth. As he stood there, Jesse realized that Johnny should not be sucking his cock. That was his job. He pulled his cock out of Johnny’s mouth and said, “Get on the bed.”

Johnny smiled. He hopped on the bed and lay on his back. Jesse seductively crawled upon the large king-sized bed and graced his hands upon Johnny’s legs, working his way up Johnny’s thighs and groin. By the time he reached Johnny’s cock, he found an already swelling member. He opened his mouth and swallowed Johnny’s cock. “Yeah. Good.”, Johnny said and smiled, staring at his image in the mirrored ceiling. He grabbed the back of Jesse’s head and forced him to bob on his cock like a machine. “Suck it.”, Johnny said.

Jesse could barely catch his breath. The spittle drooled out of his mouth onto Johnny’s balls. The impetuous stud unfortunately, prematurely moaned and shouted, “Aaaahhhhhh!!!”, as bursts of jizz sprayed out of his cock, drizzling upon Jesse’s face. Jesse jumped off the bed and headed for the bathroom, to grab a towel. He took a moment to wash his face. He returned to the bed with a towel, wiped down Johnny and tossed the towel on the floor. Johnny looked at his stud and said, “You wanna fuck me?”

“Okay.”, Jesse answered like a schoolboy offered candy. Johnny spread his legs and exposed his boy pussy for Jesse’s taking. Jesse noticed some straps hanging above the headboard. When he studied the straps, Jesse realized that he could secure Johnny’s legs so that he would not tire. After he strapped Johnny, Jesse grabbed the tube of lube he found in the nightstand and greased his cock. Slowly, he inched his massive tool into Johnny’s hole. “Yeah.”, Jesse cooed as he enjoyed Johnny’s tight little hole. Instinctually, Johnny clenched his ass, tightening up the sphincter muscle. Jesse loved it. It only motivated him to plow Johnny’s ass. Back and forth, faster and faster, then slower and slower, then faster and faster, Jesse fucked his Johnny hard. All the while, Johnny stroked his cock, in sync with Jesse’s thrusts. Jesse swatted Johnny’s hand and took over, jerking off Johnny until he ready to cum. Suddenly, Jesse felt his body writhing in orgasm. Jesse pulled his cock out of Johnny’s ass and watched the overflow of cum spill out of Johnny’s ass. He stroked Johnny’s dick until he geysered a load of pearly goo. He unstrapped Johnny and wiped him with the towel he previously tossed on the floor.

“That was great.”, Johnny muttered, his voice betraying his post-coital bliss.

“Yeah.”, Jesse replied. He hopped off the bed and headed to the bathroom.

Johnny knew the drill. When the working boy entered the bathroom, he had about five minutes to get dressed and leave the motel room. Johnny found his white speedo, retrieved the two one-hundred-dollar bills from the rear pocket of the speedo, and placed the currency on the dresser. He walked out of the motel room and returned to the pavilion to enjoy the pool and, possibly, another working boy.

Jesse exited the bathroom. He expected to find Johnny but he was gone. Naked and horny, Jesse found his payday and smiled. He took the currency and placed the bills in the safe in the motel room closet. After securing the safe, Jesse looked at his image in the mirror and smiled. He found some hair gel, slicked his hair and walked out of the motel room. He found his lounge chair and resumed his sunbathing. The mist, the music, the scent. “Maybe I’ll stay for a couple of days.”, Jesse thought to himself.

Around 5pm, Alex strolled about the pavilion. Friday afternoon saw a slight bump in traffic at the hotel. Jesse’s arrival and looking for a room relieved Alex of a pressing need. One of his regulars had gone AWOL. With the pending weekend and summer vacation season, Alex needed replacements. Jesse fit the bill. He knew Jesse had the look and the body. “What a sponge!”, Alex thought to himself. Jesse succumbed to the mind-numbing mist of drugs and subliminal white noise messages in less than three hours. The ‘Bun Boys’ spring water supplied an ample dose of testosterone to boost the boys’ libidos. Alex made sure that Jesse drank at least three bottles of spring water. That would seal Jesse’s temporary makeover, for sure.

Jesse would do fine at the ‘Bun Boy Hotel’. He was sexy as hell and had that bad boy vibe that his customers loved. He would service at least 10 customers a day, maybe more if you counted the quickie blow-jobs. He would cover his motel room fee, $500 a day, in no time. After that, Jesse would reap the fruits of his labor, anywhere from a $1000 to $3000 a day. If he played his cards right, the hitchhiker and ne’er-do-well could earn good money, up to $15000 a week. “Hell, he may never leave.”, Alex chuckled.

He watched Jesse jump into the pool, find a floater, and lollygag in the pool. “Got a nice ass.”, Alex thought to himself. “Gonna have to tap that ass.” (To see Jesse in the pool, click here). Alex nodded enthusiastically. With an ass like that, Alex knew for certain: Jesse was meant to work at ‘The Bun Boy Hotel’.

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