I'm Not Going To Hypnotize You

By Willie Cici published February 6, 2019

“You can’t hypnotize me.” —- Owen stared at his roommate and shook his head. Marco has no idea …

Marco crawled out of his bed and headed for the bathroom. “Damn! I have to piss.”, he muttered to himself. He dragged himself on a bright sunny Sunday morning to the bathroom. He stood in front of the toilet and relieved himself. The sunlight filled the bathroom, bouncing about the highly polished granite, marble and metallic fixtures. Marco hobbled back to his bed and plopped hoping to resume his slumber. Within minutes, he realized he was wasting his time. Marco rose from the bed and walked down the hallway towards the kitchen. As he walked into the kitchen, Marco found his roommate, Owen, standing against the kitchen counter.

“Hey!”, Marco said.

Owen smiled. He was wearing a pair of loose-fitting compression pants. His sculpted chest, tanned from a recent vacation, highlighted the rippled of his core. His hefty member dangled to the right, filling the basket and touching his inner thigh to mid leg. (To see Owen, click here). “It’s only 8:15. Why you up?”

“I don’t know. You’re the doctor. Why can’t I sleep?”, Marco asked.

“You have a screwy schedule. Your body is going to react.”, Owen answered.

“That’s a perfect psychologist’s answer.”, Marco said.

“Marco, we’ve been roomies for three years. You know better. Psychology never has a simple answer.”, Owen said.

“Maybe you should hypnotize me.”, Marco teased, mimicking Owen’s voice.

“I could never hypnotize you.”, Owen said, nonchalantly and calmly.

“Good, because I don’t want …”, Marco replied.

“Marco, relax. I’m not going to hypnotize you. I’m not going to swing a pendant in front of your eyes to make you tired. I’m not going to dangle a pocket watch and make you to stare at the swinging back and forth of the watch. I’m not going to tell you to enjoy some growing feeling of relaxation and peace. I’m not going to talk to you in my soft, calm voice, telling you to go deeper and deeper.”

“That’s good, because … I … don’t … want …”, Marco answered, finding it hard not to concentrate on Owen’s peaceful, relaxing tones.

“I don’t need to tell you that you’re falling deeper and deeper into a calm, relaxing trance.”

“So … deeper … deeper.”, Marco mumbled.

“Maybe you want me to tell you why I won’t hypnotize you. It’d be easier if you just didn’t think about it, because the answer is quite obvious. Deep, deep, deep down, you know the answer. I don’t need to hypnotize you, because … you’re already hypnotized.”

Marco stared at Owen. He felt so good, so calm, so peaceful. He didn’t have to think. He stood staring at Owen, dazed and bewildered, not realizing what was happening to him was not his first time experiencing the entrancing voice and trigger of his roommate, Owen.

I met Marco at my gym. I had signed up for training sessions and the training staff assigned me to Marco. Marco had the reputation of training the milfs. He always wore tight black compression gear, a jockstrap a size too small, and a black lycra tight shirt. For the milfs, this was advertisement. For the closeted gay men that strolled about the gym, this was unfair enticement, the goods not for sale. Marco also had the reputation of being lazy. Nature had provided him with an incredible metabolism, but, as Marco slowly reached 30, he showed signs of Father Time catching up with him. He did not lose his muscle, but he was not taut, stacked, ripped. Marco was not putting in the time to maintain his physique.

When I approached the trainer’s desk, Marco introduced himself and suggested that we start with some cardio. We walked towards the rows of treadmills. As I started my jog, I noticed that Marco stood by surfing his cell phone.

“Why don’t you join me?”, I said.

“Rather not.”, Marco answered, not lifting his eyes from the screen of his iPhone.

I chuckled. “So, this is how it’s going to be.”, I thought to myself. “We’ll see.”

After ten minutes of vigorous jogging, Marco said, “Let’s head to the weights.” I hopped off the treadmill and followed Marco to the weights. For the next seventy minutes, we worked on arms, chest and core. I knew that I was out of shape, but not morbidly so. I knew that a month of training and five months of personal work would help me regain my college form.

Thrice a week for a month, Marco and I trained. Soon, it became obvious that I had developed a crush on my stud trainer. I also knew that he was straight. I caught him one-time boning one of his milfs. I knew that he would make the perfect arm candy.

On week three, Marco informed me that he would train with me to save time. I did not object, but I asked if we could change our time to 9pm. With a later time, I could take advantage of the quieter setting and use the opportunity to work my craft.

Marco grabbed two forty-pound dumbbells and reclined on the workout bench. I stood behind him as he performed his curls and presses. For some reason, Marco was having a hard time.

“You okay?”, I asked Marco.

“Yeah. I’m … I can’t focus.”, Marco said, as he rose from the bench.

“What do you mean?”, I asked, as I took his place and performed my curls.

“Girl troubles.”, Marco said. Before I could ask the next question, Marco poured out his soul, like a penitent in confession. His girl thought she was pregnant. He always used protection. Two months ago, after one drunken night, he and his girl fell prey to the moment. No condom. No pull-out. Just unbridled passion. “Now what?”, he asked.

“Well, you can’t do anything until you know for sure.”, I said. Seeing my chance, I said, “Try to concentrate on something in the ceiling.” Marco reclined on the bench and stared at the ceiling.

“You mean like that flashing light?”, Marco asked. I looked up and noticed a dim flashing light, attached to some security video equipment.

“Yeah. Stare at the flashing light. And count off the curls to the rhythm of the flash.”

“1 – 2 – 3 …”, Marco said, as he performed his curls.

“As you start your curl, breath in. When you finish, breathe out.”, I said. I watched Marco stare at the flashing light, moving his arms in sync with the flashing light. “Breathe in and breathe out. Just relax and listen to my voice.” I stood behind Marco, squatted and whispered. “Focus on the light and my voice.”, I said. “Count.”

“1 – 2 – 3 …”, Marco said, his voice stilting as he became more relaxed and focused.

When Marco reached 12, I said, “Drop the weights. Keep staring at the light.”

Marco dropped the weights. The clang resonated in the quasi-empty gym. I grabbed two twenty-five-pound weights and handed them to Marco. “Now, slowly, breathe in, curl and breathe out.” As Marco performed the exercise, I said, “12. Calm, relaxed and focused.” Again, Marco performed the curl. “11. Calm, relaxed and focused.” I counted down to 1. By the time Marco reached the last curl, his eyes were closed, his breathing like clock-work, his body limp and relaxed. I kneeled behind him and whispered. “Every day, you’re going to train me, even on the days that we’re not scheduled. You’re going to work out with me every day because you have to work out twice a day. You need your sexy body because you have to make money here at the gym with your sexy body. The milfs need training. The milfs need fucking. If you don’t keep your sexy body, you won’t be able to train and fuck the milfs. So, you’ll train in the morning and then train at night with me. Understand?”

“Yes.”, Marco said.

“Good. When you hear my voice, you feel relaxed, calm, at ease. You like hearing my voice and obeying me. You obey me because you like feeling relaxed, calm, at ease. It’s so easy to obey, because it’s easy to listen to my voice. You like the sound of my voice. It makes you feel relaxed, calm, at ease and blissful.”, I said.

“Blissful.”, Marco said, rolling out every consonant.

“When I say ‘because you’re already hypnotized’, you will return to this peaceful, compliant state and obey everything I say. Understand?”

“Yes.”, Marco said.

“Good. Now, six more curls. When we count down the last curl, you will open your eyes. We’ll finish training and then we’ll shower together.”, I said. “Okay, 6 – 5 – 4 …” With that, I brought Marco out of trance. Marco did not move at first. He dropped the twenty-pound dumbbells. “You okay?”

“My arms are burning.”, Marco said.

“You keep hogging the bench. Let me do my reps.”, I said. Marco jumped off the bench. I grabbed the twenty-five-pound weights and performed my curls. Marco stood in front of me and said, “Owen, what I said to you was in confidence, right?”

“Doctor-patient.”, I answered. “Maybe we could talk some more after we shower.”

“Yeah. I’d like that.”, Marco replied. For the next sixty minutes, we continued to train. When the sweat drenched our clothes, Marco said, “I’m spent. Let’s go.”

I followed Marco into the shower. The trainers do not have a separate locker room. As Marco stripped, he grabbed his towel, wrapped it around his muscled frame and strolled into the showers. I followed Marco, sans towel, into the showers and into his stall. When Marco appeared startled, I said, “We’re going to shower together.”

“Sure.”, Marco replied. When he did not object, I knew I had my dream come true.

Owen stared at his studly lover. Marco moved into Owen’s home once he learned that his girl was not pregnant. Naked and primed, Owen said, “Morning workout.”

“Yeah.”, Marco answered. He walked into the living room, where he had more room to move about and began his morning routine, a combination of exercises that focused on his core and stretching. Owen sometimes joined Marco for the morning routine, but most mornings, Owen sipped his coffee and admired his boytoy’s sculpted form.

“Stretch.”, Owen said. Marco bent over, reached for his toes and held the stretch, counting to thirty, releasing for a five-count, and resuming his stretch for another thirty-count. (To see Marco, click here).

Owen placed his coffee mug on the end table and walked behind Marco. He fondled the stud’s buttocks, taut and firm, as he bent over and grabbed his ankles. With spit-wet fingers, Owen tickled Marco’s hole, sliding his fingers in and forcing a coo from Marco’s lips. Owen lowered his compression pants, spit on his semi-hard cock and slid his member into Marco’s boy box. “Nice cock.”

Owen smiled. The former milf-fucker loved Owen’s cock – in his ass, in his mouth, anywhere, anytime, anyplace. It took little to mold Marco to his lustful image. He trained Marco to lust for him as he continued to lust for the milfs that he trained and fucked at the gym. Owen would never deprive Marco of his livelihood. If anything, his studly form, renewed and invigorated, attracted more milfs to his clientele list. He earned easy money fucking the milfs at the gym. Owen earned a six-figure income, as his clinical practice continued to grow. Owen covered the bills, but not Marco’s personal spending. His milf-money supported his personal needs.

Owen felt his orgasm mounting. He pulled his cock out of Marco’s ass. He walked around and placed his hard, erect cock near Marco’s lips. Owen lifted Marco’s chin and slid his cock into Marco’s mouth. Owen face-fucked his muscled stud until he bust his nut down Marco’s throat. The muscled stud gurgled at the excess fluid filled Marco’s gullet.

Owen strut into the master bedroom and stripped. He walked into the bathroom and showered, washing away his morning sex. As he lathered his taut, muscled frame, Owen smiled. He knew that he had the skill to hypnotize his clients and exert great command over his clients. He never imagined how he could reduce a man with a functioning brain, an independent will, to a clueless pile of muscle, ready to perform at his beck and call.

“What are your looking at?”, Marco teased, as he rinsed the soap off his lathered sexy body.

Owen smiled. “I was thinking about the time we met at the gym.”

“Oh, yeah.”, Marco said, as he stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around his waist. (To see Marco in the shower, click here). “When you said you could hypnotize me. I told you that I couldn’t be hypnotized.”, Marco said, clueless.

“Yeah. I remember.”, Owen replied. He paused and smirked, “I could not hypnotize you … because you are already hypnotized.”

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