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By rubbrsome published February 5, 2019

The detective learns what it means to be tagged for a second time.

Detective Brett Janson opened his eyes. He had just experienced a mind blowing orgasm. It was the second one he had today; each of them having occurred within the last hour. Looking down, he was unable to tell the cum from the sweat droplets. His entire black body glistened with moisture.

The detective was feeling good. The waves of pleasure were dissipating, but the after effects were still there. His body was being flooded with endorphins that his brain was becoming addicted to. Actually, what the unknown creatures were becoming addicted to. As the brain received more of the chemical, the worms would grow increasingly dependent on the substance and demand more.

“How are you feeling?” came a neutral voice.

The detective to his side. Standing next to him was a young man, holding his massively engorged cock. Like him, the younger man was also breathing hard, and his body also glistened with sweat. For a second, Janson envisioned as if the two of them had just had sex. And then, he realized that in their own way, they had.

The detective analyzed his state of being. “I feel the same. A moment ago it was immensely satisfying. I feel gratified having cummed. But the feeling is going away. It’s like I’m coming down from my intense sexual high.”

Michael Thorne smile seemed perpetual. His eyes bore into the detective’s. In flat monotone voice, the younger man spoke: “The sensation that you’re feeling now will soon be never be felt again. So you should actually savor it while you can.”

The detective’s eyes widened as he tried to understand what he was being told. “I don’t understand.”

The boy smiled. “It’s hard to explain. And I’m growing bored with linguistic form of communication. And because you’re going to experience it whether I explain it or not, I think it’ll just be better for you to experience it. It makes no difference whether you understand it beforehand.”

Much of the detective’s emotions had been severed from his consciousness. He felt only a strange detachment to the information that the young man was giving him. He made connections that his current state of detached emotion had started when the first creature had been implanted through his ear. And that a greater lack of emotion followed with the second implantation. The detective reached up with both hands, feeling the rubbery substance lodged in his ear. He didn’t have a mirror to see them. But having stood in line and observing the security guards, he knew that they looked like standard communication earpieces. Using his fingers, he pressed into the gum-like substance, feeling them bend shape to give contour to his fingertip. Very carefully, he tried to get a grip on the creature and pull it out.

Michael Thorpe observed and commented: “You wouldn’t be able to even if you really wanted to remove them. By now, they have bonded with your brain and its central nervous system. They have fully integrated with your body. And removing them would cause instant death.”

The detective released the creatures in his ear, allowing his arms to rest on his chest. He still swung carefree within his suspension sling. By now, he had no inhibitions of having his legs spread apart and his ass exposed for all to see. “You said ‘if I really wanted to remove them.’ How do you know what I want and don’t want?”

The young man smiled. “Ever since we’ve been implanted into your body, your mind has begun to be altered and reprogrammed. It’s being done slowly and in ways that are unable for you to perceive. You probably notice some of the more obvious changes. For instance, you have made no effort to escape or resist what’s happening. Look around, do you see any of the men resisting us?”

Janson looked around. He had already observed this fact and knew the answer. Each and every one of the naked men were reacting exactly as they had been described. They lay passively in their swings, allowing themselves to be fucked or implanted with their brain worms. As the detective observed the room, he also observed that it was getting increasingly crowded. When they had first entered, they were more empty suspension slings in comparison to the amount of men using them. Now, he noticed a line had formed for men waiting to use the slings. Off to the side, there was a small line of naked men standing in groups. Each group of men consisted of a naked man who stood in front, and standing directly behind him with one hand placed on the man’s shoulder, was his partner. Each rear partner appeared to have two of the silver earpieces and transformed nipples.

Michael had followed the detective’s gaze. “I think it’s time for you to give up the sling.” And with that, he reached down. The two men gripped each other by the forearm and the detective allowed himself to be upward. When he planted his feet on the ground, there was a brief sensation of vertigo. Michael body-hugged the larger black man to keep him from falling. It made a strange sight; a naked white man hugging a much taller and equally naked black man. The detective closed his eyes, and in the brief moment, his disorientation passed and he regained his equilibrium.

When Janson reopened his eyes, he saw that another naked man was already lowering himself into the same sling that he, himself, had occupied. He watched in detached fascination as the occupant face appeared completely impassive and uninterested in what was happening around him. His eyes were wide, almost appearing to be hypnotized, and stared straight up into the ceiling. The only reaction he gave was a slight grunt and heavy breathing which occurred when a naked man stood between his outstretched legs and inserted his cock into the captive’s asshole. Like the captive, this man appeared to have no facial reaction or expressed any emotion to what he was doing. This man’s eyes were wide, their orbs completely white and pulsing with a strange blue energy. Both of the men appeared hypnotized or in some kind of trance, completely unaware of what was happening to them. If they didn’t look so obviously human, Janson would have guessed they were actually robots, performing some kind of ritual that had been programmed into them.

Michael Thorne allowed for the detective to observe the scene. When the detective had returned his attention back to him, the young man spoke: “You will be coupled with this acolyte.” And as he said the words, a large naked man stepped forward out of the throng of naked men, presenting himself. The detective looked at the new naked man that approached and stood next to him. The man was much taller and muscular in comparison to the young Michael Thorpe. He had no idea who the man was, having never seen him before. And yet, the man stood completely naked, his exceptionally hair body almost providing its own form of clothing. But despite the hair, Janson could clearly see the man’s nipples had been turned to chrome, and the man’s massively hung cock had been transformed at the tip.

The naked stranger stared straight ahead, almost as if looking pass the detective and into nothing. At first, Janson wasn’t really sure that the stranger was even aware of his presence. But the man extended his arm and took the detective by the bicep. As the detective allowed himself to be lead away, he half expected Michael to say something. But it appeared nothing more needed to be said. He watched as the young man was already approaching a naked man that had stumbled into the room. The disoriented newcomer appeared to be shuffling and stumbling as if drunk, and Michael approached with a massive smile.

But the detective’s attention is drawn back to the muscled man that’s leading him by the bicep. The two of them walk over to the area where a large group of men are standing in pairs. Janson had observed these group of men earlier. Before, he had mistaken this cluster of men to be dancing. But as he approached them, he could see that he was mistaken. While each pair of men were standing with their naked bodies tightly pressed together, he could see now that they were now actually dancing. They were standing rigidly still, and none of them appeared to be moving. In fact, he could see that one of the men from each pair had their arms resting straight down to the floor. And the other man, in each pair, had his arm wrapped tightly around the other man’s body, squeezing him tightly and forcing his arms to be pinned to the side. During all this, each pairing of men seemed to be staring intently into each other’s eyes. What fascinated the detective the most was as the men stared, he thought he could see the blue glowing pulse of energy. And in some cases, he could swear that the blue energy was actually traveling between them like some kind of wispy vapor.

But before the detective could really take a moment to observe, it seemed that the two of them arrived at their destination. Janson with his muscular partner stood directly in the midst of naked men. As they joined the group, it felt that they had passed some kind of invisible barrier that was marked by strong and pungent odor. The musk invaded Janson’s nostrils, forcing him to breathe deeply. He didn’t understand it but with each breath, he could feel his heartbeat slowing just a bit more. And yet, with the heavy air, he could also sense that he was making a greater effort to breathe slower and deeper. With the heavy breathing, he opened his mouth but immediately realized his mistake. He lost the smell. He needed that smell. And immediately corrected himself by closing his mouth and sucking in hard through his nose.

The muscular man that had escorted the detective appeared to approve. He stared intensely at the black man, showing off a smile that revealed a set of perfect white teeth. He nodded with approval every time Janson took a deep breath through his nose. And with each inhale, the detective could feel his eyelids getting heavier and heavier. As he looked at the bearded man standing directly before him, his vision began to blur and distort. As he stared intently at his partner, the detective thought he could actually see vapors emanating off the naked man’s body. Almost like heat blooms, the vapors were coming off the man’s body.

The detective couldn’t resist, he stepped forward, allowing his naked black body to press directly up against his partner’s. The muscular man seemed to be expecting this. As Janson stepped forward, the muscular man opened his arms and allowed the detective’s body in. And as their naked bodies pressed together, the muscular man wrapped his arms around Janson’s body, pinning his captive’s arms to the side. Janson was completely unaware that he had been ensnared. Instead, he leaned his head forward, burying his nose into his partner’s beard. And he discovered that he had been right. The naked stranger was the source of the musk. The smell, whatever it was, clung to the man’s thickly matted fur like oil. Janson could taste it; the scented wet drops of dew transferred directly onto his skin, causing his vision to swim.

During all of this, while the detective’s attention was being consumed by the vapor, he failed to notice several things. The first of which was how relaxed his body had become. All of his muscles had lost any tension. Because he body had become so loose, this allowed his captor to wrap his body tightly around the detective’s. Like a finely tuned predator, the muscular man’s arms were bear hugging Janson’s body. To a normal person, this would have been excruciatingly painful. But the strong, heavy scent was acting like both an anesthetic and paralyzing agent. With each passing second, the predator was squeezing his arms tighter and tighter, with the tiniest of increments, detecting Janson’s bone structure. His intent was to squeeze the black man just enough that he could still breath and to not actually break any bones.

But more importantly, what the detective failed to notice were his captor’s transformed nipples. As their bodies pressed together, the silver substance that comprised of the body builder’s nipples had begun to liquefy. In a manner of seconds, the tips had begun to extend outward, curving their shape into hooks. And if placed under a microscope, serrated barbs had begun to form along the curved edge of the hook. The edge was sharper than that of a razor. And when the hooked nipples struck and bit into the detective’s own nipples, they cut through him as if his flesh was hot butter.

Despite the paralyzing agent and numbing anesthetic, the detective immediately detected the assault. His entire body instantly seized and contracted. His arms attempted to flail outward, he tried to kick. But the massive body builder squeezed harder. Now having attacked his victim, squeezed inward, forcing any air out of the black man’s lungs.

Two things happened at that point. With the air being squeezed out of him, Janson felt as if his arms and legs had been turned to stone. With no oxygen or blood flowing through the muscles, he began to lose any strength. And at the same time, his vision began to blur.

The second thing that he sensed was the pain. While his strength diminished, the pain increased. It was pain like he had never experienced. His chest felt as if it had been set on fire. A white hot sensation, like a blazing needle had penetrated at each nipple and began to radiate pure hurt outward throughout his body. His entire being recoiled against the pain. And yet, with each passing second, the overriding sensation only grew and grew. The hot needle seemed stab deeper into him, almost as if it was opening his chest up and tearing him apart.

In reality, the detective’s chest was not being torn apart. The silver substance that had hooked into each of Janson’s nipples were thinner than a strand of hair. But the thin substance had penetrated into the man’s chest, locating the nearest nerve cluster and begun to bond with the nervous system. The human body detected and didn’t recognize the alien substance, and in turn, treated it as a foreign invader. As both human and alien fought for control of the body, Janson felt the pain of their war. The conflict didn’t last long. The alien was far too powerful. As it began to conquer, the center of the each black nipple began to transform into a dazzling chrome. The transformation spread outward, turning each of the detective’s nipples until they appeared to be perfectly round silver coins.

The detective actually felt himself losing. The pain was so unbearable that he couldn’t hold it. He knew that if he tried, it would actually kill him.



Janson heard a voice. It was coming from inside. From within him. He understood immediately what it was. There were a thousand voices inside his head, accessing his thoughts. And without having to be told, he knew that the voices wanted control of his body …… no … that wasn’t right. They already had control of his body. What they needed now was control over his mind.

Everything that happened next occurred in the smallest fraction of a second. And yet, while time seemed to come to a stop, everything that Janson felt seemed to stretch until eternity. His mind raced to find a solution and yet there was none. He didn’t know how to extricate himself from the trap. The alien predator was too cunning. It had lured him in by dulling his emotions, by feeding him pleasure and numbing his body. It had coaxed him forward and the human side of him, the one curious to experience pleasure, had been all too willing to taken in. And now, the alien hive mind was calling him forward to be taken further.








Their voice was like a song. Like a massive wave crashing into his thoughts. There was no defense against it. It was like staring into the sun. The light was too intense, that even if you managed to close your eyes, the light still penetrated through your eyelids. It was the most dazzling and most beautiful light the detective had ever seen.

Janson wasn’t even aware that he had already given in. He wasn’t really aware of much really. He stood perfectly straight, facing the man that had held him captive. Both of the men’s eyes were open to their fullest, each of their orbs had been transformed to the purest of white. And the beefy body builder’s eyes had begun to pulse a deep, energetic blue. And with each pulse of blue, the energy extended outward and transferred like a beam into the detective’s eyes.

At first, the detective knew he had joined. That he had become. For the briefest of moment, he still existed as an individual. But then he was corrected.




There was no more me or I anymore. There was no more individual. The detective was part of a hive mind. He existed with others, permanently fused together into a collective consciousness. He felt everything they felt. He knew everything they knew. He experienced everything.

And suddenly, he felt it. The sensation fell on him like the heaviest burden, the most insatiable hunger and the most lustful craving. The detective’s cock hardened, sticking straight out and into the other’s man’s body. Like a faucet whose valve had been opened, the black cock began to leak precum. The two men continued to stare at each other. They didn’t make a sound. And yet inside their minds, they both groaned as they suffered from their most inner desire: sexual release.

Brett Janson had joined. He was part of them. Everything that had been inside the naked body builder had been copied and transferred into the detective. The energy beam that connected the two of them finally deactivated. But as the connection broke, both of their white eyes still pulsed with blue energy. The muscular man released his black captive, and the two of them took a slight step apart. As their bodies separated, Janson’s nipples appeared perfectly transformed and matched those of the muscular man.

Without a word being spoke, the detective pivoted on the spot and began to walk. Closely in step behind him, the hairy muscled man followed. The walked in formation, directed back towards the area that had the suspension slings. As they approached the slings, a new naked stranger was positioning himself into a vacant sling. He brought his legs up, placing them into stirrups. The man spread his legs apart to their widest, opening his ass cheeks and exposing his hole. The man stared straight up into the ceiling, giving no indication that he sensed the two men approaching him.

The detective stared straight ahead. He had the strangest and most alien sense of sight now. It was as if looking out of his own eyes, and yet out of the eyes of his escort and those of all the other joined men. He could access any of their eyes and see what they saw. For the strangest of comparisons, it was as if observing life through a multitude of security monitors and deciding which one would be your body. We can be one or many because we are one and many.

All of this would have fascinated the detective if it wasn’t for one thing: the need to fuck. The need to release his seed. The desire overpowered all his other senses. And as he stepped between the naked stranger’s open legs, he didn’t hesitate to insert his cock into the man’s asshole. It gave him immense satisfaction watching the tip of his cock bury itself into the man’s hole, sinking itself inside. Janson felt himself, and the thousands of others that existed with him, give one collective and satisfactory inhale as they felt the constrictive tightness as their cock was squeezed forward.

Having the combined experience of the collective, Janson immediately found his perfect fuck rhythm. With each thrust of his cock, he find himself climbing to new pleasurable heights, nearing himself to the precipice that planned to throw himself over. He could hear moans of pleasure. And he didn’t know whether it was coming from the man that he was fucking, from his own mouth, or from all the joined men that existed inside his mind. He didn’t care. It didn’t matter.

As the detective continued to fuck, he pumped his cock in and out. He wasn’t aware of the emotionless smile that was spreading across his face. The only thing he knew that was perfectly in tune with himself and the others. He wanted to satisfy that growing hunger inside him. He needed nothing more to reach that high that came from releasing his seed. And as the pleasure continued to increase, his smile grew broader and broader.

Standing directly behind the detective, the massive naked man stood silently. He experienced everything that the detective felt. Their thoughts were perfectly in sync. Each of them had the same emotionless grin. Both of their eyes were featureless white orbs. The only difference was that the hairy muscled man’s eyes were about to blaze with blue energy.

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